(1939-10-01) Letters - October
Details for Letters - October
Summary: Correspondence between Katie and Gavin continues.
Date: Early to Mid October 1939
Location: Her home, his barracks

Dear Gavin,

Things have been so quiet lately, but I thought to write you anyway because I don't want to fall out of touch. We get a lot of servicemen in at the shop these days, and I always hope to see your face on the next one coming through the door. Hopefully you'll get some leave time soon, and will come by so we can feed you.

The men that have come in have been very kind, one of them even brought by a book on aeroplanes for our Jack. He's read it cover to cover already, and has just gone back to the beginning to start again. He's always wanted to fly, but of course can't go into service. It's a great thrill for him to talk to the blokes from Biggin Hill. (I do the actual talking, of course, and sign to Jack. I guess I'm an interpreter, doesn't that sound impressive?)

Mum and Da send their best along to you, as does Jack. Write me back with all the exciting things you've been doing since we wrote last!

Your fond friend,

Sweet Katie,

I've actually taken watches for some mates so that they can go on leave. I don't have family, don't have a girl so I don't mind letting those that do have some time with them. Sitting on roofs looking up at the stars and eating tinned meat isn't really so bad to pass a night. I am very glad to hear that you are well and that things are going so excellently for the shop. This 17th on, I could get leave for the weekend. Do you think I should? I would like to see you, but I'm not sure if you would be able to mae the time. Do please let me know. Tell Jack to not let those flashy flyboys blind him with their sparkling aeroplanes. Fighting powered by your own two feet and hands, that is where soldering is at. I'll send along the footies handbook with this letter. Give the lad a good proper idea of what good military.

Hope to see that face,

Dear Gavin,

If you could send a message somehow on a night you have watch, I could bring you by a meal from the chippy. I take things to Da sometimes when he's up. He's so proud to be an Air Warden, and I think he likes it when Jack and I come by and see the important work he's doing. And even cool fish and chips must be better than tinned meat, no? I don't want to get you into trouble, but if you think I could, please tell me. I'll be there, you know that.

I've got no plans for any weekend coming up, so if you can have time I'd love to see you as well. We can think of something fun to do, and get away from all the thoughts of war for a while.

I promise, I won't let Jack's head be turned. He was tickled by the handbook and has been pouring over it. He'll be a great help here, if anything happens. Moreso, since there's nothing he could do to help us knowing about aeroplanes, but this is ever so much more useful.

Shall I make some biscuits and send them along with the next letter? Or, if you get leave, I can make them for you to take back with you that weekend.

Your faithful friend,

My little conspirator,

Since it's all rather top secret when and where we'll be patrolling I would tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. Ha! Bit of spy humor, sorry. This message should get to you by the 13th. If it does, wait by your phone and I'll give you a call and tell you where to find me. Bring a whole bucket of fish and chips worth and we shouldn't bend any noses out of shape honestly. Even the officers are a bit disheartened with all of this waiting. But I didn't say that. Anything you would like to send will be most appreciated of course. If you receive your parent's permission I would be more than happy to go through the basics of fighting and arms. So that if the worse were to happen the Hind Family will be well prepared. Deafness shouldn't keep Jack from being able to protect himself, and his family. I have read my sign language book cover to cover and I think I have the alphabet down. Me and the boys have all learned how to sign our names. If you know of a more in depth book that I can read for knowledge beyond the alphabet I would be grateful if you could send it along or give me the title and author so I can order it up.

Your Fantastic Footie,

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