(1939-10-05) Rhyeline's Twenty-First
Details for Rhyeline's Twenty-First
Summary: A small get together of Rhyeline's closest friends turns into a lavish party full of music, champagne, and a bit of two truths and a lie.
Date: October 5th, 1939
Location: Berylwood

Even the smallest get together at Berywlood will be an elegant affair. The staff wear formal servant uniforms and are on hand to offer the finest vintage of whatever drink a guest might want. Rhyeline stands at Cassius' side, sipping a glass of sparkling champaign. The bubbles make her nose wrinkle, and squeezing her eyes shut, she gives a little squeak of a sneeze. Peeking up at the master of Berylwood, she grins a bit sheepishly. She is wearing a long, flowing gown of ivory silks, embroidered with intricate, dewdrop crystals down the front.

Even the smallest get together at Berywlood will be an elegant affair. The staff wear formal servant uniforms and are on hand to offer the finest vintage of whatever drink a guest might want. Rhyeline stands at Cassius' side, sipping a glass of sparkling champaign. The bubbles make her nose wrinkle, and squeezing her eyes shut, she gives a little squeak of a sneeze. Peeking up at the master of Berylwood, she grins a bit sheepishly. She is wearing a long, flowing gown of ivory silks, embroidered with intricate, dewdrop crystals down the front.

Even the smallest get together at Berywlood will be an elegant affair. The staff wear formal servant uniforms and are on hand to offer the finest vintage of whatever drink a guest might want. Rhyeline stands at Cassius' side, sipping a glass of sparkling champagne. The bubbles make her nose wrinkle, and squeezing her eyes shut, she gives a little squeak of a sneeze. Peeking up at the master of Berylwood, she grins a bit sheepishly. She is wearing a long, flowing gown of ivory silks, embroidered with intricate, dewdrop crystals down the front.

Possibly the least extravigantly dressed woman arrives at Berylwood, unescourted. However, there are some advantages to being a pretty little redhead. Rena stands out by virtue of her pale complexion and golden-red hair quite nicely, especially when complimented by the right colour dress. The top of her gown is cream-coloured satin, and the skirt, a rich, dark teal. The only jewelry she wears are her sparkling diamond and white gold ring, and a necklace that matches it nicely.
Strolling through the grand place, she tries very hard not to look as out of place as she feels. Come on, Rena - chin up. Pretend you feel at home! Even if the footmen keep eyeing you like you're here to steal the silver.

Leaving her gift behind in the designated spot, the little redheaded woman makes her way toward Rhyeline and Cassius with a warm, confident smile: "Many happy returns!"

Rhyeline's soft smile brightens as Rena, the first of her guests, arrives. It has been some time since the two have seen each other even in passing, but it's easy to see why Rena was invited. From the shy warmth of Rhyeline's smile, it's clear that the little one considers her a friend. Approaching her, the little one murmurs, "Thank you. I'm so please that- that you could come. Tell me…" She glances up at the servant who has approached. "What would you care to drink?"

Cassius beams warmly to each of the guests as they arrive. For once, he's got some lightness to his outfit to offset the dark. An ivory shirt and sash, embroidered in silver thread, to compliment Rhyeline's dress. Otherwise, his slacks and coat are a dark forest green. The coat hangs low, in a very modern cut that is somewhere between jacket and cloak. "Welcome, everyone. Welcome to Berylwood. Please, make yourselves at home. The staff will be more than happy to attend to all of your needs."

What would Rena care to drink?

"Oh, anything - just make it a double," Rena rapid-fire answers absently, glancing around at the room in her typically overwhelmed way. Realizing what she just said, she looks as though she could just about kick herself. "I mean… Champagne would be lovely." There's no covering that blush, now. Fish out of water - that's what she is. And it's showing rather plainly at the moment.

It seems that people are showing up all at once. Graham moves down the street towards the house he's visited a couple times before he's dressed in his suit he wears though the one for his muggle occasions. The young man carries an item boxed and wrapped under one arm and he'll turn and is shown inside he will look to place his gift down where he's supposed to. He is shown after to where all are he spots Rena smiling friendly and giving a wave he turns to find Cassisus and Rhyeline "Good Evening Mr Malfoy." he nod first before to Rhyeline "Happy Birthday, sister." he'll offer a hug to her before not crowding the auror will move to join the others.

There are times that those of the 'wrong class' will attempt to sneak into a fancy party, but this time at least one who may be considered such is an invited guest, plus one. On the arm of a rather boyishly handsome wizard, Annie is wearing a simple frock, but it's her best as Rhyeline will know. The couple pause to add a gift to the growing stack, the box wrapped by Annie's own hands. Annie's blue eyes sweep the room as her now free hand lifts to push a strand of red hair out of her eyes, and she leans to murmur to Tim, with a nod to indicate, "There's Rhyeline. We can drift that way, catch her when she has a moment." With a warm smile at her escort, Annie commences them to drifting.

Okay. There are Sacrifices people make in the name of friendship…really. Laurence is here…he arrives dressed in his usual colors, but he's conformed to the dress code at least. He wears a silvery colored vest over a white button down, his suit is a light grey color and well pressed. Of course, he has his fedora, a white fedora with a silvery band and he just shakes his head slowly as he enters and looks around, carrying a white chest intricately carved. And he just stands there, staring. Yep, this is probably a mistake. He glances towards the exit.

The servant nods to Rena and heads off at once. Rhyeline peeks over her shoulder at Cassius with a shy smile before she looks to Rena once more. The little one can tell how uneasy the other young woman is. With a soft smile, biting her lower lip, Rhyeline steps close to give Rena a brief, tight hug. "It's alright, Rena… You can drink whatever you wish."
"Brother!" It's hard to miss how delighted Rhyeline is to see Graham. As he approaches and offers a hug, Rhyeline flits to his embrace, hugging him tight for a moment before stepping back once more. "Thank you so much for coming…"
Noticing Annie, Tim, and Laurence, the little mouse smiles with such luminous delight. "You- You came! Please, welcome to Berylwood. I… there are- are drinks if you wish…" She blushes a bit, realizing her attempt at expressing her happiness was a bit clumsy.

Signe is brought around by Wolfgang's car, and once the door is opened, Wolfgang steps out before offering his hand to the woman waiting inside. Signe accepts the hand with a smile, sliding out dressed in a form-fitting cornflower blue dress of silk and silk chiffon, with a fur stole wrapped around her shoulders, and jewels glittering at her wrist and neck. She links arms with Wolfgang as the pair approach the evening hosts, a small wrapped package in her free hand. "Rhyeline - thank you so much for having us," she greets the woman warmly, glancing around at the group gathered - thankfully, many of them are familiar to her, and the gathering is small.

Rena has probably never looked so nervous in all the time that Graham has known her. She tries not to flash her fellow Auror a terrified look, but her smile shows rather plainly that she is completely out of her element, despite her best efforts. Of course, she returns Rhyeline's hug warmly, flashing a grateful smile. If only society things like this didn't make her feel like such a… Mudblood.
A servant comes by with a tray full of sparkling champagne whilst the other guests arrive, and Rena tries very hard not to make an immediate Bee-line for the bubbly. Upon reaching it, she finds herself faced with Champagne and… a double Scotch. Her dark eyes dart between both several times before taking the latter. Not even counting to three, she takes a good, stiff drink of the stuff.

The things one does for love. A big to-do and at Cassius Malfoy's manor at that. That's quite the throw into the lion — scratch that - snake's den for Tim Moody. He gives his lovely date a shy grin and a nod. "Aye, oh, we've been spotted." He murmurs softly to Annie with a chuckle. Once the present he was carrying is taken and placed with the other's there's definately a air of 'what do I do now?' with his free hand so it's awkwardly shoved into his pocket. He looks relieved when Rhyeline accepts him and greets him, and the rest so warmly. He was quite unsure where Rhyeline was on the whole break up and get back together ordeal so the warm greeting does put him to some rest.

Rhyeline hesitates as she catches sight of Wolfgang. Although Tim is someone she has met before, even spoken to one-on-one, Wolfgang is still quite unfamiliar to her. Her dark gaze flits to Cassius before she offers the pair a soft smile and appreciative nod of greeting.

Graham smiles to the hug "I wouldn't miss it for anything of course." The young man says to her though he know she has other guests and gives awarm smile and moves looking back to Rena he'll make his way "You alright Rena anything I can do to help?" He offers though he turns back towards the door he waves to Annie, Tip and Laurence though he seems to freeze a moment Signe's entrance with Wolfgang he'll nod in greeting but when he looks back to Rena his smile is gone.

Cassius is at least marginally familiar with most everyone here, but a few need special introduction. First there is his former classmate. "Tim Moody. My word, it's been over a decade. Look at you, upon the arm of this vision." He gives Annie a welcoming smile. Then comes the Squib he's only heard tell of, and her paramour. "Wolfgang, I had no idea you were coming. Is this the famous Signe? My dear, I was just about to invite everyone to the music room. Will we cajole a song out of you two?"

With a brightening of her smile Annie leads Tim toward the guest of honor, stepping close to give Rhyeline a hug and a kiss to the cheek. "Poppet, it's lovely t'see yeh, an' the happiest of birthdays." She steps back, looking Rhyeline over from tip to toe. "Cor, that's a beautiful dress. An' yeh remember Tim, of course." When she'd first returned to London it was unsure, but now she's clearly at ease and feeling at home in her home town once more. Her eyes shift to Cassius, warm smile including him. "Mister Malfoy, how yeh flatter," she chides with light good humour.

So smooth, so… hot going down. Scotch is a good deal stronger than Rena seems to remember it being last time she tasted it.
Opening her eyes, the young woman seems to see more people in the room than before. Is she seeing double, or have more guests arrived? She assumes it's not the former. She's still far too sober for that. Looking up at Graham, she smiles and tilts her head: "Sorry, love - my ears were ringing. I'm alright, just… not what I'm used to in the way of parties. Did they say something about music?" She isn't too sure.

Wolfgang gives Signe's knuckles a kiss before he wraps her arm around his and offers Cassius a hand shake that is one like old fraternity brother's would give. Then a pat on his old year and housemate's shoulder. "I do apologize for coming without warning. I simply couldn't let this vision out of my sight tonight. No cajoleing necessary, would be glad to. May I kiss the Birthday girl?" He's Italian! It's not a birthday without a kiss to each cheek. But he also asks with a light heartedness that assures a decline won't offend.

Laurence has found a place to set his chest and he saunters further in, hands clasped behind his back as he keeps his mouth shut and just nods politely to people if they notice him. He is behaving.

The halls of Berylwood are usually silent and still, but now they echo with the chatter of Rhyeline's friends. Rhyeline clings tight to Annie, her oldest friend, when she steps in to hug her. She can't help but smile as Annie compliments her dress. Peeking up at Tim, Rhyeline nods. "Yes. I'm pleased to- to see you again." She looks from Annie to Tim, warmed that both have come.
Overhearing something about a request to kiss the birthday girl, Rhyeline's eyes widen with a touch of alarm. Even just a handful of people tends to be enough to overwhelm the girl. Keeping close to Annie, Rhyeline takes a deep sip of champagne.

"Its okay that'll do that." he nods to the drink, but perhaps he should have a couple himself he ponders. Graham nods to her words "Me either if i'm honest though i've been to a couple." the auror pauses a moment "Just think of it in smaller terms individually you have friends here." the last question gets him turning back towards the newly arrived "I belive Mr Malfoy was asking if Signe and company may sing a song."

Signe looks mildly embarrassed at Cassius' words - but she greets the man with a smile. "Mister Malfoy - a pleasure to meet you finally," she greets him in a warm tone. "We would both be happy to sing - I wouldn't have it any other way, personally." Her attention returns to Rhyeline as she adds, "You have met Wolfgang, haven't you? I hope you don't mind my dragging him along."

Tim gives an amicable nod to Rhyeline but it's quite clear that he's chewing on his tongue a bit as he looks around. Poor Annie being clung to on both sides by who might be the shyest two people in wizarding London. "Ye look lovely. Happy Birthday."

Cassius gives Annie a shrug and a smile of false modesty. Yes, he does flatter! Wolfang gets a chuckle and a friendly pat on the arm as he leans in to murmur, "Just the hand, Montague. My Rhyeline blushes easily." Sure, that's the only reason he doesn't wand Wolfgang's lips near Rhyeline's face. He dips his head to Signe, "Indeed, Wolfgang and I go way back to our Hogwarts days in Slytherin together."
Cassius clears his throat, lifting his voice. "Everyone, I'd like to invite you all up to the music room, where we have some hors d'oeuvres awaiting us. Miss Signe Crabbe and Mr. Wolfgang Montague have agreed to entertain us with a song or two." Offering his arm to Rhyeline when she is ready, he'll lead the way up to the second floor.

Just Signe and Wolfgang have been asked to sing? Thank Merlin. For once in her life, Rena is grateful to not be put in the spotlight for a song or for dance. Her talents have no place in a grand place like this.
Nodding to Graham, she quickly downs the rest of her double Scotch. Again, the burn, the ringing in the ears; a quick shudder goes through her little frame as she recovers. Unfortunately, the room has taken to spinning slightly. "Your strong arm, Mister Cohen," she jokes wryly, slipping hers through Graham's with a smirk. "Shall we adjourn to the Music Room?" She then asks in a feigned, classy voice.

Annie's free hand moves to give Rhyeline's arm a soft stroke, something she's done so often through the years that it doesn't even take a thought to initiate the gesture. As Ryheline is claimed by her intended and other guests, Annie leans in to Tim again, her voice soft and not carrying far. "Cor, I'd no idea there would be famous people here. What a wonderful way t'get t'hear them." Annie has been by the nightclub once or twice, and files a mental note to see if Tim might like to have a night out there sometime. But for now, it appears they're to be included in the audience of a private show, of a fashion. Tim's arm gets an excited squeeze.

Rhyeline offers Annie a soft, appreciative smile at the gentle, reassuring touch. Closing her eyes, the little one tilts her head back to drink the last of her champagne. A servant accept the empty glass on his tray as Rhyeline moves to accept Cassius' offered arm. Keeping close at his side, she follows up the stairs to the Music Room on Berylwood's second floor. She claims the sofa so sit curled up at Cassius' side. She accepts a second glass of champagne with an appreciative nod. Others will be offered fresh glasses of their choice of drink as well.

The music room's variety of instruments have mostly been moved toward the walls to make room for a sitting area. A low table in the middle of an oval of seats contains a variety of biscuits, finger sandwiches, exotic cheeses, cocktail shrimp, caviar, and a number of other "classy" appetizers. The only instruments left in place are the grand piano, and Cassius's cello.

Graham looks back to his friend and co-worker as she downs the drink. He doesn't say anything further about that but he's surprised but not in a bad way as she takes his arm. He smiles in return glad for friendship on this front even liquid-courage-based-friendship. "Of course." he'll follow along the group as they move towards the music room "Evening Signe, Mr Montague." he will say finally as they are all rather in close proximity a moment and he's not trying to be rude.

Laurence follows after one else, selecting a glass of champagne so he doesn't seem like a stick in the mud and he takes a sip from time to time, left eye twitching.

Tim is less thrilled about the famous people as Annie is. His time in the Auror Office and his… extra curricular activities have the name Montague on his radar. But he gives Annie a smile that makes it clear he's head over for the girl. "Aye, it's a treat love, shall we?" He speaks softly to her and then follows along so that Annie isn't too far seperated from Rhyeline.

Signe tries her best not to look dismayed as Cassius introduces her as 'Signe Crabbe,' and pulls closer to Wolfgang, while taking stock of just who is in the room at the moment. There are a few she doesn't recognize - the gentleman in the silver vest, and the red haired woman with the gentleman on her arm… She tries not to think about it too much, though, as she and Wolfgang start towards the music room.
"Hello Graham - and Rena as well, what a pleasant surprise." Signe smiles at them both, some warmth creeping back into her expression and tone. "Have you been to Berylwood before? I just adore the music room. The accoustics are incredible." As they step inside, she reaches out to claim one of the flutes of champagne from a tray, taking a drink.

Annie is wonderfully clueless about Tim's potential concerns, but she is a music lover. Guided by Tim, she doesn't make any attempt to get closer to Rhyeline, as that would take them closer to Wolfgang and his lovely chanteuse. She's a fan, not someone that would just walk up and start talking to him. The young witch glances around, her eyes happening on a familiar and long unseen figure. "Mister Toulson!" While delighted, her voice is still low and respectful of the grand surroundings. It's as if she's in a mausoleum or library. Now giving Tim a light tug, she approaches Laurence. "Yeh might not remember me, it's been fair long, but I won a broom on th'night of yer grand opening."

Wolfgang corrects Cassius with a smile, "That's Sydney Cole now Cassius." Signe's hand is given a little pat as they stroll along. Before he steps around behind the keys of the piano he does scoop up the lady of the hour's hand to give her knuckles a kiss. "Buon compleanno!" Then it's to the piano where he rather immediately starts to play a little background music to get to know the instrument a bit. He smiles up to Signe and they've been playing enough that without a word he's asking her what they should do first.

Laurence smiles softly at Annie, breath soft to be respectful but he just bows his head and chuckles softly. "I don't quickly forget such beautiful…flowers, especially if I've been honored to have them carry one of my brooms." He winks. "You look lovely, you and your handsome beau." He looks bewteen Annie and Tim as he thumbs the side of his nose before glancing over towards Wolfgang and Signe, eyebrow raising before he looks back to Annie and he whispers. "How's the broom been treatin' you?"

When everyone has made it to the music room, Cassius remains standing for a moment as everyone gets settled. He lifts his glass of champagne to them. "Thank you all for coming. I know that I don't have to tell any of you how special Rhyeline is. She's a true gem, and I'm simply the lucky fool that caught her eye. I hope this little party makes me just a bit more deserving of her affection, and shows her how much all of us care about her. Happy birthday, dearest." After a sip in honour of Rhyeline, he nods toward Wolfgang and Signe at the piano, signalling them that they are free to begin in earnest.

Cassius takes his seat beside Rhyeline, listening as she murmurs something to him. He nods, assuring her of whatever it is.

"It's my sister’s birthday Signe, I wouldn't miss it. I have been here once or twice before." Graham says to her in response though his tone is light his friendly self with his friend. He makes his way to the music room he'll help Rena sit down lightly on a chair so she can feel stable "I'll grab you some water, maybe some bread that'll help." He offers he'll move to accomplish this task offering the items to her before he sits lightly himself.

Rhyeline bites her lower lip as she notices how quiet and tense Laurence seemed She smile with a hint of appreciative relief when Annie and Tim approach him. Her cheeks are already a bit pink from the champagne, but as Cassius addresses the gathering, a deep blush soon burns in her cheeks. She hides behind her glass of champagne and watches Signe and Wolfgang, waiting for their music to begin.

Tim hasn't met Laurence, not really. But he knows the name and things about the man very well and he offers to shake Laurence's hand and his emerald eyes study him as he does, like an artist studying a model. "Nice ta finally meet yee." He offers Laurence a big boyish grin and nod as he greets. When everyone's sitting he holds the chair for Annie so there's no scooting as he sits. "Join us, aye?"

Signe listens to Cassius' words consideringly, then after a moment's thought she smiles, leaning over to murmur something quietly in Wolfgang's ear. He seems to agree, as he switches over to playing an intro to 'I Didn't Know What Time It Was' - a fairly recent jazz hit among the Muggles. "If we might be so bold as to put some words in your mouth, Mister Malfoy…" she suggests, before she and Wolfgang begin to sing - taking turns on the verses, and joining together in unison for the chorus.

I didn't know what time it was
Then I met you
Oh, what a lovely time it was
How sublime it was too

I didn't know what day it was
You held my hand
Warm like the month of May it was
And I'll say it was grand

Grand to be alive, to be young
To be mad, to be yours alone
Grand to see your face, feel your touch
Hear your voice say, "I'm all your own"

I didn't know what year it was
Life was no prize
I wanted love and here it was
Shining out of your eyes
I'm wise and I know what time it is now

Grand to be alive, to be young
To be mad, to be yours alone
Grand to see your face, feel your touch
Hear your voice say, "I'm all your own"

I didn't know what year it was
Life was no prize
I wanted love and here it was
Shining out of your eyes
I'm wise and I know what time it is now.

Annie snags two glasses of champagne from a passing server, handing one off to Tim in time for Cassius to make his toast. Her glass is held up briefly before she drinks. When she whispers to Laurence again it's with a beaming smile, "It's wonderful t'see yeh, I've been so remiss, bein' back in London an' not stoppin' in t'say hello yet. The broom," she breathes, adoration in her soft words, "She's the most lovely broom in all of creation." She glances to Tim, then back to the broom maker to agree on the invitation, "Yes, please do sit with us. An' I'm bein' remiss again… Laurence Toulson, Tim Moody." The introduction is brief but hopefully sufficient. She stops whispering as the music starts full on, sipping from her glass again as her eyes settle on Wolfgang.

The Broom Maker accepts the hand and shakes it all friendly like before looking back over to Annie. "Two invitations? How can I refuse." Laurence just tips his hat when he's introduced. He had lifted his glass at the toast for Rhyeline, and he shuts up quickly when the music goes up and on full tilt.

A hint of the tension in Rhyeline's shoulders eases at the relaxed Muggle jazz song. Hearing the words, she peeks up at Cassius with a subtle adoration despite her profound shyness. As the song ends, Rhyeline sets down her glass to clap with warm appreciation. Looking up to Cassius, she touches his arm gently to let him know that she would like to try to speak up. The champaigne has left her feeling rather warm.
Rhyeline remains seated, but when the applause dies down, her voice lifts to address the pair at the piano and the others seated in the semi-oval around the low table. "Thank you so, so much. That- that was beautiful. My friends… you are so dear to me. Thank you for- for coming. I would- would like to- to play a bit for you as well… with Cassius… on the cello. But- but before that… I thought… perhaps.. we could play a- a party game? To… to know each other better. Two truths and- and a lie. Each of us… we can go in a circle… and each tells two truths about themselves… and a lie. And everyone else, we have to guess which is the lie." Falling silent, she bites her lower lip hopefully as she looks from face to face.

He has seen to Rena making sure she'll be alright and has water and bread to snack on which should help. Graham listens to the song along with the others gathered he'll clap as well when the song ends he will give a wave and smile to Annie and a wave to Laurence though he doesnt know the other with them he still gets a friendly nod he turns as Rhyeline speaks though he smiles to her words though the party game he has to ponder a moment. "Hm, I was born up north, I have been to Rome, and I enjoy reading."

Cassius rubs his chin. "So now we try to determine the lie? I'll guess that you have never been to Rome."

Signe smiles at Rhyeline as the song ends, and takes a seat on the piano bench next to Wolfgang - her arm lightly brushing up against his. She listens to Graham's proposed trio of statements, and nods in agreement with Cassius. That was her guess, as well. After - one of them was so blatantly true as to be silly.

Rhyeline smiles over at Graham when he steps up to offer the first two truths and a lie. "I've been to visit your parents up North… and we met because we share such love for reading. It's too easy to tell the lie."

Laurence is settled down comfortably near Annie and Tim and he sips his wate-okay the champagne and rests a hand lightly on his knee.

Graham chuckles lightly finishing a drink he'd grabbed downstairs himself. He looks to the others and apparently his were too obvious. "Indeed, I have not been to Rome, though I wish to, I enjoy anything having to do with history." He answers to them each in turn though ending at his sister and her words which gets a smile. "Quite true, and they'd love to have you over for the holidays again sister." he adds truthfully.

Annie went through her flute of champagne, though she still holds the glass in one hand, her other resting comfortably with the fingers laced with Tim's. "Cor, Graham, even I would have guessed that one." She looks to Rhyeline, then her eyes flicker around at the guests, "Who'll try next?"

Rhyeline lifts her hand almost as if responding to Annie as if she were a Hogwarts professor (well, she IS faculty now). "I will. My father is a famous author, I have never been to Paris, and I prefer tea over coffee."

Signe is unsure this time, looking at the others present at the party as she considers the trio of options - and takes a sip of her champagne. Despite feeling like she's struck things off quite well with Rhyeline - they hardly know each other, and she just doesn't know.

Tim will gather up the stones to present his own Lie and Truths when it comes around to him. Till then he let's the others do the guessing and he drinks his champagne for a bit of liquid courage.

Annie rolls her eyes at Rhyeline's three things, she can't help it, at least one of them is so painfully obvious. She doesn't speak, because she knows the girl far too well and it's nothing of a challenge. Best to let the others have the fun with it.

Cassius abstains as well, as he has an unfair advantage. He lifts his eyes to the others, wondering who will take a guess.

Rhyeline glances from face to face as the silence grows. Rather pink due to her two glasses of champagne, she grins with a hint of impish mischief. Rather than assuming her closest friends are keeping quiet due to their unfair advantage, she assumes she has them stumped.

Wolfgang hazards a guess once he's stood back up and slides an arm around behind Signe so they can exchange looks while debating. "You prefer Coffee." Because it would be something for a Brit to prefer coffee over tea.

Signe is happy to nod in agreement with Wolfgang, leaning into him. She finishes off her champagne, and pawns the glass off onto the tray of a passing servant.

Rena eyes the rest of the room somewhat warily. It's odd that everyone should fall silent after Rhyeline's statement. Of course, she herself has been quiet for some time now; but, that is about to change. "Well then, I say the last bit is the ticket. You like coffee best." She announces brightly. What's the harm in playing along and making a guess?

Rhyeline makes a soft sound of playful disappointment when the one who knows her the least well gets it right so easily. Now she knows why everyone else had been so quiet before finally humoring her with their answers. "Yes, that's right," she nods with a smile. Glancing to Rena, she adds, "I prefer coffee, but I can't have it too often…"

Cassius chimes in, "I'll take a turn, and know that my truths are things I have never shared with Rhyeline." He clears his throat, and states, "I once nearly drowned in Loch Ness." He gives a smirk. "I have never in my life eaten fish and chips." He lifts his brow. "As a child I had a secret collection of dried leaves." He sits back, awaiting the responses.

Annie looks amused as Cassius' choices, and she says, "For some reason, I can absolutely imagine yeh havin' a leaf collection, Mister Malfoy." She grins at the man before venturing a guess, "But I cannot believe anyone has not eaten fish 'n chips."

Cassius she knows even less about, and Signe frowns in thoughtful consideration. After a few moment, she looks up towards Wolfgang and proposes quietly, "He almost drowned in Loch Ness?" watching Wolfgang's features to see if he concurs with her guess - or knows something she doesn't.

Laurence just arches an eyebrow as he listens and watches quietly, sipping from his glass of champagne.

Rena quietly stifles back laughter at Cassius' admissions about himself - both untrue and truthful. For some reason, she can quite believe ALL of them… However, as she hit the correct answer last time, she remains silent, letting others have their chance. She does, however, wonder how bad of an idea it would be to follow Scotch and water with Champagne.

Graham seems to join the crew of opting out for unfair chance. Though he's met her father and has spoken of travel with her. He chuckles and does take up another drink for himself though he's still taking it fairly easy. "Well done indeed." he says though he glances over to Rena a quick one just to make sure she's well before he looks about to see who will be next. He listens to Cassius's three considering a bit. "I'll admit I dont know, i'll say drowned in Loch Ness."

Rhyeline blinks, both pleased and intrigued by the riddle about himself that Cassius poses. She tilts her head, watching him with keen curiosity. "Mmm… I think… you never had a collection of dried leaves…" Now each of his answers have been chosen.

Wolfgang lifts his hand with a slightly sheepish smile. "As I've not had Fish and Chips, that's more likely for me than you willfully or not willfully being anywhere near Loch Ness to drown. So I am selecting drowned as your lie."

Cassius chuckles in amusement at the variety of answers. "I must say, Wolfgang, you're missing out. Fish and chips are delicious." He makes a grand gesture to Annie. "Miss Taylor's instincts are good. I did, indeed, nearly drown in Loch Ness, and I did have a collection of dried leaves as a child."

Once Cassius' deep, dark secret has been revealed, Rena shifts a little in her seat. "Here now, Laurence over there has been looking as somber as a pallbearer all this time. I say we hear what the master broommaker for two truths and a lie next!" She chimes in with a grin, tilting her head pointedly in poor Laurence's direction. If anybody should have amusing truths AND lies, it ought to be him.

Rhyeline almost seems pleased that she is wrong because she can tug gently on Cassius' sleave to murmur, "Do you still have them? The leaves?" The little one pauses to glance over at Laurence with a soft smile before peeking back up at Cassius.

"Wolfgang!" Signe exclaims with a quiet laugh. "We are going to have to go have some, together. They're quite good. I know a few decent chippies," she encourages him. "In fact - I was talking to a woman in one of them about the Natrix," he adds encouragingly. "She was planning on bringing her beau."

Without thinking, Annie gasps softly, looking at Wolfgang aghast before she realizes it. Never had fish and chips?? That poor, poor man. It does only take her a second to find her manners, and she blushes, looking away quickly, hoping no one saw that. She tilts, leaning lightly against Tim's arm, nudging him playfully, enjoying the game. But she knows it'll be something for him to speak up, and she's trying to be supportive, literally and figuratively.

Wolfgang chuckles, "What the devil were you doing in that part of Scotland Cassius? Are they?" The man's grown up in an Italian restaurant, free food trumps some oil drenched english muggle favorite. But he lifts up his hands in surrender. "Very well. Well there goes one good Truth for myself. So, who's next then?"

Laurence had been staring in Cassius's direction with an expression that reads '…is it even /human/?' and then he blinks several times. He heard the word broom and the word lie and he just chuckles softly, rolling his eyes. "I now know what I'm serving at my own birthday party." He drawls softly before looking over to Rena and waggling a finger. He just sighs softly and takes a sip from his glass of bubbly stuff. "Well..lets see…" He seems to be giving it alot…alot of thought really. "I once accidentally got engaged to the daughter of a sultan after spending a scandelous evening behind the spice cart of a market place in Turkey…why she was there, I am not sure but I had to wait two months before I could leave to make sure she was not carrying my child…which is utterly ridiculous seeing as there's only so much you can actually do behind the spice cart in a /crowded/ public marketplace but needless to say…I will never look at cinnamon the same again!" He rolls his shoulders. "What else…ahh, I once fell down a flight of stairs while in Germany after too many beers and woke up on facedown on the dining room table of this very.." He considers his language. "…large German man and his 84 year old grandmother who was in the process of removing splinters from my rear using a pair of baking tongs and holding a hot poker…now that was an interesting morning after to be sure. She fed me sausages and I fixed their stairs." Then he waves a hand vaguely. "And I did lose my first girlfriend at school to one of my brothers because he could belch out half of the Hogwarts song on one sip of butterbeer and was I could only do half a verse when I was a third year."

Rena stares blankly for a moment. Silence reigns heavily over the room until she turns to the others with a bright, radiant smile: "See, I knew picked 'im for a good reason."

Signe stares in shock, herself, trying to wrap her mind around Laurence's three statements. "…should I be picking the first one because it's the least likely, or the last one because it's the most plausible?" she says uncertainly. She's opted not to touch the second one at all.

Tim leans back against Annie, he even gives the side of her head a little chaste kiss before he quietly answers for the first time during the game, "You lost your girlfriend at school to your brother."

Rhyeline's eyes widen at the stories Laurence offers them. The broom maker is certainly making up for all the time he spent in silence. She brings her hands to hide her smile, but still her sweet, impish giggles escape. Shaking her head, she says, "Losing a girl to someone who could belch?" She shakes her head. "I can't imagine it. The last is the lie!"

"Goodness. I'll have to simply guess." Cassius taps his chin. "You didn't fall down the stairs to find yourself recuperating on a German grandmother's table."

Graham remains quiet sipping a bit more from his drink though he hears the broom makers two truths and his lie. The auror has heard them but he doesnt know where to begin and so will wait the answers from the others and finally the truth while he looks to each in the room.

"Ahh, now I feel flattered that several picked the last one. No, it was my brother who lost his girlfriend to me and no belching was involved." Laurence drawls softly before taking another sip of his sparkly perfumed water and he raises it up in a toast. There's a twinkle in those unnaturally blue eyes as he just chuckles lowly and then glances over to Cassius. "…her name was Gilda and let me tell you, 80s or not…she was only yaaay high, but had lost 4 husbands back to back because their hearts gave out. Apparently she had a thing for whips…I thought it best not to ask anymore questions." He waggles his eyebrows and then winks over to Signe. "Now now now…who should go next. Someone beautiful, someone stunning…someone with amazing hair." He looks over to Cassius. "You already went, so you do not get to raise your hand, despite how lucious your locks might be." He points a finger between Annie, Signe, and Rena, looking from person to person before closing his eyes and pointing randomly to Signe. "Ahh yes, the sultry siren."

Cassius bursts into laughter, smiling brightly at Laurence. "I've heard that you were a flirtatious fellow. I see that you live up to your reputation."

Rhyeline's eyes widen as Laurence mentions whips and a little old lady in far to close connection with each other. But, when Laurence comments on Cassius' platinum blond locks, Rhyeline can't quite stifle her giggle. She peers over at Signe, eager for the next set of two truths and a lie.

A little color rises to Signe's cheeks as she's singled out - and leans into Wolfgang's comforting presence. It may seem odd that a performer would be so reluctant - but this isn't a performance, this is being asked to reveal things about herself when she doesn't know eeryone in the room.
"Well…" she says quiet, before forcing herself to speak a bit louder. "I've studied ballet," she proposes. "I'm quite good at jazz violin. And Wolfgang has never taught me a single word of Italian." She keeps her statements quite short - after Laurence's sililoquy.

At first, there is the laughter from Laurence's admission, but soon, Rena looks like a deer caught in the headlights for a second as he considers who to peg next for truths and a lie. A little sigh of relief escapes her lips when he moves on to Signe. A grateful glance is shot in his direction, accompanied by one of those smiles that admits: "I owe you one…" without saying so. She's dodged quite the bullet.

"I am certain that he has taught you at least one word of Italian," says Rhyeline with a soft smile to Signe. Pausing, she seems to reconsider. "Or… perhaps there is no such thing as jazz violin? I have only ever heard jazz with pianos and the brass instruments…"

Signe lets out a gasps as Rhyeline denies the very existance of jazz violin. "Oh Rhyeline, you simply must hear Stephane Grappelly play! He's here in London, you know. And I have no intention of leaving Wolfgang in peace until he's convinced the man to come perform at the Natrix."

Wolfgang both answers and refrains from answering Signe's truth and lies by saying, "Io passo su questa risposta." I pass on this answer. When Signe gives away another answer he chuckles and gives her a side hug and then lifts one finger to keep it over her lips to keep her from blurting out any more clues.

Annie is happy enough to fall silent for a little, letting the others have their rounds, listening with great interest. When Tim leans over and murmurs to her, she turns her head to respond just as softly.

Cassius regards Signe with a narrowed, curious gaze. "I am confident that you can play the violin. Whether it is jazz violin, I cannot say for certain, but it seems a safe bet. I am guessing that Rhyeline would know one way or the other if you had studied ballet. So I shall assume that Wolfgang has, indeed, taught you some Italian."

Although she is far more familiar with the muggle style of music than most wizards, Rhyeline isn't too surprised to learn something new. "Well then… in that case, I stand by my first answer." She falls silent as Cassius joins in with his answer. Once he has spoken, she leans in close to whisper into his ear.

Tim looks at Annie in a puzzled manner before he continues to whisper to her.

Signe lets the others offer their musings - and then suddenly turns a brighter shade of red. "Oh. I meant to say - I said it wrong. I only gave one truth," she offers lamely. See? This is what happens when she has to talk about herself in front of a group of people.

Tim ahs very softly and nods with a grin that's growing quite at the answer he receives from Annie. He also gets a bit of a blush and clears his throat and drinks the last bit of champagne. "Cannae have a whiskey?" He asks a server he waves down. "Another one for yee love?" He asks Annie while the server is here, "Laurence?" He also gives the guy closest to him the option to order something more. He might be shy as hell, but he's a gentleman.

Laurence just shakes his head slowly to Tim. "…I'd kill for a scotch but I should probably stick to the…sparkly perfume." He gives the man a chin up and then settles back comfortably to continue watching."

Annie waits for Laurence to answer before she looks at her empty glass, then to Tim with a smile. "I'd love another of these. They tickle." Even when she drinks scotch with Tim, she doesn't tend to drink much, and she put away that first glass pretty neatly.

As it goes quiet in light of her screw up, she coughs and remarks, "Of course I've been learning new words and phrases from Wolfgang, and… try as I might, I can't seem to quite get the hang of jazz violin." For all that she's a relatively skilled technical player. It's part of why she's so eager to have Grappelly at the club! For some private pointers. "But I did indeed practice ballet, in some of my dance courses. So that was the only true thing I said. … sorry." She's quite obviously embarrassed by her flub.

Cassius nods to Rhyeline's whisper, murmuring, "Of course, darling." He lifts his voice to the group. "The lady of the hour would like to interrupt our game so that she and I might take our chance to perform for you." He rises from the love seat, offering his hand to help Rhyeline up and escort her to the piano. Letting her get settled in, he takes his cello from its stand and sits on the stool there. Preparing his bow, he looks to Rhyeline, awaiting her lead.

Wolfgang rubs Signe's back with a proud smile. "Who's next dollface?"

Tim nods to Laurence in response to his gratitude and gives a shy smile then comes a chuckle at Annie's comment about it tickling. He chews on his tongue not to keep from stuttering but from saying something bawdy this time. Once his tongue is under his control again he puts in the orders to the server and then leans over to Graham who's a bit away but not too far. "Get yee a refresher sir? An' for the Ms.?" Ms. being Rena on the far side of him. He's trying his best and reaches forward to give a little pat on Rhyeline's chair back. "Pass yee two more bubbly?" He asks while he's taking one of the flutes down and giving it to Annie.

Rhyeline offers Signe a soft (and hopefully reassuring smile), but then Cassius raises his voice to communicate her whispered words. Although her two glasses of champaigne have mde the little one far more relaxed than she otherwise might be around such a large group, her cheeks burn with warmth as Cassius leads her to sit at the piano. She smiles with apologetic appreciation as Wolfgang and Signe must relocate so that she and Cassius can perform. Resting her fingertips upon the ivory keys, she closes her eyes to take a slow, steadying breath.
The piano sets up the foundation for the song while cello comes in second to offer the main melody. It is an intimate piece as the two instruments seem to sing to one another in perfect harmony, one softer, following the lead of the stronger. A peaceful smile of bliss finds its way to her lips as she forgets for a moment that they aren't simply alone, practicing her favorite song.

Graham looks to his empty glass though he's remained quiet just watching and listening while he's able. He glances up to the server now nodding "Yes please, very kind. I'm Graham Cohen by the way, not sure we've met properly." He speaks to the other though he'll let Rena answer for herself hopefully but not likely she'll stick to water.

A transformation takes place in Cassius when his bow first touches the strings of the cello. His eyes drift closed and he is carried by the music, and all pretense of the lawyer and the politician melt away. He moves as one with the instrument. Its resonant notes becoming his voice, lifted up in harmony with his beloved Rhyeline's piano.

Signe has no problem with making room for Cassius and Rhyeline - and it's obvious from both her smile, and the way she rests her head against Wolfgang's shoulder that she enjoys the song. Truth be told - she thinks it would be wonderful to dance to, but while Signe is many things, she is rarely an instigator.

Tim watches the couple play and is visibly moved. He slides his hand into his robes and pulls out a small camera and looks at it and then at Annie quizzically she knows the two on stage much better than he and he wouldn't want to upset anyone by capturing the lovely moment. But the artist in him wants to at least see if it would be alright.

Annie glances over at Tim as the camera comes out. She's not surprised, she always figures he's got some sort of camera stashed on himself at all times, it's just who he is. And she thinks it's a wonderful idea, something they can frame and give to the couple. She gives Tim a nod, and his hand a quick squeeze before she releases it, allowing him use of both for the good of his art. For her own part, she's enjoying the look of utter contentment on Rhyeline's face, and the moment this is giving her to study Cassius while he's occupied.

Rhyeline sways upon the leather piano bench, lost in the melody. She wears a rare smile of luminous bliss that few, if any here have ever seen. The music reaches a fever pitch of fervor before growing quiet and peaceful once more. Only when the music fades does Rhyeline seem to remember that others were watching all along. A deep blush warms her cheeks and she peeks over them with a hesitant, vulnerable look.

By the end of the song, Cassius's head is bowed, his platinum locks threatening to get caught up in the cello strings. But he manages to avoid entanglement right up to the last draw of his bow. At least he looks up, brushing the hair from his face to offer a warm smile to Rhyeline.

Tim snaps three unobtrusive pictures before the song is over. One of each and then a wider of them together so that he can make a collage for the framed present. The camera is tucked away and one more light kiss is pressed to Annie's head. One arm slides around behind Annie to hold her gently for the rest of the song. Upon the final moment however he reclaims the arm once more to clap rather boldly.

When the song ends, Signe pulls away from Wolfgang enough that she can applaud, smiling at the pair. She enjoyed their love of the music nearly as much as the music itself. "That was just lovely. Thank you Rhyline - and Mister Malfoy, of course." Idly she wonders why the four of them haven't gotten together to play music, at some point - since Cassius and Wolfgang are obviously acquainted.

Unlike Tim, Wolfgang doesn't reclaim the arm that he's as well put about Signe when they first sat down and he claps one hand on a thigh. But he gives his praise in a boisterously Italian, "Bravo! Brava! Bravo! Brava!"

The auror will listen to the music as they begin to play. Graham doesn't speak further for the moment though while he is listening he does take a couple drinks from his glass though. He will clap politely though when he speaks he's looking to Rhyeline directly "Quite lovely, little kitten." he says though without much thought using the nickname for his sister. He smiles easily though looking to each for reaction before returning to his sister.

The enthusiastic and even boisterous applause only seems to deepen little Rhyeline's shyness. Looking rather self-conscious, she tucks a strand of hair behind her ear. But, she returns Cassius' warm smile with a shy smile of soft warmth. Silent, she reaches for his hand. At the sound of Graham's petname for her, she glances over at him with a soft smile. Looking to them all, she offers a small nod of appreciation.

Tim now that the music is done he will finally lean back over towards Graham to offer his name. "Tim Moody. Nae not that I can remember. But nice meeting you."

Annie joins the applause, proud of her friend, happy to be next to her love, her lips curved in a smile. Even though Tim's taken his arm back temporarily. As Tim leans to Graham she realizes another slip she's made, and she's quick to lean as well. "Cor, I'm just not payin' attention t'things all over th'place. Tim Moody, Graham Cohen." Graham gets a particularly warm smile, his understanding when she got completely blotto over Tim far from forgotten.

Cassius takes Rhyeline's hand, rising and coaxing her to her feet. "Thank you, everyone. It was a pleasure for us. Now, then, if everyone is hungry, Chef has prepared a veritable feast downstairs, to be followed by a cake that the promises will taste like sweetened clouds."

Graham looks back to the man and nods a smile coming to his face "Ah, Mr Moody likewise to meet you." The auror cannot help but glance between Annie and Tim a moment the connection he'd noticed over the evening brought back. He catches the look from Annie and returns it glad to see her happy foremost. "No worries Annie, all fixed." he says lightly. He does take another drink pondering a moment something else.

Rhyeline keeps close at his side as the party heads downstairs to the formal dining room. The cake is as divine as promised, and there is enough food for a gather three times their size. After cake (and a round of 'for she's a jolly good fellow) there are a few more party games. All in all, it's a tasteful and quiet celebration. Each guest recieves a party favor containing a elegant little tin of tea and an intricately crafted clockwork creature. Each one has a different animal - the one they remind Rhyeline of.

Wolfgang sings the hell out of 'For she's a jolly good fellow', the show off and he keeps small talk pleasant and amusing. Sharing 'back in the day, Slytherin' stories with Cassius. He even playfully teases about the tea tin, "Trying to foist all of your tea on us, to make room for coffee hmm?" By the end of the night he's feeling tipsy enough that he almost forgets his restrictions and nearly gives Rhyeline a kiss to each cheek. But he does remember in time and gives her hand a kiss of farewell before he arm and arm leads Signe to the car. That's right! A petrol ration was spent to come to this party! That's how much they care.

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