(1939-10-09) Broad Failures
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Summary: Hugh and Graham find Katherine trying to develop a new(ish) spell. Followed by some brainstorming on how to handle a case and finally a franker than usual conversation between Kat and Shelley.
Date: 1939-10-09
Location: Ministry of Magic

Today Kat is taking some time during work to spend at the practice range. Sitting at a small table next to her she has a book on Charms. Specifically a book on developing magic charms. At the other end of the practice area she has set up multiple dummies, all of which are showing some pretty heavy wear and tear at the moment.

Facing the dummies she makes a motion that looks like she's drawing waves in the air with her wand stabbing the wand slightly at the apex of each 'wave'. After drawing a few of the waves she calls out, "Bombarda Multiplica!" and… Nothing happens.

The young man has decided training is in order today and well he's often here. Graham wears his work out clothes and carries with him a small bag of supplies. He enters and hears the call of the spell though his eyes glance to find the source "Hey Kat." he calls before he'll set his back down and sit lightly at a bench and stretches a bit.

Hugh shifts out of the shadows at the side of the 'shooting range', and removes his pipe to observe, "Bit more flick at the end of the casting. Wand's not quite right."

Katherine pulls a handkerchief out of her robe's pocket and wipes away a bit of sweat from her forehead as she turns to face the people that have just joined her, "Hello Graham, Carruthers. How are the two of you today?" Speaking to Hugh specifically she adds, "The whole wand movement was wrong for Bombarda. I'm trying to modify the spell." followed by her trademark smirk.

Hugh's brow lifts, and he flourishes his wand, before bringing the tip to his pipe bowl, at which he puffs thoughtfully, "How's that working out for you then?"

Graham stands from where he's sat and completes his usual stretches. "Not bad, seemed a good day for a bit of training seems its not a solo idea." He looks interested when she speaks about modifying a spell he's not really even tried to do that but is curious. "Carruthers." he says nodding to him as well. He will remove his wand from his sleeve now and will step to one of the lanes setup for such things. It seems he's still deciding what to practice exactly.

Katherine turns around and points her wand at one of the dummies. "Bombarada!" she says, with a slight hint of frustration to her tone. A second later the dummy shatters into pieces and Katherine lets out a long sigh, "Bombarada is working fine. My modification, however… Well, let says I've been working on it for weeks without a fizzle to it yet. I'm learning one thing for sure. There's a reason new spells don't show up every day." Putting her wand away she smooths down her skirts and takes a seat on a stool she's set up next to the small table holding her book.

Hugh says, as he tucks his wand away, and puffs at his pipe, "Well, you know, it's a useful spell."

"What exactly are you wanting your modification to the spell to do?" Graham asks curiously distracted from his own wand work a moment as the spell explodes one of the target dummies. The young man turns back stepping out of the lane until he's done talking given he needs to focus for some of the spells he'd want to cast or that could be bad.

Katherine drums her fingers on the Charms book that's sitting on the table in front of her. This makes the book shift a bit, exposing the book underneath it, a slim volume on Magical Theory, "Our little experience a few weeks back made me wish for a spell that could let me handle multiple opponents at one time. So I'm trying to modify the Cannon Curse so that it can hit more than one target with a single cast. As of right now, no luck."

Hugh's lips crinkle, "You mean a machine gun? That's rather one of the things I prefer about our way. We're actually _aiming_."

The door opens again as Shelley steps in - glancing briefly towards the group of Aurors further into the room. She doesn't approach, however, instead moving towards one of the dummies and drawing her wand. She's considering trying a new spell she's been reading about - but might as well practice a few spells she already knows first, right? "Ejecto," she announces, sending the rug under her target bucking and knocking the dummy to the ground.

Katherine chuckles in response to Hugh and shakes her head, "Not so much a machine gun as ship firing a broadside. But I am about to give up. I think I do not know enough magical theory to make this work." Then the door opens and in comes Shelley with nary a hello, which makes Kat frown momentarily before she raises a hand and her voice to wave and call out, "well, hello there Shelley. Long time no see!"

Hugh gives a little grunt. "Well, still seems a bit random and clumsy, to me! Precision, after all!"

Really, what to people expect from Shelley? "Sykes," she calls over, before gesturing with her wand to get her target reset back on its feet. Poor Hugh and Graham still aren't acknowledged - though surely she's aware of them. With a gesture of her wand she tries the spell again. "Ejecto." This is just the warm-up for her. This is a spell she's known since her school days, causing mischief in the halls.

Katherine nods to Hugh, "Yes. The problem is that precision is all well and good when you have one opponent. Lately I've been in situations where I have had to deal with multiple opponents and you can only cast so fast." In Shelley's case she ignores the other woman's obvious disinterest in talking to anyone and asks, "So how has it been going Ms. Prewett? Its been a while since you've stopped by to visit and have a few drinks. Everything alright?"

Hugh gestures to the various bunch of people. "Smokescreen and maneuver. Or similar methods of removing yourself from harm whilst you cut it down to only one opponent. Or using cover, perhaps."

Graham has likely been taking precision shots at the setup dummies targets down range. This takes focus and so its only after that he steps back towards the party though he'd heard Shelley so he's not too surprised. He catches the last words "The encounter she speaks of, if the one I think. It wouldn't have worked we had enemies at our backs and front and retreat wasn't really an option either." he shakes his head simply.

Would it be too much to ask for Katherine to have something underfoot for a convenient use of the Hurling Hex? She glances towards the witch. …yes. Yes it would. Damn. "Everything's lovely as ever, Sykes. You came here to talk about my drinking habits rather than casting spells, though…?"

Katherine's expression goes completely neutral at Shelley's reaction. After a moment she arches her eyebrows and says, "Well, I came here for other reasons, of course. But since I thought I was seeing a friend walk in I was being friendly. I guess I may have been mistaken." With a smirk that rather than amusement manages to show annoyance she returns to her conversation with Graham and Hugh. "and yes, Graham, that is one of them. The other one I was thinking of was when I was attacked by infieri from multiple directions."

Hugh puffs at his pipe, "Why does nobody attack me in that direction. Well, apart from the zombies. But they explode."

The young man gives a nod to Kat an odd look to Hugh "That's good luck that." Graham says with a chuckle though he turns now "Hows all Shelley?" he asks curious. Though he doesn't REALLY expect an honest answer not here with so many people he cant really help but at least ask.

Kat's smirk and remarks don't cause Shelley any pause as she casts another spell at her dummy - knocking it back against the wall. The mention of the incident with the inferi, on the other hand, causes her hand holding her wand to pause momentarily, before lowering all the way to her side. Now that was deliberate, she's sure. But she doesn't still feel a little bad about sending poor Kat out to face a pair of those things, utterly unaware an unprepared.

"Everything's fine, Cohen," she answers automatically.

Hugh shrugs, "Yes. Yes, it's a handy thing to know." He lets out a puff of smoke. "So, how will we be arranging to reverse the situation on your attackers?"

Katherine looks between Graham and Shelley a few times before deciding to ignore the other woman for the time being and instead return to her conversation. "Well, as I said, I think I might give up on this little project. At least until I gain a little bit more know how about magical theory. As for reversing the situation on our attackers, well, we need to do a little more investigation and find them before anything else."

Graham nods to his friends words "Well that's good to hear." He says back to Shelley though he notices the useage of his last name and cant help but chuckle as it's been a while and he'd clearly forgotten the rule. He glances back to Kat as she speaks "That is the tricky part finding." He says with a small sigh escaping.

Hugh seats himself on a table. Puffing away at that pipe. Who needs Fumos to make a smokescreen. "Alright. Want to share what you've got?"

After a quiet sigh, Shelley just goes back to her practice, leaving the trio to talk while she casts charms, repeatedly knocking her dummy back or down. Some of those falls look painfully. She does keep half an ear open towards her coworkers, though, even if she tries to look like she's not.

Katherine looks over to Graham and shrugs a little bit, "You're the main on this case, Cohen. And up to now I've gotten the impression its pretty much need to know. I'll let you tell what can be told."

"I'm limited on what I can say, well because of circumstances on the case, but finding a group that really doesn't come out in the open for any reason whats so ever." Graham says simply "They plan to do bad things obviously or we wouldn't be after them." he knows its woefully not a good response.

Hugh says slowly, "Well, if you can't go to them, can you arrange for them to come to you? Give them a target they can't resist?"

Deciding she's done enough of the spells she knows, Shelley decides to try what she's actually come here for - working on her Transfiguration abilities, which has never been her strong suit. She takes a deep breath in, letting it out slowly before attempting the new spell. "Retrogeno." …nothing happens. Of course, it could always have been much worse.

Katherine looks from Hugh to Graham as they talk, watching Shelley only out of the corner of her eye. If she knew the spell she might be tempted to try and help but although she does recognize it she has no idea how to cast it so instead she focuses on the conversation, "That's not a bad idea, Graham."

Hugh gets called quietly away by a clerk, and goes to attend

"Last time we had something they wanted, we got ambushed while trying to move it to safety and that's what started this whole mess." Graham says to Kat figuring she can put the thoughts together of what was taken exactly. "I was there that day too, i'm not sure we can protect something from them out in the open. They will be aware of what we're doing." he shakes his head.

Well, that did no good. Shelley spends a moment frowning at the dummy as she tries to remember the spell - both what she's read about it, and the few times she's seen it cast. She decides her wand-work is to blame, and after practicing the motion she gives it another try. "Retrogeno!" She smiles with satisfaction as the dummy's knees abruptly reverse themselves. It at least looks rather painful.

Katherine leans back in her stool, thinking hard about this then smirks. Looking around to make sure its just her, Graham, and Shelley in the practice room she then returns her attention to Graham, "Well, it seems that we night have a mole in the department then. And what's the best use for a mole? To spread misinformation. Why don't we /say/ we have something they might be interested in, set up an easy ambush then use that as a way to ambush them in return?"

Graham looks back to see the spell cast by Shelley wincing "Good one, reversal." He compliments her though looking back to Kat he considers a moment "It will be dangerous for those involved, very much so you saw how little it took me to provoke them into trying to take me out of the picture for good." He winces at the thought "We can run it by Worthington perhaps something a tad nuts is in order this time and careful planning."

Shelley continues to give the dummy a satisfied smile, then triggers the dummy's reset, fixing the knees. "Not sure how useful it is but - well." It's good practice at least. If she hears the rest of their conversation, she doesn't comment on it. She wouldn't be allowed in on such an operation, anyways. "Retrogeno." And another success. Maybe she'll feel like she has the 'hang' of transfigurations, someday.

Katherine's smirk turns into a full smile, "I know. We could let it leak that we have a counter to the Dark Heart. A way to cancel or drain its energies and that its being transported somewhere where it can be fully protected until we actually need it. I bet /that/ would draw them out." She turns her head as if about to try and include Shelley in the conversation but stops short of saying anything and just turns her attention back to Graham.

"I dunno about that, probably not something we want known about by too many." Graham says about Kat's idea but he decides he can think on it some "I'll see what I can think and let you know what all is happening." He looks to the both "I should head out a bit have some things to do, See ya Kat and Shelley." he says offering a wave before he will head back the way he had entered.

Shelley rolls her eyes. "Cohen," she responds - the emphasis to his name rather pointed. She considers the results of her efforts on the dummy across from her idly musing, "It does make you wonder who put all the time and effort into developing a spell like this…"

Katherine spins on her stool so she's facing directly at Shelley. "Yes, it does." Her face is perfectly blank again but her voice is a little on the annoyed side as she asks, "What to tell me what kind of bug crawled up your butt that you're treating everyone like the enemy again?"

"When did I stop?" Shelley answers, turning to flash Katherine an amused look, not seeming at all put off by the woman's annoyance. She considers her for a moment, but she's looking back to the dummy again to fix the knees with a wave of her wand. "I don't know if I ever said it - but I am sorry about that inferi thing. Sending you in so ill-prepared like that. If I'd been-" sane? "…more clear-thinking at the time…"

Katherine sighs and shakes her head, "Thank you. But you don't need to apologize. You were hurt, in shock, and half out of your mind with pain. I don't now nor did I ever blame you." But the apology really isn't going to sway her from her original question, "So now that that's out of the way, are we going to start acting like friends again or is there something else causing the attitude?"

Shelley lets out a quiet huff of air, still looking at the dummy rather than the other woman. "I prefer to keep my distance at work," she states. "Hell, and sometimes when I'm away from it. I've never pretended to be easy to get along with."

Katherine tilts her head to the side as she considers this for a few moments before saying, "Well, that's not very smart. We have a tough job. And a dangerous one. We need each others' support because no one else really has an idea what its like to be in our shoes. And we might loose the people we love at a moments notice. That makes it important to enjoy them as much as possible, just in case. Don't you think?"

Shelley's posture stiffens, along with the grip on her wand. She's silent for a moment before offering, "I think I know just how much we stand to lose." She lifts her wand again before adding - perhaps a bit more tensely than she meant to, "Now, I don't know about you, but I came here to practice. Retrogeno!"

Katherine lets out a loud, long-suffering sigh, "You, my dear, need some help. And if that makes you mad, so be it. You have a friend in me, want it or not, and part of what friends do for each other is be meddling bitches that put the truth out in the open when necessary." Putting her wand in the inner pocket of her robe designed to receive it she gets up from her stool and starts gathering up her books.

Shelley's jaw tightens, as she resets her dummy yet again. She seems determined to start ignoring Kat - if her body language is anything to judge by - but she abruptly offers in a tone that's more grudging admittance than angry refusal, "Just keep it to Prewett in the office." It's the same rules Graham is supposed to be holding to. But rarely does, annoyingly.

Katherine stands back up, holding her books in front of her stomach with her hands gripping along the bottom edge. After considering her answer for a moment she says, "If it will make you happier, I can do that. But I make no promises about what I'll call you outside of work. Maybe I'll even come up with some fun and imaginative pet names." Her smirk returns with that last statement, making it half-threat, half-joke.

"Don't forget I've seen you on a broom," Shelley counters with her own 'threat,' though without turning towards Kat. Once. Just the once - but it'd been enough.

Katherine laughs merrily at this, "That's the spirit. Banter is good for the soul." Holding the door open she stands at the door frame for a moment longer, "But I do have to get back to paperwork. I hope you'll stop by the flat sometime soon." As soon as she talks about paperwork her voice fills with a sense of dread but she doesn't stay around long enough to give a chance for Shelley to comment about it.

Shelley doesn't respond - instead, she turns to attacking her dummy again with a little more ferocity than she had shown before. It's just possible that Kat hit a sore spot. She's probably not stopping by the flat this week.

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