(1939-10-20) After the Storm
Details for After the Storm
Summary: Rena leaves Flint's office with the Magijugend contracts in hand, and she is met by a number of students on her way out. Some very unexpected things occur.
Date: 1939-10-20
Location: Arcade - Hogwarts
Plot: Headmaster from Hell
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Relief - sweet, sweet relief - that is what Rena Odori should be feeling, now that she has the Magijugend contracts safely secured inside of the briefcase she holds tightly tucked under her arm. However, the look on her face is tight with tension, and her features are pale. This mess is nowhere near over yet; and there are a lot of questions that haven't been answered from both sides.
Walking slowly down the corridor, the young redheaded Auror seems to be carrying a great deal of weight aside from the briefcase clutched in her arms. But still, there is a sense of calm now that the initial storm has passed.

Madeline followed the MLE up to the Arcade, still rather jittery after seeing people she cared about locked into a room in the Hogwarts dungeons. She stayed down below while the others went up - ostensibly cleaning up the mess she and her friends had left here earlier. There were still gobstones scattered about, and Gabriel's cricket ball, and other such things.
When the Aurors and Hitwizards begin filing out again, she looks up, letting out a happy, "Rena!" when she sees the woman again, and bouncing towards her. The Junior Auror badge is put away again, for the moment. "What happened up there?" she asks curiously. "Can you tell me?"

Anthony walks into the arcade. His wand is away, but he's quite clearly walking as pointman for Myrus. Of course, he is also holding hands with the head girl, so maybe they've just left Myrus in their wake. But no admiring the HG from behind! "Auror Odori?"

Although deeply entrenched in whatever Rena happens to be thinking as she moves along, her attention is drawn immediately to Madeline upon hearing her enthusiastic greeting. For the first time, she seems to notice the mess of the hall, and her brow furrows momentarily before she puts on a good smile for the girl: "I won't bore you with the details… But, we do have the contracts, it would seem." She answers quietly. She ought to be dancing and doing cartwheels. Why isn't she?
"Anthony, Eibhlin - I'm glad to see you both," Rena answers, turning her gaze on the approaching students. The incorrigible Myrus hasn't quite arrived yet. "I should like very much to ask a few questions of … everyone, frankly, that I can." She adds on a rather serious note.

"We do?" Madeline asks. "Where were they? Do you have them? Can I see one? You know Anthony and Eibhlin?" She turns towards the two older students, waving enthusiastically as she adds, "Calista Flint was talking about you! She said you stole from her!" She seems inordinately pleased about this. Though - if they have the contracts already, it apparently wasn't necessary.

The incorrigible Myrus turns the corner into the Arcade, passing Aurors and the like as he heads toward two faces he trusts right now. Anthony and Eibhlin. His taller figure stepping up with a white knuckle grip on that box still under his arm. A scowl on his face, "So what, did we win?!" Mind still set on fight or flight.. or piss in the case right before their scuffle on the third floor.

Anthony says, totally straight faced, "I had misplaced a box, similar to that Calista Flint was carrying. The Head Girl asked her to let it be inspected. She refused, and her minions waved wands around." He sighs. "Eibhlin told them to lower their wands. They didn't. So she disarmed one of them. I disarmed the other. There was concern for our safety. And naturally the fact that they declined to let the box be inspected by…." And he gives the Auror a bright smile, "…. properly constituted authority naturally raised the suspicion that there was mischief afoot. Now I've had the chance to see the box closer, I realize it isn't mine. But the response to a legal challenge suggests to me that the item be handed over for inspection by the Aurors." A beat. "Under the circumstances."

Eibhlin looks every bit as grim as Rena, despite the hand holding with her Intended. Her eyes cut to Tony as he explains. "I tried very hard to talk everyone down. Nott was caught in the middle, Bletchly was wild, and Calista was merely glowering. She had her wand out but did not cast. I'm afraid that I still had to disarm both her and Bletchly." She seems displeased by this fact. "I intend to dock points from everyone in my team that used magic, including me. It could have been avoided. It -should- have been avoided."

Patrick was accompanying Rena through the corridors, his mind full of his own clever little thoughts. Possibly. As she turns to conversing with the students, the Irishman leans against a wall and folds his arms and considers the entire scene with bemusement. Hearing the kids recall their tale brings a half-smile to his lips. " Hogwarts never changes, huh?" He intones in that rich Dublin accent. His eyes skim over the students, and they glint a little bit: " You shouldn't have used any magic in the corridors, put yourself in danger, etc, etc. Still," He winks, " You'll make fine Magical Law Enforcement some day."

Eibhlin looks right at Patrick and shakes her head. "Unspeakable," the Head Girl replies confidently.

"Myrus," Rena says with a tense nod in the boy's direction. "Did we win. That… is a very good question," she remarks somewhat grimly before returning her attention to Eibhlin and Anthony. Hearing the boy's story first, her expression shifts from one subdued emotion to another before simply replying with a short: "I see…" Then, an appreciative softening shows in her look as Eibhlin puts in her story of the events. At least ONE person here is displeased that magic went flying (besides Rena.) Things obviously got out of hand.
Patrick's two-pence worth causes Rena to crack a smile briefly, but she quickly wipes it away. "Look, I will level with you children." She says quietly. "We 'ave the contracts secured. I deeply appreciate that you went to the trouble of retrieving that box and protecting it as you did, but it's all over, now. The rest were decoys, apparently. And Flint - if he orchestrated this farce - 'as made things look a good deal worse than they needed to be." Pausing momentarily, she hesitates before adding: "I don't like what I'm hearing. I'll be plain with you. Why did it turn into a fight? And if it was a fight here, how bad was it elsewhere with those carrying decoys?"

Madeline blinks at Anthony at his explination - then bursts into giggles. He didn't lose a box! She does like the story, though. "I'll help you look for your box some more," she offers Anthony, between giggles. "Since you haven't found it yet."
Looking back up at Rena she shifts a bit uncomfortably in the face of all her questions. What is she supposed to say? 'Professor Viridian told us to?' Maybe it's better to let Anthony answer those. "Umm… Does this mean everything'll be alright now?"

Myrus looks at Anthony and Eibhlin, then to Patrick. "Um…" eh, better not say his part in it yet unless he's asked. "What about this?" He pats the box he got, and remembering Anthony's commentary, but Rena was speaking now.
Then it's said. 'Decoy.'
Myrus' face goes blank with either anger or confusion. "De.. coy.." he rolls the word off his tongue once before his grip starts to make the box creak, or maybe that's just his bones bending around it. Then his arm loosens and the box falls just a little against his side. He grabs it with both hands and shoves it out towards someone.. anyone.
"Well, if that isn't an identifying precursor to something dastardly, I don't know what is.
Rena asks why it turned into a fight, and Myrus throws the box to the floor, "Because they're starving Muggleborn students! Pulled them from regular classes to be taught absolute rubbish! It's a load of shyte!" A moment's pause, looking around, then stopping on Rena, "…ma'am."

Anthony says firmly, "No. We've discussed this, Evie. You were the _only_ person there that could be argued to have used it without blame. You could dock Calista for not obeying a reasonable request of the Head Girl! You certainly _should_ dock points from me. But I tend to see a little red when I see you get threatened, and wish to make the area safe."

The Head Girl shakes her head. "Myrus used a sticking charm to stop Calista from pushing past. I was asking for the box. Nott and Bletchly were brandishing their wands and Bletchly knocked me back with a shield charm when Anthony was trying to transfigure the box." She looks sideways at Anthony, an apologetic look. "I guess when I got knocked back, things got heated. I asked -twice- for wands to be lowered, informed everyone that I would deduct points from whomever started a duel. Bletchly was out of control with her wand shoved in my face. Anthony distracted her and I disarmed her after a third warning. Nott began to try to cast and Anthony disarmed him. Myrus summoned the box. Calista would not stow her wand and so I disarmed her." She shakes her head. "Bletchly then launched herself at me in a fit of rage, Myrus bound her legs and she split her chin on the floor. I made sure that she was taken to Madame Spleen for healing and observation, and we offered to escorted Flint and Nott down to safety."

She shakes her head. "Why was there a fight? Because the students were placed in an untenable situation. We didn't have enough protection and it's fallen to us to protect ourselves." She -actually- gets a little emotional there, her voice getting just a tad bit higher. "I am the Head Girl. I'm -responsible- for the students of this school and I'm supposed to protect them… But I can't do it alone. I can't do it.. without help." She exhales slowly, hand gripping Anthony's tightly. "This should never have happened."

Madeline's question sadly goes unanswered for the moment. Rena's dark eyes flash as they turn on Myrus. His outburst is understandable, but all the same… "Do you think I'm unaware of what was going on? I was working on this case long before the current term even began. Flint's actions at the beginning of the school year came as no surprise to me. They were a foregone conclusion." She answers somewhat hotly. Forcing a little calm into her voice, the redheaded woman blinks twice, drawing a slow, steadying breath before daring to continue.
"From the start, I begged for peace. I asked you to bear the indignities with dignity. I asked you to be patient and allow the adults to manage this…" Her voice falls short, and Rena pointedly looks toward Patrick as she tries very hard to regain some control on her emotions.

"I… don't lay blame on you. You students should 'ave never been placed in this situation to begin with. It was unfair, and I'm very sorry for what you've gone through. The adults are the ones who should have taken the reigns."

Madeline's eyes go wide at Myrus' outburst. "You're not supposed to use that word!" she exclaims in a shocked voice - even while she feels the urge to giggle at hearing it. And then poor Eibhlin is getting upset… She moves closer to the older girl and leans against her, arms going around her in a silent hug.
"You didn't tell me it was a… a foregone conclusion," Madeline answers Rena quietly, letting out a sigh. Well - sure. She'd had her fears and worries, but… still.

Eibhlin looks down at Rena in silence. SUCH silence. SUCH eyes. She exhales then and looks down at Madeline. "I'm fine, mo stor," she murmurs, petting the girl quietly. "I'm sorry. This just wasn't what I wanted."

Patrick reaches out to squeeze Rena's shoulder, and then looks over at the kids (and, of course, young adults). " You've all had it tough, folks. When bad things happen, it's often hard to tell whether you should bear them or whether you should fight back. And it's all too easy to stand in judgement of yourself and others in retrospect. I'm glad," He considers them pointedly, " That you've all got out of this safely. And, personally, I'm proud that you tried to do the right thing when it was the hardest thing, whether that be sticking up for your friends, or trying to prevent violence. We might need more witches and wizards like yourself in the days to come."

Myrus crosses his arms over his chest, "Well… we -were- put in this position. And if you ask me, I think we did quite dandily." Hmph! Take that.. and now Myrus is quietly looking around the group.
Oh! He bends down to scoop up the box. "Can I keep this?" Training for unlocking and locking spells, of course!

Anthony says softly, "Mrs Odori. I think you forget. Eibhlin and I _are_ adults. We chose to involve herself. Because without interference there would have been no contracts for you to find. You would have left here empty handed, I think." He takes a breath, "I got accused of being on the wrong side. That I should be Magijugend." He takes a breath. "A scholar's first duty is to the truth. I hope I am a scholar, in a way that Professor Flint is not. Because this was ethically wrong, and even more so, it was unsupported by evidence… indeed, actually undermined by the available evidence." He squeezes Eibhlin's hand gently, "Eibhlin. Might I suggest you dock points from me now, whilst you remember. Because there is evidence that I _did_ break the word, if not the spirit of the rules." He gives a faint, gentle smile, "I've been through worse than this, and when my Intended was being threatened, I used minimal force to defend her." Myrus gets a look, "Hand it over, Myrus. Just in case there's anything _else_ in it to interest the Aurors."

"Yeah, good point." And Myrus reaches the box out to… Patrick! Bearer of Boxes and Big Words!

Eibhlin nods and arranges quietly for the docking. And contrary to Anthony's wishes, she docks herself too.

Rena's temper eases as Patrick's words sink in, and her expression softens a great deal. "Again, I appreciate what all of you did, in spirit - if not particularly in practice," she relents as Myrus hands the box over to the Hit Wizard. "And I am proud of you for having dealt with all of this as well as you could. As I already said, the adults 'ere," she pauses, narrowing her gaze on Anthony and Eibhlin, "Not you, but the faculty members, should have been the ones bearing the brunt of this. "Owever… I suppose it's not my place to judge. I've been working this case from the M.L.E office, not here."

Despite the reassurances from Eibhlin, Madeline continues to hug the other student, resting her cheek against her. "But you didn't say yet if things'll go back to right, now," Madeline directs towards Rena, her eyes turning towards her without her head moving. "They will, won't they? I'll be able to go to class?" She's going to have to finish all of her class work. Anthony no doubt noticed that Madeline stopped turning over her assignments to him the last two weeks or so.

Eibhlin looks at Patrick and Rena for a moment. "Auror Odori? Sergeant O'Donnell? Since it's been a rough night, do you think Myrus, Anthony and I could head into the village for a stiffner?" No drinking on campus, after all.

Myrus looks at the small gathering here, and breathes deep, "Well, when will all this be fixed and all the muggleborn get back to actually learning what they need to for OWLs and NEWTs? Y'know.." he just waves his hands up over his head after Eibhlin makes her suggestion, "'adults have it handled'" is all he says before he's turning and trying to head toward the door to the corridor.

Patrick is mildly startled as the box- the troublesome catalyst of student dueling- is thrust into his hands. Accepting it, he gives a kind of nod and thanks (not entirely sure what he should be doing). Then, he kind of stands there, with his box, listening to what is occuring. Occasionally, he shakes it and it doesn't rattle. He might shake it again in a moment.

Then Eibhlin speaks, and he looks up and grins. " Of course, you might, Eibhlin… After all, you /are/ from the Old Country. I'm suprised you've managed to get through all this without somethin' to warm the cockles of your heart. Don' let the teachers bother ye…" He glances at Rena, "… I think they have enough bother headin' their own way, besides."

Eibhlin considers, her face very grave and serious. "I think it would be best, Sergeant, if you were to take us into town personally and ask us questions. And perhaps Miss Evans could come with? I'm sure she'd like a treat."

Madeline looks up at Eibhlin in surprise, then looks between the headgirl, and Rena, and Patrick. "…could we?" she asks. "Really? Could I stop by my uncle's cottage and see him? Please?"

Who knows her surrogate little sister?

Anthony glances to Eibhlin in surprise, and then to Patrick, saying slowly, "Well… certainly the place is a _little_ crowded here for a proper in depth interrogation."

Myrus stops and tuuuurns around on his toes to join the conversation about drinks. "And you can educate us on the proper law enforcement proceedings dealing with situations like this?" Like, what's going to happen to the perpatrators.. or them.. depending on what is found out in those contracts.

Patrick clears his throat, and frowns seriously. " Now, Anthony, you're hardly qualified to make that assertion, are ye?" He stops, looks around for a moment, and then looks back at him. " But, in my professional opinion, this place is indeed unsuitable for proper legal procedures. Too noisy, disturbin', and the like… Perhaps the Three Broomsticks would be more fu… better suited, under the circumstances."

There are far too many questions to answer, and some of them… Rena hasn't even got the authority to answer. "As for going into town, I can't say," she replies at length with a faint sigh. "It sounds to me as though a great deal of fighting and turmoil 'as 'appened, completely aside from the stir that the MLE caused tonight. I don't know if the regular rules for the weekend 'ave been revoked or not." She says this regretfully. But she just hasn't the authority to say what the kids can do outside of the school.
To Madeline and Myrus, her expression softens, but also seems to sadden: "I want to believe that this nightmare will be over soon. I want to be able to tell you that you'll be able to forget about the SCUM classes entirely… It all depends on what the upshot of tonight 'appens to be when the proper authorities 'ave investigated these contracts, and actions are taken."

"Auror Odori." And this time, Eibhlin's voice is -deadly- serious. "Will there be protection offered for the students in the interim? I suspect that Flint will probably expell Anthony, Myrus, and I… along with a few others. Or at least consider it."

Madeline nods, still looking a little uncertain. "Well. Maybe as a Junior Auror and all, I should go back to the MLE to give a report to Chief Worthington. You know, in person and all," she suggests. Surely that will give her a chance to see her uncle!
At the mention of expulsion, the girl shifts uncomfortably. "Do you really think we'll get expelled?" What would happen to her then?!

Angelus has serious doubts about all sorts of things now. Walking along the corridor, the youth glances around, looking for someone in particular. His head lifts as Madeline is spotted, but he slows too when he notices the gathering, rearing back uncertainly as he frowns, tilting his head as he bites his lip, shifting on his feet.

Anthony says briskly, "If he wants to expel me…." and here he smoothly switches to French, «Then I shall be sure to inform the whole Wizarding world that when an adult in Hogwarts loses an argument with a pupil, he removes his evidence, rather than improving his argument.» There's a slight grin, "I'm sure they'd have me at Beaubaxton's. But yes. I should prefer to stay here, and finish the job I've started." Maddy gets a meaningful look when he says 'job'. Whatever that means.

Eibhlin looks over and spots Angelus. She offers the boy a kind smile. "Eibon," she says softly. "Come over and join us. Do you wish to talk to Auror Odori?"

Anthony is standing next to Eibhlin, holding her hand. They're chatting with the MLE. Also, Tony's showing off his mastery of at least one different tongue.

Rena was about to turn away when Eibhlin asks her question. For a moment, the young woman just freezes in place. It's a question she didn't want asked, and one that she doesn't want to answer… because she simply has none to offer.
"I don't know," she replies thinly, gradually turning back to the group. "I can't answer that. I can only tell you this… If any of you are expelled, I will do my utmost and best to fight tooth and nail to get you back into the school. Too much injustice 'as been done already. I won't stand for more. You 'ave my word of honor." And what is that worth? She promised that she would investigate Flint, convince the Ministry of his crimes and retrieve the contracts… She's already made the seemingly impossible happen (she doesn't know how) but she has. Perhaps her promises are worthwhile, after all.
"Angelus?" She asks, looking up as Eibhlin calls out to the boy from afar. She's been wondering where he has been in all of this. "Are you alright?" She too calls out, craning her neck to catch sight of Angelus.

The mention of Angelus makes Madeline stiffen uncomfortably. She looks towards the boy, frowning and straightening up, finally moving away from and letting go of Eibhlin. "We got the contracts," she informs the boy, her tone terse.

Angelus shifts again, nervous, on his feet as Eibhlin addresses him. Clasping his hands behind his back, he bows to the Head Girl. "Shine," he offers politely. At her invitation he approaches, nodding his head once. "Thank you." His blue eyes flick over the gathering, looking both troubled and curious as his eyes land on Rena. "Of course," he answers the Auror as he dips formally to her. Yes, Angelus has a bunch of questions, but he holds his tongue. As his eyes slide onto Madeline, both his brows rise up in disbelief. "What?"

Ever since the word 'expel' has been said, Myrus has gone quiet. He's staring at the floor in front of his feet and chewing on the inside of his lip. Making mental preparations to join the world at large right now.. he's already made it through OWLs. Then the mention of Angelus.. but that doesn't really phase him right now. What's done is done, and Rus knows how to handle himself at least from the other students. "I'll take an expulsion if it means a job when they throw me out on my face.." Very serious Myrus. Yep.

Anthony takes a breath, "That's behind everyone, now. I _trust_ the contracts will be found to breach some law or other, so your wands can be released." He gives a sigh, "If, then, you choose to follow belief systems which lack intellectual rigor, then it can be of your own choice, Eibon." He leans in against Eibhlin, and rather against the normal rule of the school puts an arm around her shoulders (unless it's declined).

"Please, Myrus… everyone, don't look on the dark side of all this. Every storm 'as a silver lining as we Muggle-types like to say." Rena tries to force a smile and a bit of cheer into her voice. "There may be bad outcomes, but you 'ave my word that people will be fighting on your side if it comes to that. Also, there may be nothing but good come of all this. We must try to keep our spirits up and believe things will turn around for the best."
To Angelus, the young woman nods and pats the side of her briefcase: "Yes, Angelus - the Magijugend contracts. We retrieved them safely and will be returning to the Ministry as soon as possible."

Eibhlin looks over at Angelus and then back to Anthony, not resisting when he puts his arm around her. She seems… very tired. "Look, Eibon," she finally murmurs to the 4th year. "As long as I'm here, you may come and speak to me if you would like. I'm willing to listen. I'm your Head Girl, and it's my job to be here for you. I know that there's a lot of things that are about to happen and it will be confusing and worrying for everyone." She looks at Madeline. "And Evans, I need you to help me. We need to start mending fences. Alright? You're charismatic and brave; your peers will be looking to you."

As Rena pats the briefcase, Madeline's eyes go to it, a curious and almost longing look on her features. "Can't I at least see what one looks like?" she asks wistfully. She's been working this case almost as long as Rena, after all!
A moment later, Eibhlin draws her attention - but she looks up at her with a stubborn frown on her features. There is no way that she's going to be mending any fences with Eibon! He's a horrible git!

Angelus' gaze slides onto Anthony, his head lifting even as he blinks. That seventh year always gives him a moment to understand, staring clueless at first before he shakes it off lightly. He musters a smile for one brief moment, looking up to Rena, but then the concerned look flashes back. "Is it-" But he swallows it back, afraid to even speak it. His eyes flick onto Myrus, and he looks confused. "Expelled? Why? What happened?" He blinks, turning his gaze back to Eibhlin, to Madeline, and again he simply dips his head to Eibhlin with a weak smile. "Thank you, Shine."

Myrus just shakes his head, knowing for some reason, his 'for the greater good' father would not like this. Oh, and his younger sister, Scarlett, would definately be sending a letter home to them outlining how Myrus is all for Muggleborns being exactly the same types of people as purebloods.
Myrus sighs, shakes his head while pursing his lips, and turns around to head out of the arcade, not really worried if someone tries to talk to him.

As for the contracts, Rena shakes her head regretfully. "Perhaps another time. I don't even want to risk opening the bloody thing." She remarks rather tensely. After all she's gone through to GET them? She isn't taking any chances.

"With malice toward none, and charity for all…" Rena murmurs, nodding to Eibhlin firmly. "A very wise man once said that, a very long time ago, when 'is country was cut in 'alf by civil war. The man was telling the people that the only way life could ever go on was to mend the fences, see beyond the past differences and move on with their lives. Hogwarts can't go on being divided like it 'as been."
A pointed look drifts in Maddie's direction, and she fixes a warning look on the girl. Oh yes, she noticed the expression on her face. "Do you understand what I mean?"

Anthony holds out his spare (ie, non-Eibhlin'd) hand towards Angelus. "So. Do I need to set an example to you Evans?"
It's clearly extended for a handshake.

Now Madeline feels rather put upon by all sides. Her gaze shifts between Rena, Eibhlin and Anthony, but she shakes her head, taking as a step back as tears abruptly sneak out of the corners of her eyes. "It wasn't you he was cruel to!" she counters. "I don't forgive him and I won't and… and… I hope his wand does break!"

Eibhlin's eyes remain steady on Madeline for some time, but she doesn't push. When Madeline begins to cry, she steps forward and draws the girl in for a hug whether she likes it or not. Right now, she is -not- looking at Angelus, but she just murmurs: "You're welcome, Eibon. Come speak to me if you want." Rocking, petting and general physical huggingtype support continue.

Katherine has been quietly watching the scene unfold from the sidelines but when Madeline breaks down she goes over to where Eibhlin is hugging her. Putting one knee down on the ground (after making sure her skirt and robes are fluffed out so she's not kneeling directly on them) she taps Madeline on the shoulder and waits for the girl to look at her. After giving Mad a moment to focus she says, "Hey kid. You know what the best way to get revenge on someone that's been cruel to you? Show them that you can be everything they say you can't be and more so. Don't focus on direct revenge, focus on showing them up and proving yourself better than them." Then she gets up and goes back to the sidelines to continue her quiet vigil.

Angelus' blue eyes rest on Rena, watching her fully as she speaks, nodding silently. As his eyes slide onto Anthony his lips twitches lightly, and Gel steps closer, drawing his hands from behind him and reaching out to take his hand, nodding politely. But his curious look trails after Myrus even before his hand releases Anthony's. What exactly happened around here? He turns to glance at Madeline, and he frowns, letting out a long, drawn out a sigh, slowly shaking his head. "…Evans," he murmurs out quietly, starting to withdraw as he steps backwards. He turns for a last glance up at Rena, bowing his head formally. "I'm glad we have an excellent Auror looking out for us, ma'am. But I had better leave before I upset Evans further." He glances to Madeline before he turns away, walking back along the corridor.

Clearly distressed by Madeline's angry reaction to all of this, Rena immediately moves toward the girl and actually sets the precious briefcase down on the floor so that she can kneel down and places herself a bit lower than her. "Maddie…" She says softly while Eibhlin draws her in for a hug: "I know it's been terrible. I know things have been said and done that are bloody 'ard to forgive." Pausing, she glances around, desperate for some inspiration of what more to say. Katherine joins her there briefly, and she manages to flash a small, appreciative smile of thanks to the her fellow Auror for the words of wisdom.
"Just a moment…" She begins to say, slipping into a frown. Not getting up, she calls out rather forcefully: "Angelus! Come back here for a moment. If you would be so kind." There is no mistaking the authoritative tone in her voice. The kind of authority that says: I will come after you and bring you back if you don't do this on your own.

Anthony releases the hand, as Angelus draws back. "Good man. Show you're big enough to move on. There'll be a need for that from now on."

The hug from Eibhlin is accepted and returned as Madeline wraps her arms around the girl. She tries not to cry, but for the moment it's a bit of a losing battle.
She relucantly turns her gaze from where she's hidden it against Eibhlin to consider Katherine and her words, but quickly hides it again. "I am better than him," she insists quietly. But why is Rena calling him back? So he can apologize? He always apologizes - he never means it!

Angelus halts as soon as Rena calls out to him. He sighs softly, but turns, fixing his blue eyes on the Auror. His feet take him back towards her, his hands moving back behind his back as he stops, a light dip of his head. "Ma'am?" The Gryffindor boy is uneasy, and he can't help but flick his eyes slightly towards Madeline, which only brings out a frown as he draws them away. "I don't like to see her cry," he murmurs softly.

Eibhlin is the designated Maddie-Holder. This much is made apparent by the tear spots on her vest. She looks at the approaching boy and nods at his words. "I know, Angelus," she says quietly. "You are not a man made cold-hearted by years of bigotry. You are a boy. I would encourage you to continue to remember how you feel right now and not to forget it. Remember that words hurt. Actions hurt. And you are responsible for how your words and your actions hurt others."

Abraxas comes scrambling up the stairs, loafers clicking on the grand staircase, and then stops by effort of will and smooths his hair back, adjusting his robes and tie. He makes himself presentable before rounding the corner into the Arcade and the area outside the Headmaster's office. "Is it true?" he says, to no one in particular, but then clarifies what he means, "Is my father here?" If the Chairman of the Hogwarts Board is on campus, things have gotten real. Much worse than the MLE!

Eibhlin looks over quickly at Abraxas, scanning him over. "Malfoy, are you alright?" she asks, clearly inquiring after his health.

Anthony takes a slight step back, looking around, as the girls do… well… girl comforting things.

"Angelus," Rena says firmly, looking between him and Maddie. It seems only prudent to reiterate what Eibhlin says: "Words are a terrible weapon. They can hurt and cut into a person just as surely as a knife. In the future, I expect you to remember what you've learned in all of this. And I expect you to be man enough - big enough - to admit that you can be wrong. Be man enough to apologize and accept apologies from others, and let things pass." Pausing, she looks to Maddie: "I don't expect you to change the way you feel right now luv, but I 'ope you will understand why this is so important in time… and forgive me, too, for letting you down."
Rising to her feet, a very subdued and unhappy Rena straightens her robes as Abraxas Malfoy makes his grand entry. "Yes, Encladus Malfoy is here. If that's who you mean, young man." She says rather shortly.

Like any good young Slytherin, Calista's outfit is especially nice as she arrives in the hall. Hair done perfectly, her back straight, new shoes shined to perfection. Why one would almost think she was attending a social matter in Slytherin dress. She moves with exceptional patience and poise.

"I don't want him to apologize," Madeline mumbles. "He always apologizes. He never means it." You can't mean it if you keep on being cruel! She still has no intention of forgiving him - ever. He's horrible, and mean, and he isn't a proper lion at all. Why does he have to be in her house?

Anthony senses the movement, and turns. His hand extends towards Calista. This time, completely empty. "Ah! Flint! I trust there are no hard feelings?"

Eibhlin gently untangles Madeline from herself and touches the girl's chin. She's calmer now… And she hands the caretaking over to the Aurors. She looks back to Flint and Abe, concern still in her eyes as she waits for Abe's reassurances. She's also waiting to see how Calista reacts to Anthony's proffered hand.

Angelus goes from watching Eibhlin to focusing his blue eyes on Rena, wordless as she speaks and only shifting his eyes slightly to Madeline a couple times. He can't help a couple of twitches of his eyebrows in annoyance, but he does his best to push that away. Now is not the time to argue, certainly. In the end, the youth says softly, "I do my best, ma'am." He shifts on his feet, perhaps looking as if he wants to say more, but then he glances over as Abraxas arrives, and the boy blinks in surprise. Malfoy's father is here? Taken aback, Gel tries to shake it off, and arching a brow as Calista arrives.

Abraxas does seem to be walking a little gingerly, and when he's asked if he's alright, he rubs his right elbow hestantly, but he says, "I'm fine, Shine." A pause. Two or three long seconds. And then he manages, "Thank you." He looks at Rena, next, and notices her MLE robes. Then the description and the job meld, and he says, "Oh. You must be Auror Odori. Alphard Black told me about you." Another slightly pregnant pause, and he forces right along, "If father is here, that's…." he doesn't say what it is, but he doesn't look particularly thrilled. Some kids only have to worry about howlers.

Rena looks rather pointedly at the newcomers of Calista and Abraxas for a moment. To the boy, she lifts her chin and says calmly: "I'm certain Alphard Black told you a great deal about me. And further more, I'm just as certain that none of it was flattering - however, I'm sure he was a gentleman about it, regardless."
Pausing, she picks up the briefcase: "And to answer any questions at the risk of repeating myself for the third time: The M.L.E. is now in possession of the Magijugend contracts and an investigation will occur. It's that simple."

Do his best? Madeline still isn't looking at Angelus as Eibhlin pulls away, and she reaches up to wipe at her eyes with her hand. She doesn't believe him. She won't ever believe him. Even though Eibhlin's pulled free, Madeline stays near her, not quite looking at anyone, at the moment.

Angelus tilts his head as he looks around, glancing from Abraxas, Calista, to the Aurors and Madeline. A soft little smirk flicks against his lips. He clears his throat. "There's more to all this than I realize," murmurs the boy. He lets out a heavy sigh and his head lifts, bringing his eyes back onto Rena. "Auror Odori," he says, his tone suddenly becoming stronger. "I think it's important for you to know. One of the Headmaster's boxes is in a hollow of a tree in the gardens." He dips his head to her, lifting a hand to his shoulder as he turns to depart.

Whatever Eibhlin was going to say or do is struck dead in its tracks when she hears that loud TRACK from under Angelus' robes. Her eyes are wide, mouth dropping open. "Angelus," she whisper softly, pain entering her voice… And quite a bit of pride.

"Wait… the MLE? That's allowed?" Abraxas says, shocked. "They sent Aurors to Hogwarts?" His head spins a bit, as the plot thickens. He looks at Rena as if marking the face, and then says, "Sorry. I'm Abraxas Malfoy." As if the distinct family resemblance and Slytherin robes and Magijugend pendant weren't enough indication. When Angelus speaks, he tries, "Eibon, be /quiet/! It will all be over soo…" But then it's too late, and Abraxas lowers his head and pinches his nose, shaking his head slowly in an expression of displeasure that Angelus has been on the receiving end of before. "Enjoy the new wand." he says, chilly.

Madeline lifts her head to stare at Angelus - her mouth gaping open. She also heard that crack. "I… I don't understand him!" she practically howls, taking a few steps back, so that her arm and side bump into Eibhlin again. She doesn't go for a hug this time, at least, even though her eyes water up again.
At least she isn't crying.

Anthony's gaze, which had been fixed on Cal flickers, and his hand lowers. He mouths softly, but not so softly that someone nearby can't hear, "You shall not deprive another Wizard of his Wand. You shall not enforce a binding contract on one below the age of Majority."

"Angelus!" Rena says thinly, after a realization dawns on her. There had been the muffled sound of a crack - the tell-tale crack of splitting wood. But, the boy has made his choice, taken the consequences and left them without another word: "Oh, Angelus, your beautiful wand…" she murmurs dismally. Not that she herself thought the wand was "lovely" per se - but, she knows how proud the boy was of it. Her eyes do begin to shine a bit with a hint of tears. That took such a great deal of strength of character on his part.
Attempting to recover, Rena sniffs slightly and turns her attention to Abraxas: "It's been a long-term investigation, Mister Malfoy. And an even longer night… believe me." For a moment, she hesitates before remarking with a light tilt of her head: "I know your cousin Cassius fairly well. You certainly have the family look. I could've guessed your name if given a moment."

Katherine winces ever so slightly as the sound of the snapping wand reaches her then mutters, "well, at least we know one of the rumors we heard about the contracts is real." Then she turns her gaze on Abraxas and says, "When a wizards right's are abrogated you can be sure that the MLE will be involved. Especially when young wizards are coerced, bullied, or seduced into giving up their rights by an adult that should know better than to abuse a position of power to do so. especially a position of power entrusted with the safeguarding and education of children." Clearly, regardless of her personal political opinion and regardless of how tight-lipped the Sykes Auror has been about her feelings she doesn't agree with what Flint has done.

"Cousin Cassius knows everyone." Abraxas says, looking up at Rena again, "And I knew what was going to happen the minute I saw what he said in the Prophet." Which perhaps explains some of Abraxas' remarkable restraint when matters Magijugend were concerned. He even got yelled at for /not/ using his wand. Looking to Katherine, he waits just a moment, before answering as levelly as possible, "Be that as it may, I gave my word to the Headmaster." He gives a pointed look at Angelus, then says, "If you'll pardon me, I've been told I should go see Madame Spleen. I just want to let me father know where I'll be."

"Quite so, Katherine," Rena answers the older Auror with a nod. They are in complete agreement there. Even if they seldom agree on much, they certainly have that in common.
To Abraxas, the young redheaded woman can scarcely help allowing herself a tight little chuckle. Cassius Malfoy does most certainly seem to know everyone. And his meaning doesn't escape her. Knowing Cassius doesn't make her special. "Take care of yourself, Mister Malfoy," she calls out after him, though as he begins to leave.
Turning back to the others, her smile relaxes and she casts a sympathetic glance over one and all: "I believe we've intruded on the school for quite long enough. These contracts should be returned to the Ministry as soon as possible. I, at least, should be moving along, now."

Madeline nods silently as Rena prepares to leave, blinking away the tears that gathered in her eyes when Angelus snapped his wand, and reaching up to brush her hand over her face. Though she does still wonder… "Rena? What happened in that room - after the door closed?" she asks. "You were alright, weren't you? I mean… you're alright now…"

Eibhlin inclines her head. "I'm going to go too," she says softly. "I need to take a walk. Clear my head. If anyone needs me, I'll be up on the roof." She keeps her hand in Anthony's and turns into his chest a little, letting him lead her away when he's ready.

Anthony clears his throat. Yep. The breaking of the wand has thrown him a little, and he merely looks towards Calista. It would seem any signs of reconciliation will have to wait. And guides Eibhlin away.

Rena flashes a warm smile at Madeline: "We're all alright, now. That's all that counts." She answers kindly. However, she does sigh slightly before saying: "Some very powerful form of sleeping potion began to drip from the walls. Bubblehead charms were enough to slow the effects, but it was a very close call. The inner chamber was sealed, requiring the Eye of Truth symbol to unlock it… But really, it's alright now. So, don't worry about it, yea?"
She steps forward and offers another smile and a warm hug to Madeline before she really must leave.

Katherine nods in agreement with Rena's statement about having to get back to the Ministry. With a deep frown she goes to pick up her broom from the corner she tossed it into when they arrived then, after staring at it for a few minutes she tucks it under her arm and tells Rena. "I'm going to take the train back…"

"If I didn't 'ave to be in such a rush, I'd join you," Rena says laughingly. She, like Kat, would rather ride the train back to London any day of the week.

Madeline returns the hug - lingering for a few extra moments, perhaps. "You're sure I shouldn't come along and give my report to the chief?" she asks hopefully. Yeah, yeah. She knows the Junior Auror thing is honorary at best. But she still wouldn't mind sneaking out of the school for a little bit right now.

"I wish I could bring you along, Maddie, believe me, I do." Rena says quietly, giving Madeline an extra squeeze. "But, I need you to do something a lot more important. I need you to be brave and strong like you always are. And I need you to stay 'ere to 'elp bring peace back to the school because I'm not allowed to stay. Things will get better. I'm just sure of it - and soon."
Hopefully, Rena's reassurances are correct. Finally, stepping away from the others as the group begins to disburse, she smiles warmly at Maddie again. The girl walks with her the rest of the way to the front of the castle where the brooms were left earlier that evening. Collecting her own Ministry-issued broom, she mounts it side-saddle and pauses for a moment: "Never forget that none of this could've 'appened without you, Maddie. I've never been prouder of anyone in my life."

Raising her gloved hand, Rena blows a kiss to Maddie before swooping away.

At least that last bit gets a genuine smile from Madeline - and a more typical bounce up onto her toes. "I'll still see you in Hogsmeade!" she calls after Rena. Too bad it's almost two full weeks away. Left standing in the hall - she wonders where to go next. Maybe she oughtta just… go up to her dorm for a bit. She starts towards the stairs - heading up.

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