(1939-10-17) Every Girl Needs a Stalker
Details for Every Girl Needs a Stalker
Summary: Madeline and Angus go deer stalking - on brooms!
Date: October 17th, 1939
Location: Hogwarts Forest Fringe

Angus had called on you, carrying his broom. He's also dressed very practically. A mini gamekeeper in leather and tweed. "It's just a shame I dinnae have mah crossbow."

"A crossbow at Hogwarts - that'd really be something," Madeline remarks. She's got on some trousers for once - because riding a broom in a skirt is not terribly convenient - with a warm sweater and her cloak. "My usual clothes for going out game shooting or stalking are at home," she convides. "…how does it work on brooms, anyways? Is it just about the same?"

Angus says, "Wheel, you have to fly really low. And if you get close, you need tae get owf and crawl. But yehs can also take shots from broomtop." A pause, as he gets his broom started, and clambers on, "Ah always miss."

"When you shoot from a broom?" Madeline asks, following suit. She mimics the position she would try to take with her hunting rifle - while on a broom - and lets out a quiet giggle. "That's really awkward, isn't it?"

Angus grins, holding his broom with his thighs, and raising an imaginary crossbow. And yes. It doesn't look very stable. At all.

"And then there'd be the recoil…" Madeline says thoughtfully. Which isn't all that bad when she's on the ground - but when balancing on a broom? "…I don't think I want to fire any shotguns from brooms," she decides.

Angus says, "Aye! Less recoil on a crossbow, I'm guessing. Never tried wi' a shotgun."

"Well - if you ever want to try with a shotgun, you just need to come by my da's farm during one of the breaks," Madeline offers. "We don't use brooms, of course. We'll be on foot. But my da' can show you how they work and give you a try at it."

Angus considers that, and then nods, "Aye. Soonds fun! Tho' I dinnae think the noise will help the stalking!"

"Well, you only get the one shot, ever," Madeline remarks - assuming Angus means the noise of the shotgun. "You have to make sure you've got a good shot."

Angus nods, and drifts his broom sideways, "But here, it's stalking. I mean, I spose yehs could stun a deer, but…." He shrugs, "It's nice tae just watch them."

"They're awful pretty to watch," Madeline agrees. "Graceful." But they're also delicious. She maneuvers her broom to follow Angus, seeming to have no problems. She may not be as good on a broom as Angus, but as long as the flying is simple… "We have to keep the populations down, though, 'cuz if there's too many they might get into the crops."

Angus says, "Aye… I dinnae ken hoo they do it here. Mebee we should find oot." There's a grin there. "But right noo, lets get oot of the school!"

"Out of the school?" Madeline answers. "…I can't leave the grounds without my uncle," the girl stops Angus. "I'm still a second year."

Angus says, "Oh, no. No…. I mean, the grounds go _everywhere_!" And he soars off, then dives to pick up speed and heads towards one of the remoter areas of the grounds, "C'mon, Evans!"

Oh, good. Madeline kicks her broom into motion - managing to stay right behind Angus as he soars up - though she gives a little squeak as he dives. She hesitates a moment before following suit, gripping tightly at the handle of her broom - but managing to maintain control easily.

Angus drops down until he's maybe ten feet up, and using the speed from the dive, zooms over the heather. It's a great way to sightsee

Madeline still follows - though she perhaps stays a few feet higher. Zipping too close to the ground, while going too fast… it makes her rather nervous.

Angus comes up towards a ridgeline, drifting lower, and slower, so his head along crests the ridge, and he grins, "The herd's doon there!"

"How many?" Madeline asks back - as she tries to glimpse what Angus saw. This does seem to go much faster on brooms.. But there's no way her father would stand for it! Her stalking deer all on her own.

Well. Not with a shotgun, anyways.

Angus drifts lower, so his feet are on the ground, and indeed, he swings them up onto the broom, so he's lying on the broom, full length, with his feet on the bristles, and drifts the broom lower, and up the slope, so he can peek, "Twenty, mebee?"

Madeline copies him - though she looks rather wobbly as she brings her legs up. Her years horseback riding have improved her balance - but the narrowness makes it hard! Hands griping tightly to help her stay on, she peers over the ridge as well.

Angus glances sideways with a grin, "Cool, isn't it?"

"Takes a looooot longer to find the herd when you're on foot," Madeline confides quietly. "When I'm old enough to go stalking on my own - I'll definitely bring a broom." And she'll probably be old enough to use the featherweight charm on the carcass by then! …if she's able to finish school and keep her wand.

Angus says, "Aye. Fast, and _silent_. Is it no quite the way tae do it."

"I wish my parents could use brooms," Madeline murmurs quietly. She wishes everyone could use magic. Things would be a lot simpler then.

Angus says, "Aye… hoo does that work, anyway? Ah mean, they ken boot magic, aye?"

"Yeah," Madeline murmurs quietly. "My parents do. My da's known since my uncle was 11. My mum's only known since I was 11. But Asher, Saul, and Miriam - the three German kids that moved in with us at about Christmas time? They don't know. And some of the other Muggleborn kids - their parents don't know. I can't imagine that - having to lie to my parents about all of this."

Angus considers, then comes to a logical conclusion, "That disnae make sense." He gestures down towards the herd, "They ken stuff we cannae see. They feel it. Smell it. I think that's hoo it is wi' magic. Folks ken, even if they dinnae ken they ken."

"I dunno," Madeline says uncertainly. She gives this a little thought. "Maybe when they're kids, they do," she muses. "There's all these Muggle stories - about how magic and magical things like kids more. How kids can see it better. But adults - Muggle adults - they don't ken nothing about magic."

Angus says, "Aye. Whill. Perhaps they need tae trust their feelings more than their heads, aye?"

"Maybe," Madeline agrees. "But most adults don't." Quietly she adds, "I wish magic wasn't such a secret. It would make everything so much easier."

Angus says, "Aye. I dinnae ken why it is. But it is, y'ken. It's easier wi' the animals."

Madeline goes from looking at the deer - to looking at Angus. She didn't follow his line of thought completely there, but… "Did you just compare Muggles to animals?" she asks.

Angus blinks, looks confused, "No."

"…okay. Good. Sorry, I just… sorry. I didn't follow what you meant there." Madeline's cheeks color with embarrassment as she looks back at the deer.

Angus gestures, "They see things as they are. They see _us_ as we are, ken? They dinnae lie. They dinnae cheat."

"No. I guess they don't," Madeline agrees, watching the deer thoughtfully. "…'course. They don't see Muggles or wizards any different at all. Or pureblood. Or mudblood."

Angus says, "Well… I wouldnae be so sure aboot that, quine. I think they ken aboot magic, y'ken?"

"I don't know if they do or not," Madeline answers, seeming unconvinced. "But even if they did - you really think they'd see a Wizard any different?" Because she doesn't! "The act the same way around me as my dad."

Angus says, "Aye… but I think they know aboot _magic_, ken? Whether or no there's a wizard aboot. And they dinae behave around me the way they do around most"

Madeline doesn't look entirely convinced. "Well. Mischief knows about magic. But then - I put a bubble on her head more than once. She HATES it when I do that, but I gotta practice it on something…"

Angus lets his broom drift into a gully, half full burn ditch, and lets it slowly drift him down the slope towards the herd.

As Angus falls silent and drifts into the gully, Madeline simply watches for a few moments. She lets him get a bit ahead of her, then carefully and silently follows suit.

Angus pops his head up, every so often, then continues the 'crawl'. It's different to normal stalking, but a lot of the skills are the same. On the plus side, the brooms are silent in a way crawling isn't, but on the other, there's 5' of inflexible wood, making some corners more challenging.

Okay - this is just weird. But kind of fun. Madeline has to fight to resist the urge to giggle. She tries to follow Angus' path - mindful of the fact that he has better awareness of this massive bit of wood they're both clutching to. She glances back wheneveer she turns - trying to make sure the bristles around going to crash into a bush behind her. So far so good…

Angus pops his head up, and stops, turning his broom, so there's space beside him.

When Angus stops and waits - Madeline does as well. It takes her a moment to realize that he wants her to pull up alongside him and so, cautiously and quietly, she does. She's going to be glad when they can sit back up on their brooms, though.

Angus says, very quietly, "Look."

There, not twenty feet away, is a magnificent stag, sniffing at the air, as if sensing something being amiss, but not placing it.

Madeline does indeed look, and breathes out the quietest little, "Wooooow…" They have an absolutely amazing shot! …and absolutely nothing to shoot. So instead, she has to content herself with simply watching - and counting the points on his antlers.

Angus breaths, "Have I convinced yehs aboot using brooms fer this sort of thing?"

"Brooms are pretty great," Madeline murmurs - and she does indeed sound convinced. "But I don't even have one." She's on a school loaner, right now.

Angus's broom is his own, but it looks like a 3rd or 4th hand, hand-me-down. "Aye? Is that Uncle of yours no rich?"

"'course not," Madeline murmurs. "He works at the Ministry - but it's not one of the jobs people think 'f as important." And that translates into a smaller salary.

Angus says, "Well…" And it's at this point you might realise something about Angus' clothing. It's never looking new. Or anything other than hardwearing. "…. surely enough tae get _a_ broom of your own?"

"I guess. Probably. If I asked for Christmas, maybe," Madeline supposes quietly. "He could keep it at his new cottage… In Hogsmeade. Dunno they'd want me having a broom around the farm. What if someone saw?"

Angus says, "Saw? Saw what? A broom?"

"Me on the broom," Madeline murmurs quietly. "All my neighbors are Muggles - and my new sibs are too."

Angus ohs! "Aye. Might be best tae leave it up here! But they're great! It's where ah git mah goadlike figure, ken?"

Madeline slaps her hand over her mouth - trying not to giggle and scare off all the deer. "You should come by my uncle's cottage this weekend," she urges Angus quietly. "You c'n make sure he knows what kinda broom to get me - 'n you c'n meet Sally."

Angus gives a nod, "Aye." A beat, "Who's Sally?"

"My dog - my springer spaniel," Madeline explains. "She's great."

Angus gives a nod, and starts to drift his broom backwards. Showoff. It's clear he intends a quiet sneak away from the deer, to avoid startling them.

Madeline lets Angus back out first - still gazing up at the deer - then tries very carefully to copy him, glancing back frequently to be sure she's not going to crash into anything.

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