(1939-10-19) Optimism in Dark Times
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Summary: Seren spots Graham at the book shop, so they share some tea and chitchat while catching up about goings-on around both the wizarding and Muggle worlds.
Date: October 19, 1939
Location: Flourish + Blotts Bookshop, Diagon Alley

It's afternoon a bit after lunch time and the alley may be full of shoppers and various residents and the like, but if one has the mind there are more quiet places to come and spend time. The bookshop is one of those sure there is some talking and conversations but nothing like a pub or out on the street. It is also less populated so that does help. One who has been known to spend time here and is doing so again right now is Graham he sits in one of a few chairs gathered with a small table in reach which holds a cup of tea. The auror is reading which shouldnt shock anyone really magical theory it seems.

The door opens and closes to admit one Seren Bryce, seldom seen in the Diagon Alley area of London lately. She closes her umbrella and leaves it near the door among several others, slowly dripping onto the floor. With quick steps, she makes her way back toward the shopkeeper's counter, speaking quietly before she's left there alone to wait. She turns her back on it, slowly tugging off thin, leather gloves, and has just spotted Graham when the shopkeeper returns with a bound bundle of books. Money is exchanged, along with quiet thanks on both sides, then Seren makes her way over toward the Auror's quiet area of the shop. "Mind another?" she asks, politely friendly as always. "I'm in no rush to head back into that drizzle today."

Graham is quite interested in his book as his usual habit of checking on who enters when the door opens is forgoten, but the sound of approach does break this he lowers the book but seeing who it is a friendly warm smile "Seren, but it has been a while. Of course not please join me. I can have another cup of tea brought over for you?" he says folding the book shut he does glance towards the door. "Yes the colder weather is soon to be here to stay, i'm not sure i'm prepared."

"Tea would be lovely," Seren is quick to reply, her smile warming as she sets down her bundle, then primly takes a seat. "The weather wouldn't be such an issue if we didn't need to be among the Muggles quite so much," she adds, skirt smooth, feet tucked under her before she folds her hands in her lap. "Then again, there's something to be said for a good wool outfit and a decently oiled cloak, at least our boots all look the same. Aside from dragon skin, I suppose. I did see someone with a pair of those just outside Westminster the other day. Seemed rather careless." Much like her shrug that follows. "Any good reading?" she asks a moment later, nodding toward Graham's book.

The auror will motion for another tea to someone who is walking around attending, he motions for it to be placed on his bill as well its just his way. Graham listens to the others words nodding in understanding "Ah, yes that does make for an interesting time. A chippy with particularly good food was discovered near the ministry i've noticed all sorts of our colleagues going there to eat I think the woman there suspects something is "off" about us, but not exactly what." he chuckles softly "Hm, I can see that gaining questions needlessly." he glances to the book "Looking up or well trying to find a bit of unknown magic I came across no success so far." he explains. "So, how have you been? Catch me up." he grins

"Unknown magic?" Seren asks, sounding intrigued as she glances at Graham's book. Then she smiles slightly, waving a hand dismissively at her own pre-ordered bundle. "Work. Then more work. With all the…" Cue and uncomfortable shift in position. "With all the 'activity' going on in Europe and here these days, there's been pressure to move through our queue more quickly, in case there's anything more useful than not in times like this, I'm assuming. It's left little time for more than moving between work and home, though Sundays are still thankfully ours. And what about you?"

Graham nods to the first question but ponders how he should explain. "I really just heard about it and thought i'd try to find more on it..I do enjoy reading. Its sort of magical empathy is the only way I can explain it." he does take a deep breath though the tea is brought over and the items to place in said tea too. "Yes my department as well, i'm amazed at how uncaring people can be taking the opportunity in this confusion to cause MORE problems. Yes any free time is much needed and should be put to good use." he ponders a moment "I've been quite well, visited the cinema for the first time which was fun, and went to the Zoo recently which is another of my favorite places."

Seren makes a small "huh" sort of sound in reaction to a magical empathy, then glances at Graham's book again. She thanks the server for her tea, and takes the cup and saucer in hand before leaning back in her chair again. She grins when he mentions the zoo. "So you've said," she says before blowing across the surface of her tea for a couple seconds. She takes a sip, then lowers the cup to her lap. "I'm amazed at how uncaring people can be even in good times. Bad times seems to just bring out the more opportunistic. That, or the bad times simply create more opportunities as our attention lies elsewhere."

"I've not found anything just yet, but its an interesting thought." Graham says he looks appologetic "Sorry if i've repeated myself, my brain can be so scattered sometimes. Have you been to the cinema before?" he will ask though he listens as well when she continues. "Your quite right, really difficult times brings out the best in some and the worst in others guess I only see the wrong side of things sometimes." he shrugs "I hope the tea is alright?" the auror asks.

"I have, in Berlin," Seren answers as her finger tips tap the side of her cup. "Not since my return to London, though. It's one of the many things I mean to do, and just never get around to." She takes another small sip, nodding quickly to reply that the tea is just fine. "I suppose that's a side effect of your particular vocation, though," she says a moment later. "Your job is full of dark wizards, or aspiring ones. Mine is full of creators, inventors and loonies. Or aspiring ones," she adds, grinning crookedly.

Graham smiles to her words "Ah, you should if you need a friend to accompany you i'd gladly do so." He offers knowing time away from work is important he's glad the tea is tasty though when she nods to his question. The talk about his job gets a sigh "Quite true, I think i'll have to borrow some creators, inventors and aspiring loonies just for a change." he laughs lightly.

Seren laughs over the rim of her tea, then takes a longer sip before setting cup and saucer on the table. "Well, we do seem to have an awful lot of them in our dear wizarding population," she comments, nearly a drawl. "Perhaps it has something to do with our magical abilities. Then again, we have several level-headed witches and wizards, too, so…" She trails off and shrugs. "Not my area of expertise. Nor are mechanics, hence these," as she gestures toward her books. Two out of the three are actually Muggle publications regarding various types of engines, though the third is clearly of wizard origins, given the moving letters on the spine, alternatively spelling out "Flight", "The Final Frontier", "OR IS IT?" in a rainbow of colours.

"We do indeed, but I suppose it takes all sorts to make up a community?" Graham speaks about all the diffrent sorts there are in the world though "Hm maybe so, though its a generalization it seems those best adjusted are often those like us two who go into learning a bit about both sides so that we have awareness of both." He looks to the stack of books in turn nodding in appreciation "I bet those will be fascinating though to learn." he speaks truthfuly.

Seren nods a few times in agreement as she mulls over Graham's words, adding a quiet, "True, true," at one point. She contemplates her tea for a moment, then picks it up for another drink before gesturing toward her books. "I could certainly lend them to you once I'm done. It's just that more and more, we've been getting patent applications that look an awful lot like Muggle technology. I thought these might be a good place to start." After a brief pause she adds, "Plus a handful that are supposedly able to prove how 'pure' a witch or wizard is. It's odd how close some of it sounds to what's happening in Europe right now."

Graham smiles and lifts his own tea having forgotten about it a moment he takes a drink from it setting it back down. "That would be great, if there's a book you are wishing from my collection I will gladly lend it to you as well." the next part though about the patents coming in gets a crinkle of his nose "That is awful, we're all humans there are good ones and bad ones and all of us have our own strengths and weaknesses. I hope more so than ever that more of the mainlands beliefs don't end up here."

"Yes," Seren replies quietly, frowning with unfocused thought. "Then again, have you heard the rumours coming out of Hogwarts? Seems we have biases enough on our own turf, and that's not even counting the Muggle population." She shrugs, looking uncomfortable, then finishes her tea before setting the cup back on its saucer. "I suppose I must be an optimist in the end, though. I can't help but feel it will eventually turn out all right. It's the meantime that worries me."

"I have heard about things at Hogwarts, special meals for Muggleborns being sat at the end of their house tables, and worst probably of all not being taught proper classes." Graham recalls the information he'd heard about shaking his head "Yes, I suppose we should take care of that before trying to stretch our hand to the mainland." he is silent in thought a bit before offering her another friendly smile "I admire optimism and I agree that things will likely work out, but the present requires each of our effort."

"It does," Seren agrees, emphatic, if in her usual subdued form of it. "I don't understand how the school's board has supported it, to be honest. I can't help but consider whether or not the Imperius curse is in effect somehow." She studies some far-off point near the shop's windows, a worried frown on her face. It mostly clears when she shakes her head, however, and turns back to Graham with a small smile. "But again, any change needs to start with us. I have no idea how to proceed, though. Not when half the wizarding world here seems to be getting caught up by Europe's plight."

Graham shakes his head "I believe they have decided to take the easy road, instead of stand up for whats right." He takes another drink from his tea looking back over her a moment "All of this is about that doing whats right what you belive in may not be easy but it must be done. That's how we will help and this gets changed standing together." He returns her smile "I'm sorry, probably not being very good company with this conversation. Hmm how about the up coming hols any fun plans?"

Seren's agreement is obvious as she nods to Graham, but she also seems content for the time being to move onto other topics. "My family has been talking about going to North America for a few weeks. We have relations scattered about, some of whom I've never once met. We used to go to Wales, but I think we're all looking for a chance to put some distance between us and the current events for a little while. I'm not sure how long I can get away, though, what with the workload right now. What about you?"

"I bet that would be a lovely trip." Graham says about her going to North America, he ponders himself and his possible plans for the hols nothing quite as interesting as hers it would seem. The auror does share though "Nothing quite as interesting, but I will likely go up north to see my parents and if possible i'll drag my adopted sister along with me, she enjoyed meeting my family last year and they enjoyed meeting her. If I didnt explain that I adopted her a sister myself not them."

"It's come up," Seren replies, grinning. "And I don't know, that sounds plenty interesting to me. I'm foreseeing a lot of travel exhaustion on my part, though I'm looking forward to seeing both Mexico and Canada, not to mention more of the States. I've only been to Salem up until now." She looks up as the shop's door opens and closes, then turns her attention back to Graham. "How have your parents taken to your adopted sister?"

Graham chuckles a bit at the last question about what his family thought about the visit. "My memory again, you must think i'm a bit dense." he does answer though. "I think they like her more than me." he says teasingly this isn't quite true, but it did go very well. "I know they'd be very glad to see her again if she can make it this year. She's betrothed now and so may spend it there which is understandable."

"Oh, happy news then!" Seren replies with a wide grin. Her attention is again tugged toward the door as someone new enters, at which point she stands and begins buttoning her cloak closed. "It's been a pleasure running into you again, Graham. Thank you so much for the tea, and the chat. May the future bring further happy news." If only. She takes little time after that in gathering her books, then her umbrella, before she disappears into the drizzle with the other person.

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