(1939-10-16) So Puerile
Details for So Puerile
Summary: Angelus comes up to the rooftop to get away and finds Madeline there. Finley sneaks up on him.
Date: October 16, 1939
Location: Viaduct View Louvre

A gathering of students climb the staircases on their break, chatting amongst themselves, laughing, making jokes. A grin is spread across the blonde haired boy’s face, shaking his head a little as he lifts his shoulders shamefully. Apparently the topic is quidditch, and Slytherin’s team is mentioned. But then Gel swings off on one of the staircases that leads to the rooftops. He steps outside, dressed neatly in his school robes and popping a candy into his mouth. On his way towards the railing Angelus pauses, his eyes flickering over the surroundings as he hums quietly.

Again Madeline is there - though this time she's not working on her story. Instead she's sketching with a pencil, working on a drawing of (of all things) a massively huge raven who's marching through a town and crushing buildings. It's meant to be her own Mischief, no doubt. Here and there she even scribbles in the impression of fleeing masses. She glances at up at the sound of footsteps, stiffles a groan, and gets back to work. Lying nearby is her practice chanter - apparently she'd been working on her bagpiping before she started her latest sketch.

Bagpipes are great for annoying poncy English boys. That Finley knows first hand. Well the way he plays then they annoy everyone and make ears feel like they're bleeding but that's not important. He's not far behind Angelus and currently doing his best to do a cartoony sneak up on the older Pureblood. He's in a rather silly mood, of not an aggressive one at the moment, which is probably just as well given his tendency to get mouthy.

As the youth’s gaze lands on Madeline, Angelus sighs. He takes a moment to regard her quietly, inclining his head thoughtfully and paying no mind that anyone else might be around. His head lifts as a smirk flicks against his lips. “Is this going to be our famous meet up spot, Evans?” he inquiries in a bored, supercilious tone. “You aren’t causing any more problems, are you?”

After glancing at Angelus, Madeline's attention returned determinedly to her work - and it remains there. In fact - she starts drawing a tiny figure dangerously close to the rampaging raven and- gracious. Is that a dropped broom just out of the figure's reach as the raven's foot descends? Unfortunately, given the size of the bird, it's impossible to add any real detail to the tiny humanoid figure…

As to Angelus' questions, he might as well not have spoken for all the reaction it elicits.

Sneaking up on Angelus, Finley tries to push a finger into both of Angelus' sides at the same time and yell out at the top of his lungs."'Allo Maddie!" He says after the noise, “I 'ope yer doin' well enough today. If yer going to be causing any problems fer the git, can I join in?" He asks grinning broadly at Madeline as he puts his hands behind his head and just sort of stands there, balancing a bit on one foot.

Angelus smirks as he tilts his head in amusement at Madeline. “Well I’m sure-“ He cuts off when he realizes someone is behind him, but by then it’s too late. He doesn’t turn around before Finley jabs his fingers in at his sides, which brings out an ‘ack.’ As he spins around fast he also steps back, bumping against the railing and in his reflex, tucks a hand into his robes at his shoulder. His expression twists into a sneer as he gives his head a self-righteous flick. Clearing his throat, he pushes his wand back into its holster underneath his robes and frowns deeply at Finley. “Let’s keep our hands to ourselves. Are all Higgins’ so uncouth?”

At the sound of the shout, Madeline looks up - Finley actually earning a smile from the girl who's been so dour lately. "Hello, Finley!" she greets him brightly. She puts on her best puzzled look. "What git? Just you 'n me, ain't it? And you know me - I don't ever cause the trouble. But don't let me stop you." Oh, no, don't let her stop you. As far as she's concerned - it's open season on Angelus again.

"Only on days that end in a y, but that's just me. What about you? Ye always a bombastic boorish blockheaded brat?" Finley says showing that perhaps there actually is a bit more brain in that head of his than most would give him credit for. "I think he's a pompous, puerile, petulant poof that's compensating for his own lack of imagination by clinging to the coattails of people with magic and power." He says swinging a foot casually.

Angelus looks down at his self, purposefully looking away from Finley as he flicks his hands over his robes to clean them. He takes as much time as he needs, ignoring and snubbing the two un-important occupants until he’s good and ready to speak. “Oh?” The youth lets out as he looks over at Madeline, a grin stretching across his features. He cranes his head to the side as he asks, “Are you still angry that I follow the rules, Evans?” A dramatic sigh escapes him, followed by a smirk. “It’s your own fault for being disobedient all the time.” His blue eyes flick onto Finley, humming thoughtfully as he considers, tilting his head. “Silence, Higgins,” he says in a bitter sweet tone, “you’re nonsense babbling hurts the ears.”

"Puerile…" Madeline giggles quietly. "I like the word. Puerile. It's just fun to say, isn't it? It's a wonder folks don't use it more. It's a shame there's so many puerile folks around here that no one even seems to know the word puerile. Hey Finley, wanna see my drawing? I think it's a little puerile too - but at least it's fun."

"Nah. It ain't puerile, just fun. He's puerile cause he ain't got the brains ta understand the word puerile." Finley says smiling broadly, “I can't stay though. Saw him heading up here and had ta bother him a bit. Anyway… I'll see ya around when I get the chance. I've got a bit of trouble that needs ta be undone in a proper way. Some of the firsties picked up a habit that they need to be shown to do right proper!" He says before spinning on one foot and then running off.

"We're teaching firsties? I'm in!" Madeline answers promptly - throwing her things hastily back into her bag and climbing to her feet. She hurries after Finley, skipping alongside him without so much as a glance back at Angelus.

Angelus lifts a brow as he regards Madeline for a time, but he rolls his eyes and shrugs simply. His blue eyes flick towards Finley and Angelus lets out a long, drawn out sigh as he lifts a hand to wave dismissively. “Yes, why don’t you scamper off, and do be careful of the stairs. It’s one foot in front of the other.” He watches both his housemates depart before he turns towards the railing, sighing and murmuring something about embarrassing housemates.

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