(1939-09-26) Stunt Dive
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Summary: Angus and Angelus take a nose dive off the cliff, racing on their brooms. Calista witnesses the whole thing and scolds them for being stupid.
Date: September 26, 1939
Location: Clock Tower and Cliffs, Hogwarts

The last class of the day on Friday has finished and Angelus wears quidditch gear. His room rests on the ground beside him, and the boy stands on the cliffs looking over at the water below. He has yet to have practiced any quidditch, or flying, as his hair is much too styled and his face lacks the exertion. But Gel looks over the cliffs as he considers, his fingers against his mouth as his head tilts slightly.

Angus drifts up to the top of the cliff on his broom. He's not in quidditch, just his usual hardwearing clothing. No robes, though. Basically, a country lad. On a flying broom, "Och, hi there!"

Spying someone coming up, Gel looks curious before a grin tugs out. “Hey!” he greets, lifting a hand above his shoulder in a wave. “Have you finished the transfigurations work Dumbledore assigned?” Angelus glances over at his broom briefly before he gestures over the cliff. “I was trying to figure out how fast I can fly down there on my broom. Been practicing for chaser? I’ll race you.” The challenge is met with a wide, daring a grin. “Straight down though.”

Angus grins, "Uh… no. No, I forgoat. Never mind I'll get it done over the weekend." Angus _likes_ Dumbledore, but he's not precisely the best Transfigurist in the year. "And sure. Nose dive, aye?"

“We’ll work on it together?” Angelus suggests. Transfigurations is easily his most difficult class, so seeking out a partner to do his work together with is both more fun and helpful. He turns away from the cliff to pick up his broom, grinning as he nods his head. “Yea,” he answers, throwing a leg over his broom. “On three.”

Angus is sitting lazily on his broom, chatting with Angelus, who has got his Quidditch gear on and is going for his broom. They appear to be about to do something stupid.

Angelus has a wide, goofy grin on his face as he drifts towards the edge, looking over. He tilts his head as he glances at Angus. “Okay, as far as May is concerned, we didn’t do anything,” he informs Angus with a smirk. Hey, he’s allowed to do exciting, potentially dangerous things, but his sister is not! “One,” he begins to count. “Two. Three.”

Calista arrives outside the castle, the young woman walks towards the cliffs with a cloak about her. She glances about the area in a calm fashion, seeming to enjoy the sounds of the crashing waves and the space away from the castle proper. Oh great, the place is infested with Gryffs, not the worst Gryffs, but Gryffs. She draws out her wand and waves it, "Accio my Moontrimmer!" She calls out when she sees the two racing about.

Somewhere in Slytherin's girl's dorms, a broom wakes and begins the travel to its mistress. Though it will take a couple of minutes likely.

Angus lets his broom drop its nose, whilst he kicks his foot off the cliff edge to bring the brush end up. And then he applies full power in a straight vertical powerdive.

Angelus hears the incantation from the seventh year before he begins, checking over his shoulder. It’s no prefect though, so he grins and turns back just as Angus kicks off. “Oh, sparks!” he murmurs out, diving down from the cliffs a fraction of a second behind his year mate. He’ll catch up on the way down! His hands form a tight grip around his broom handle, and his legs squeeze the wood to help decrease the slow slipping that he can already feel. But the thrill brings out a laugh as Gel zooms, even though he begins to wobble he nears the water. Grimacing, it’s not without an effort that he manages to pull up, spraying water out at either side of him as he glides across the liquid until he gets back enough control to angle his broom and stop. “Brilliant!” he calls out, even if he wasn’t down /first/.

Calista steps to the edge, and winces as she looks over down towards the surf to see if the two young students went splat. She releases a little breath though when she sees they are both unsplatted. Her eyes thin, but she is a little out of range for anything but yelling, she is not ready for that, yet.

Angus pulls up, with his feet skimming the water, and then lifts up again, "Och! That was _fun_! It'll be a nice move if I was a Seeker, but I dinnae think that's mah thing, ken?" He gives a cheerful grin at the other boy, "Y'ken yeh can grip wi yeh thighs, too?"

Yea, that’s the kind of fun he’s talking about. A wide, toothy grin is all but engraved on his face as Angelus pushes his fingers through his blonde curls. A little wind tousled, but he makes sure that it isn’t a mess. His hand comes up to tap at his chest, touching the silver pendant that dangles there, making sure it’s safe and back in place. “Swear I just about slipped off,” Gel replies to Angus as he chuckles good-naturedly. He isn’t all that concerned by the comment, because he /didn’t/. “Good advice.” He nods at Angus, but then his gaze is trailing up to the cliffs. As he circles around a couple times, he finally takes his broom upward, though he clears his throat as he regards Calista’s expressions. He wouldn’t want to be called out on by a seventh!

The seventh year shakes her head faintly as the first of the boys rises back up, "Land, Eibon." She calls out to Angelus and then adds in a stern tone, "And wave MacMillan up too." Her eyes dropping from him down towards Angus. Then she takes a step back from the edge. Her left hand lifts open, and with a minute her broom flies out of the keep and darts to her palm.

Angus bobs cheerfully up, face wearing nothing so much as an air of casual immortality, and insolent unconcern. But yes, he wafts upwards to the top of the cliff again.

Angelus cocks his head a little to one side, regarding Calista coolly. He can’t completely brush off the amusement, the excitement he felt still causing a little grin to twitch underneath an expression of false shame. But the youth clears his throat, and when he’s near enough to the ground on top of the cliffs, he pops off. “Best practice I’ve had, Flint,” he comments warmly. He offers the Slytherin a dazzling smile before he turns his gaze onto Angus. “You’re going to be the new Star on the field, right, mate?” he states with a grin.

Calista looks between the two flying boys, spinning her broom brush side up and planting the tip to the stones. "Neither of you be on the team if you are caught doing that out here unsupervised. Why do you not just do it with the broom club? You could have been splattered on the rocks, or snatched by kelpies." That slightly imperius tone young women can get over younger males in full effect. "I would likely have served the Slytherin team well to have reported you both." There is a shudder, "Be careful. If the two of you think you are immortal, remember, if the other one isn't, you will feel responsible for that the rest of your life."

Angus grumbles, "Och… the broom club dinnae let yehs _really_ push the performance o'the broom and rider! It's no' good for training! And I've totally been practicing that since I broke my ankle.

With his broom in hand, Angelus lets both Calista and Angus speak as his blue eyes flick between seventh year and year mate. His gaze trails towards the cliff, another little grin sneaking onto his face before he glances to Calista again. He simply nods in his agreement with Angus. When he finds an opportunity to input, he murmurs out, “I’ve got to keep a good challenge going with flying practice. I won’t be playing the games this year to give me the thrill.”

"Lucky it was not your skull you broke," Calista says and shakes her head a little at Angus, her gaze goes on to Angelus though, "Why are you off the team?" There is a heavy exhale, "I don't care if the boom club does not challenge the two of you, diving that hard and that fast is going to get you splattered. It is not a test of how good you are, it is a test of how lucky you are. Skill, fly through moving rings. Not skill, over accelerating in a dive. Can either of you even tell me what the momentum threshold of your broom is?" It sounds really technical, and since Calista has no idea what the answer to such a question would be, she doubts they do either.

Angus says cheerfully, "The skill is in judging the turning circle right for the speed yeh's doing, ken? So you turn without going splat, ken?" Of course, his boots got wet. So if that was hard ground, he'd have at least jarred his ankle. Again.

In response to Calista’s question, Angelus answers with a cool shrug. “Need to focus on other tasks,” is all he decides to share. It isn’t important; at least, it isn’t right now. After Angus’ words, Gel adds in as he lifts his head, “It’s just a good thing that we know what we’re doing then.” His eyes flick towards her broom briefly and then tilts his head as he looks back up at her. “Was that Accio? Can you help me learn it? That would come in handy.”

Calista looks between the two scamps, good thing they are at least pure-bloods. "Well, if you two are so convinced of your own skill.. I am certain that you won't mind explaining it to Professor Dumbledore. I mean, you two are Gryffindor’s, he will understand the two of you cliff riding unsupervised. The Professor will likely give you both special permission." Her voice dripping with a honey sweet sarcasm.

Angus glances to Angelus, then back to the Slytherin, "Och, no need tae be bothering him wi a wee thing like that. We'll be careful, aye."

Angelus arches a brow, tilting his head lightly as he regards Calista. “Mhm,” he murmurs, nodding his agreement with the other boy. “Dumbledore wouldn’t want to be bothered with that.” He clears his throat and gives the Slytherin an apologetic look. “Yes, careful.”

Calista shakes her head again, sighing as she does and leaning back to get a view of the cliff again. "There are plenty of more useful things to practice. Seriously. The moving rings I mentioned. One of you could toss a ball and see if the other can catch it before it hits the ground, practice who can pull the tightest turns. Those are probably exactly what they have you practice at practice, for good reasons."

Angus says, "Och, we _do_ those. Those are standard, y'ken? But inverted loops and dives and such like…. not so much."

And that was just fun. But Angelus doesn’t say that aloud. The youth just nods, gaze flicking from both of them. For now, he keeps quiet.

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