(1939-10-14) Lucid Sonata
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Summary: Signe brings her finished sonata to Wolfgang to present him with his gift - and meets an unexpected house guest.
Date: October 14th, 1939
Location: Flat Above the Natrix

Wolfgang was asked to not be disturbed. But since Signe is usually exempt from that order when it is made she's easily let up. For a glimmer of a moment it perhaps looks like Wolfgang is enjoying himself on the couch with another woman. Cradled in his arms, he's serenading another woman. She is clinging to him in a hug with her face buried under his chin in his neck and chest. As he sings he rocks and caresses the patch bald head of the woman. It looks like the witch has used the severing charm on herself and there is even places where she's nicked herself and she's bleeding. He's got his classical voice going for this woman, singing a very old Italian Magical Opera song as she seems to go from a sobbing mess into something weak and clinging. As he sings he sometimes kisses her forehead and smiles down at her like he was a father soothing a sick baby with a lullaby.

Signe tops the stairs, and makes her way towards the sound of singing - her steps stopping when she spots another woman in the man's arms, looking momentarily surprised, even a little hurt before the details of the woman's condition dawns on her. A look of uncertainty quickly takes its place as she watches, feeling like an intruder on a very intimate scene. "Should I get you both anything?" she asks softly, keeping her voice gentle and hopefully unobtrusive, hoping not to disturb what seems to be a tenuous situation.

Wolfgang looks up and his eyes are so sad, it's the closest to crying he's ever appeared to Signe. "Ciao." His voice is rough and strained, but it's clear he's happy that she's hear. The woman in his arms sobs and begs as her fingernails nearly shred his robes as she claw-clings at the back of his shoulders, "Musica, MUSICA!" Wolfgang's attention is immediately back on the other woman. "Si mamma, per favore, va bene. Sono qui." Yes mother, please, it's alright. I'm here. He kisses the mature woman's forehead and his looks to Signe, "Mamma, this is Sydney, she's going to play us something. Si?"

"It's a pleasure, ma'am," Signe greets the woman smoothly, switching into Italian and greeting her with a warm and gentle smile. She meets Wolfgang's gaze with sympathy and concern before moving into to the room to retrieve her violin case - setting aside a cloth envelope that Wolfgang doubtlessly recognizes as one she keeps her sheet music in when she's working on something. Her bow is tightened with a few swift twists - and she doesn't bother with rosin, as she takes a seat in a nearby chair and starts to play. It's the instrumental part for duet at the beginning of Puccini's Tosca - between Floria Tosca, a celebrated soprano, and her painter lover, Mario Cavaradossi. She waits to see, however, if Wolfgang knows the song and will prompt them into the duet - or if he'd rather leave it just with the violin for now.

Wolfgang about looks like he could fall head over heels right this minute as Signe demonstrates such poise and grace and kindness in this situation. Nothing quicker to a Mamma Boy's heart than being good to his Mamma. Wolfgang gets his puppy eyes from his mother as the woman just peeks from under the lapel of Wolfgang's robes at the violinist when she starts to play. Those red blotch eyes go between Sydney and her son when he starts to sing. Even within the dementia there is understanding. A mother knows when her son has feelings for someone. So she stares at Signe as she listens to her plays her part in the duet with her boy. Like a diviner reading the tarot cards it's as if the mature woman can learn everything she needs to know about the young woman through the music.

Signe, perhaps, regrets her choice after making it - the way the woman watches her as she plays and sings at once. That's challenge enough, without the extra unnerving quality of having her lovers mother watching her all the while. Color creeps into her cheeks, and though she does periodically steal glances at the mother and son pair, her eyes are closed for the majority of the time, helping to her concentrate on the dual task of playing and singing. Given how distraught the woman appears, she takes extra care with her volume - keeping the song gentle, endearing and filled with affection. The parts where Tosca's jealousy comes to the fore are carefully softened to something more like playful teasing. When the duet ends, she opens her eyes again, still playing a soothing melody on the violin as she looks to Wolfgang - for some cue as to whether he would like her to stop, or continue to play.

Wolfgang sends his mistress a little wink and mouthed 'Thank you'. Because by the time the song is done his mother is very calm. She even claps her hands at the final notes and she gives Wolfgang a kiss to each cheek before she squishes up his face and babbles at him in Italian about how he's such a good boy and she's so proud. But then a lot of it dissolves into just babbling to herself under her breath as she curls up in Wolf's lap. He nods to the violin in a silent asking of her to continue playing the violin. His mother starts to hum along with the music and she closes her eyes and she begins to drift off. Wolf kisses a bare patch of skin on her scalp and he carefully starts to scoop her up to take her into the guest room that is actually still a guest room and not the pseudo-bedroom put aside for Audrey. "I'll be back." Is mouthed to her as he goes.

Signe smiles in response to the appreciation, though concern still lingers in her gaze. She concentrates on her playing, however, more than once allowing her eyes to simply fall closed. It feels strange - intrusive - watching the pair of them together. Like she should allow them both their privacy, without her prying eyes. As she hears him rising, her eyes find his again, nodding in response and offering him another smile. Even with him out of the room - she doesn't stop playing. For all she knows, it'll disturb the soothing 'spell' they have the woman under - using the Muggle sense of the word.

Wolfgang puts on one of his albums on in the guest room. He tucks his mother in like she was his daughter instead and soon enough he is returning. When the door is closed he puts a few spells on it before he fully returns to the reception and he moves to kneel down before Signe and just lays his head in her lap as his own eyes close as he listens to the music she plays.

Signe looks down at Wolfgang in concern, playing for a short time longer, before letting one last, long note slowly fade. She sets the violin aside, then slides from her chair, to wrap her arms around him and pull him close. "Oh, darling… did something happen?" she asks quietly, her voice concerned.

Wolfgang takes a big deep breath that he sighs out with his hands slide under her skirts and he simply caresses her legs underneath as he leans into her arms. Petting her more for his pleasure than hers at the moment. "A nurse - hand maiden of hers that she's had since her and Padre were married passed away…" He turns his head to kiss her knee.

"Oh, I am so sorry to hear that," Signe breathes softly. She runs her fingers soothingly through his hair - occasionally toying gently at his ear. The kiss is welcomed and returned - each gesture meant more to reassure, than to incite passion. "If I can help, I will, you know that. Even if it means giving you and your mother your space. I would never mean to intrude."

Wolfgang kisses her again. "I know Dollface. You are brilliant. Really and I'm sorry you had to walk in on that. I told the boys not to disturb, but they know you're exempt from that. The best way to help is really just play music and try not to look her in the eye too too much." He smirks but he's serious and it makes him sad. "So was that your portfolio I saw? Any progress with that one you've been working on?"

"I'm not sorry. I'm glad I could at least meet her," Signe answers. "And perhaps soothe her a little." She tightens her arms around him for a moment, then flicks her eyes to where she left her folder. "It's finished," she confirms, obvious pride in her voice. "Mostly. I may fiddle with it a bit once we've run through it a few times. But for the most part…" Finished.

Wolfgang kisses her chin and rubs her sides before he starts to right himself and stand. The vulnerability gone in a blink and the lil Don is back as he offers his hands down to help her up as well. "Play it for me?"

Signe accepts the hand up, flashing Wolfgang a smile - though her concern does not vanish quite so quickly. She runs her hand throw his hair again, gives him another kiss - this time aimed directly for his lips. "With you," she agrees easily. "Surely."

Wolfgang returns the kiss, in fact he cups the back of her head with his hand and cups her head there so that he can deepen the kiss. Wrapping her up in his arms he pours his gratitude for all she's done in the span of a handful of minutes. Those few minutes mean the world to him and he shows so in his kiss. "Together." He murmurs over her lips finally breaking the kiss and he takes her by the hand lifting up her violin with the other and taking them boh to his piano. Once there he sits down and starts to warm up his fingers and tickle the ivories while she works on setting up the score.

Signe seems pleased by the kiss, to judge by her smile and the way she light dances along beside him. Or maybe it's simply her eagerness to see what he thinks of the song she's so inordinately pleased with. Though she hasn't voiced it yet - she believes it to be the best thing she's written to date. She does indeed set up the scores - and rosins her bow as well, since she hadn't earlier - then waits for Wolfgang to be ready, seated comfortably beside him on the bench to his piano.

Wolfgang indicates that he's ready and about to begin by placing a kiss on her neck and cascading his fingers over the keys. He spent a touch of time reading ahead and so he begins the song knowing what's soon to come so that he can keep up with her since she knows the song so intimately.

The violin leads into it the song - the most pianissimo of pianissimo - soft, timid, and barely to be heard. It's light, hopeful, and slowly gathering in strength, just barely beginning to dance up and down the scale before the piano joins in - stronger, confident, and even daring and enticing. Throughout the piece, the two parts dance around each other with playfulness and joy as the violin seems to slowly strengthen - gaining confidence with the encouragement of the supporting piano. There are moments of quiet intimacy, moments of conflict that border on dissonance - but it always resolves in harmonies that dance around each other with joy. It ends on a hopeful up swell - the piano ending first, with another playful twinkling of the keys before the last, lingering notes of the violin fade.

Wolfgang leaves his fingers hovering over the keys to feel the lingering vibration from the piano after his last note. His eyes close when that lingering violin not is draw out. His expression that of when he's simply enjoying the caress of her hands, absolute bliss. A shift and slide and he swings a leg to the other side of the piano bench so he can straddle it. Doing this so that he can take her by the hips and draw her against him, her back to his chest as his arms wrap around her and he lays his cheek down on her vacant shoulder. His lips pepper kisses along the nape of her neck as he just breathes in a slow bit of sated harmony with her own breathing. "Don't you change a thing. It's the most beautiful piece I've ever heard." The tenor's voice barely a whisper.

There is a bit f a jolt of surprise when from across the room in the hallway to the rooms comes, "Bello, sorprendente, che musica celestiale!" Beautiful, amazing, what heavenly music! Tristessa Montague is day to the night that Signe witnessed earlier. If it weren't for the butchered hair, the way the woman moves and talks is statuesque and like some Italian goddess that floats into the room. Yes, her eyes are still blotchy, but that's suddenly the only sign that the extremely lucid woman that's crossing the room to them was ever in poor sorts. Wolfgang himself looks quite stunned to see his mother's behavior as she moves to embrace Signe herself and give her kisses to each of the violinist cheeks. Tristessa then leans past his mistress to kiss her son's cheeks. Praising words in Italian the whole time, no babble or dementia. Clear, lucid appreciation for the music that roused her. "Per favore, mamma!" Please, mom! Wolfgang teasingly begs and Tristessa stands and gives a dismissing wave of her hands down at the pair. "Oh essere tranquillo . Mamma vi permetter di essere amanti. Ho semplicemente dovuto dare la mia lode a questa meravigliosa ragazza !" Oh be quiet. Mom will allow you to be lovers. I simply had to give my praise to this wonderful girl! Stunned Wolfgang just hides his face in Signe's neck and hair chuckling as Tristessa kisses her hands and then waves them towards Signe before she lifts a finger to her lips as she slinks back to her room. The music that was turned off so that she can eavesdrop is put back on and turned up quite loudly. "Wow." Is mumbled by Wolf.

"You really thin-" Signe starts in a quiet voice, before Tristessa makes herself known. A little color rises to her cheeks at being caught in an intimate moment with the woman's son - even if it is rather chaste, at the moment. "I'm very glad you enjoyed it," she murmurs quietly, returning the embrace. She turns her head to watch Tristessa with her son - and follows her with her gaze as the woman leaves the room again, before returning her attention to Wolfgang. "I take it that was unusual?" she asks.

Wolfgang places another kiss to Signe's neck before he lifts his head and looks towards his mother's room. "For me, no. But she's never like that around most anyone else, especially strangers. But I shouldn't be surprised, music helps bring her out, the more she likes it, the more herself she becomes." His hands stroke at her tummy and sides, "Thank you for that. It was perfection." He strokes a finger along Signe's jaw while looking her in the eyes. Silently transmitting the depths of emotion he's feeling right now for the platinum blonde.

"Well, I'm glad she liked it," Signe answers, turning herself sideways so her legs are draped over Wolfgang's left leg, and her side is leaning into him. Her left arm drapes behind his back, while her right hand reaches up to cup his cheek and chin. "I'm glad you liked. I think it's the best I've ever written." And she's inordinately pleased with it - even if she is rather reserved in showing it.

Wolfgang lowers his face to kiss her softly. "I am honored that it is for me. I wasn't being entirely flattering when I said it's the best thing I've heard. It's the truth. It brought such powerful imagery to mind. Beautiful Sinny. Beautiful. Thank you."

Signe returns the kiss - her right hand moving to the back of his neck as she does. "You're welcome," she murmurs in a soft voice - more than gratified by his response. "And every note is yours. But… we should do something with it, right?"

Wolfgang smiles and nods, "I think that we should play it every night that you are here for dinner service. Not to mention record it and sell it. Of course. What shall we call it?" It is of course her honor to name the piece.

"I've just been calling it 'Wolfgang's Sonata,'" Signe admits, her tone turning a little wry. And in fact - that's what she scribbled on the pages. "I'm not terribly good at naming things. I go with what's most obvious. …and I'll have to try to write or polish up a few more pieces worth going on a record with this." Because right now she doesn't feel like her other pieces measure up.

Wolfgang smirks and leans in to give her a kiss. "That's fine. How can I complain? We can just do it as a single if you want?" Since albums more often than not were only about 2-5 songs on one record.

Signe returns the kiss - then gives Wolfgang an amused look. "Like the idea of having your name on it, then?" she remarks. As he suggests a single, she shakes her head, then shrugs helplessly. "You know the music business far better than I do. I've no head for that sort of thing. I trust you to have my best interests at heart, so…" Whatever he thinks is best, she'll happily agree to.

Wolfgang gives a little half-grin and one shoulder shrugs before he scoops her up closer to him. "I like the idea that one of the most talented dames I know wrote me a song, and I'm proud as hell to let everyone know that. I'll take good care of the song, just like I will you Sinny." He kisses her lips and then the tip of her nose. "Now you best get going and take the lead some place more private. Or I just might make you explode right here on this bench."

Signe enjoys being pulled in closer - she generally does - and rests her head against him, kissing Wolfgang where his chin meets his neck. "Just like you always do," Signe agrees quietly. She climbs lightly to her feet, leaving her violin on the floor near the piano's bench. Taking hold of Wolfgang's hand, she tugs him gently to her feet and then spins herself playfully around - as if he were twirling her about on the dance floor, before she'll take a step towards the bedroom. "I shouldn't stay the night - I think Tiberius has something to take care of this evening," she remarks. And they don't like leaving Beryl completely alone.

Wolfgang places a suckling kiss on the side of her throat. "Well then we better get cracking…" As he threatened he starts to playfully pull up on her skirts with one hand while the other hand goes to his belt.

"Let's at least get all the way in the bedroom!" Signe protests with a quiet laugh, drawing Wolfgang further on and then making a point of shutting the door behind them - securely.

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