(1939-10-09) Peter Pan
Details for Peter Pan
Summary: Gabriel and Elspeth illustrate yet another poster, with very great success.
Date: 9 October, 1939
Location: Ravenclaw Common Room
Plot: Headmaster from Hell
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It's been far too long between posters, at least, it has in Elspeth's estimation as she sits down in the common room of Ravenclaw tower. She's humming as she unrolls the pieces of paper, and lays them out, weighting them down with books. Dinner has past, but curfew is far enough away that the room isn't crowded, yet.

Gabriel ambles down from the boy's dormitory. In his hands, his art supplies. Taking a seat across the table from Elspeth he grins at her and asks, "So. What's today's fairy tale going to be?" As he waits for the answer he starts to set all his supplies up for ease of use.

"You are knowing of Peter Pan?" Elspeth asks, pulling out her pencils. "What are you thinking of making Flint into Captain Hook?" She chuckles. "Maybe we can be making the crocodile with an open mouth below him, and … the magijugend are trying to hold him up and keeping him from falling in?"

Gabriel's eye twinkle as he takes in the idea, "I do know it. And the crocodile can be the green of Viridian's favorite robes! What about Peter Pan? Are we putting him in too? If we do, who should it be?"

Elspeth shakes her head slowly. "I do not think we should be putting a face on Peter Pan, maybe making him from the back? Floating overhead and watching?" She smiles as Gabriel seems to take to the idea. "I am just being concerned that if we are putting any muggleborn faces in our posters, we will be getting them in trouble. I am being worried that it would be obvious to everyone except Headmaster Flint and the magijugend that people would not be putting themselves in paintings to be getting themselves in trouble."

Gabriel nods slowly then grins, "True. But I /do/ have an idea of who we can make a parrot for Flint's Hook. Do you think you can draw a parrot that still manages to look like Angelus?" He continues to order his colored pencils in little blocks of the same colors, each color separate from the others with the individual blocks organized by shade gradiants.

Something combining a choke and laugh issues from Elspeth at the suggestion of Angelus the parrot. "I am not sure how to be doing that, but maybe we can be making a red and gold parrot with blue eyes? If we are giving the parrot Gryffindor colors with eyes that are looking like Angelus? And who should we be making as Smee?" She starts at the bottom with a crocodile, jaws opened wide.

Gabriel leans back into his chair and rubs his chin for a few moments. "Well, Smee is obvious. Alphard. But what about Abraxas? Who should we draw him as? And what should Smeelphard be doing to mess up the rescue?" almost as soon as he asks the question he bounces up in his chair, "Aha! He can be trying to haul Flint up by his hook, which can be seen slipping loose!"

"Brilliant!" Elspeth enthuses. "Or maybe that is why Flint is falling to begin with? We can be showing him going backwards, and the hook has just come off, with Smeelphard holding onto it, and so Abraxas is trying to catch his real hand to keep him from falling off the boat?" as she speaks she draws a parrot flying underneath the coattails of the flailing Captain Flint, a parrot that somehow manages to appear self-important, with his chest puffed out and with a tilt of her head, she manages to make the feathers on top of its head stick out to the side just right so that it resembles the style Angelus most often affects.

Gabriel laughs out loud then quickly chokes it down, glancing around to make sure he hasn't attracted too much attention. "I like that a lot… By the way, is there any way we can put Calista in the picture too? She was a bit uppety with me a few days ago. I think that deserves a cameo of some kind." Leaning down over the drawin he starts to color in the parrot, giving it Gryffindor colors while blending brown and yellow to color its crest in almost the exact same shade of Angelus' hair.

Tilting her head to the side, Elspeth looks up to the side where she was considering drawing those trying to help Flint, then nods. "I am thinking I can be fitting someone else in. Are you sure it is not going to be giving you away to be having someone who was snippy with you showing up in the next poster? Or is she being uppity with other muggleborns?"

Gabriel shrugs, "considering how she treated me and Madeline she's probably doing it to all of us. And she's trying to hide it under 'education' so she might not even know why she's popping up in the picture." As he starts coloring the crocodile waiting in the water to eat Flint, using the colors of Veridian's favorite robes as planned, he uses some of the scales to create the image of a small owl wearing a top hat and a monocole on the back of the large reptile.

Elspeth nods, and finishes filling in Flint, his coattails hanging just above the crocodile's mouth, one foot brached against the side of the ship and a stump of an arm raised, the other arm being held onto by Abraxas. Calista is inserted in front of Abraxas, on her hands and knees, one hand reaching out and holding on to a handfull of the fanciful coat the Captain wears. Towards the back of the picture, and a little more center, Smeephard holds onto the silver hook with his eyes rounded in surprise.

While Elspeth finishes the drawing of the ship and its occupants Gabriel busies himself coloring in the sea around it. He makes it bright blue, paradisical even. "From what my parents have told me it sounds like the political tries to make all this go back to normal aren't working. Everything out there seems to be at a stand still." Usually putting together this drawing makes him happy, giddy even, but right now he just sounds a bit depressed.

"The entire world is being at a standstill," Elspeth murmurs. "This is being a big problem… Headmaster Flint would not even have been attempting such a thing if he was not being sure that he was having people that would be backing him up." She pauses as she finishes the boat's occupants before moving up to the empty space where she will put Peter. "Have you ever been noticing that bullies are never acting on their own? Even the magijugend… each one of them, if they were being alone, and were not being sure that they were having their mates to be backing them up, are you thinking they would be pushing around other people?"

Gabriel shrugs, "Well, we can't really wait much longer before we take some action to make waves again. If not the whole year is going to go by and we will all have to spend the summer with private tutors catching up to what we missed. And worse, the students that can't afford tutors will just be hopelessly behind." As Elspeth moves to another part of the drawing he starts working on the ship and his occupants. The colors he chooses for them reflect their houses but his uses shades of these color that make a startling contrast to the water and the crocodile. While the crocodile and the water surrounding them look almost cheerful the ship and everyone on it looks dark and foreboding, the shadows on Flint's face specifically making him look both evil and scared.

Elspeth nods. "It is true. I have been hearing that some people are trying to give lessons when the Magijugend are not looking, to try and help muggleborn. Although, it is not being as easy to be working with potions and herbology when you are not having cauldrons or plants to be working with. That is being a problem." She gives Peter Pan his heroic hands on hips pose, floating above the struggling Flint and his sycophants, and moves on to make a little winged Tinkerbell next to him, trailing her pixie dust. "Evans is talking about having a sit in to be keeping everyone from classes until all are being able to go back."

Gabriel sighs again as he puts the finishing touches on the colors of the ship, waiting until he can work on Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. "I /really/ wish Maddie would understand that that kind of thing only works if you have a majority of the people involved taking your side. Which we don't really. Too many people that agree with us are too afraid to actually act on that sense of agreement. She has a good heart and I admire that she wants to be a pacifist but I don't think that tack will work in this case."

"Too many people are afraid now," Elspeth corrects quietly. "It is a plan that is having merits, just not in the way that she is wanting to do it." She finishes the sketching part of the poster, straightening up to stretch her arms over her head and then roll her neck. "There is always being many ways to skin a cat, yes?"

Gabriel pulls the poster closer to himself. After 10 or 15 minutes of dedicated work the coloring is finished as well and the new satire is ready to post. "I like kitties. I don't like that phrase. But yes, there is typically more than one way to accomplish any given goal. In this case the concept of a running a disruption campaign might work better. And I think the tutoring sessions help with that marvelously."

Elspeth nods. "I am working with Evans plan. We can use it, perhaps, as being a distraction for what we are really doing." She winks once to the younger student. "You are knowing muggle literature, yes? You are hearing of Shakespeare? 'All shall be well and all manner of the thing shall be well'?" The poster is rolled up, and she tucks it into the sleeve of her school robe.

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