(1939-10-13) Charmitorium Lab
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Summary: Professor Viridian and his Student Aide, Eibhlin, offer a special lab for anyone who wants a little extra help with their charms.
Date: 13 October 1939
Location: Charmitorium, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Charmitorium 2nd Floor
Mon Oct 13, 1939 ((Mon Oct 13 20:41:50 2014)) (Hogwarts Castle)

It is a fall night. The weather is cool and fair.

An enormous chamber that changes it's lay-out quite frequently. Obstacle courses and other such challenges occur here in the Charmitorum to aid in practicing ones Charms Spells and lessons. Blocks of all sizes and density are available to create said courses and challenges. A prefect or Professor must be present for a student to use the Charmitorium outside of class.

It's a Charms study hall! One of those rare 'come as you're able' lab classes when the professor and a Student Aide or two make themselves available to help those who want (or need) a little extra face time done on their spells. Eibhlin finishes speaking quietly to Viridian and moves away from his desk to turn towards those gathered.

"Alright everyone," the head girl says, calling into the room. "Glad you could make it. I'd like everyone to orgnaise according to year.. Yes, Bronby, that means you too. You can see your girlfriend after the lab. Please go and sit with the other third years." An obvious 'couple' splits up reluctantly as they join the third and second year groups.

Abraxas has OWLs coming up in… well, seven months or so, so it's not like the pressure has really started to mount, but he's happy to look for practice opportunities anyway. The way things are looking around school, he might yet need those. So the young Malfoy has his charms book and wand as he meets with a knot of fifth years.

Anthony digs around in his pockets, and flicks a sickle onto the ground near some first years, and gestures, "Epoximise!" He gives a grin to the firsties, "Alright! He or she who can remove it gets to keep it!"

Sierra is with the few other fourth years in attendance - sitting next to another Hufflepuff girl as she frowns at her charms book. She has trouble with new spells - she always has - but the refilling charm would be particularly useful to learn, she's decided. Why not refill your glass of wine without having to buy more? Or refill her cup of water - without having to fetch more from a well, or stream? "It's repleo, right?" she asks uncertainly. "Or was it repleo…"

Eibhlin grins sideways at Anthony. "Don't you have your own spells to practice?" she murmurs as she walks past him towards Abraxas. "Now, you're still doing review this month, Malfoy, so do you want me to critique your form on the Launching charm you went over last month? As a warm up?" That's RIGHT about the time that she hears Sierra about to cast the spell incorrectly. "Repleo, Higgins," she calls over to the Fourth Year. "It's reh-PLAY-oh."

Anthony gives a grin, "Sixth year spell. And it'll keep them amused." He ponders though, considering what they've recently learned. Meanwhile, a Firstyear is attempting to use his wand to leeeeever the coin up. It's not working out for him.

Abraxas nods, "Alright." He points his wand at one of the smaller blocks in the charmatorium and flicks upwards as he calls, "Alarte Ascendare!" The target launches into the air as if it were attached to a spring and then settles back down with nary a bounce.

"Oh," Sierra says as the correct pronunciation is offered, and she considers the glass of water in front of her. She picks it up - drinking most of it, then scowls with a look of concentration. "Repleo!" she commands, gesturing with her wand - and obviously looking pleasantly surprised when it fills to the top. "Oh! …easier than I expected. Well! Guess I don't need to practice after all!" She starts to get up - only to be hauled back to her seat by her friend.

Turning to watch Abraxas and his block, Eibhlin nods with a grin. "Well done, Malfoy. You've got that well in hand. Go ahead and turn your attention to the Bubble head charm and I'll swing back around." She moves over to Sierra. "Good job, Higgins. Now let's see you with the locomotion charm. That might take a little more practice. Remember to keep your wand hand active and to put the accent on the first syllable." She looks over at the first year and sighs. "Davies… Not like that please. You'll break your wand. Please return to your seat and help your housemate with the levitation spell." She holds out her wand and points it at the sickle. "Finite." Her grip adjusts and she flicks it. "Like this, Higgins. Locomotor." The sickle floats up a bit and glides back to Anthony's feet. "And epoximise." The sickle is now stuck to the top of Anthony's shoe… NOW HE HAS SOMETHING TO DO!

"Right, Higgins. Your turn. That block over there will do fine."

Anthony chuckles, "That _is_ a DADA spell, you know, Eibhlin! That's cheating!" He tuts, fondly, and points downwards, "Finite!" Then, "Accio coin!"

Bubble head charm, bubble head charm. Not the bubble-producing charm, which is a totally different thing. Abraxas waits for a moment, then points his wand at himself, moves it in a somewhat complicated circle, and says, "Spiranabulla!" in his usual assertive way. A shimmer and a bubble of magical air surrounds his head and face.

Sierra frowns as she considers the block she's been directed to move. "Locomotor," she repeats studiously. "You sure there's not a second accent in there? Locomotor, maybe?" she proposes. "No? Well, alright." Her wand points at one of the blocks in the Charmitoreum. "Locomotor block!" she asserts - and the small block wobbles uncertainly into the air, prompting a surprised smile. Only with concentration does she manage to direct it a small distance - before dropping it.

Abraxas starts to move the blocks around near where he's standing, rolling back the sleeves of his robes and unbuttoning the buttons of his blazer's sleeves. Holding both hands out, he says, "Locomotor block." Then he lifts it a few inches in the air and starts to move it back and forth.

As Abraxas performs the same charm - but with greater control and success - Sierra trains her attention on him, watching wand movements as she attempts to divine the key to his success. "As far as I can tell - the secret's in… not being me," she suggests, before letting out another sigh. "Locomotor block!" she tries again - and as before - she is able to move the block a short, wobbling distance before it drops again. "Hmm."

"No, Higgins, you just have to concentrate on the target a bit more." Abraxas says, with a harrumph. "Accio block!" he calls, and the block starts towards him, "Repulso block!" And it settles back down where it was before. "That's the point of practice, isn't it?"

Eibhlin nods. "Good, Higgins. Again. This time, try holding your wand more firmly. Keep your arm steady as you move the object." She gives the girl a bit of encouragement and then moves back through the ranks, working behind the Professor as they offer advice and guidance. As she reaches Abraxas, however, she tilts her head a bit. "Mm. Perhaps we could make this a little more interesting, Malfoy? Why don't you cast the slowing charm at me?"

"I thought that I was," Sierra responds - sounding exasperated. Only the fact that this would be a very useful spell for packing the wagons keeps her trying. She takes a deep breath, letting it out, and trains her attention on her block again. "Locomotor block!" she commands. She tries to keep her wand more steady and firm in her grip as she moves the block - with modestly improved success.

"A slowing charm won't actually slow you…" Abraxas says, as he holds up his wand in an 'are you sure?' sort of way, "It doesn't effect motor function. It would stop you if you were, say, falling…" He shrugs his shoulders, though, and does as he's told, "Arresto momentum!" he says, and slashes with the wand.

Eibhlin shakes her head. "I'm sorry. I misspoke. I meant to ask you to cast a block at me." She -is- well known for being somewhat absentminded. "Dispell charm please. And very good, Higgins. Why dont' you alternate between summoning the block and floating it away from you. I'd like all Fourth years to do that actually."

Abraxas dispells the charm with another slash of his wand, and then nods. With a swish and flick and incantation the block rises, and then he sweeps his hand towards Eibhlin - though it's a rather slow-moving projectile, all things considered.

Sierra sighs - only the knowledge that this spell would indeed prove useful for moving things about the camp and packing the wagon keeps her working on spell. "Locomotor block!" she cries again, moving her wand with a slight flick of annoyance to send the block back the way it came. But other than a brief shiver and shake - the block stays rooted in place. The girl mutters under her breath in Romany - the sorts of words she would get in trouble with if Viridian could understand them. With one or two in Irish Gaelic.

Eibhlin turns to Sierra. «That's enough of that language, Higgens,» she says sharply in Gaelic. She then catches the block and drops it, banishing it back to Abraxas. Viridian comes over and gives Sierra some quiet pointers on her grip, while Eibhlin continues to work with the Malfoy boy. She holds the block. "Alright, I'd like you to work on your slowing charm in earnest now. Throw it in the air and cast at it. Like this." She tosses the block up and points her wand with her other hand. "Arresto Momentum." The block stops in mid air, lightly rotating.

Abraxas nods, and goes off to practice, taking a block that he can easily toss in the air, and using slowing charms on it before it can fall back to the ground. Every once and a while he manages to stop one entirely, but more often they just slow to fall gently, and now and again, they don't hesitate at all.

Whoops… «Sorry, Shine,» Sierra answers sheepishly, glancing towards the prefect. She's surprised not to be losing house points over it, actually - Eibhlin is head girl, after all! She's going to have to remember to watch that tongue of hers around the girl.
As Viridian approaches, she pays the man polite attention, nodding her head, and adjusting her grip as directed. "Like this, sir?" she asks. "Locomotor block!" The block does seem to move more smoothly under her control - much to her suprise and relief. Oh, finally.

Eibhlin just nods to Sierra and then watches Abraxas for a while. Eventually, she raises her voice a little. "Does anyone have any spells they need help with?" she calls to the small group.

Abraxas spends some time tossing blocks in the air and slowing them on the way down. Up and down, up and down. Eventually, that starts to bore, and so he levitates the block back over to where he found it.

As things seem to be winding down - and Sierra seems to be getting better control of the Locomotor spell - she makes her way over to Eibhlin, her expression turning sheepish again. «Sorry again, Shine,» she remarks in Gaelic. «Hard to remember to watch my tongue after a summer break, sometimes. Thank you for not taking any points.»

Eibhlin looks around. "Anybody?" She nods. "Alright. Well that's our time. We'll meet up in another month or so. Or you can seek me out for further help. Everyone please clean up their station." She just smiles at Higgins then and shrugs. «Sure,» she says quietly. «Just make sure you keep a hold on that language, or I'll have to dock you next time. Alright?»

Abraxas puts his blocks back and gathers up his book before tucking his wand back in his robes, "Thank you, that was very helpful." he says, with politeness that might be surprising coming from the usually arrogant young Malfoy. "Good evening."

«I appreciate the warning,» Sierra responds. There are times to thumb your nose at authority - and there are times to play nice. It's easy playing nice when they're so clearly throwing you a bone. "Thanks for the help, Shine!" Sierra adds in English, before turning and grabbing the hand of one of her friends. Released from practice - it's definitely time to go find some mischief!

Eibhlin nods. "You're welcome. Now hurry on to dinner before you're late." The Irish head girl smiles and waves at those leaving.

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