(1939-09-29) Presents in the Library
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Summary: Angelus comes up behind Emily in the library and gives her a new gift before they get to studying.
Date: September 29, 1939
Location: Library, Hogwarts

Emily is settled in at a table, books and parchment and fancy silver quill laid out before her. One cheek squinched up in her hand, she reads a text book with an almost glassy-eyed expression. It's probably safe to say that she's a little bored…

Angelus has returned to the library. With a glance around, a grin lights up on his face as he spies Emily seated at the table. Hunching a little, his footsteps are quiet as he inches up behind the girl, slinking along silently. As the youth reaches the table, his smile is pleasant and he immediately flings an arm around the girl’s shoulders, leaning his head close to press a kiss for several seconds against her cheek. “I think you deserve another special gift.”

Emily startles. She startles so hard that she flails almost violently. "ANGELUS!" she gasps, earning a few frowns from nearby tables. "You -scared- me!" An adorable pouty face punctuates her protestation… but soon fades to interest. "Oh? What did you get me?" she asks leaning over to give the boy a peck on the cheek.

The smile that slips along Angelus’ lips is clearly amused, glittering in his eyes. In her pouty expression, he grins and leans close to kiss her cheek again. “Sorry, sorry,” he murmurs out softly, but the apology doesn’t come without a couple of soft snickers. “Sorry.” He shakes his head. “I’d be an excellent spy, wouldn’t I?” he boasts - it doesn’t really seem like a question, really, and he’s waving it off. A black little box is pulled out of his robes, smiling as he sets it down in front of her.

Emily gives Angelus a look at his snickering, but she seems to have relaxed enough to smirk at him anyway. And then there's a BOX. A little BLACK box! She gives him a grin and takes the object in hand, opening it curiously.

Angelus stands by as she opens it. In it is a silver chain with a blue, heart shaped stone held on top by a silver loop and a few crystals on the front part of the silver loop.

The girl's face lights up as she beholds the contents. "Oh -Angelus-," she breathes, looking up at the boy with something akin to adoration. "Put it on me?"

“Sorry, I couldn’t find it with a green stone,” Angelus speaks up once she opens it. “Or in gold. I wanted you to wear it with your bracelet.” But a soft smile flicks against his lips. “But I suppose I’ll just have to find another necklace to go with it.” He reaches out for the silver necklace, nodding his head and motioning with a finger for her to turn around.

Emily smiles at the boy and then obediently turns so that he can fasten the necklace about her neck. "It's alright. It will go well with my Magijugend pendant." There's such pride when she mentions the Eye of Truth around her neck.

Angelus carefully slips it around her neck, peeking over her shoulder and down at the Eye of Truth. A soft smile flickers against his lips and he turns his focus to the clasp, locking it together after a moment or so. His fingers brush the back of her neck as he pulls her hair gently, lifting it from the chain to let it fall over top instead. He then takes the opportunity to kiss her cheek again before sliding into a chair next to her.

Emily looks down at the new pendant and touches it gently. "Thank you," she whispers. She turns then, sneaks the boy a quick kiss on the lips, and then reaches for his hand before returning quietly to her studies. They stay there for a while in companionable silence. At least until the next class period.

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