(1939-09-27) The Vengal Plan Revealed
Details for The Vengal Plan Revealed
Summary: Chief Worthington calls Graham and Katherine in to discuss their last mission, and reveal what intelligence has come about because of it.
Date: 27 September, 1939
Location: Worthington's Office, Dept. of Magical Law Enforcement
Plot: Forgotten Shadows
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Worthington leans back in his chair as Aurors Cohen and Sykes enter his office. He gestures to a pair of seats across the desk from him. "Ah, Cohen, Sykes, good. Please sit." Plain to see upon his desk is the report on the lubricant factory investigation, open to a pair of sneering photographs of the two Vengals that were captured. "So, we have some things to discuss. Which would you prefer first? The good, or the bad?"

Katherine takes the offered seat then smirks a little bit at the traditional question and gives the traditional answer, "The bad, of course."5r

Graham enters into the room and closes the door behind him and will sit in the other chair looking across the desk at his boss and the report but he doesnt seem to have a preference so as Kat answers he'll nod to her words in agreement so why not hear this first.

"Alright then." The Chief purses his lips, pausing to take a gentle tone. "I'll be honest, I'm not happy about how this investigation was initially handled. There is a time for stealth, and there is a time to put our best foot forward. I've recieved a formal complaint from Susanna Unger, owner of the factory, about the matter. I'm not overly worried that she feels her employees were…how did she put it," he picks up a letter from his desk and reads, "'unnecessarily distressed and their tempers unreasonably fouled.'" He rolls his eyes. "But what does concern me is that you didn't seem to have much of a plan, and you didn't follow basic procedure." His eyes fall primarily upon Graham. Naturally, as the ranking Auror, he is expected to bear the brunt of responsibility.

He looks to his boss as he begins to speak the words about the employees he can only figure one of them who was unduly distressed but he started out that way. Graham catches the look at the next words though eyebrow arching " I dont quite understand sir. The first plan was stealth as you said, but it became clear that after stealth was not an option, that a new plan must quickly be put in place there was no time for any other way as the plant manager was approaching the door. Sykes was searching the office. While I got the logbook from the plant and interviewed a rather rightfuly suspecious worker. considering he was one of the two we caught. I also disillusioned Auror Odori." he speaks in defense of his actions given the circumstances.

Katherine tilts her head a bit to the side as she considers all this then says, "Well, sir, once the secret room was opened and Odori was attacked we had no choice but to go on the offensive. But as Cohen says, we tried the nice approach first. And besides, what can Mz. Unger complain about when she was hidding criminal activity in her factory?"

"I'm well aware of the course of events," Worthington says plainly, tapping the open report on his desk. "I fault no one for what happened after the Vengal presence was uncovered. What concerns me is that your first plan was to sneak in a side entrance in the first place. Your orders were to investigate, not infiltrate. I don't blame you for taking precautions, given the danger we know the Vengals present. But we couldn't even be certain the Vengals were involved, and if they hadn't been there, your actions could have resulted in a P.R. fiasco. What if you'd been spotted and the Vengals chose to attack right off? A stealthy entrance, if detected, can easily be taken as an infiltration, which suggests we already know what we're up against. It didn't go that way, and I'm thankful for it. But the unorthodox entry plan and the minimal communication between the three of you could have resulted in a disastrous situation. Next time, follow procedure. An investigation mission means you investigate. Keep it above board. Now, any questions before I move on to the good?"

Graham listens to his words about the plan and though he disagrees with the explination. Sometimes its simply best to say well nothing and try and move forward from a point. "No sir, crystal clear." the young man says though he notices specificly one missing from the room indeed for this little chat. He sits back in the chair and waits for the goodside of the news hoping it is indeed good.

Katherine looks as charinged as she ever has. Which, frankly, isn't much at all. But at least her smirk disappears and she nods slightly in understanding before asking, "Well, since you mentioned Unger; are we charging her with anything? Or are there indications that the Vengal where manipulating her memories?"

Worthington points a finger at Katherine, "That leads me to the good. As far as we can tell, she was completely unaware of the Vengal presence. In fact, she seems fairly oblivious to most everything occuring at her factory. It's all handled by her son-in-law, that Percival fellow. But we have no reason to believe he wasn't being affected by the Forget-Me Hex as well. This was just like the Umber Alley house. The Vengals were simply using the location as a hideout, probably because it wouldn't look especially odd to see people coming and going with supplies for Lefevre's work." He taps the photographs of the two Vengal captives. "Vermus and Hargus Vengal. That's about as much as we've gotten out of them, even with Veritaserum. Their loyalty to the family is ironclad. But we're still working on them. Regardless of any admonishments, I'll be issues notes of commendation in each of your files. Without your dedication to this case, we wouldn't have these two in our custody, nor would we have the Heart of Gold or Pierre Lefevre. Lefevre's intelligence is going to be truly damning to the Vengals." He holds two fingers an inch apart, "We are this close to nailing these bastards."

He does listen more closely here since he's invested well a lot of time to this case he doesn't want to miss things on file "We knew they favored memory charms, so I wouldn't be surprised if they had this setup over different locations so that if one was taken down that it couldn't expose the rest of them easily." Graham hears the words about the commendations nodding "Thank you sir." the words he speaks about the two vengle captives "Before the one is sent straight to Azkaban perhaps I can attend to an interrogation? I wonder though if in the mean time if a simple general office alert should go out in case the rest of the family plans any reprisal to this setback? Of course it could drive them further underground."

Katherine nods in response to Graham, "Yes, thank you." then adds, "I'm sure this is already taken care of but, have Lefevre and the Heart been put under heavy guard? I wouldn't be surprised if the Vengals try to get them both back." She stops for a moment then she realizes she's missed something. "And how is the little guy? Recovering well from his trials and tribulations?" See, she can learn from Rena…

Worthington nods in agreement with Graham. "Yes, I'd like you to have a chance to shake them up, yourself. As for reprisals, we're on alert, but I expect that rather than retaliation, the Vengals will covertly attempt to free the prisoners. We've got extra wards in place, and these two are being guarded at all times. Then again, with what we're learning from Lefevre, they may soon be prepared to take more overt action. That brings me to Lefevre and the Heart. Both are well protected. But I don't think they'll try to retrieve the Heart. Apparently they don't need it anymore. They may not need Lefevre, either. But they'd certainly like to see him dead to protect their secrets.

"It seems these last ten years, they've had him building them something. A terrible weapon. The Heart was intended to power the device, but the Vengals couldn't seem to operate it with the Heart's power. Lefevre believes it's because it won't respond to those with that kind of darkness in them, and he was unable to corrupt it for their purposes. But…this is where it gets frightening. He managed to create a new Heart. A Heart of Darkness, corrupt from the very start. He believes that it will successful power this weapon of theirs — a war machine, of course. It's a suit of magical armour called the Aegiform."

Graham listens to Kat but his focus is on Worthington, as this is rather close to an important topic but he nods "Thank you sir." His words are calm and ever as level headed as he nearly always is though he nods to the words spoken this idea had to occurred to him as well "I agree with that as well, its likely more to their way of acting at present time." He speaks of them acting covertly though he has something else on mind too of course. The words about the first heart and now this new dark-heart is indeed troubling "That is frightening, did Mr Lefevre, explain what the aegiform can do or its purpose or anything?"

Almost treading on Graham's metaphorical heels Kat asks, "And did he mention any ways of countering the effects of the Heart of Darkness? Or maybe he built in a clever little way of deactivating it? Or maybe a way to use the original Heart to counter the effect of the new one he's created?" If nothing else she sounds a bit excited at the possibility of things turning a little more active.

"We're still going through Lefevre's journals," Worthington explains. "His help is needed to interpret some of it. The man is a genius, so it isn't easy to follow his notes. Plus…sad to say, but a decade in captivity has left its mark on his mind. He doesn't remember everything clearly. I'm sure he's been occasionally subjected to selective Obliviation. But from what he has described, this Aegiform makes its wearer nigh-invulnerable. It employes a complex series of ward and protections that allow it to dynamically respond to magical assault, countering most spells cast upon it. It is also equipped with an impressive armament. Fortunately, its range is limited. It is most dangerous up close, and the wearer cannot cast long range spells without exposing himself. When it can channel his spells through its own weapons, and apparently has unprecedented power to retain magical effects. Imagine, a weapon that can inflict multiple curses with a touch. It is also said to be impossibly strong. Lefevre is convinced that the Aegiform could wrestle a giant.

"As for countering the Heart, that's an interesting notion, Sykes. Let's arrange for you to meet with Lefevre and discuss the possibility. In the meantime, I want everyone to pore over this case and get some ideas up on the board about what the Vengals could be intended to do with the Aegiform. If we can predict their next move, we might be able to stop them in their tracks."

He looks to Kats words and nods to them a good idea really, but he turns back to Worthington and listens about the inventor taking mental notes of all the specifics on what had taken place. "I agree, i'll start going over the case notes right after this. Though I belive them being rather extreamists in the point of blood-purity likely gives a starting point to try and find out. "Uh, if I may have a word with you myself sir?" Graham will remain seated after the other auror has departed and making sure the door is shut before the pair continue the conversation.

Katherine looks from Graham to Worthington , curiosity clearly written on her features but with a small nod she gets up and leaves the office after telling Wrothington, "I'll be ready as soon as he is."

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