(1939-10-09) Stage Names
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Summary: Angeline meets up with a friend, Gilbert, for lunch and meets 'Sydney Cole,' or Signe. Bannon shows up to join the company.
Date: October 9, 1939
Location: Leaky Cauldron

It was rather frustrating for Signe - being told that Beryl's potions weren't quite ready and that she would have to wait around a bit and come back for them. Waiting about on the wizarding side of things was always uncomfortable for her. Trying not to let that show, however, she strides through the door, pulling off a rain-drizzled cloak to hang it on a hook and revealing a Muggle-style dress beneath. She makes her way towards the bar, smiling uncertainly as she asks, "Could I bother you just for a pot of tea?" she requests. "With milk and honey, if you have it."

Angeline has a break from work and has decided to spend it in the Leaky Cauldron. She had suggested that Gilbert come by the manor, and she certainly plans to keep that offer, but the woman has sent out a letter to her former housemate, asking if he’d like to have lunch. So here she is, dressed in royal blue robes that bring out the colour of her eyes, lined with a golden colour that also decorates the trim. Her smile is warm, set against her lips as she looks around. Noticing Signe, Angeline offers her a warm greeting, smiling, “Hello.”

Gilbert comes in mere moments after the door closes behind Angeline. In his case he's wearing a spot on Muggle outfit. He removes his long, black overcoat to reveal a charcoal grey, three piece suit with a lime green button-down shirt and a forest green tie. Once he's hung the coat by the door he walks into the pub heading straight to Angeline. "A pint of my usual, please." he calls out to the bar in the loud yet controlled voice of a trained actor.

Signe turns towards the woman, taking in her impeccable robes in a glance. Quality fabric, that looks hand-tailored - she knows money when she sees money, and money in the wizarding world often means old money. Pureblood money. Still, she manages a smile in return, hoping to cover for how uneasy she feels here. "Hello," she returns in kind.

Angeline’s smile is ever pleasant, though her eyes turn to the counter after her greeting, asking for sweet tea. She glances around the taproom, stalling momentarily at the table she might have been considering to sit at, and instead turns back to Signe. “You can have the table,” she offers warmly. As she lifts her hand to brush back her blonde hair, golden bracelets jingle on her arm as the robes slip down to reveal them. “I can find another.” Before she can move away, however, she spies Gilbert and her smile flashes delightfully. “Oh, so glad you could make it, Gilbert,” she comments kindly as she inches toward him. “I trust everything is well?”

Gilbert nods to Angeline, smiling easily at her, "Indeed. Just coming back from an audition. And how are you today?" Then he does a double take, looking back at Signe, who he'd only glanced at when he came in and his smile widens a smidge, "Ms. Cole, correct? Angeline, Ms. Cole here is an up and coming jazz vocalist. I heard her sing a few months back at a small Muggle establishment some of my acquaintances from my last play cast insisted I accompany them to. Ms. Cole, would you like to join us?" while he speaks he moves to an empty table towards the back corner of the Cauldron, which would easily allow him to see the entirety of the main room and eavesdrop on the conversation at the bar.

"Oh, that's very generous of you, but I would never even dream of it…" Signe answers with embarrassment - moments before giving Gilbert a startled look as she's identified. Well, he is wearing Muggle clothes. He must be a Muggleborn? "It is," she confirms as Gilbert asks after her name. "I'm gratified that you would remember my performance, sir," she adds. She glances at the neatly dressed Angeline before concluding with, "Only if I'm wanted… I would hate to interrupt something."

Angeline’s smile flickers in her eyes as she nods. “Oh, I hope they went well,” she replies. With another nod, the witch answers, “I’m marvellous, thank you. I just okayed one creature to be sent back to its preserve - all healthy and energetic. I’m pleased by it,” she adds in, her blue eyes sparkling. Her eyes wander over to the indicated table, nodding her agreement before turning a bright smile onto Signe again. “Well I would never have expected I’d be in the presence of an artist. It’s quite a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Cole.” Angeline offers out a hand to the other woman. “Oh, I’d love for you to join us. The more the merrier,” she says, gesturing over towards the table suggested by Gilbert.

Gilbert holds out chairs for both Signe and Angeline. Once the two women are seated he seats himself so that his back is to the corner of the pub, "Excellent Angeline. What kind of critter was it?" Once everyone is settled he adds, "I noticed neither of you had an opportunity to place an order. Please allow me to pay for the first round. What would you like?"

Signe allows herself to be guided into a seat, giving Gilbert a grateful smile for helping her with the chair. Her gaze next briefly finds a rather burly looking who's found himself a spot at the bar, where he can keep an eye on the trio. "Oh, I ordered some tea, actually," she answers Gilbert, her attention quickly returning to him. "I'm sure it'll only be a moment longer - but thank you." She then glances at Angeline, curious to hear about the creature in question.

“Thank you,” Angeline offers out to Gilbert, smiling graciously as she rests her hand on the back of her chair. The outer cloak is pulled off her shoulders, draping it over the back of the chair. “A…” She begins, only to pause briefly as she tilts her head, guarding her tongue as she regards Signe quietly but with warmth on her features. If she’s a Muggle visiting the Leaky Cauldron, hmm. “She was a magnificent horse,” Angeline decides, answering Gilbert. It isn’t a lie, she just leaving out what kind of horse. “I had her at home for a couple of days. All I’ve asked for is a sweet tea,” she carries on. “That isn’t necessary, I can pay for my tea,” she says in a diffident tone. “Thank you.” She smiles. “I was thinking about having the pea and bacon soup.”

As the waiter comes with the first round of orders, tea for the ladies and a pint of dark ale for himself, Gilbert pulls enough money out of his pocket to cover all of it and then some, ignoring the ladies' protestations. "Mrs. Eibon would also like an order of the pea and bacon soup, if you please." Once the waiter has left Gilbert turns his attention back to his companions and says, "What kind of gentleman would I be if I let the ladies at the table pay their own way?" Then he smiles at Angeline and tilts his head a bit towards Signe, "As well as having a charming voice Ms. Cole is also perfectly suitable company here at the Leaky Cauldron. No need to be coy around her."

Signe glances at Gilbert for a moment - that at least confirms that he is also 'perfectly suitable company,' though she'd certainly had not doubts about Angeline. She pours a little milk into her tea cup before adding tea, and finally a dollop of honey. "Aethonan or Granian?" she asks curiously - naming the two more popular breeds of winged horses in Britain. "I used to ride an Aethonan mare, occassionally, when I was much younger…"

With a slightly creak, the London entrance to the Leaky Cauldron opens and then, slowly, closes, allowing entrance to a man wearing a three piece suit, a bowler hat, and quite shiny shoes. In his right hand, a walking stick, more decorative than anything, is held, and it lightly taps the floor as he walks. The man, Auror Bannon Bates. As his eyes adjust to the lighting within the pub, he looks around, gauging the best place for him to sit today. Slowly, with measured steps, he starts forward into the establishment.

Angeline runs her fingers along her robes as she takes her seat, smoothing them out and pulling in her chair. She’s tipping her head back to look up as the waiter approaches, bobbing her head. “Oh, thank you,” she says politely. Her head tilts in her amusement as she turns his gaze to Gilbert, letting out a modest, but merry sounding laugh. She lets out a sigh of relent, nodding her head and offering a polite, “Thank you, Gilbert. Truly,” for his generosity. Angeline turns her gaze onto Signe, her eyebrows rising. “Ah, I’m sorry, Ms. Cole. I was too quick to assume. She was an aethonan,” she answers. An interested look is given to Signe. “Did you ride them? Oh, wow, well aren’t they terrific creatures?” She might be gushing, but then when one has chosen to work with creatures there must be a love for them, yes?

When Angeline shifts her gaze to glance idly to the man arriving from the Muggle world, she only has to study him for a moment before she recognizes the auror. She rests a hand against her chin, fingers covering her mouth as she worries briefly. She ends up lifting a hand, waving at him as a friendly smile crosses her face. She can’t help her social nature. She rises up from her seat. “Auror Bannon, what a pleasure it is to find you here.”

Gilbert gives Bannon a friendly smile as Angeline's greeting draws his eyes up to the Auror. Tipping him an imaginary hat with one hand he motions to the last chair at the table with his other hand, "Would you like to join us, good sir? Unless you're here to meet company?"

"No, it's understandable," Signe reassures Angeline, giving her a smile as she stirs the honey in, and lets it melt. "Given the name and the attire… But yes, I did ride them, and they are simply marvelous. Incredibly majestic creatures. It's been years, though, since I was near one." She follows the woman's gaze towards Bannon, greeting him with a nod of her head. An Auror…? He must know Graham, then.

"Oh…Good day." Bannon greets to Angeline, Gilbert, and Signe. "Please, forgive the correction, Mrs. Eibon, but to address me by my Auror title, I would be properly addressed as Auror Bates. Bannon is my given name, as opposed to my surname." He doesn't sound condescending, rather informative. He offers a hand in greeting to both Gilbert and Signe. "Auror Bates. A pleasure to meet both of you. And a generous offer, to permit me to join the three of you. It would be an honour." Once greetings are completed, he takes his own seat, resting his walking stick against the table, and his hat placed on the back edge of his chair.

Smiling kindly with a bright sparkle in her eyes, Angeline looks quite delighted as she glances to Gilbert. She bobs her head in agreement, turning to look back to Bannon. “Yes, yes, it would be lovely if you could join us…” She trails off at Bannon’s correction, her teeth meeting her bottom lip as she worries briefly. “My apologies, Auror Bates,” she says, correcting herself. “But no need for formality now, yes? Please, it’s Angeline.” Her eyes twinkle as she smiles, sitting once again and starting to doctor her tea. Offering another smile over at Signe, she nods her agreement with the majestic creatures. “Yes, I’m afraid I don’t recognise the name. I’m obviously not as knowing as my husband is.” She lets out an amused laugh.

Gilbert half stands to shake Bannon's hand then retakes his seat, "Please order to your liking, Auror Bates. Our waiter has enough to cover another drink and still keep a hefty tip." Then he returns to his conversation with the ladies, "Do not feel bad, Angeline. It is a common practice amongst singers and actors to take a stage name. Following that tradition Ms. Cole is probably Ms. Cole by choice and not by birth."

"Auror Bates - a pleasure," Signe offers warmly, offering her own hand in turn. "I'm Sydney Cole," she introduces herself, before returning her attention to Angeline. "It's completely alright," she assures the woman. But then Gilbert is speaking - and Signe really wishes that he /hadn't/. She attempts to cover for her discomfort by sipping from her tea.

"Understandable mistake, Mrs. Eibon." Bannon states, still calling her by her last name instead of first. "Bannon and Bates do sound somewhat similar." He lets his gaze move from person to person. "A performer?" He enquires, finally letting his gaze rest upon Signe. "If it's not too much of an imposition, Ms. Cole, what is your area of expertise in the performing world?"

Angeline looks to Gilbert with a questioning look, a smile flickering around her lips lightly as she tilts her head. “A stage name? Hmm, I’m afraid I don’t know much about what performers do.” Her twinkling blue eyes drift onto Signe, regarding the woman, smiling softly as the witch considers. Perhaps she notices her unease, because she says softly, reassuring as she holds up her hand, “If you say your name is Sydney Cole, then that’s what is.” Angeline Eibon does understand about secrets, after all. She lowers her eyes as she lifts her cup, sipping her tea. She simply smiles at Bannon even as she sighs. Well, she tried, but if he’d rather use surnames, it’s up to him.

Gilbert takes a solid drink from his pint of dark ale then puts it down carefully, right back into the original moisture ring it originally left on the table. "Indeed. After a while many performers end up preferring their stage name to their real name, even in daily use. So Cole it is then." Then he takes another drink, giving Signe an opportunity to answer Bannon's question herself.

For just a moment, the look Signe gives Angeline is grateful, before she turns her attention to Bannon. "I know it's a bit of an odd dichotomy - but I'm actually rather torn between jazz and opera right now. I just finished a run of La Boheme last week. But before that, I was singing at jazz clubs for quite a while - primarily at the Natrix."

"Ah, La Boheme. The sad story of two young bohemians in love. Which part did you partake in, if I might ask?" Bannon asks of her as he waves down the waiter. "Tea, please. Thank you." For a moment, his attention is caught by quite large fellow at the bar. His gaze remains on him for a brief moment before looking back at his table companions. "Now, I believe I know what Mrs. Eibon does as well." He offers a nod to Angeline. "But might I enquire as to what you do, Mr. Sullivan?"

Angeline’s smile is friendly as she looks to Signe, and she nods her head to Gilbert, softly letting out a, “mhm hmm.” “Well do you have a name you’re attached to in the Muggle world?” she asks, tilting her head, “I’ve never thought to ask.” She lifts her cup to her mouth again, sipping as her gaze shifts onto Bannon when her name is mentioned. So formal! And they’re practically neighbours, both working in at the Ministry.

Gilbert shakes his head in response to Angeline, "I do not. Plain old Gilbert Sullivan. Which can have some draw backs thanks to the playwriting team of Gilbert /and/ Sullivan but what can one do." Turning to Bannon with another smile he says, "It depends, Auror Bates. If you ask Muggle that enjoy theater some of them might know me as a character actor, frequently scene as part of the cast for Shakespearean plays. In the Wizarding world I have authored one or two books on Muggle studies."

"I was Musetta," Signe responds, pleased that Bannon's familiar with the piece. "It was a lot of fun - and a real challenge. It was the largest role I've done. I'm just not sure what to do next. Unless I really focus on my opera… the opera world is not likely to take me seriously." Her attention shifts for a moment to Gilbert, her expression curious. Shakespeare and Muggle studies? An interesting combination in a career.

"Ah, Musetta. Very good. One is tend to feel a tad bit of sympathy, here and there, for her. Though her jealousy can be a bit much to bear at times." Bannon offers in his opinion of the character. "Muggle studies, you say? Interesting topic, but much needed. Performances of the Bard, you say? Well, as I believe it was Polonius who said in Hamlet, 'This above all, to thine own self be true.'"

Angeline smiles softly, nodding her head, but she’s quiet. She’s not all that familiar with the Muggle talk, sipping at her tea as she looks between Signe and Bannon with interest. Looking towards Gilbert, the woman’s smile flicks out brighter as she eventually pipes up, “I’m curious, I should take my husband for a night out to one of these shows.” A light, smooth laugh escapes her. “He’s a busy wizard, my husband, but I would love to see one of your plays, Gilly. And learn more about this La Boheme you are talking about.”

Gilbert chuckles, "Maybe it would be best to start him off with something a bit more… Wizardly. Like the adaptation of 'The Warlock's Hairy Heart' I told you a few weeks ago I was planning on putting on." After a sip of his ale he turns his attention to Bannon and Signe. "Working as a thespian has allowed me to meet a large cross section of the Muggle community, helping me with my studies and my understanding of their culture. And, Ms. Cole, Musetta is a great step to bigger prominence. If what you want is fame and fortune I would recommend building on that and focusing yourself on one specialty."

"It wasn't my usual role," Signe admits with a little embarrassment. "But… it was an interesting challenge. I really quite enjoyed it." Her attention moves to Angeline as she adds, "Unfortunately, the opera closed last week. But you'd be more than welcome to come to the Natrix. Wolfgang has arranged a 'VIP Lounge' that's specifically for wizarding folks, so you can relax, and enjoy the food and performances."

"The wizarding and muggle communities certainly have some interesting difference, don't they? Not the least of which is the adamant for muggles that magic is nothing but a fictitious tale that does naught but encourage the overactive imagination of youth, who could be spending their time on more practical endeavours." Bannon chuckles softly. "That being said, there are certainly some marvellous muggle plays and operas, and musical entertainment in general, that many from our society might enjoy." He offers to Angeline. "Perhaps take Mr. Sullivan up on his suggestion. I imagine it would be an excellent show for yourself and your husband to see." His attention is then brought to Signe. "A cordoned off section exclusively for those of a more…magical persuasion? Interesting. I'd taken that institution to be merely a muggle establishment."

Gilbert finishes off his beer and gets to his feet. "Sadly I do need to get going. I have another audition taking place today that I have to attend. It has been lovely. I do hope to see you all again soon. Enjoy your meals." Going over to where his coat is hanging on the door he puts it back on and disappears into the streets of London.

Angeline looks up at the waiter when he brings the soup, and she thanks him graciously with a bright smile. She turns her gaze onto Gilbert, her smile flicking out further, warmly. “The Warlock’s Hairy Heart,” she repeats, bobbing her head as her eyes show intrigue. “That, I would love to take the family to. The story is a favourite of my son’s.” The witch’s blue eyes twinkle, and her smile all but glows as she decides it. “I will definitely insist that we see a play over the holidays.” Angeline glances onto Signe. “Oh, I thank you, and would very much like to check out, the Natrix you said? Thank you.” Not much of her soup is eaten, but the witch slides back her seat as she sighs. “Yes, yes, I should get back and make sure everything is all right with the aethonan. She seemed to be fitting back into the preserve, but you never know.” Angeline turns to Bannon as she rises. “It was lovely to see you again Bannon.” Yes, she’s more personable than formal! To Signe, she offers a delighted smile. “It was a grand pleasure to meet you, Sydney Cole, and I hope I have the pleasure to run into you when I visit the Natrix.”

"Perhaps," Signe agrees with Angeline. "I'm not scheduled to perform these days - but I'm often in, regardless," she says without offering any further explanation. Her attention turns to Bannon as she adds, "Oh, I'll admit I'd made the same assumption about it for a time. But as was brought to my attention - it is run by a Montague," which is an uncommon but undoubtedly pureblooded name.

"Good eve to you, sir." Bannon offers to Gilbert as he sets to depart. As he looks to Angeline, he bows his head. "Mrs. Eibon. 'Twas a pleasure making your acquaintance once more. Please, do offer your husband a greeting on my behalf. I hope that he is well." Still formal to the end, Bannon is. "A Montague?" He enquires of Signe. Not a name he's overly familiar with. Perhaps he's come across it at some point, but he can't place where. His tea having arrived, he drinks and finishes it before he says, "Well, unfortunately, I do believe I need to get back to the Ministry. Good morrow." As he stands, he places his hat back on his head, places his walking stick in his left hand and actually draws his wand out from the tip with his right. And with a loud crack, he has disapparated.

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