(1939-09-28) Greenfingers
Details for Greenfingers
Summary: In which a lot of students gather in the Greenhouses to talk (and play the bagpipes) to plants… and to chat.
Date: 1939-09-28
Location: Greenhouses, Hogwart's school

Classes are done, but dinner is still some time away. Elise is here, in the Greenhouse, sitting next to a semi-circle of potted plants. The weather is cool outside, and though clouds threaten to pour rain they're holding off. Elise looks pale, and thin, and tired. Her gloved hands rest listlessly on her lap, loosely holding a trowel. Her eyes are turned toward a mint plant in front of her, but she doesn't appear to be looking at it.

Angus bustles in. He heads pretty much straight towards a bench the 4th years are using, "Och, hey there pretty boy. Hows yehs doin'?" He would appear to be talking to a particularly ugly plant amidst a bunch of other ugly plants.

Elise, being the only person in here, and a girl besides, blinks a couple of times and looks up at Angus' entry. She realizes a second later that he's talking to the plant. She takes off a glove and rubs her eyes. "Hullo, Angus," she greets quietly. Then she puts on a smile, and all her tired melancholy seems to disappear - if he's not quick, he'll miss that it was ever there. She's still very thin and pale, though.

Angus says a few more words of affection to his plant, and then looks up, "Och, hi there. Didnae see yeh there, Quine."

Elise looks puzzled over the word 'quine.' She tilts her head a bit to one side. "I'm Elise Harper," she says slowly, as if he might not know her name.

You say, "Och, I ken that, quine! You're a thirdie, richt?" He strokes the ugly looking plant, "Whit are yehs doing doon here, anyhoo?"

"What does quine mean?" Elise asks, looking slightly suspicious of the word. Then she nods. "Yes, I am." She looks at the half-dozen potted plants in front of her. They're all rather ordinary herbs - mint, basil, parsley, thyme, rosemary, and sage. "Just tending to some herbs," she tells him. "Doesn't the mint smell nice? What are you doing?"

Angus gives an impertinent grin, "Dinnae the English learn tae speak a simple language? Means 'girl'. Lassie. And I'm doon here talking tae mah Balm plant. They're sposed tae like it, y'ken?"

Elise gives him a pert look with an arched eyebrow and a prim pursing of her lips. "I am fluent in German and Latin, and I'm learning Irish Gaelic, too. How many languages do you know?" But she doesn't remain indignant for long. It turns to interest, instead, as she looks at the balm plant. "Ah," she says, nodding. "Yes, I've heard that."

Angus says cheerfully, "Ah speak Doric. Och, an' Sassenach." He pauses, "Is the herbs fur the domestics club? They're all cooking herbs."

"I know that word," Elise says. "It means out-lander." She looks at her herbs and shrugs. "Possibly," she admits. "I'm not in that club, so I don't know." She picks up the rosemary, and buries her nose in the little spiky leaves. Her eyes close and she takes a long sniff. "They all smell so good," she says dreamily.

Angus comes on over, and lets a grubby hand squeeze the rosemary spines, together, and then lifts the hand to his nose for a sniff, "Aye. New season lamb, roasted wi' this plugged intae the skin. Mebee a wee bittie o' wild garlic tae."

Elise tilts her head back and sighs when he starts describing the meal. "Roasted potatoes," she murmurs. "With sea salt. Candied carrots in butter and brown sugar." She licks her lips, practically salivating at the thought.

Angus adds, "Fresh garden peas, wi' some of that mint aye?" He grins, "I dinnae ken if I could do all of that. But sounds fun tae try. Yehs cook?"

"A little bit," Elise admits. She puts the potted rosemary back down. She doesn't look like she's been eating much. And she, like Madeline and others, turns her plate upside down during lunch and dinner and refuses to eat.

Angus pauses, "Eh. Yeh's nae lookin' tae good, Quine." He pauses, "Hoo aboot we go snare a rabbit, ken? Then we can roast it over an open fire, and get yeh's some colour."

Elise stares up at him, and then slowly climbs to her feet. "That depends," she says slowly. "What's your opinion on how the Muggle-borns are being treated, lately?"

Angus seems to be musing, "I wish I had a falcon, or a BIG owl here. Or I had mah crossbow. I dinnae think it's against the school rule tae hunt…" He glances around, "Och, it shouldnae be gettin' in the way o' the Quidditch!"

From a somewhat overgrown patch of flora Oscar slowly raises up at mention of muggle born rights. He's got a small pair of trimmers in one hand, and a pair of thick dragon hide gloves, on each hand. While he might not be wearing his full regular uniform, he's still within dress codes, if a little bit dirty from working in the greenhouse. It's not like he's been hiding per say, but Oscars just been fully focusing himself on trying to salvage how overgrown this one little plot of land has grown in a short span of time.

"It should be getting in the way of everything," Elise says, frowning. "It's not right, and any of us who go on pretending that it is are —" she breaks off and bites her own lip. Movement out of the corner of her eye makes her turn, and she squeaks in surprise. "Eek!"

Angus sniffs, "Och, well…. I dinnae think starvin' yourself tae death is gonnae help anyone, is it, quine?" He runs a hand through his hair, "I've baked a big chocolate cake for th' Mudblood club, ken? Wi' Ganache. An' chocolate shavings. An' a couple o' cheeries on top."

Oscar looks a bit surprised that someone is surprised to see him, just about dropping his little clippers from his hands, and into the thick of the garden. "Whoa, hey now, not here to eat anybody.," whatever he was going to say is lost in the moment, as he wipes a bit of the dirt from his face that had managed to get there from work on the fairly harmless plants.

"Why?" Elise asks Angus bluntly, once she's recovered from her startled reaction to Oscar's presence. "Trying to tempt us to quit the hunger strike, or… donating to the bake sale?"

Angus holds his hands up, "Well, that's a nice response, aye?" There's a twinkle in his eyes though.

Melody arrives from Gardens.

Wiping off his brow, with the back of his glove, Oscar asks "People are still going through with that strike?" sounding a bit more curious then perhaps angry or anything else along the lines. Checking his person he actually puts back the small cutting implement back into his hand made tool belt.

"I am," Elise says stoutly. Or as stoutly as one can when they look thin enough to be blown away by the first strong gust of wind. She shrugs at Angus. "You haven't answered the question."

Angus shrugs, "Neither, I suppose. I mean, if you're really no' wanting tae eat it. But up tae you. Catch me making rich, creamy dark chocolate gan-nash, agin!"

Oscar slowly nods his head, not fully understanding one of the two participants, but just working with what he's got for trying to figure it out as he goes. He opens his mouth as if wanting to say something before just shutting it back closed still somewhat lost by that accent. His eyes move about the greenhouse for a second as if it will somehow provide the answers to his brains question, but to no avail.

Elise closes her eyes for a moment and collects herself. "I'm sorry," she tells Angus. "I shouldn't be so… testy. But why did you make it?" She looks at him again with open curiosity. She glances over at Oscar and gives him a bit of a smile. "How long have you been here?" she asks him. "I thought I was alone in here."

They are standing and talking around some plants. It's after classes and before dinner, and the sky is overcast, but there's no rain. It's cool outside.

Angus admits, "I wanted tae make it. I felt like trying it, y'ken? But that leaves me with a dee-lic-ious chocolate cake, y'ken? And I cannae eat it _all_. I'll loose mah goadlike figure. Ken?" He gives the girl a wink, "So, I've goat tae give it away."

A slight breeze kicks up outside, stirring the grass in a soft ripple, carrying the faint notes of a flute. The snatch of tune is jaunty, there for a handful of seconds before dying as the air calms again.

Being spoken to directly Oscar has to now join in conversation, offering the rather calm response of "I've been in here since class ended, just trying to help with some of the overgrowth,". Alright so it might not be his finest moment admitting to essentially doing others work for them, but still it's not like he's just going to outright lie over something like this.

Elise nods slowly. "Well… I'm sure it was enjoyed," she tells him quietly. There's even a hint of a smile for him. "And I don't think you're toad-like at all." Her head tilts when the sound of the flute reaches her ears. "You must've gotten here right before I did," she says. She looks at the overgrowth and nods.

Angus looks a bit confused, as he stands with Elise, next to some cooking herbs, "I'm gonnae drop it off later, ken? They've no had it yet." Odd that. For all he's talking about it. It's almost like he's wanting to get the boast out there for all to hear. "Who mentioned toads, quine?"

"You did," Oscar says rather plainly, looking over at Angus. His idle hands start messing around with the various implements of destruction strapped around his handmade leather belt. Hearing the flute he thinks about grabbing his own guitar, but with the accents it would be hard to play and focus on these kind of things.

Eww, it's a Muggle-born! Agnes Granger slips into the green house all quiet and down. Her fifth year herbology book clutched to her chest like a life perserver in a in a typhoon. It is all about not making eye-contact and looking like it is okay to be some where, then people just assume it is okay and you belong. Agnes doesn't pull that off, she looks like she is trying to sneak through a minefield.

A snippet of song comes again, this time without wind, so the player must be closer to the greenhouse. Melody comes over a little rise, not on one of the paths but almost dancing through a patch of flowers, stepping very carefully, her eyes downcast as she plays. She steps and pauses… steps and pauses… then the song cuts off abruptly as she pulls the flute from her lips to call, "Alright then, we'll just do this again later!" There's no person around that she seems to have been talking to. The girl looks around, as if just now marking where she is, and spies the greenhouse, and catches the voices from within. She moves again, for the nearest door in, and pops her head around, looking to see who's gathered before stepping into the doorway fully. "Oh… hello. People." As Agnes comes in another door, Melody adds in her light sing-song, "And another person."

Now Elise looks confused, too. "Oh," she says. "I thought you'd already given it," she tells him. She nods with Oscar. "Your mentioned your toad-like figure." Elise notices Agnes slipping in, and gives the girl a friendly little smile. "Hello," she says. And with Melody's entrance, she calls out another greeting. "Was that you on the flute?" she asks. "It was very pretty."

Angus repeats. "Goadlike". Then Slower, for the English in the Audience, who are clearly Hard of Thinking. "Like Goad. You know. Old guy. Beard. Lives in a clood? Son had twelve disciples?"

Oscar is almost completely confused trying to figure out the meaning behind this odd little turn of phrase. "A toad that lives in a clued?" Then comes mention of disciples, and he sort of understands to a better extent. And here comes the girl with the flute "Hello Melody," A distraction from his own incompetence when it comes to the accents of others.

"We have a lot of goats at home," Melody offers to the conversation, missing every point possible. She looks at Elise, seeming to focus for a moment, and smiles. "It was, thank you." There's a floppy bag suspended from her shoulder, likely the current home to her flute. Her eyes drift, moving between her two housemates. "Foxhall and Granger. Two F's." Almost immediately her attention is off again, flittering like a butterfly over the herbs.

"Godlike," Elise says, stressing the (proper) English pronunciation. "You said godlike." Then she laughs. "How funny! I thought you said toadlike!" She grins at him. "Rather high opinion of yourself, eh?" she teases. She turns an amused look on Melody. "You're welcome," she tells her.

Called out! Agnes freezes mid-step towards a few of the plants on her list. That of course is very unbalancing, so she drops the lead foot and swallows. "Hello." She says and looks to first at Melody, giving a nervous smile. "I just wanted to check on some of my homework stuff." Her eyes then panning around the room.

Angus gives a slightly exasperated nod to Elise, "That's what I said, Quine! Wereyou no listening?"

Without looking back at the others yet, Melody murmurs, "We have toads as well. Lots of them by the pond. Or are they frogs? Perhaps both." They could all just be imaginary for that matter. She's got a light cloak on, in deference to the chill in the air, and brightly flowered wellington boots cover her feet, just in case it rains. The predominant color among the flowers is, of course, Hufflepuff yellow. Despite not looking where she's going she drifts unerringly toward Agnes, then finally looks at the slightly younger girl. "Did you need help?" She's airy, but fairly friendly.

On the way towards the greenhouse, Angelus is planning on checking for a plant. But as he approaches, and notices the group, the youth pauses and crouches, moving around beside the greenhouse instead to peek out. Let's see what they're all up to before he announces his presence!

"You're a… fifth-year, right?" Elise says, guessing at Agnes' year. Her eyes drop to the book she has, and she smiles. "Do you need help with anything?" she offers. "You're more advanced than I am, but I take direction well, if you need a hand." She blinks at Angus. "I was listening," she says. "I just didn't understand your accent right away." And then she notices Angelus peeking into the greenouse. She widens her eyes at the sight.

Madeline likes the Greenhouses - she always has - and even last year she often snuck into them for a chance to read on her own for a bit, especially in the winter. It's no surprise, then, to see her run her fingers through the leaves of the dirigible plum bush outside of the green house as she makes her way towards the door of the green house - starting to pull the door open, before she pauses and looks off to the side with a wrinkled brow. What is he up to…?

Angus sniffs slightly, "You English. Coming up here, and do yehs hear me complain aboot your la-de-dah accents?" The outrage is slightly overdone. He glances over, where a leaf or two are moving, "But I should go get mah cake delivered soon, should I no?"

Ameinocles arrives from Grassy Knolls.

It seems that the magical-creatures students have some extra credit work to do. It's not a dreamjob no doubt but it's part of the work and so get it done early and relax the rest of the day. It would be this that explains why Levi is coming from the opposite direction one might expect. The tall seventh year sees the Greenhouses first but then spotting the students inside he's curious and so diverts course to see what's going on.

Oscar slowly lowers himself down back to the ground, moving a rather small leather box in front of himself. Unlatching each of the hooks, he flips open the lid thinking about pulling out his guitar, just so he can provide some conversational music. "We took you over, so the least you can do in return is give up your entire culture, and give in to Received Pronunciation" He offers a somewhat oddly sly smile, as he does in fact pull one hell of an odd looking guitar from this small hand sized carrying case. That he just pulls up to sit on his knee.

Something Angus has said pulls Madeline's gaze away from Angelus as she looks into the greenhouse. Did she hear the word, "Cake?" she asks curiously, bouncing in, and making her way towards her housemate.

The young Ravenclaw has been working on his potions homework, and has come across an herb he does not have in his dorm. As 'Locks' aka Ameinocles makes his way to the Greenhouse to get what he needs, he is lost in thought until he walks into the Greenhouse. He takes a step back at the amount of people present and cocks his head to the side. He allows his eyes a moment to adjust to the lighting before he smirks softly and asks, "Alright then?" He looks around for a Professor curious as to what is going on here.

Well, Agnes is clearly caught, but, .. Maybe? "I am here to look at the Gillyweed and the Fanged Geranium." She offers to Melody, but gives a nod and a smile to both the sixth year Hufflepuff and Elise. "We didn't have any samples in the classroom, so I came down here to get a better look at them. I have illustrations in the book, but you really have to see them in person to know them."

Angus grumbles quietly, "Och. Muggle Studies said it was us wha took over you! So get wi' the correct language!" He grins at Maddy, "I've been baking. A succulent….. creamy… chocolaty wonder. Fur the Mudclub!"

"Um, I think the Gillyweed is over there," Elise says, gesturing toward one side of the greenhouse. She takes off her remaining glove and puts both of them into a pocket on the apron she's wearing. "Madeline!" The girl gets a bright smile, and then she shakes her head at Angus. "Madeline's on a hunger strike, too," she says. She, along with Madeline, has been devoted to that, at least.

Angelus doesn't feel any more likely in announcing his presence as his eyes spy Madeline. So he continues to hide, inching around behind and sneaking in, unaware that he might have been noticed.

"I'm pretty sure my whole house knows about that," Madeline tells Elise wryly. "Hello Elise!"

Her attention shifts back to Angus as she adds happily, "I love chocolate cake! I think that's perfect for the mud club." She grins at the older student. "Oh, I've been trying the fingerings for that song you showed me how to read. Can I try it with the bagpipe sometime?"

"Fanged geranium?" Melody pipes up. "That's a lovely plant. So … fangy." As Elise gets a bead on the Gillyweed, Melody steps away, her wellies oddly lightly on the ground, and ducks over a row to look for the other plant. She drops out of sight for a minute, before her blond head pops up quite a way down the row to the left and she looks around. Then she pops up completely and reaches for a pot with what is hopefully the correct plant. Her voice might be heard softly, "Gretchen! You're still here, how wonderful. Someone wants to meet you." Taking up the pot she moves back toward where Agnes stands.

Levi opens the door and will step in quite a gathering at least he knows a few people. He will take a moment to get his barrings before spotting Melody at least she's about his same age and in his house moving his way over though she seems to be moving away for the moment "Hey, hope i'm not interrupting?" he finally doesn't want to be rude he hears the voice traveling back through the place and looks curious who/what's being spoken of.

With a bit of a slow start Oscar just calmly plays away at the strings of his guitar, taking his time just to go through the motions. It's not the greatest song in the world or anything, but it's not going to be making anyone's ears bleed from the sound. He'd probably be better if he'd take off the cumbersome gloves on each hand, but for the time being it's not making his play that bad.

Angus nods to Maddy, "Aye. I'm gonnae bring it by them later on, y'ken? And I think you should _definately_ treat us all tae it on the pipes before the eatin' o' the cake, aye?"

Ameinocles smiles softly as he makes his way towards the Night Blooms, and opens the box containing them. He pulls out a few petals and places them in his pouch. As he closes up his pouch, Locks turns to listen a bit more to what's going on as he leans against the counter. He crosses his arms over his chest and takes a relaxed stance.

Angelus inches along one of the tables, passing near Angus and giving him pause. A grin tugs out over his face, and he stands, leaning carefully against the table, wary of any plants nearby. "A cake, Angus?" A snicker escapes the youth, and he steps out and near to his year mate, dropping his voice significantly.

Angelus whispers: So what'd you put /in/ it?

Agnes gives a wave towards Madeline when she notes the younger girl, but her lips drop at the mention of the hunger strike. She scans over the girl quickly, hoping not to see any signs of such but then her attention is back on Elise, "Oh thank you." she states in a cheerful tone, starting that way, but holding as she notes Melody. the face lights a little brighter as she faced the named, but well teethed plant. "Oh, umm.. Wow. Teeth are bigger in person she says raising her hand but trying to keep fingers out of chomping range.

Angus looks over, "Och. Hi there, Angelus. Is that poison ivy you've goat just behind you? Wheell, there was eggs, y'ken, an cocoa. An floor. An butter. Loats of butter. An' then cream and more chocolate for the ganache. Och, and a wee bittie o' brandy. And some cherries…. och, and a few other bits and bobs. But those are the main ones. Why? Gonnae try and match it?"

For a small few the tune that the fifth year Hufflepuff known as Oscar starts playing would sound somewhat familiar. Rather quietly and with a well practiced singing voice he just plays away singing, "Now my name is Jock Stewart, I'm a canny gaun man, and a roving young fellow I've been". He leans back against the glass somewhat just playing away for the plants as much as the people in the greenhouse.

"What - play it in front of everyone?" Madeline asks in surprise. "But I haven't even practiced it properly with the bagpipes yet!" she protest, before turning her attention to Angelus with a frown. "It's not for you, Eib- well. Actually." She brightens suddenly. "If you join the Mud Club, I'm sure we could share!"

The girl may look a little on the thin side - but it's barely noticeable. She hasn't been refusing food - she's only been refusing the school meals. She's been eating things her uncle has been sending her, and things other kids have given her.

Melody smiles at Agnes, her eyes dreamy, "She's lovely, hardy ever bites." Hardly ever, as proven when Gretchen snaps. Her eyes wander and she spies Levi, saying, "And there's Esmond. Now that's an E. We only need B, C and D now." She holds out the geranium pot to Agnes, "Take her with you, she loves travel. But have her home by dark."

Even as Angelus nods his head, a sceptical look crosses his face and his brow quirks. "Right, Angus, of course," he says, offering the other boy a wink. Because he doesn't believe him for a second. "I just hope it ends up interesting." A grin widens briefly before he shakes his head. "I definitely couldn't match such a grand cake." But then Madeline speaks to him, and Gel frowns as he tilts his head. "Really, Evans, have you gone back into insults?" asks the boy as he lifts his head. Obviously even mentioning joining the Mud Club is a major insult.

As he looks over at Angelus, he frowns slightly shifting his weight slightly, Locks states, "Don't feed the fire man." He shakes his head slightly and says, "Cake sounds fantastic. I know I would want some right now."

Levi looks to the plant as its handed off and is snapping though he raises a brow "Hello, well its good to count. How are you?" He says in return to Melody's words with a grin coming to his face though its friendly he looks about as there seems to be so much activity going on in the one Greenhouse all at the same time with different groups and music and the like. He'll try to follow along best he can however.

"Or you could just admit you don't like cake," Madeline says cheerfully to Angelus. "It's okay - we won't judge." She grins at him, and lets out a quiet giggle at her own joke.

The herbology book is placed down. Anges gingerly shifts her hands underneath the pot.. Big smile. And then she carefully takes it, trying to master both staying out of bit range and keeping a good grip so as not to drop it and break the pot if it does snap again. "Oh, thank you, Abernathy. I will take… Ack. Umm, good care of her, but I think I will just walk her over so she can smell the Gillyweed." She says and lifts the plant high and well forward, another nod and head motion as she confirms the direction with Elise. She takes note of a few of the other students as well, but, she is politely and caustious looking for a safe place to put the snapping plant down to examine it. You are supposed to take the teeth out apparently, the way Melody handled it though, no way Agnes is going to do that to 'Gretchen.'

Angus gives a grin, "Och, should Ah go and get it? Och, and mah pipes, so you can have a go, Maddy, aye?"

"The cake and the pipes?" Madeline asks eagerly. "Sure! I think that's a great idea! Angelus - want to watch me practice the bagpipes? I think I'm getting really good already!" No she's not.

Angelus turns his gaze towards Ameinocles and frowns, arching a brow. "Oh, not at all," he responds with a tilt of his head, his hand lifting in a simple flick. "I'm just teaching Evans that that would be an insult to a well-respected pure-blood." He smiles warmly, rolling his shoulders coolly. "They don't always understand so we have to teach them, after all." His gaze sweeps onto Madeline and he grins at her. "Don't be ridiculous, Evans. You know I love sweets." And his grin widens. "I heard you've been learning. That's /brilliant/. Hey, Angus," he says, nudging an arm against him. "Why haven't you given me any lessons?"

Ameinocles rolls his eyes at Gel, before he looks over at Madeline, "Play us a song. Anything your comfortable playing." He seems quite sincere as he pushes himself off the counter, folding his hands behind his back.

Angus says, over his shoulder, as he's already heading off towards the school proper, "You never asked, Angelus. I dinnae think you had the style, ken?"

Melody turns to Levi as Agnes accepts Gretchen, positive that she's left the plant in the best possible hands. "Hallo Esmond. I'm wonderful. It's a lovely day. How are you?" The words… kind of come out in a sing-song counter to the tune Oscar is playing and singing.

Oscar's a laid back enough guy, just content to play his guitar, and sing his song, doing a few small variations on the classic song. While not exactly happy about how some of the purists act he's not going to cause more problems for the muggleborns then they already have to deal with. That doesn't stop him from offering a small look towards Angelus that says he's not fully happy with the notion. "So be easy and free, while you're drinkin wi' me, I'm a man you don't meet every day," His voice carrying through the greenhouse supposedly, if that cheesy tabloid magazine that he didn't sneak in honest, should help the plants grow somewhat.

"Well, sure I guess, if you want me to," Madeline says to Ameinocles. "But Angus has to get the bagpipes first. And I've only been practicing for a week, keep in mind!"

Glancing at Angelus, she adds, "Well - it's a shame there probably won't be cake left over for non-members then. I mean, I guess, unless Angus made a reeeeeeeeally big one, which might be popular."

He still looks about but his focus shifts back to Melody when she speaks. Levi agrees "It is rather lovely that's true, i'm well enough had to do some extra credit work with the creatures this morning." he gives a small shrug he clearly doesn't mind it. He smiles though at the half-singing response. "How long have you had Gretchen?" he'll ask curiously.

Ameinocles nods slowly, "A week you say? I am curious to see what you can do. It would bring me alot of amusement if you could show certain people that your skills are beyond your years….even in bagpipes." Locks crosses his arms over his chest giving Gel a flat look.

"I'd like to learn," Angelus responds to Angus as he watches him head off. Then he's rolling his eyes as he glances back to Madeline. "Oh, no, no, no," says the youth as he shakes his head. "I would feel /awful/ if I were to have some cake meant for the Mud Club. It's for them, I don't need any." His smile flickers genuinely as he tilts his head a little to the side.

"She doesn't belong to me," Melody replies to Levi. "We're just friends." Her head sways slightly to the guitar notes and her hand drops to rest over where her flute lays in her bag. She doesn't bring it out, and her eyes wander again, passing over everyone assembled without appearing to take particular note of anyone.

"Oh, I'm good at loads of things," Madeline tells Ameinocles with confidence. "Plus I'm a Junior Auror." Yes. She's still on that. Can anyone blame her? Glancing back at Angelus she suggests, "We could practice together!"

A smile flicks out against his lips as Angelus watches Madeline. He offers the girl a nod, his smile growing into a grin. "Of course."

Levi nods "Ah, sorry about that, how long have you been friends?" He doesn't really miss a beat in fixing his question and if he things its strange it doesn't show on his face at all. "If i'd known there was music starting, i'd have brought my own guitar." he adds a few moments after his question.

Melody's attention is on Levi for a moment. "Two years. She was very small when we met." A seedling, in fact. And then the attention is gone again, drifting. She's silent for a minute, listening to Oscar, or whatever it is she hears in her head, before she touches Levi's arm lightly. "I have to go," she says simply, offering no more information. She slips away, as quiet as fog in her rubber boots, but there might be the soft notes of an accompaniment to the guitar that fades in the distance.

A few stray noises indicates the approach of the lesser spotted bagpipe

The Gillyweed, that Agnes actually transfers to a smaller jar to transport back to Hufflepuff. Then she bends to study Gretchen, face jerking back a few times as the plant's snaps come again. Still, good learning chance. She makes pulls out a not pad and makes a few notes to help her recall the details. Then it is time to return the Fanged Geranium, fangs still intact to Melody, who is gone, and thus she gives a nod to Levi on seeing him talking to the sixth Year. "Oh dear, now I have to figure out where Gretchen is suppposed to go. Hello, Esmond." She says before looking towards Madeline and trying to figure out where Elise went.

"We could even teach Megan," Madeline suggests with a giggle. Somehow - she rather likes that mental image. Megan with bagpipes. She glances around the green house now, her eyes shifting to the snapping geranium. Wizarding plants are so weird. Really neat - but weird!

He nods to Melody's words about her plant friend "That is a long time." Levi comments though he doesn't seem to mind that her attention drifts perhaps used to it. He nods to her words and watches her move off though he turns back as another approaches. "Hiya Granger, i'm not sure where Abernathy went, i'm afraid but I think I saw her get Gretchen from down that row if you were looking to set her back down?" he says trying to be helpful.

Angus ambles in, carrying bagpipes, but no cake. He explains, "I'll bring it in, when Evans has piped it in, aye, folks?"

Angelus still doesn't like the friendship between his sister and Madeline, but after he lets out a sigh he grins and nods his head eagerly. "I sense the commons are going to be quite loud," he says good-naturedly, winking at Madeline. A hand lifts above his shoulder, flicking it dismissively. "I better go find my sister. I wanted a chat with her." Holding his head with self-importance, he nods to Madeline. "See you around, Evans." He turns to offer out a wave to the other.

Ameinocles watches as Angelus prepares to leave, as he pushes himself off the counter he was leaning on and makes his way over towards Madeline. He leans in and whispers softly, "Ignore him. He is a wanker. There is nothing wrong with the Mud Club expect the fact that we need one." He stands back up and sighs, "Yet I must depart as well. I have a potion I need to finish for class. It is not going to do it's own." He smiles, "And it will give you some more time to pratice. My birthday is next month on Halloween. I hope you will play me "Happy Birthdaty". I'm going to be 16." He grins like a Cheshire Cat before he gives the group a wave and turns on his heel. He begins to make his way towards the door.

"Oh really?" Oscar stops playing, pulling off his gloves to get a better grip on his guitar. He's got an idea for providing a good backing for Madeline's playing, even if she's not the best he can at least try and boost her performance up a bit.

For a moment, Madeline actually looks embarrassed by this proposition - but she quickly covers for it by one of her usual bright and confident smiles. "Sure!" she agrees. "Pipe it in!" She can do that, right? I mean - she's been practicing it on the chanter. "So long as I don't go getting all dizzy again," she adds quietly.

She nods towards Angelus, offering a cheery, "Tell Megan I said hellooo!"

Madeline adds a bright smile for Ameinocles. "Oh, don't worry. I got him all figured out." Well, maybe. … okay, no she doesn't. But she generally doesn't let him bother her! "I'll see if I can figure out the Birthday song," she adds a little less confidently.

Angus heads back out of the greenhouse, awaiting the… noise.

Agnes nods to Levi and starts towards the direction where Gretchen's home is, which starts a series of faster snaps at the Hufflepuff girl, "Yesh, sorry." She says to the plant, maybe it did really want to travel? Still back in in place goes the Fanged Geranium. Agnes head cants towards the bagpiping Madeline though and she smiles.

Above the skirl of the pipes, however, can be heard raised voices, outside, although the noise of 'music' does make it hard to hear precisely what is being said.

Madeline carefully positions the bagpipes and begins to play, getting the notes right, and in the right order. The song is simple, and recognizeable, even if she doesn't maintain perfectly even tones as she plays, or sustain some of the notes as long as she should. It's still quite a good effort for only a week's worth of practice! She wears a look of concentration as she plays - currently unaware of anything that may be going on outside.

Oscar does his best to make Madeline sound better by comparison by taking it just as slow, and poorly playing his guitar. It's not the most orthodox of methods but it should work to make the second year a bit more impressive by comparison.

The 'discussion' outside is becoming a bit more heated, and louder. "Nae! Yehs cannae!"

Levi watches about the greenhouse a bit as so much is going on all at once he is glad to have helped with the plant at least. He will move back towards the main grouping of other students here there is sound of bagpipes now an arched brow though he pauses to watch.

Madeline pauses to take a deep breath - right as Angus calls out. She frowns, letting the sounds of the song die half-finished. "Hey - is something going on?" she asks uncertainly.

Elise has been quiet for quite some time, simply tending to her herbs and listening to everyone else's conversations. Her head comes up when she hears a shout from outside, and she makes her way toward the door to poke her head out.

Outside the small figure of Angus is facing up to someone. Someone much larger. Who is standing between him and what appears to be a gorgeous looking chocolate cake. The little Scot is bristling with indignation. "Och! Crabbe! Tak off the medallion, an' then lets see if you're still so big! Tak' away the fancy badge, and what are you?"

"Um… six foot of English purebreed, MacMillan!" says the 6th year.

If there's going to be a fight over cake, Oscar would at least like to be there as a witness, in case one side messes up. The fifth year places his guitar back into the tiny little case locking it up, before heading for the door, with a bit of a sigh.

Still carrying the bagpipes in her arms, Madeline make her way towards the door of the greenhouse to peek out and watch curiously. "Oh. He's not going to take the cake, is he?" she asks - sounding at first disappointed, before it seems to occur to her - she could write this up for one of her reports!

"That's stealing!" Elise cries out, exiting the greenhouse with fury in her brown eyes. "You have no right to that cake, Magijugend or no! Walk away, Crabbe!" She perches her tiny fists on her hips and frowns ferociously.

"What rules have been broken" Oscar asks rather curiously looking all too calm and collected with his small belt of gardening tools and implements of plant destruction.

Crabbe looks smug, "It was made with eggs which should have gone to dishes only for the Purebloods at feast. Sorry, MacMillan. It's for Purebloods."

Angus is audibly fuming…. but perhaps… feel free to check empathy or similar, if you have it.

"And how do you know that?" Elise demands. "How do you know where he got the eggs, hm?" She raises her chin questioningly. Her eyes dart to Angus, linger for a second, and just for a moment she looks confused.

Oscar just keeps cool as a cucumber, watching the proceedings with arms folded one over the other. He's got a decent idea of how this could go, but at the same time he really doesn't want that to happen. If he looks intimidating it's not really intentional, and yet despite trying something about him does come off a bit intimidating.

The Hufflepuff notices that all isn't quite right though as more seem to be exiting. Levi moves that way himself now exiting the place himself "Woah, easy." he says spotting Elise as she seems rather peeved off. He will continue his way towards where the discussion is happening trying to sort out what its all about before he decides what is to be done.

Angus grumbles a bit more, and backs off, admitting, "Aye, the eggs _were_ from the kitchen, I suppose. I mean, they were frae the domestic club stocks. So… uh…" He waves a hand, "Dinnae tak it, Crabbe! Please! Dinnae eat mah beautiful cake!"

The noise outside unsettles Agnes, so she grabs up the Herbology book and makes foe side exit to flee back to Hufflepuff with her Gillyweed. "Maybe we should go now, Madeline." She calls back and then makes her way out. It is too late though. She pauses and turns about to face what is going on.

"He made it for Agnes and Arevan's birthdays!" Madeline adds - naming two of the Muggleborn kids who'd recently had birthdays. "This isn't fair!" She looks between Angus and the pureblood, curious to see what would happen - but not venturing too close. She has the bagpipes to protect, after all!

"He's well within his rights to take it Madeline," Oscar speaking more in general to the rather decently sized group of students, then just Madeline per say. "He'll just have to remember the choices he makes now, when it comes back,"

Crabbe looks a little disconcerted by Oscar, but picks up the cake, and heads off at, it should be noted, a certain level of speed.

Elise's eyes widen at Angus as he admits that the eggs were from the kitchen. "THIEF!" she shouts after Crabbe when he makes off with the cake. "YOU BIG MEAN THIEF!"

Oscar says, "We all know where you sleep Crabbe, and flint can't protect you outside of school."

Madeline is still watching as the boy makes off with the cake, struggling to keep a frown on her features. As much as she would love a slice of chocolate cake… "He knew it was for the Mud Club?" she asks Angus.

Angus waits until the large boy is out of sight, and admits, "I'm guessing so. It's no like I've been saying it for the last two days _very_ loudly, everywhere I could be overheard." He performs an overtheatrical wink, "But yehs all _heard_ me tell him no tae eat it, aye?"

"I did," Madeline concurs, before she starts to giggle. "Did you put parafin in - instead of butter?" she asks. No, it doesn't occur to her just how Muggley that prank would be.

Levi looks to each after this display shaking his head but it seems he's got places to be for the moment. It is a rather good day after all. The seventh year nods to a few of those whom he knows but he's making his way back towards the castle now at his own pace.

There is a grin that rises on Anges' face, and she nods, "Yes, he definately took it from you, despite your objections." Still, Agnes has Gillyweed on her, so she cannot stick around for now. "Good day."

"I'd recommend an ipecac and a diuretic," Oscar just musing off of the top of his head, before turning to head back for the greenhouse. He even offers a tip of the scarf

Angus murmurs, "Didnae think of that, Maddy." A pause, "Capillatum Potion."

"What's the potion do?" Madeline asks curiously, as the other students start to take their leave of them - and Madeline moves closer to Angus. She's grinning as she adds, "Think you could write me up a report about the theft? That's an abuse of Magijugend power, ain't it?"

Levi leaves, heading towards Viaduct Courtyard [S].

Agnes leaves, heading towards Grassy Knolls [N].

Angus shakes his head, "No. I willnae write it up, Maddy. Forbye two reasons. Firstly I set him up tae do it, and it wouldnae be _fair_. Secondly, I _did_ pinch some of the ingredients exactly so this would happen." He shrugs a bit, "Mostly because it wouldnae be fair. But it grows the hair on the head by an inch for each teaspoon. And there's aboot a hundred teaspoons in that cake ganache. So depends if he eats it all, doesn't it?"

Madeline rolls her eyes. "Because they're being fair?" she counters. She'll write about it - even if Angus won't. "An abuse is an abuse. He stole something meant for the Mud Club. No matter if you set him up or not." She giggles as she adds, "I hope it's reeeeeeally good ganache."

You say, "Well, I had a wee tastie, and it was nice."

Madeline studies Angus for a moment, to see if his hair is grown any longer, then nods her head off towards the base of one of the trees not too far off. "I think I'm gonna try practicing a bit more. Is it okay if I keep this, and bring it back to the tower later?"

It's about half an inch to an inch longer than last time, she thinks.

You say, "Aye! Aye, you did well, Maddy!"

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