(1939-10-16) Lesson Not Taught
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Summary: After classes, there's a meet up outside in the courtyard. But then disagreements start happening.
Date: October 16, 1939
Location: Entry Courtyard, Hogwarts

Angelus escapes the castle after the last class has let out, following the path to the bridge until he veers off to the courtyard. His book strap hangs over his shoulder as one hand holds onto the end, blue eyes looking around as he strolls coolly towards one of the benches. His golden and red striped scarf is wound around his neck, trailing behind him.

Sierra is sitting with a few of her friends - female friends - laughing at something they're keeping hidden inside a book. As they see Angelus approach, however, the book is slapped closed - but the giggling doesn't stop.

Though what could possibly be so funny about a Transfiguration text book?

Angelus slows when his eyes wander over the girls, and a smile slides along his face as he turns away from where he was headed. His head lifts coolly as he strolls towards them, his smile growing into a grin as he lowers the strap from his shoulder. “Hello,” he offers with a bright, warm smile. “What are you lovelies giggling about?” he asks curiously.

One of the girls leans over to whisper in Sierra's ear - prompting another laugh from the fourth year, who quickly shakes her head. "Nothing much," Sierra fibs. "Just… well. A rather amusing attempt at a transfigurations 'assignment,'" Sierra claims.

An amused smile flicks across Angelus’ face, his blue eyes flicking over the girls. They rest on Sierra when she speaks, and nods his head. “Yea? Well, what kind of attempt?” he asks, tilting his head as he looks interestedly to the book. He smirks, grinning briefly as he shrugs. “Share the amusement, why don’t you,” says Gel light-heartedly. A ‘heh’ escapes him as he lifts a leg to perch his foot against the end of the bench, and he rests an arm casually on top of his knee. “Actually, I could use a little help on today’s assignment, if anyone got the hang of it?”

"I'm very shy about my work," the supposed author of the 'assignment' responds - tucking her book away, and prompting a few more laughs, and even some knowing looks.

"Well - I'm not all that great at Transfiguration," Sierra admits. In fact - she's not that great a student in general. "Why - what didn't you understand?"

Angelus’ smile flickers softly against his lips as his eyes sparkle, looking over the girls. It widens into a grin briefly, looking back onto Sierra. “Are you, Higgins? Huh.” He shrugs his shoulders back simply, tilting his head briefly. A short chuckle escapes him and he leans against his leg before he straightens, lowering his foot back to the ground. “Couldn’t get the antlers to grow no matter what I tried,” he explains with a smirk, shrugging his shoulders lightly. A sigh escapes the youth and he lets out a hum, lifting his shoulders. “I’d usually ask my brother for help, but he’s been so busy with NEWTs.”

"Oh. Well - 'fraid they've got me, too," Sierra responds with a shrug. "I just don't see the point of the spell, anyways." And she never bothers with a spell she can't see the point of. "Goodluck with it, though." With that, she certainly seems to consider the matter closed.

Angelus grins as he tilts his head, his eyes sweeping over all the girls as he speaks, but lands on Sierra. “Then we should work on it together. Maybe we can help each other out.” Gel lets out a ‘heh.’ “I’m going to go up to the library after dinner,” he offers with a light shrug. He strolls around behind the bench to lean forward, arms against the back. “That, or I wouldn’t mind someone to fly out on the field with later.”

As Angelus comes around the back of the bench to lean against it, Sierra shifts away - visibly perturbed and annoyed. "Yeah, no. 'fraid my day's just booked full - and you can wipe that smirk off your face Eibon or me, Finley 'n Colton'll take the task on in turns," she responds rather flatly - prompting raucus laughter from her friends.

A hum escapes the youth as he lifts a brow inquisitively. Angelus blinks as he straightens from the bench, looking questionably at Sierra as he cranes his head to the side. “What?” He stares at Sierra for a moment, regarding her with a clueless expression before he shakes his head, wiping away the look and holding up a hand as he shifts his gaze to the rest of her friends. “Heh,” he lets out as his lips flicker uncertainly. “Is it just me, or are all Higgins hard to understand?” he teases light-heartedly.

"Or maybe you're just not very bright, Eibon," Sierra counters promptly.

Sierra - and a few other fourth year girls - are sitting on a bench, with Angelus behind them. And the poor 'star of Gryffindor' does not seem to be having much luck with the ladies…

Gabriel comes around an outer corner of the castle, from the general area of the viaduct. Over his shoulder he carries his bookbag, stuffed to the point of almost splitting its seams. As he hears the girl's comment he smiles mischievously and asks, "Why would he need to be bright? He's "courageous", "daring", and "brave"!" His tone of voice makes the quotes around the adjectives describing a typical Gryffindor all but audible.

A laugh escapes the boy at Sierra’s counter, and Angelus returns it with a grin. “And you’re quick,” he says, offering her a wink. But a sigh also escapes, glancing over the other girls even as he shifts his gaze suddenly as Gabriel speaks and Gel frowns altogether. He rolls his eyes at the younger boy. “If you ask me a few of my housemates could use some brains.” He shrugs simply, a twitch of his lips as he smirks, and he glances back to Sierra and her friends. “Well, it’s a shame that you guys are losing the interest of a Star and Legend such as myself. I’ll be around so you can goggle at me from a distance,” teases the boy.

"If you're a Higgins - you gotta be. You've no idea the size of our family," Sierra states dryly. She watches the boy begin to back away, then flashes Gabriel an amused look at the boy's sarcasm. One of Sierra's friend reaches out to take Sierra's right hand - even though Angelus does seem to be retreating. When Sierra throws a punch, it's almost always with her right.

"Doesn't seem like you'll be easy to miss - the way your head's swelled up," she adds.

Gliding down the steps is a perhaps familiar face: Lucretia Black. "Angelus," she calls over with a brilliant smile that dies somewhat at the sight of Gabriel. "Do come away from that Mudblood, won't you? I've some scathingly brilliant ideas that you'll want to know about." A pause. "Higgins?" Is it a greeting or a verbal warning? The Magjijugend doesn't seem to clarify.

Gabriel comes to a stop next to the Hufflepuff girl and her friends, his smile going from mischievous to wicked as Lucretia makes an appearance. "Well, that's a good thing, Angelus. After all, Stars are nothing but big balls of stinking, flaming gas once you’re close enough to see them properly." Then he bows slightly to Lucretia in mock deference and asks, "And why would you mind a little mudblood nearby, Ms. Black? Your family history is dark enough to hide any stain."

Something definitely has the little Ravenclaw's dander up.

Well Angelus drew back an inch at least, but he tilts his head as a brow rises. An amused smile slides across his face, regarding Sierra and her friend curiously. “Problems, Higgins? Well, when you have the charm and great looks as me,” he says, spreading his hands - the book strap still gripped in his left hand - “then you’re used to the starry looks from all the girls.” A wink as he smiles sweetly. His royal blue eyes flick onto the arriving Slytherin and his smile all but glows. “Black! Oh, how I am delighted to see you,” he says enthusiastically. His head lifts with self-importance as he leans his head, looking over at the Muggle-born. “Oh, Ward has always been respec-“ He cuts off and his smile fades, suddenly looking quite taken aback. He blinks, staring at him speechlessly before he clears his throat and shakes his head. “Well, okay…” He frowns, glancing over towards Lucretia, and then towards Gabriel, and when he speaks it’s suddenly with an icy tone as he sets a warning look on the younger boy. “Easy, Ward. Careful what you say about my friends and your superiors.”

Sierra scoffs at Angelus - and then Gabriel arrives on the scene with his own set of witty retorts, and she lets out a delighted laugh. "Oh, wow. See? Him I like," she announces. "This is why it's never a good idea to anger a Ravenclaw," she remarks. Propping her elbow onto her knee, she prepares to watch the fireworks, adding a cheerful, "Now, now - remember that we're all classmates," though judging by her tone she doesn't intend of expect these words to actually cool any tempers.

Lucretia actually chuckles at Gabriel. "Go away, little boy," she drawls as lazily as any rich girl with a superiority complex can manage. "Don't you have some -shoes- to shine?" She walks over to Angelus, a smug look twinkling behind her eyes. "See, Angelus?" she murmurs. "Blood always tells, doesn't it? Makes you sad to think about how magic is wasted on such a weak mind. Ah well. He's probably smart enough to make someone a decent servant one day, provided he learns to keep his tongue in check and can darn a sock well."

She nudges Angelus, turning her back on Gabriel. "So, tell me how you're doing with the potions homework! I'm perfectly bored with it, of course, but I'm sure you're eating it up."

Gabriel starts to giggle, which he quickly forces into a more manly chuckle. After all, only girls and little kids giggle and he's neither. At Angelus and Lucretia's words his eyes open wide in mock dismay "Oh deary me, deary my! I've offended the high and mightly purebloods!" A hand goes up to his forehead in an exaggerated show of increased dismay, "Waily, waily, waily! Woe is me, fated to be nothing but a servant. But then again, it would only be the charitable and merciful thing to do, since there are people out there that would starve to death without the help of those more skilled and able than themselves." Then with a sigh and a shake of his head he adds, "But I guess Angelus is right. I should take it easy. After all, using the equivalent of a mental wand against an unarmed opponent is not at all honorable."

Sierra lets out a loud sigh. "And the blood-wars start again." She rises to her feet, going over to Gabriel and patting him on the arm. "Go easy on them. Their upbringing's left 'em at a disadvantage." She then blows a playful kiss towards the two purebloods and scampers off - friends in tow.

Angelus frowns at Sierra, tipping his head lightly as he regards her, but sighs disappointedly as he shakes his head. “Do you now?” he asks with a contemptuous laugh. “Of course you do. Well…” he says on a sigh, shrugging in such a way that says there’s nothing to be done about that. “Higgins do show a lack of taste.” Angelus smirks, rolls his eyes, and turns to Lucretia as he smiles softly to her. “It does,” he says, nodding his head slowly. “It’s a shame,” he agrees. A hum escapes the youth and a short chuckle escapes him. “I thought he was a lot smarter, too. Look how wrong I was.” He casts a glance onto Gabriel, but he only turns his gaze away for a second, long enough to grin at Lucretia’s question about potions. He’s opened his mouth to respond before he closes it and he turns a cold stare onto Gabriel. It’s not exactly what the Ravenclaw says, but, well, it is, but only because the Gryffindor doesn’t quite understand him. The blonde haired youth shifts uncomfortably, insecure, especially with Lucretia right there. So yes, anger flashes in his eyes as he takes a step towards Gabriel. He has to fight the urge to take another step and to reach into his robes. “Are you hard of hearing, lesser. When one of us asks you to go, you go. Or you wouldn’t make a very good servant.”

"…waily, waily, waily?…" Lucretia mouths the made-up words at Angelus with a look of incredulity and amusement. She sighs and taps Angelus on shoulder. "Hey. You. I'm over here." She grins. "Let the mudblood go, Angelus," she says with a laugh. "He's too shrimpy to put up a decent fight." The Black just grins at her friend, ignoring the third year just over there.

Speaking of mudbloods… Oh, wait, nevermind. It's Abraxas Malfoy emerging from the Entry Hall and into the courtyard, his prefect badge gleaming on his robe and the silver badge of the Magijugend hanging down just below the knot of his tie. "Eibon. Black. What's going on?" he says, to his peers.

Gabriel’s wicked smile turns into an insolent grin. Tilting his head a bit to the side and putting his hands behind his back he starts to get closer to Angelus, step by measured step. As he gets closer he's forced to tilt his head slowly upward to compensate for being almost half a foot shorter than the older Gryffindor. Without taking his eyes off of Angelus he says, "Have a good day, ladies." when Sierra and her friends take their leave. "It is /such/ a shame, Angelus. Indoctrinated, brain-washed little Lion, poisoned by the Snakes. I would be careful of the little Mamba next to you. Once she's gotten what she wants from you she'll just inject enough of her poison to kill you then she'll slither away."

As Abraxas comes into the tableau Gabriel's grin widens a little bit more and, now close enough to Angelus for the other boy to hear a whisper he asks, "So my dear Fallen Angel, what do you think happens to a lion that falls into a pit of snakes?"

Lucretia's hand reaches out and takes Angelus by the elbow in a restraining manner.

Angelus tries to show more of a superior glimmer in his eyes, his head raised, trying to hide whatever insecurities he might be feeling as he shifts on his feet. He nods once as he shifts his gaze to Lucretia. “I am so sorry, Lu. You deserve my full attention. Not to be split with this,” he waves his hand at Gabriel as he approaches, “this riff-raff.” The youth can’t quite hide the cringe as Abraxas arrives, now more worried than ever. Back straight and standing with a proper poise, he lifts his head in greeting. “Hello, Malfoy. Just another M-“ He hesitates, and then decides to go with it the term he rarely uses. “Mudblood can’t seem to find his place.” The younger boy continues to make it difficult to not turn to him, his blue eyes locking on Lucretia as he clears his throat. “So… potions…” Where was the conversation going? As strained look appears on the Gryffindor’s face as he frowns deeply. “Sorry, Black,” he says apologetically, dipping his head respectfully to his friend as he pats her hand on his elbow. “Ward needs to be taught a lesson on where he stands.” He doesn’t move away from Gabriel, but he does turn his back to him with a quick, abrupt turn as he lifts his head, snubbing the youth. “We should be allowed to silence the slander that falls off their tongue so often.”

Lucretia nods when Angelus decides not to give into Gabriel's blatant baiting. It's then that she looks back over at Abraxas, giving the slightly older boy a cheerful smile. "Oh, I was just about to bend Angelus' ear, Malfoy. Would you like to join us? I was thinking about heading somewhere less overrun."

Abraxas catches only the tail end of the whole Ward diatribe, and he simply snorts. He looks to Angelus, and then to Lucretia, "What seems to be the problem here?" he asks, before looking at Gabriel, "Ward, are you causing trouble again?"

Considering how close Gabriel is standing to Angelus' back, hands still behind his own back, he has to lean over to the side to see Abraxas. Opening his eyes wide in mock innocence he shakes his head, "Me?? Never! I'm just being a good little servant and watching out for the well-being of my "betters". Serving as eyes and ears and giving our Shining Star of Gryffindor here a clear view of the situation he's in. Nothing more." Taking a step off to the side so he's not behind Angelus anymore he raises a finger in the air as an idea hits him, "But you know? Black and Eibon have a point. I should make sure that everyone can tell what my proper position in life is." Leaning down he runs his fingers through the mud then uses it to draw four stripes on his face. The lines run from the middle of his forehead to the hollows of his cheeks, two lines running over top of each eye, starting thick at the top and narrowing to points at the bottom. And for people that might have seen it before, they could look suspiciously like some of the battle paint Native American Indians wear in some of the Hollywood motion pictures.

Angelus inhales sharply, and he smiles pleasantly as he bows politely at Lucretia, gesturing away from Gabriel, acting proper. “Yes, a walk of the grounds? Perhaps when we return the foulness around the courtyard will have disappeared.” His royal blue eyes flick towards Abraxas. “It,” says Gel, pointedly turning his gaze sharply, but briefly, towards Gabriel to make a point who it refers to, “needs to have its tongue tied to teach him a lesson.” He rolls his eyes, beginning to walk with an arrogant sway. “A walk sounds refreshing, doesn’t it?” he asks Lucretia, smiling kindly at her.

Lucretia just… stares. "What the hell are you on about? Go -away-, little boy, and annoy someone else. You are clearly indulging in melodramatics for your own benefit, but really. Much more of that," and here she gestures to the mud-on-face bit, "and I'll escort you to Madame Spleen myself. You must be barmy." About that time someone from the castle shows up. "Hey Black! You've got an Owl from your parents…" Lucretia's face lights up at that news. "Okay, Angelus, do you mind terribly if I owe you that walk? I need to go get this. I was asking about having my allowance increased!" She gives the blonde Gryffindor a hug and then runs back towards the castle. "See you later, Malfoy!" she calls cheerily as she runs.

Abraxas closes his eyes and pinches the bridge of his nose for a moment, "Eibon, if you think a lesson needs to be taught, then you are a deputy, and should fight your own battles instead of just talking about it." Then he looks towards Gabriel, "Ward, wash that nonsense off your face, you know that sort of thing isn't allowed. Stop living up to the well-deserved reputation for failure that your house has courted thus far this year." He folds his hands behind his back, tapping his fingers together, and says, "We'll talk later, Eibon."

Abraxas waves to Lucretia as she takes her leave, "Catch me for chess in the Great Hall, Black. We need to talk as well. Ta."

Lucretia waves a 'will do' to Abraxas and disappears into the castle.

Gabriel waves cheerily at Lucretia, taking immense pleasure in annoying her by being perfectly polite, "Thank you for caring, Black. I hope you have exactly the day you deserve." Then he returns his attention to Angelus and Abraxas, "Really? It’s not allowed? I'm sorry, us poor mudbloods are a little too dumb to remember things like that. You really can't blame us 'inferiors' for not being able to keep track of all the little stuff, right? I do thank you for reminding me of the rules." And then he turns to Angelus, winking at him, "And Malfoy is right. Why /don't/ you fight your own battles, little Lion? After all, putting someone as inferior as me in his place shouldn't be at all hard, should it?" Then he smiles brightly, his teeth showing clearly but the smile never really reaching his eyes.

Disappointment flashes across Angelus’ face, but he quickly replaces it with a smile, bowing his head in understanding to Lucretia. “We’ll walk later,” he confirms. He can’t resist the urge to lean his head closer to her when she hugs, one arm returning the hug even as he quickly turns his head, lips twitching. Instead, he suffices by taking her hand and kissing her knuckles gentlemanly before she retreats. He lifts a brow to Abraxas, and frowns, looking over to Gabriel and back to the Slytherin prefect. An annoyed hiss escapes the youth as he holds his head with importance. “Deputized,” he says the word bitterly. “If I knew the spell to silence him,” he says, nodding his head toward Gabriel, “I would.”

"Yes, I think we learn that one this year." Abraxas says, of the silencing spell. "But fine, then. Ward, come along, we're going to the washroom and scrubbing that nonsense off your face."

Gabriel keeps the feral grins on his lips as he says, just at about the same time Abraxas speaks, "Silencio. Complicated 5th Year Charms spell." Someone has been reading ahead, "But you can always try the Tongue-Tying Curse. I could show you how that one works, if you need me to, Angel Boy."

After giving Angelus a moment to react to the statement, which was delivered in such a sickly sweet tone that it makes it hard to tell if it’s an offer or a threat. He turns to Abraxas and says, "No need to inconvenience yourself "master" Malfoy. I'm one of the /smart/ inferiors. I can wash my face all on my own, I can!" Oh, the pride in his voice as he says that! Maybe a touch too much pride?

Angelus’ blue eyes flick over the younger boy with a sneer. “Yes, go clean yourself up,” snaps the Gryffindor, waving his hand - fingers pointed toward the ground - through the air. “And while you’re at it, clean off the mud, too,” he says in contempt, sighing impatiently. His lips twitch, and a single eyebrow wiggles slightly, a smirk touching his lips. His hand tucks away into his robes. He knows of the tongue tying curse, but as he removes his wand from his holster he’s recalling the list of spells. He can’t remember it being on the list, but certainly with circumstances it would be all right? “You do need a lesson on holding your tongue,” Angelus decides. He sweeps the wand through the motion as he says, “Mimble Wimble,” flicking the wand’s tip towards Gabriel, only to have his wand fizzle on him. This causes the youth to start, flushing as his composure nearly breaks, glancing quickly at Abraxas in his embarrassment. “It’s this bloody-“ he begins, but his thumb only strokes the ring on his wand, holding his tongue.

"Oh, Merlin's Beard." Abraxas says, with a shake of his head. He steps forward, and says, "Ward, let's go. We'll show your face to the Professor, and let him tell you to wash it off. We'll also discuss your attitude and the fact that you're discussing magic that is outside the reach of muggle-borns like you." He turns to lead the way, expecting Gabriel to follow him. "Eibon… Put your wand away." he says, probably a bit more cuttingly than he intends.

Gabriel reacts to Angelus pulling his wand by holding his hands out to his sides. And once Angelus' spell fails he turns his head so that Abraxas can only see him in profile and winks at the Gryffindor boy with the eye Abraxas can't see. Without another word to 'Gel he starts walking with Abraxas back to the castle, "Of course Mister Malfoy. Here, let me get the door for you! Professor Mopsus should be in his office at this hour, let me clear the way for you. I'll make sure no inferiors get in your way while we walk there." And that he does, firmly demanding both half bloods and Muggle born move out of the way of Abraxas as they make their way deeper into the castle with Gabriel opening every door and bowing so deeply his head almost touches his knees every time he holds a door for the Slytherin Prefect.

Abraxas is many things, but stupid isn't one of them. He knows when he's being mocked, and snaps, "Just follow along to Professor Flint's Office, Ward, and stop acting like a clown." Either way, though, he heads unerringly towards that familiar Magijugend destination.

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