(1939-10-09) Awkward Shopping Trip
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Summary: Briar stops in at Black Apothecary to pick up some provisions.
Date: 1939-10-09
Location: Black Apothecary
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October is in full swing, which means that Black's Apothecary is minimally decorated for the upcomming holiday. It's all tasteful, with neatly arranged fake spiders webs and tinted lights to set the mood. Morgana has been here for a few months now, and whlie she is a dilligent and hard worker, she isn't one of those perky customer service type people. Regardless, she is helping an older witch pick out the items she needs. Her hair is swept up and out of her face and her violet robes are a stark contrast to the black and white interior on the inside. "I hope these are to your liking Mrs Perkins, I made sure that this batch was chopped a little corser, since that is what Madam Black informed me that you prefered." While she is plesant and poliet, she doesn't really smile.

Briar might work at the hospital and she might not be poor in potions but what she's after is rather something she doesn't want to mess or, or ask a person she's going to see at the workplace on a regular basis. So it's to the potions store run by a woman she has chosen to go to, the one that's not also co-owned by another said 'co-worker'. For the moment Mrs. Perkins is blocking Briar's view of Morgana. Because if she had seen Morgana before she started peering about the 'Woman's Care' section she just might have went to go see about finding another potion shop. Because buying protection spells from an Ex's Current and your Current's Ex really should fall under the same sort of awkwardness as all the other considerations. But she's picked out several phials of the preventative potions and is at the counter as she looks about with a patient smile looking for a clerk to help her with her purchase.

Morgana has no idea how awkward her day is about to get, since she's focused on Mrs. Perkins. The older lady thanks Morgana and is quick to get out of the way and off home. So when Morgana spots the next in line she hesitates. "Hello Crocker." She says, holding that same air of politeness that she did before, but her posture is more rigid than it once one. "I see that you're doing a bit of shopping." It's obvious what she is buying, because Morgana is the one the stock the shelves.

Briar looks over at her name and lets out a chuff and rubs at the bridge of her nose that has her hand covering most of her face as she hisses a very soft, "Shhiiiiiiiiit." under her breath. She's chuckling and looking up with a awkward grin at Morgana. "Hey! Fancy meeting you here. You work here now? That's grrreat. Yeah…uhmmm…" With a sighing shake of her head, "As you guys say, in for a penny in for a pound. Could we maybe pretend that this never happened after everything's in the bag?" Big cheery hopeful grin.

"Yeah, I have for most of the summer. It's been an interesting experience." Morgana says with a nod, noting the awkward smile and what she assumes is a hissed curse. She picks up the potions and raises her brow just a bit, and purses her lips as she thinks it over. "I can forget it, however I wouldn't reccomend these myself, it's just what's popular and that's why we stock it." She's really, really trying to keep this as business as possible.

Briar takes a deep breath and seems very grateful for Morgana's keep it business, it helps her to relax and follow along in the advice. "Really? Well anything you can suggest would be great. Something quick and like no no no no chance what so frickin' ever that's not going to have side affects or keep me from ever being able to would be out of sight."

Morgana slips out from behind the counter and walks over to one of the cabinets that is off in a discrete corner. Opening them up she carefully restocks what Briar had brought to the counter already. "I find that this one leaves me lethargic, if I use it too much, and this one had me weaping over the most mundane things. These however are just a touch pricer, but they don't seem to be having any ill effects and I have not had any… side effects." She figures those words mean something else entirely.

Briar takes the pricier potions and gives them a look over. "Well a little pricier here means no extremely pricey something else." Nothing saps a bank acount like a baby! "So sure, I'll take these. Thanks Morgana." Briar doesn't really do the formal last name thing, at least not with peers. Her boss and elders, yes. "Things here have been good then yeah?"

"Yes, that was my train of thought as well." Morgana says as Briar agrees to the potions and she takes them back to the counter. Rining up her purchase, Morgana nods her head. "Things have been fine. I got a place near by, so I can easily walk to work. Trying to get up here from the Isle of Wight was becoming tiresome, and there are more exciting things in Diagon Alley than on that stodgy old island. I still head up to Hogsmeade now again. What about you?"

Briar smiles still as she leans on the counter, when the potions are away in the bag she really does feel less awkward. They just had a little girl bonding moment. "Yeah, that's some commute. It's just me now at the house, my parents and sister decided to move back to the states because of the war. It's a big house, I was thinking of inviting some girls to move in. My parents are letting me stay there, at least until I finally get my shop, which will hopefully have a loft above it. But who knows when that will happen, so having some girls renting the other rooms might really be nice to keep things floating. It's not Diagon Alley, sounds like you like it here, or I'd pitch for you to move in." Morgana's pretty much the most responsible girl Briar knows, so of course she'd be on the invite list. "If you know any girl that needs a place in the city…"

"Having a few others girls living with you would probalby be safer as well. Sadly most the the females I know either have their own places, or are still in Hogwarts." At the thought of living with Briar, she quirks a brow just a bit. That might be more awkward than she could handle. "I'm happy where I am for now, but I'd like a bigger place. The flat is nearly a closet, and not a whole lot of space to move around, and with Lucian staying over often it can be troublesome."

Briar nods and is still smiling in a friendly way. "Yeah, though with Kaiden practically living across the street now, did you hear the rest of the Syke's moved? Everyone but a few, Kaiden included, but Ria left too." Ria not being in the country seems to Briar would be as good as news for Morgana as it would for Briar, just for different reasons. "I just wanted to make sure I got the word out to people I actually know before I consider putting it in the paper. Say hey to Lucian for me. We all should get together sometime. Have dinner at my place maybe, I'll cook!"

Morgana hearing the news of the Sykes she shakes her head. "I didn't know that, I'm not sure that even Lucian knows that. Not that I though they kept in touch or anything." There is something there, but whatever emotion or something she's feeling she passes it off. "I'll be sure to let him know you said hi." Though at the mention of all of them getting togehter, Morgana winces and shakes her head. "As much as I would like to do that, saying Kaiden's name to Lucian sets him off. I'm afraid of getting the two of them in the room together." She frowns at that thought.

Briar shrugs with a smile, "So it will be just the three of us." She's not one of those sorts that MUST INCLUDE significant other in EVERYTHING. Though I wonder what's happened between them again. Last thing I knew they were fine. Course Kaiden was a bit of a shithead between then and now so who knows." She smirks and shrugs again. "Or just you and me can have dinner. Screw the boys…well..you know what I mean. All of my girl friends are still at Hogwarts. I've always liked and respected you, just we never got really friendly is all. Maybe we could be friendly? Hope to see. Thank you for the help Morgana. Is there a way to set up a delivery process. Like a box of these once a month and my Gringott's account can be charged?"

"I think just the two of us should be fine, and not cause any sort of upsets." When she's curious about their upset she shakes her head. "I dated him, I think that has made him banned for life. Conall too. I didn't make a lot of female friends at school, and the few I did we've lost touch after school. It would be nice to have someone else to talk to that isn't going to cause Lucian to get jealous." WHen asking about the deliveries, she fetches a parchment from under the counter. "That can be arragned, just fill out this form and drop it off when you have the chance."

Briar rolls her eyes a bit, "Is that why? Well hopefully with Kaiden being off the market now and Lucian knowing I'll kill him if he cheats on me again will help to settle his hissy-roar self." She winks and chuckles. "But anyways, yes, you, me, food and girly stuff. Should be fun!"

"I don't know if that will work. He gets irrational if I even say his name, but I'll try and bring it up. I would like to do things with other people." Suggesting that the poor couple stays in too much. "Yes it should be a good time. We can do that shopping things I remember people talking about, or just enjoy a good meal."

Briar chuckles and passes Morgana the price for her purchase and then writes her address down twice and rips it in half, one for the delivery notice and one for you, feel free to stop by any time. Or send an owl. I can get owls now that the folks have left." She says rather excitedly. "Not much of a shopper, but maybe it's different with a girlfriend instead of your materialistic mother that drives you bonkers." That pulls more of a laugh from her. "So I'll see you soon then. Good!"

"Neither am I, but I think shopping with out our mothers is going to be a far better experience, than with them." Morgana says, and as she is given the address she'll fold it up and slip it into her robe pocket. "Tell Kaiden I said hello." She says after some hesitation. "I will see you soon as well, and it was good to see you again Briar."

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