(1939-10-02) The Little Things
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Summary: Clover and Veruca get together for a girl's evening to talk about the little things in life. Namely babies and house elves.
Date: 2 October 1939
Location: Farin Braw, Diagon Alley

It's a lovely Thursday evening, and Clover would have owl'd Rue earlier in the week to say that she had a night to herself and wanted to spend it with her. She always gets great service at this restaurant so she's more than happy to spend her coin here. Already settled into her favorite table, she has a bottle of wine chilling near by and is sipping on a glass while she waits. The Menus are near by, but she's only vaguely glanced at them, since she knows what she wants and figures if it isn't on the menu, it will be made for her anyway.

There's a quickness to Veruca's pace as she makes her way Diagon Alley to her destination, but she's not hurrying. Rue is not a hurrier. The door is opened for her by a passing wizard, good manners being alive and well even during wartime, and she murmurs her thanks as she steps inside. There's a smile as she strides over to Clover's table, and she puts her bag down on the chair she'll occupy in a moment as she shrugs a light cloak off. "Clover, thank you so much for sending the owl. Keenan has been on nights this week, and the place seems to empty when he's not there." It's more about it still feeling a bit like 'his space', although he's taken great pains to encourage her to redecorate a bit.

Clover smiles once she spots Veruca and stands to give her a quick hug before she gestures to have the wine poured. It's taken several years, but Clover seems to finally be settling into the mind set of the level of Wealth she is sitting on. "Oh think nothing of it. I know Keenan has been putting in the later hours, so I figured you could use some time away. How is it, adjusting to the new life and the new home?" She asks with a bright smile.

A quick kiss to each cheek is added, and Veruca moves her bag to the floor as she settles into the chair across from Clover. "It seems soppy to say it's wonderful," she notes with a wry smile, "But it is. The only sticking point we've seemed to have is the arrival of our wedding gift from my parents." She pauses a moment, letting it stand in the air that her parents actually sent a gift, before she reveals, "They've given us a house elf."

"Oh my." Clover says, shaking her head slightly. "Those are an adjustment. I adore mine, he is such a help but honestly when we first got him I really did not know what to do with him. Just give it some time I am sure you'll figure out just how to work with him, or her." However she does lean forward a bit and furrow her brows. "So they sent a present, but didn't feel it necessary to make themselves present?"

There's a soft laugh from Veruca, a murmur of thanks for the wine to the steward. "Dandy has been my particular companion for as long as I can remember," she says lightly. "What to do with him isn't the problem, he's already been such a help. No, it's Keenan's feelings about him." There's a dismissive wave of her hand at the comment on her parents. "Their presence at this point in my life is hardly necessary. I believe they only sent Dandy as a trial, to be a thorn in our combined side."

"Maybe I should be having that conversation with your husband then." Clover says with a thoughtful glance before she ships from her wine. "Did they disapprove of your marriage?" She asks, signaling to the waiter to come and take their food order. She'll put hers in before she continues her questioning. "Granted, I'm a bit biased, having known Keenan for years, but I am afraid I know very little about your own family. Some friend I am." She says with a chuckle.

"He's got a notion in his head about the freedom of a house elf," Veruca says with a sigh. "Pointing out how they're intelligent creatures, and up the Irish." There's a little smirk, indulgent, but her words come out fondly and not cross. "I pointed out that they aren't people, but did manage to not make the point that dogs are also intelligent creatures, and they are kept as companions and thrive for it." She pauses to order as well, then takes a long 'sip' from her own wine before returning to the subject of her parents. "To say they don't approve is sugar-coating a bit." There's a pause, before she admits, "It was my mother that was interfering with our letters when I was in America."

"Merlin's arse." Clover says shaking her head. "I'm sure pointing out that information about dogs isn't going to help the situation. Sure, they are intelligent creatures, but they do fine work and if you don't abuse them they tend to work very diligently." Which is what Clover expects of all of her staff. "Granted, between the elf, and our two maids there is little for me to do around the house." Which is how she can explain that she's still working. Frowning at the news of Rue's parents, she shakes her head. "Mother always knows best right?"

Veruca chuckles, adding, "And Dandy is treated like a prince. Mind, a rather short, ugly one, but those are to be found in any royal family." Another sip of wine, and she adds, "I think he'll learn to accept it. He's not banished Dandy from the house, at any rate. Because I informed him of the plans to sell Dandy, had we not accepted him." Her parents, especially her mother, play dirty. "Mother knows best," she scoffs lightly. "So she assumes. I couldn't be more thankful for that accidental meeting when I was here in the Spring, or Keenan and I would have gone on the rest of our lives thinking the other had lost interest." There's almost anger in her voice, but it's well tempered.

"Well yes of course. You know all of those old paintings were touched up to make the ugly princes not look so ugly." Clover says with a smirk. "Perhaps he will see that Dandy is better off with the both of you instead of with some other questionable family." Shaking her head, Clover sighs. "They all see it that way. Granted I can understand that they've all had life experience but… In the end it is your life, not hers." Smirking she shakes her head. "He did not. He's been moping around like a lost puppy for months until you two met back up. I could see the difference after he found you again. It's made working with him a lot easier."

The look on Veruca's face is a mix of sympathy and amusement, "The poor dear. It wasn't very pleasant on the other side of the pond either, truth be told." She relents, admitting, "It was awful, thinking he'd gone off me. Half of me was angry and half was despondent. I nearly flew back a dozen times to give him a piece of my mind. But…" stubborn. She trails off not saying the obvious word, but surely Clover knows full well. Her smile comes back, something much more seldom seen in pre-Keenan days. "All that's behind now." Her hands come up, briskly brushing together to show that's done with. "Enough of us, now, you must tell me how the little man is. And the baby too, of course." Now it's her turn to smirk.

"I wouldn't think so, you two were very close and I can see that after the deception was over you came right back together." However the topic is changing from the horrid past, to the bright future. "Tristan has gotten so big, and he is running his little mouth endlessly. I think he might follow in his father's footsteps in business. The grown child however is doing quite well. We've had very little problems with his parents, they have calmed own now that there is a 'proper heir' to the family." She resists rolling her eyes, and it almost works. "But we're both keeping busy, but still find time for each other. We don't travel as much as we did when we were first married, but it's harder to do with Tristan in toe."

Veruca's eyes soften when the news of Tristan is delivered. "Do you have photographs of him? Isn't it an obligation of every parent to carry an abundance?" It's a tease, but she's also eager to see the little one. "We really must make it a point to stop by. We haven't seen the baby or Zephyr since the wedding." Not that it was that long ago, but Veruca has developed something of an interest in babies. God help us.

Does she have pictures? Clover smirks and reaches into her bag, pulling out a small photo album. It would probably be a bit to heft around, but it feels as light as a feather. "Of course I have pictures, and I have duplicates as well so if you really like one go ahead and take it." There are several pictures of the wee baby, from when he was born to his birthday and first steps. There is even one where he is sitting on Zephyr's shoulders and playing his father's hair. "Any time you want to come over just send an owl. Of course, it would always be great if Tristan can have more cousins to play with." She says with a sly smile.

Veruca flips through the pictures slowly, commenting over a few, about how Tristan is growing like a weed and how much he looks like his father. "Oh, we've talked about it," she says, not looking up from the pictures. Three have already made it out of the book to be taken home to show Keenan.

"Oh? And…?" Clover says with a smirk as she hopes her friend will elaborate on that. "I just figured that his mother might be knocking down your door already, or spiking your tea with fertility potions." She winks as she watches her friend take out a few pictures. "Granted I"m sure you two want to settle in first. We were married for several years before I had Tristan."

"Eilidh has been marvelous," Veruca says with a smile. "The mother I never had. We aren't taking measures to hurry things along," unless Eilidh is without their knowledge!, "But we aren't taking measures against, either." She pauses as their food is brought out, hot and perfectly plated. "Mister MacDougal has once again outdone himself," she murmurs to the waiter.

"She is amazing, I love that woman to death and I know you're in good hand with her." Though at the mention of them not helping it along, or preventing it she smirks. "It's good to let it happen when it's supposed to. I just wanted to be sure." And Clover is a control freak. "So I helped it along as best as I could. Poor Zephyr probably still doesn't realize just how much fertility potion he injested." There is a very wicked smile on her lips, but it leaves as soon as the food arrives. "He always does."

The pair make the usual small talk during the meal, with most of the attention on the delicious food. With her plate nearly empty, Veruca gives it a little nudge away and rests back in her chair. "That man does have a talent with food, it can't be denied." There's a smirk and she can't resist adding, "Once upon a time it would have brought a speculation about what other passions he harbors. My how times change."

"He does, but I suppose we all have our strengths." Since the plates have been cleared away, she'll lean forward on the table and raise her brows just a bit. "Oh really? Well do share, I do love a good bit of gossip." She'll grab the bottle herself and refill her glass, and Veruca's as well.

There's a laugh, and Veruca says, "That's speculation from a time well before Keenan." She pauses, making a show of giving it thought before she adds, "Actually, he's our kind. That wouldn't have ever been speculation." A brief pause, and she says suddenly, reaching for her bag, "Oh! Before I forget entirely…" She draws out a large brown envelope, putting it on the table near to Clover. "Pass that on to your man, would you? An investment opportunity I thought he might be interested in."

Clover smirks and nods her head slowly. "I'll leave it at that then." The past is past after wall. When the envelope is passed over she'll raise her brows, but nod, slipping them into her purse to pass on later. "I will be sure and get it to him, I am sure he would be more than willing to help." She says with a bright smile. "How is business going anyway?"

Veruca's smile turns wry, "Considering the state of the world, currently, business is going incredibly well. My father always held to the belief that there's money to be made in muggle wars. Sadly, he's right." When Zephyr gets around to looking at the papers, he'll find that they're concerning an investment in British muggle steelworks, a booming trade in wartime. There's a potential fortune to be made. Not that he needs it, but Rue has always had her eyes on the security of the family should things go horribly awry with his parents. It's a relief that Tristan has mellowed them.

"As sad as it is, it is true." Clover says with a slow nod. "I'm sure he'll look into it and if he finds it favorable he'll get back with you. I have been keeping up with what you already set up for me, before you left. I like the idea of having something to fall back on, should things not go our way." And Clover is able to live with the sacrifices should they have to.

The waiter comes back to inquire if there's anything further he can do for them, and, with a sigh, Veruca declines. "The time has passed so quickly tonight. Next time, we should make it a double date," she suggests. "Just because we're married doesn't mean we shouldn't still go on dates." The bill is settled, tentative plans are made, and there's a warm hug before each witch returns to safe, happy homes.

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