(1939-10-07) What's in a Name?
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Summary: After a run-in between Tom and Louise, Madeline and Gabriel approach to check in and a discussion about surnames and summer plans arises.
Date: October 7th, 1939
Location: Hogwarts - Entry Hall

Entry Hall
It is a fall night. The weather is cool and drizzling.

The marble beginning of the staircases leading upwards into the castle face the heavy oak doors that lead outside across a flagged stone expanse that could fit an average house. Looking up, one can see the staircases shifting from one landing to the next, on up into the shadows making it difficult to tell just how high the Entrance Hall really is. The torches in the walls do little to pierce the dimness overhead, but cast light on the suits of armor flanking the front doors and the many doors spaced at odd intervals leading to the Great Hall, Slytherin Dungeons, Staff quarters, and even a broom closet.
Perhaps the thing of greatest interest in this entry though, at least to the students, are the four large hourglasses housed in niches on one of the walls opposite the doors. One filled with sapphires, one with emeralds, one with rubies, and the last with topaz, these hourglasses keep track of the all important House points. The gems in the bottom half represent the points earned so far by houses Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin.

Don't run in the hallways and halls is not one of the rules that Louise likes to adhere to. It is much more fun to be quick than it is being dignified. And with the hall mostly empty, she deems herself safe enough for a mad dash from the Great Hall towards the stairs. Maybe there is a new personal record to be set. Whatever her motivation, the result is reckless speed and little attention to where she is going. Add to that the fact that she just /thought/ to have glimpsed one of her friends behind one of the pillars - and thus has turned her head - it leads to the inevitable. A lanky girl barging into the newcomer into the hall.

Riddle isn't a prefect, yet. But it doesn't keep him from not doing his best to keep the order. Being Magijugend and having those new powers of authority from the Headmaster has also given him a sense of entitlement. Unlike several of his fellow Magijugend he weilds the power quite responsibly and has proven to be less power hungry than most. He is keenly aware that there is running going on, he can hear the pitter patter of mary jane's on the stone floor above. So when he steps onto the landing he has his wand in his hand perpared to use it for a binding spell if worse came to worse. The timing however was off, the noise prepared him that there was running, but the echo threw off the timing and he didn't realize just where Louise was in the room and so suddenly his personal space is invaded by the first year. "No running Miss…" He tilts his head to see the face that nearly planted in his solar plexus. "…Merrythought."

It may have been Madeline the girl spotted, just before the collision, leading to the momentary distraction. She winces as she watches the pair collide, then steps out with her bag hugged to her stomach. "Are you both alright?" she asks with some concern, her eyes lingering more on Tom, to see if the boy would make trouble for poor Louise.

Not having the mass to knock Riddle off his feet, Louise herself is knocked backwards and onto her fanny. Unable to immediately parse all the things that just happened, her face is struggling to find the right expression from a number of thoughts filtering into her mind. They range from 'oh gross I nearly hugged a boy' to 'oh god oh god oh god I am in trouble'. Eventually she settles on just a very sheepish look and an apologetic, warm smile. Rubbing her neck, she looks up to determine who she ran into. "I believe," she says while getting up, "that you have me at a disadvantage. You know my name, but I sadly do not know yours."

Riddle slides his wand into it's sheath in his robes and offers both hands down to help the first year back up onto her feet. "Riddle, Tom Riddle. I realize that walking can be a touch slow. But it's a rule so you don't spend most every day on your backside like this. Right? So do try to keep it to a dull roar, for everyone's safety. Yes? Good." He doesn't wait for an answer, he provides the answer for her like there's no other option. Steel blue eyes turn to Madeline, "Yes, everything is fine Miss Evans. Just having a bit of hands on experience in why the rules are rules and should be adhered to. That is all." Well within his third year it's hard to believe with his diction that the boy was a East End orphan three years ago. But once he found out that he's from one of the most powerful lines of the Wizarding World he endevored quickly to match what was expected of that role.

"Well, I'm glad no one was hurt," Madeline answers quietly, glancing down at Louise again, then back at Riddle with a small, polite smile. She hasn't had too many encounters with the boy - but anyone wearing one of those horrible pendants - well. They weren't terribly likely to get along.

Gabriel comes down the Grand Staircase, the thumps of a cricket ball being bounced on the floor preceding his approach. Once at the base of the stairs he sees the little trio and walks up with a friendly, "Hoy Madeline, Merrythought," which cools down noticeably when he reach, "Riddle. What's going on?"

"Thanks!" Louise sounds probably rather more cheerful than she should after being chided. She accepts the proffered hands, her touch more gentle than firm and pulls herself back on her feet with Tom's help. Smoothing out her robes she looks to the older boy and then to Madeline. "Oh, hey Madeline. How are things?" The somewhat reserved, polite smile on the other girl's lips gives her pause and she glances between the Slytherin and the Gryffindor. "Riddle is kind of a cool name. Much more mysterious than Merrythought."

It's not a lie if it's absolutely believed to be the truth. "The matron gave me that name, when I was born, because I was a mystery. But it's rather a solved one at this point. Isn't it?" Since he's obviously a pure-blood that got lost in the wind until he was 11 when his dying mother gave birth to him at the muggle facility. Tom seems quite fine about the whole thing, he even pulls it off as seeming well adjusted about it, and not the actual cold detachment he truly feels. "Pure-blood names are quite the best. I do like Merrythought. Shame about your Aunt." Could it be he knew who she was because there's a 'watch that traitorous old hag's relative order', only the Magijugend know. "Hear she's doing quite well though, that's good. I enjoyed her class." Dark Arts is his favorite class, of course. Gabriel is given a genteel nod to, "Just a bit of a bumping into, Ward. I unfortunately got between an overly excited Merrythought and Miss Evans." He does look down to Louise once more, "Lesson learned though, correct? I would hate for you to have another accident. Then I really would have to report it." He's one of those people that really does seem genuinely apologetic that they have to hurt you while hurting you sorts. Like a torturer that genuinely says, 'I'm so sorry, I know this hurts, just please tell me what I need to know and I can stop the pain.' as he flays someone's skin inch by inch.

"I think Merrythought's a very cheery name. And much more interesting than Evans - I mean, not that I mind my name at all, of course. It's just the sound of it's not as interesting," Madeline blathers on - before greeting Gabriel with a friendly smile. "Hey, Gunny," she says brightly.

Gabriel smiles a bit more at the group and nods at to comments about the names, in particular at Riddle's, "Why did the matron give you a name instead of… Oh… Oh! I'm sorry. But yes, Merrythought is a very cheerful name. Have you ever asked what the meaning of Evans is, Madeline? Most names have a historical meaning."

Louise blinks. "My aunt? Oooh. My great-aunt. I haven't seen her for years now. I am not even sure she likes me.", she confesses and then adds in a more quiet tone: "Sure, I won't run in the hallway anymore." She is a bit slower to catch on when it comes to names and origins. "I kind of like the name Riddle better. Merrythought is nice, but it doesn't really inspire greatness. But hey. It's not like I am going to hold on to that last name forever."

Riddle shakes his head, "Nothing to be sorry for Ward. That part of my life is thankfully over with, thanks to Hitler. I'm hoping that the Ministry can place me with a Pure-Blood family this summer. Actually be able to truly immerse myself in Wizarding Culture." He speaks like any adopted child would hoping to finally get in touch with the true culture they were meant to be in since birth. "It's grown on me, Riddle. Of course I feel like it doesn't quite represent me as it should." Since it's not a Pure-Blood family name. "But one can't say that it's not Unique, I suppose. Hopefully I can bring weight to it in the wizarding world. Do something to make it as grand and memorable as any other Pure-Blood name." He smiles a little down at Louise. "Yes, maybe someday you can be a Cornfoot, or Longbottom." Was that a playful and dare it be said, friendly tease!?

"Ummm - I haven't, actually," Madeline admits. "You think I should?" What could Evans possibly mean, though? It isn't even a proper word! She looks at Riddle next as she says quietly, "Oh - you don't know where you're staying this summer? That must be rough. And I don't think my parents could offer, what with the three Jewish children. But I bet you'll find somewhere great!"

"My mom is a Cornfoot." Louise replies. "They are a boring lot. All they talk about is crops and herbology. It makes your ears bleed and wish you were somewhere else. Dreadful. They have a lot of horses though!" Which inevitably is the best part of visiting maternal grandparents for Louise. Ever friendly and not one to easily give up on the prospect of making friends - even if they come with a creepy torturer vibe - she goes on to offer: "I can ask my parents if you can stay with us. I am not sure that's what you thought of though. Plus, my dad would want to tell you all about his travels and about herbology." She gives a firm nod. "Yes, him too. All of them. Bla bla bla mandrake bla bla bla." The girl rolls her eyes. To Madeline she notes: "I bet Evans just means that your great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather was called Evan."

Gabriel hmms, "Well, a lot of names that don't sound like words to us were words before. I'm sure that Evans does have some kind of a meaning. Besides being the great-great-great-great-great-great-grandaughter of an Evans." He winks at Louise before asking Riddle, "Would they maybe let you stay here in the castle? Its not like its ever truly empty."

Riddle lightly rests a grateful hand on Louise's shoulder while Maddie gets a mere little pat pat that skirts the edge between grateful and condescending. "Thank you both, that's very kind. But I'll probably be staying with Abraxas or Oberon." Since the Malfoy and Lestrange's country homes are outside of London, and they are the homes of two of his closest friends is an added bonus. "I'd prefer not being alone all summer with the ghosts, Peeves, Pringle and Ogg. There are murmurs supposedly though that with the war that Hogwarts might become a shelter as you've said, but I'd still prefer to spend the summer with the Malfoys and Lestranges. I'm truly not too worried about it at all wherever I end up, I know it will be better than what I had before. It's rather an exciting time. For myself at least. Dreadful time for others, I know."

"A shelter? For who?" Madeline asks with puzzlement. "The kids whose, umm, families live in London, you mean? They won't get to go home at all - all year long?" She frowns at that thought. "Oh, Gosh, that's dreadful. Adam lives in London! I wonder if he knows." Madeline gives Gabriel a worried look as she wonders about their mutual friend.

"Oh. No problem. As I said, our estate is a bit boring compared to most other things." Louise says. She offers a final warm smile to Riddle, then to Maddie and Gabriel. "I go to run…" A cough. "Walk on and get some stuff done. It was nice meeting you all." Straightening her back, she begins to walk off in the most dignified way she can muster.

Gabriel frowns a little bit at the comment about things being an exciting time. "You're right, for most people its truly a dreadful time. And its probably going to get worse." The thought of having to spend summer in the castle, on the other hand, is received with a mixed expression, "Staying in the castle over the summer might be fun, if it wasn't for the reason. But being able to cast and practice would be nice. Have a good day, Merrythought." He watches the young girl go for a moment with a small smile on his lips, "She'll remember this. For a few days…"

Riddle nods his head in a serious sage like manner, he truly is aware that his windfall of good luck comes at a heavy expense to the rest of the world. Truly understanding that he's probably the only person that truly feels grateful for Hitler who's not a Nazi that is. "It would be something, I wonder if they will allow the casting. It will be interesting. I believe they are making loose plans in a 'just in case' manner. The war could be over by summer, or the bombings might never happen. Maybe should ask a Diviner." With Louise gone he takes a moment to arrange himself from the slight ruffling her running into caused in his uniform. "Yes, to be so young again, hmm?" Is his retort about Louise and her memory. Because after, all third years are so beyond such youthful frivolity. They have extra responsibilities, electives and all. "Anyways, I was on my way to meet some friends." Before he was collided with, "Have a good day Mr. Ward, Miss Evans." He gives them both a aristocratic nod of his head in farewell before he continues along his earlier planned path.

"Do you think they'll be able to cast?" Madeline muses quietly. "That would make it a little more bearable, at least." And the Muggleborns could certainly use the extra practice over the summer, if all that's been going on continues. … which it won't. Of course. "Where were you off to?" she asks Gabriel curiously.

Gabriel nods, "I don't see why they wouldn't. Its perfectly within the rules for students to use magic while at school." Then he looks towards the main doors and smiles a bit holding up his ball, "I was going to go out and practice my pitching."

"Oh," Madeline responds, her gaze focusing on the ball. "Don't you need a wicket keeper for that?" she asks uncertainly. If her very limited understanding of 'baseball' was to be at all relied upon.

Gabriel holds out the ball for closer examination. Like his baseball the cricket ball is also well beat up and clearly frequently used. "Not really. I usually juts pick a stone on the wall of the castle and use it as a target, trying to hit it every time I throw." He starts walking towards the main doors while he talks. "Both sports, and Quidditch, are about being able to place the ball where you want it when you want it so it works well."

"I guess, but then you got to go fetch it every time," Madeline remarks. "Well. While you're practicing pitching, I could practice some fingerings on my chanter," she remarks. "Angus says I'm doing real good! I even played for Rena and my uncle this past weekend, and they both really liked it." Or pretended to.

Gabriel cringes a little bit at this as they cross the threshold, "Ummmm… We can always play some catch?"

"Oh, I guess," Madeline agrees, as she steps outside. "But I gotta practice sometime if I'm gonna get any better!"

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