(1939-10-11) Madeline's Magijugend Reports
Details for Madeline's Magijugend Reports
Summary: For two months, Junior Auror Madeline Evans secretly made and delivered to Auror Rena Odori reports on the Magijugend's activities and abuses within the school, and anything that could help incriminate Headmaster Flint
Date: September 2nd through October 11th, 1939
Location: Varies
Plot: Headmaster from Hell
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Time: Tuesday, September 2nd approx. 11am
Where: Gryffindor Common Room
Witnesses: (various NPC Gryffindors), Angelus Eibon, Nikolas Denholm, Kimiko Saito, Madeline Evans

Angelus Eibon entered the common room from the portrit. He asked Nikolas Denholm if he threw all of Eibon's things off the tower and tells Madeline Evans she needs to go see Alphard Black. Denholm said yes but Evans ignores Eibon. Kimiko Saito comes down from the girls' dorms and asks Denholm to apologize. Denholm apologizes and offers to help Eibon get his things back and even says he'll help in Eibon's potions club. Eibon agrees and asks Saito and Denholm to go with him. Once they're gone, Eibon points his wand at Evans and says she has to go with him to see Black or he'll use his wand to make her. Evans says if Black needs someone to kiss his sweled head he'll have to find someone else. Evans goes up the stairs and Eibon runs out the portrit hole after Saito and Denholm.

Not personaly witnessed but herd by rumour:
Time: Just after previous incident
Where: 7th floor hallway in front of Fat Lady portrit
Rumored witnesses: Angelus Eibon, Nikolas Denholm, Kimiko Saito, Alphard Black, Abraxas Malfoy, Genevieve Solomon, Finley Higgins

Outside the portrit hole, members of the Magijugend were waiting. Alphard Black and Abraxas Malfoy took Denholm, Saito, and Higgins who was coming up the stairs into custody and took them to the head master. Malfoy drew his wand on the three Gryffindor students but cast no spells. Eibon and Solomon went to get Eibon's things which had been thrown off the roof.

Report dated: 39/9/2


Time: Friday, September 5th: approx 1pm
Where: Entry Courtyard
Witnesses: Alphard Black, Madeline Evans, Felix Flitwick, Colton Higgins

Alphard Black asked Madeline Evans to meet with him in the courtyard. When she arived, he invited her to sit. He proceded to call her a disrespectfull 'twat' and demanded she stop her rebellion. If she didn't he thretened to hurt her friends. Evans ansered that she had no rebellion and that she follows the school rules. Before leaving Black told Evans he would be talking to more Muggleborns and thretening them too. He said Evans was becoming a monster that would need to be killed.

Report date: 39/9/5


Time: Tuesday, September 9th after dinner
Where: Gryffindor Common room
Witnesses: Celes Dashur, Madeline Evans

Dashur and Evans spoke together about Dashur recintly being removed from the Magijugend. Dashur therized that maybe Flint is imperiused. She said the thought the Magijugend was all about wizard culture but now she has to leave because she's not a pureblood. They also talked about Angelus Eibon and the rest of the house being mean to him. Evans promised Dashur the house is not mad at her like Eibon. Evans said she heard dark magic is being taught to the Magijugend. Dashur looked surprised and said no. Evans said if Eibon wants the house to stop fighting with him, he needs to be a Gryffindor and stand up for people. Dashur said Eibon doesn't have a choice and has to be mean to other students because he signed a magical contract.

Report date: 39/9/9


Time: Friday, September 19th, 3pm
Where: Gryffindor Common Room
Witnesses: Angelus Eibon, Madeline Evans, (various NPCs)

Evans was lying on the couch. Eibon asked her to sit up, and she did. They began to talk. Evans encuraged Eibon to look at the Magic for the Underprivileged and Disadvantaged book and asked him if he agreed that this was all that Muggleborn students should study for years. His replies showed that he didn't agree with Headmaster Flint, but that it was out of his control. He also said he can't do anything about it because he made a mistake, and apolojized for the mistake. This confirms Dashur's statement that Eibon's behavior is being controled and changed by Headmaster Flint and the Magijugend because of the contract he signed.

Report date: 39/9/19


Time: Monday, September 22nd, 12:30pm
Where: Campus Grounds
Witnesses: Madeline Evans, Megan Eibon, Angelus Eibon, Abraxas Malfoy, Cyprien Erin, Calista Flint

Evans was sitting on the grass eating a sandwich when joined by both Eibons and Malfoy. Angelus Eibon saw a cloth bag fall out of Evans' book bag, but she refused to show it to him, saying that it was from her father, that it did not brake the rules, and that it was private. Megan Eibon insisted Evans has a right to privasy. Calista Flint arrived, and after Angelus Eibon told her what was going on, demanded Evans open the bag. Flint insisted Evans was not allowed to have it and was braking the rules, despite not knowing what it is. Evans continued to insist that she was not braking rules, but would not open her bag, and would happily wait where she was for a prefect or a Professor. Flint said she would report Evans to Dumbledore for braking the rules. Evans stated that if Flint said she was braking rules, then that would be a lie, because she knows she's not. Evans showed Flint the small cloth bag, but refused to open it. Flint advised Evans to get rid of it or anything else against the rules. Evans said she would not because she is allowed to have it and her father told her she had to keep it with her. Flint left, and Evans finished her sandwich, then went to find Professor Dumbledore.

Report date: 39/9/22


Time: Sunday, September 28th, 4:30pm
Where: Just outside the greenhouse, near the dirijible plum
Witnesses: Angus MacMillan, Madeline Evans, Oscar Foxhall, Elise Harper, Agnes Fortesque, Levi Esmond, Hannibal Crabbe

MacMillan left the greenhouse to get a cake, while Evans practiced the bagpipes. He planed to bring in the chocolate cake he made for the Mud Club to show everyone, while Evans played a song. The students inside the greenhouse heard shouting and went outside to see what was hapening. They watched Hannibal Crabbe steal the cake from MacMillan because he said the cake was for 'purebloods' even though MacMillan had made the cake himself and told Crabbe not to take it.

Report date: 39/9/28


Time: Friday, October 10th, 7:00pm
Where: Viaduct View Lovre, Castle roof
Witnesses: Angelus Eibon and Madeline Evans

I was sitting on the roof writing when it got dark so I used a wand lighting charm. Eibon came up to the roof and wanted to know about the poster that was put up that morning. So I told him about Peter Pan and Captain Hook. Then he told me it was too danjerus for someone who's “less then a witch” to be using a wand lighting charm and I needed to put it out. When I said no, and told him to leave me alone, he told me to go with him to Professor Dumbledore for braking the rules.


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