(1939-10-03) When Worlds Collide
Details for When Worlds Collide
Summary: When Angelus, Calista, Madeline, and Gabriel end up together in one of the towers a somewhat heated discussion about the rightness of Flint's policies ensues.
Date: 1939-10-03
Location: Hogwarts Castle, Lake View Louvre

Hogwarts Castle, Lake View Louvre

By far the largest covered-louvre on the grounds, the room is shaped in the form of a trapezoid. The windows that are open to the outdoors are broad and tall, and frequently accept breezes that carry mist from the lake far below. The castle's walls are rather thick, and the wall is an excellent place to lean against. The floor is made of a dark, polished wood that is held in place by ancient nails. Several chairs, each made of ash, rest along the edges of the room, and beside them are tables made from gnarled, bark-covered elder. Wax lines the top of each table and hangs like stalactites from the tops of each. The ceiling is lined with dark, wooden rafters that are sealed with thatch during the winter.
Directly below the castle's walls are sheered cliffs that descend hundreds of meters. The loch below, Hogwarts Lake, crashes against the wall of stone and ruble, and flings mist and spray in giant arcs that paint the stone an ashen-grey. The loch extends towards a pair of mountains in the distance, though they are often covered in a blanketing haze that clings to the tumultuous water's surface.

Immediately after lunch Gabriel can be found towards the top of the castle. Sitting in an armchair that he has pulled right up to one of the windows he has his Transfiguration book in his lap, along with a notebook filled with, well, notes. And in his hands is something that many in the Wizarding community might not recognize, a set of binoculars. The binoculars are being used for bird watching, especially the owls flying to and from the Owl Tower.

While Gabriel watches the owls, behind him a raven is at play - hopping and bouncing after a piece of crumpled parchment, then grabbing it, and tossing it aloft again, all while accompanied to croaking raven cries - and the occasional cries that sound human, including the words 'No, leave it!' in what sure sounds like Maddie's voice. Maddie rolls her eyes, and lays on her back, with a second year charms book held up over her head. She seems to be reading from this somewhat awkward position.

Carrying a couple of books with him, the leather strap wrapped around his hand, Angelus heads up and out onto the roof. He's got some schoolwork to take care of and keep on top of, but as his gaze wanders around he quirks a brow as the raven is the first to be noticed. This gives Gel's next step hesitation even as he catches sight of Madeline, tilting his head a little. "Uh oh, what did he get this time?" he asks with simple curiosity. Gabriel is the last to be noticed. "Oh, hello, Ward." His eyes linger over the Ravenclaw as he stares quietly, confused. "What are you doing?" he asks uncertainly. Angelus starts to inch towards him. "What are those?"

Calista walks up to the tower, making her way out of the stairwell and heading towards one of the windows to look out over the lake. At first she does not really focus on the students up here with her, save that her arrival was close enough to Angelus' that she gives him a nod in greeting should the young boy look her way. She carries her own pair of books, one on Ancient Runes, and the other on Charms.

Gabriel puts his binoculars down to add a few more details on a drawing he's making near some of his notes then looks up as he hears his name called out. "Hello Angelus. I'm studying owls." At first he seems like he's going to ignore the question about the item now in his lap but after nodding to Calista and exchanging a glance with Madeline he adds, "Well, there are binoculars. They let you see details from far away."

"Oh, nothing," Madeline answers Angelus. "It's just I said it enough times she's learned it. But - watch this." She puts down her book and sits up before saying to her raven, "Mischief - drop it!" The bird promptly drops the ball of parchment and looks at Madeline, then eagerly hops and scampers over to her. The girl reaches into her robes for a bit of dried meat which she feeds to the bird. "Goooooood bird, Mischief! Who's the best raven around? You're so good at that, now!"

Letting out a hum as Angelus hears the noise behind him, he turns to flick his gaze up to the seventh year. A light smile flicks out as he dips his head in a polite nod to Calista. "Good afternoon, Flint," he greets formally. Glancing over to Gabriel as he answers him, he lifts the brow as he cocks his head. "Studying them?" Gel slides his shoulders casually into a shrug, looking to Madeline before he's glancing back to the younger boy. "Oh. Can I-" He starts to ask, but frowns, eyes veering off to look to the side before he shakes his head and holds up his hand. Returning his gaze back onto Madeline's bird, a light smirk touches his lips as he lifts his head. "Oh, you've gotten him to listen. Heh. He's a step ahead of you now, Evans," he adds with a teasing grin and a chuckle, winking at the girl.

The sound of Gabriel replying to Angelus draws Calista's attention, the two books are placed down on a desk, and she makes her way towards the boys. She squints a little at the binoculars, "Leave it to Muggles not to be able to just close one eye." She states with a sort of sighing tone. There is a grin over towards Angelus, "Hello, Eibon, Evans," but she doesn't switch her attention to Madeline, instead she continues on to Gabriel to inspect the binoculars.

Gabriel turns slowly in his chair to look at Calista, look absolutely dumbfounded, "Closing one eye? How? Wha..? Huh?? Ok, how do you figure closing one eye is going to let you see anything in detail from afar more than… Oh. You're talking about telescopes. Binoculars give you a bigger field of view and better depth perception. Lots better than a telescope." Since he's already looking over his shoulder he smiles at Madeline and add, "She's definitely been doing really good work training Mischief. Soon she'll need a new name."

"Flint," Madeine answers. "And no way - Mischief'll always be a trouble maker!" She adds staunchly. "Won't you, silly thing?" she reaches out to ruffle the feathers on the bird's head - only to get a firm peck to her hand for her efforts. "I'm working on a 'bring it' command - but it's not there yet. It still needs more practice. She's smart, though. She'll get it! That way I won't have to command her to drop something important - and watch it fall in the lake or something."

Angelus hums as he casts a glance towards Gabriel again because of Calista's comment, blue eyes flicking towards the binoculars. He regards Gabriel while he explains, slowly nodding his head. But then he's lifting his head importantly and a smug smile slips across his lips. He gives a nod as he glances to Calista. "You can't expect them be able to close one eye and know which one to look out of," he remarks with a simple shrug, snickering as he shakes his head. Gel glances towards the raven and Madeline, wincing at the peck. Although he's already at a good pace away from Mischief, Angelus instinctively draws another step or two away. "Good thinking, Evans. We wouldn't want that to happen," says the youth in response to dropping something important in the lake.

Calista's focus is still on the the binoculars, and she does seem to listen to Gabriel's explanation, "May I see them?" She asks with the so polite tone she tends to have. The lips do curl to a smirk at Angelus' comment, but she doesn't add to it. Another quick glance to Angelus and Madeline, but holds up her hand and waits for the Muggle-two-eyed-telescope to test the truth of Gabrirel's claims. "So do you have little tiny binoculars for looking at little things, and then really big ones for looking at large things?"

Gabriel thinks about the request for a long moment then stands and walks over to Calista. Once he's next to her he shows her the focus wheel in the middle of the binoculars and also shows her how to hold them, "This is the focus wheel. Just spin it one way or the other to make things stop looking blurry if they are looking blurry." Then he answers the question about other vision enhancing devices, "Well, there is a thing called a microscope, which lets you see things that are too small to see with the naked eye. To see big things you don't really need anything, unless they're so far away perspective makes them small and then you can just use a telescope or binoculars." Once Calista has the binoculars in had he just tosses Angelus a quick, reproachful glance for the telescope comment. Along with the look he asks, "Need to keep up appearances, Angelus." then he goes back to watching Calista, just in case he needs to catch falling binoculars or explain something else about their use…

"Or maybe I should teach Mischief a 'sicc 'im' command next," Madeline mutters, giving Angelus a distinct frown. It seems neither Muggleborn much carries for the boy's sense of humor.

Calista's question about tiny binoculars, though, sends the girl into a fit of giggles - leaving Gabriel to answer the question on her own. She's too busy trying to sober up. Wizards are so silly, sometimes!

Angelus' blue eyes flick between Gabriel and Madeline and rolls his eyes, heaving a sigh. Oh, come on! It was funny! A little amused twitch flickers at the corner of his mouth as the youth tips his head to the side, lifting the shoulder nearer to his ear. "I'm a comedian, right?" questions the boy with a smirk. He shifts the strap in his hand, letting git unwind as he lifts it to his shoulder. "It's a talent of mine, or I wouldn't have been made a jester. Obviously," he says boastfully with a grin. The explanation of the binoculars has the youth listening curiously, eyes watching the tool transferring from one pair hands to the next. He does glance over at Madeline, arching a brow at her mutter. "What? I couldn't hear you, sorry."

Calista takes the lesson on the binoculars quite seriously, her hand taking a firm grasp on them. "Thank you." She adjusts and shifts the glasses back to the starting point. There is a little frown at the mention of microscopes. Still, she carefully raises them up and turns to look at Angelus, fidgeting with the dial until giving up that he is too close to clear up. She lowers them and gives a cool look to the giggling Madeline, but says nothing. She chooses next to lower them and look for the Owl tower, then raises them and studies it. Again she patiently works the focus in to the right setting. They are shifted from her face, then looked through again to compare the improvements over normal eyesight. "Hmm.." she murmurs as she tries to guess if there are any real advantages with looking the same distance with these over a telescope. "I see." she states and promptly turns to walk to the other wide of the room, the one that faces the lake and Hogsmeade beyond. A faint frown starts to show as she looks ever further away. "They are more limited." she states simply, obviously implying that at distances the telescope is better.

She passes them back to the boy though. "Still, they are interesting, less ridiculous than many things of the Muggle-world." She gives a little sigh, "Thank you." Her eyes turn to Madeline, she looks back to Gabriel, "If the Special Class for Underprivileged Magical Students is still in effect next year, will you return to Hogwarts?"

Gabriel takes the binoculars back with a nod, not really commenting on whether they are better or worse than a telescope. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, after all. Calista's last question does draw a deep frown from him and a big sigh. Slowly he starts shaking his head and finally he says, "No. I'm lucky enough to have family in the colonies. If things have not gone back to normal by next year I will probably ask my parents to send me to the Salem school. Sadly, not everyone has that option." He looks at Madeline out of the corner of his eye, clearly worried about her possible reaction to what he's just said.

"Being mean is never funny, Eibon," Madeline answers the boy flatly. "Maybe that's the problem you're having with the house." Her attention turns to Calista and Gabriel next, frowning at Gabriel's talk of simply moving to America. Her parents would never send her there - especially not with the war and all. Would they? "It won't be in effect," she says flatly instead. Rena's coming. Rena's gonna fix things.

Angelus rolls his eyes at Madeline, brushing her words aside with a simple gesture of his hand. "There are more problems with the House than just humour," he comments lightly, but doesn't elaborate. He cocks his head a little as he returns his gaze to the binoculars, humming quietly. Reaching into his robes and drawing his wand from his holster, he silently, and very thoughtfully, examines his wand. After he returns his wand to his holster under his robes, he turns to Gabriel with a wave. "Can I try them out, please, Ward?"

Calista nods her head at Gabriel's reply, "I see. That would be a choice." She states and brushes her hair back over her shoulder. She starts to step away in steady thought, Madeline though draws her attention. "Why would you think that? I think it will be improved, but I do not think it will be gone." She glances to Angelus and adds at his request, "They are interesting. They work well at medium ranges, out to the lake. Let me know if you find them better at those ranges. I think I might bring a telescope up here sometime to see how it compares." She comments as she moves back to look out at the lake through the window.

The sound of footsteps and a shadow of someone moving outside of the room announce Asmund's presence before he even pokes his head in the door. The young Hufflepuff Prefect seems only mildly surprised to find the area occupied, judging by the slight raising of his eyebrows. He takes a quick stock of everyone present, a moment of pause given as he finishes, as if he wouldn't expect everyone present to associate. The Fawley boy steps inside, approaching near Maddie with a warm smile on his face. As he walks a polite nod is given to the other students, though he moves quickly as if not wanting to interrupt anything.

Gabriel tilts his head to Angelus and offers the binoculars over, "Did you catch how to use the focus wheel?" As with Calista he's really watchful, just in case he has to catch a dropped set of binoculars. But while still watching Angelus he tells Calista, "That's a problem then. Maybe a better idea would be create a curriculum that's designed to teach people based on their level of skill, not on who their parents are. Some of the Muggle born in the school have a lot more talent and plain old power than some of the Purebloods. Why waste their talents?" He doesn't interrupt his dialog as Asmund walks in but he does smile and wave at the Hufflepuff.

"Because it's wrong," Madeline answers Calista flatly, before nodding in agreement with Gabriel. "It doesn't make any sense - not letting Muggleborn study proper magic, when there's Muggleborns like Professor Viridian, or Aurors who are Muggleborns, or Healers. Why would you want less Professors, and Aurors and Healers? They oughtta be teaching firsties and even seconds like me about the wizarding world. They're not even doing that properly."

The book strap is set down on the floor as he steps towards Gabriel. "I did," Angelus answers Gabriel, dipping his head in a nod. "Thank you," he says as he takes the binoculars from him. He takes a few steps away from Gabe, head lowered as he simply examines the Muggle tool in his hands. He simply allows the conversation to continue without adding into it, focused silently and thoughtfully on the double lensed tool, humming. His thumb tests out the wheel on it, and he eventually lifts them to his face, turning to look over onto the grounds. He's giving them at thorough test, even closes one eye and then the other to test peering through one at a time. When Gel lowers them just enough to look over their top, he glances towards Madeline and Gabriel, towards Calista curiously, and then lifts his head to Asmund in greeting. "Good afternoon, Fawley. Here, Ward," says Gel as he offers the binoculars back to Gabe. "They're pretty good, but…" He hums, pausing to think. "If it was just a single lens, like a telescope, but small and portable, something that would fit onto a wand, maybe."

Calista looks out at the lake a second more, her lips pulling to a frown at the responses. The wind whips a little to toss at the wavy brown hair. She takes a deep sniff of the damp winds. Then she turns about. "You truly don't understand? I thought as much, the class is insulting to you. You think it is a versus thing?" she glances to Angelus and starts to approach the young pair of muggleborns.

"Prefect Fawley." Flint greets as she stands at a point to watch both of Madeline and Gabriel as she speaks. "You think what you see is the whole of the story. This is not surprising, this is your first look at the Wizarding World." she motions to the lake view with a simple gesture. "It is big, it looks boundless, the lake, yes. Would it be big enough to provide all the water for all of Britannia? What about sending it to the Continent as well?" she offers and watches the two, "Well, it would not last very long, would it? It belongs to the people who live around, and have for generations. Magic is finite, like that lake. It replenishes a little each year. The greatest wizards were the families of the blood. Now magic is weaker than it was in legend, enchanted forests smaller as they are hewn down. That is why, it belongs to those who have lived it, whose parents and whose parents' parents founded the traditions, first were given the gift. We must be careful, let the lake, the source, keep up, or forever see it lost to all."

As the mingled conversation continues around him, Asmund seems to realize just what he's stepped into. He glances around at his fellow students, an uneasy apprehension on his face. Standing off to the side, he quietly clasps his hands behind his back and seems to be waiting patiently off to the side. As Calista addresses him, he nods his head slowly, replying with a measured, "Miss Flint," before resuming his silence. As the others talk back and forth, the Fawley boy holds an inquiring look in Madeline's direction, almost as if mentally asking her something.

Gabriel's eyes go wide as Calista starts explaining her reasoning why things are the way they are. And the more she explains the more his mouth drops open. Wider and wider and wider… When she's done he just stands there, gaping like a grounded fish. Finally words almost explode out of him, "Whaaaa… Where'd you get that preposterous theory?? Have you studied nothing about genetics? Or the evolution of the species? How in breeding weakens a species? Wizards among the "Pure" bloodlines are weaker because they keep inbreeding! Saying its because there's a limited amount of magic in the world is like saying there's a limited amount of light in the world! You need to take the powerful Muggle born and breed them /into/ the pureblood lines if you want to strengthen the Wizarding community at large!" And he doesn't keep going because the outburst was so big he's actually completely out of breath and gasping for air.

"It's alright, Gabriel. She was raised with the 'pumpkin juice' theory - rather than parents educated in the scientific theory," Madeline answers her friend, rolling her eyes - though the way he explodes actually prompts a smile from the girl. "We can see it from the farm, too," she adds helpfully. "In plants, and in the livestock. You find the strongest individuals, with the best traits - and those are the ones you use for breeding. Or if you find peaches that're particularly sweet - you plant those seeds. That's how we get better food crops. My da's been teaching me that stuff since I first started toddlin' about the farm."

With his hand extended and the binoculars held in it, Angelus flicks his blue eyes towards Calista and watches the seventh year explain to the other two. He simply draws in the binoculars with a mere shrug as he glances to Gabriel and his reaction, and glances down to fiddle with them in his hands as he listens quietly. He peeks a glance over to Madeline when she starts speaking only to drop his gaze again. He might as well study the tool in his hands while he has the chance. He's not going to speak over anyone, but as soon as the last speaker finishes Gel lifts his head, gesturing out at Gabriel. "Ward," he announces, raising his voice to be sure to grab his attention. "What did you say these were called?" Gel asks as he holds out the binoculars again. He glances towards Madeline, lets out a sigh, and turns his gaze up to Calista. "However you explain it will just end up going over their heads. I'm not really sure why they /want/ to attend our school since they refuse to learn so much from us." He slides out a hand to Madeline. "Evans especially is stubborn." He turns his gaze away to bend over and pick up his book strap.

Calista listens, in fact she leans against the table closest and takes in all that Gabriel says, always baffled at how much Muggle parents seem to press on these young children. "Evolution of the species?" she questions and shakes her head, "No." she states flatly, glancing to Asmund to see if the Prefect understands what they are talking about.

"Where is the Merlin of today? You know, Merlin was a Slytherin, of course." Big grin, such is after all a matter of pride in the house. "You simply do not understand." she states with a sigh, "Magic is not infinite. And you, I am guessing are trying to apply Muggle science to it. I think, that is what you are doing. Please, explain the broom you fly to me with Muggle science? Can you? If you can, why do Muggles flith up the air with their foul smelling conveyances? What does your Muggle science make of Kelpies? Manticores? Elves? Werewolves?" she shakes her head and sighs, looking to Angelus and giving a slow nod. "I do not wish to insult them. They are intelligent. I am certain those arguments made perfect sense by their thinking. It is a shame." She looks at the two with a bit of concern, and then takes a slow breath. "Tomorrow is the weekend in town, I need to do some research soon. Still, I will listen if you wish to tell me more.. Or answer any of those questions with Muggle science?"

Asmund seems completely happy to stay out of it, and as it appears that their conversation is tending towards polite discourse, rather than mouth-foaming argument, he does just that. As Calista looks at him, the Hufflepuff seems completely immersed in studying the ceiling beams for whatever reason, rocking silently on the balls of his feet. For some reason, Asmund seems quite resolute in keeping his opinion private. Still, so as not to appear awkward, he edges around the group a bit, getting nearer Angelus to quietly ask, "What's the deal with the binoculars?"

Gabriel turns to Angelus and reinforces what Asmund has just said, "They're called binoculars." But if it was meant to be a distraction from the other conversation it doesn't really work. "the Merlin's of today have been diluted by too much inbreeding. As for Muggles, they can make as many mistakes as Wizards. We are /all/, after all, human. With different skills but still humans. Kelpies, elves, werewolves, and all the other magical creatures out there are successful, if specialized mutations. Science can not explain everything. Neither can magic. As for the brooms? Call it magical manipulation of the Earth gravitic forces. I know a little about medicine but aerodynamics is not one my areas of interest."

Then he turns back on Angelus, "And if there was any /rational/ basis to what you are trying to teach I would learn it. But it all falls apart under any careful examination by anyone that hasn't been subverted by the rhetoric of their elders to the point of refusing to examine things on their own, instead taking what they have been told on faith. Study history, science, philosophy… Any deep study in any of those field will show you the multitude of flaws in the Pureblood theory." Again, out of breath.

"I haven't had a chance to study those things, yet," Madeline answers Calista. "And if you have your way, I won't have a chance. But I still think we're gonna be let back into our classes soon - where we belong." She has to believe it. It would hurt too much, otherwise. She shrugs her shoulders before adding, "It all reminds me too much of poor Asher and Saul and Miriam. They had to leave their family and their country and come to England because people thought Jewish blood isn't good enough. Now people like me and Gabriel have to go to America if we want to learn - because our blood isn't good enough? You're acting just like Muggles. Because we're all human, like Gabriel says."

Angelus lets out a quiet hum as he turns to shift his gaze onto Asmund. "Binoculars," he repeats. "Ward was using them study the owls," he answers the prefect with a smile. But his blue eyes lock on Gabriel while the younger boy speaks, though he does lean his head closer to Asmund to say, "They aren't a bad idea." But the youth frowns as he watches Gabriel, giving him a disapproving look. As his gaze slides onto Madeline, Angelus heaves a sigh, looking downward as he shakes his head slowly. "Ward, Evans," Gel states loudly as he lifts his head. The fourth year flicks his blue eyes up to Calista, as if checking with her first if she doesn't mind him piping up before he returns his gaze on Gabriel and Madeline. "You're showing your ignorance and are now insulting our culture. We're not the Muggle world, so you really shouldn't be spinning your Muggle theories in here. The only flaw," he gestures a hand out to Gabe, "is people like you trying to tie them together like that. Flint is trying to educate you and it's bloody frustrating to hear you keep arguing instead of taking notes." Shifting to look at Madeline, he simply gives her a scowl.

"If we were all the same, all Muggles could cast magic. They cannot. So, there is something special about you two." Calista says, thinking, maybe just hoping that a compliment will help the two of them. She frowns a little as she listens more to Gabriel, "I don't know much about Muggle science, but I think you were trying to, and .. Not doing so well. You are right though. Magic and Wizards and Witches, it does not explain all. The thing is, I am not trying to explain Muggle science with magic. You are trying to explain Magic with Muggle science. I could say the same thing about your up-bringing being all confused. But, that is insulting, and I will not. I will say, this is my world, I was raised to its rules."

The pureblood looks to Angelus a bit gratefully, "The House of Flint is still powerful enough to be appointed Headmaster Hogwarts. My father serves dutifully and proudly in the Ministry of Magic." Calista turns her attention to Madeline though, "What is we didn't, deny you that. What if we opened up classes for Muggleborns in Magical creatures, Herbology.. Astronomy? Magical History?" She gives a little sigh and picks up her things, she steps towards the stairs and gives a gentle pat to Angelus on the shoulder. "You are right.. They are not willing to try to see it from our side.." she looks back at the pair though, "Think about this, you honor your parents? Your parents live as Muggles. Do either of you plan to live as Muggles when you are finished with school. I plan to honor my family by going into the Ministry, and perhaps one day into education. Have a good weekend." She says to the group.

Gabriel stalks over to his knapsack, pulls out his MUD book and tosses it on the floor (yes, a Ravenclaw, abusing a book) at Angelus and Asmund's feet intentionally tossing it flat so it lets out a resounding 'THWAK!'. Stabbing a finger at the book he asks, "Have you read that? Have you looked at it at all? Its a training manual for menservants, maids, and flunkies. Why should /I/ or anyone else, aspire to be a servant? Why should we think that, just because our parent do not have magical skills /we/ should be second class citizens when we have as much talent as any of you? /That/ is not about teaching Muggle born about Wizarding society! /That/ is about abusing us the same way house elves are abused, denigrating us the same way goblins are denigrated, relegating us to the outskirts of society the same way centaurs are relegated! Like Madeline said, Purebloods are no better than the Nazi's in Germany, judging people by they bloodlines and not by their talents, abilities, and skills."

Spinning on Calista he takes a deep breath and adds, "We are all /human/ and humans have different skills and abilities. Some humans can't cast spells for the same reason that some scions of even the most historied pureblood families come out as Squibbs. Pure luck. And the right Muggle's /can/ cast spells! /I'm/ a Muggle from a hereditary perspective. I'm willing to bet with the proper training I can out magic any of you, any of you at all. *GASP* And no, I'm not living as a Muggle. I'm planning on being a Healer."

"He's gonna be a great healer, too," Madeline says firmly, still sitting on the floor with her bird - who's jumped up into her lap now. She's grinning at Gabriel as she adds, "I don't really feel I need to add to that, actually."

"No, they aren't," Angelus agrees with Calista, dipping his head in a nod as he frowns. He looks up to regard the seventh year, and then turns his gaze onto Gabriel again just when he tosses the book down near his feet. A grimace flickers across his face as his lips curl in displeasure, flicking a look over to Madeline as he heaves a heavy sigh. He turns his head from Gabriel as he rolls his eyes, his own insecurities leaking through when the third year begins using words that Gel has to think about, eventually using the context to grasp a little understanding. Angelus lifts a hand, bringing his fingers and thumb together slowly to gesture silence. "Okay Ward, it's time to quit. Take a step back and calm down." Shifting his book strap around, he places it on the shoulder, glanced to watch Calista starting to head off, so turning his head away from Madeline and Gabriel all snub-like, Gel decides to move off as well.

Calista listens again, pausing to give the final word a hearing. Then the soft brown eyes just move between the two. She shakes her head and starts for the stairs again. "As I said, have a good weekend." she says once more then looks to Angelus as they walk down together. "I thought banking was a prestigious job among muggles. Hmm.."

Gabriel takes a deep breath, rolls his eyes and dumps himself back into the seat he was originally sitting in. He does collect his binoculars but he leaves the MUD book on the floor, completely ignored. To Calista and Angelus he calls out "And you as well." And once they are out of earshot (at least that he can tell without looking) to Maddie he says, "And of course, neither of them even bothered to look at that stupid book."

"I was really impressed by how hard they were trying to see things from our point of view? Weren't you? How about you, Mischief?" Madeline asks her bird. It's Friday afternoon - and girl is sitting on the floor with her charms book, and her bird. "On, Eibon's seen mine. He flipped through it - read some of it. Spent a few minutes looking it over. He doesn't care, Gabriel. Not really. I'm not sure he likes it. But I don't think he cares."

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