(1939-10-20) All Wounds Heal
Details for All Wounds Heal
Summary: Abraxas Malfoy visits the infirmary with Lucretia Black to have his injuries from the chase tended to. When he meets a former adversary, things remain tense.
Date: 20 October 1939
Location: Hospital Wing, Hogwarts
Plot: Headmaster from Hell
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Abraxas has dutifully trudged down to the infirmary after leaving a note for dear old dad that he's fine. The young Malfoy sits on one of the cots, rubbing his bruised elbow, which will really just need a few moments - and he does his best, with the awkwardness of a 15 year old, to pretend that everything is alright.

Well, it's about to be more awkward perhaps. "I came to check on you," a voice says at Abe's elbow. It's Lu. "I heard you came about your elbow. Are you alright?" The brunette sits on the cot, leaning forward with her elbows on her knees. "I'm sorry I let someone get through to you."

"And my ankle. I skidded on those blasted gobstones." Abraxas says, and then looks at Lucretia across from him, "It's not your fault. Who expects a ball, as well?"

Lucretia nods. "So.. Is it true? I heard the MLE is here." Her brown eyes are locked on his blue ones, eyebrows arched slightly. "That's all I heard though."

"Aurors. They have the contracts. My father is here." Abraxas says, running his good hand through his hair. Listing things, no doubt, in order of bad to worst.

That… That causes Lu to sit up straight, but it's not a jerk reaction. No, she sits up slowly, an eyebrow creeping even higher. "Then we failed, and there will be hell to pay," she responds quietly. She falls silent, looking out the window for a while. "Well, then." Her gaze flicks back to Abraxas, switching into accentless French. "I suppose it's time to play a little more chess."

"We didn't fail. We should never have been put in that situation in the first place. And we did successfully hide the box." Abraxas says, with a sigh, "There was just no way to disappear completely when they were waiting in ambush."

Lucretia nods succinctly. "Of course not, but to Flint we will have failed." She brings her fingers over to trail curiously over the bedclothes. "I must say that I did not enjoy the chase. I did not enjoy any of it. The question before us, however, is what now? Where do we position ourselves? Heads will roll no matter who the Headmaster is."

Abraxas is sitting on one of the beds, looking sullen as he talks to Lucretia, who has stopped by to keep him company. He limped in, and occasionally he rubs his elbow, but he's putting on a brave face, as he looks not particularly bad. "No one will be expelled." he continues in French, "No serious harm was done, thank Merlin."

For a moment, Lucretia looks shocked. "Was there ever talk of expulsion?" she asks, her nose wrinkling. "Oh this is getting ridiculous." Eventually, she schools her and leans forward again, the French language slipping comfortably off her tongue. "What of your father? Have you spoken to him?"

Gabriel comes in walking quickly only to find Madam Spleen already working on a variety of patients, the result of the recent fracas in the hallways. As he comes in the Nurse turns over to him and briskly says, "Ward, good. Please check on Mr. Malfoy and, if the case is simple enough, help treat him. It looks like its mostly a bruised elbow if my eyes do not deceive me." Gabriel frowns slightly at this but at this point he has learned that Madam Spleen expects all her patients to receive excellent care from her and her assistants, regardless of their differences outside of the Hospital Wing.

Approaching Abraxas' bed he loudly clears his throat before saying, "Well, lets see what's bothering you, Malfoy?"

The Malfoy in question looks to Lucretia and continues in French, "There was some mention of it, but I don't think the consequences are going to be /that/ severe. Though I think we might all be getting to know Mr. Pringle far better than we'd like." He looks up at Gabriel as the other boy clears his throat, "Nothing you can help me with, thank you, Ward." Abraxas says, sharply, shifting back to English, "Considering how it happened in the first place, I think I would feel much better if you weren't anywhere near me with a wand."

Gabriel narrows his eyes slightly at the reactions and shrugs, "Well, I'm going to go get some potions ready. If you still feel that way when I get back we can talk with Madam Spleen about that." With that he walks away, going to one of the cabinets full of potions and starts shifting them around, once in a while pulling out a vial or a bottle and putting it on a tray.

Lucretia's eyebrows arch when Gabriel comes up beside them. Wasn't it just a couple of hours ago that she was -deflecting- his spells left and right? "We'll wait," she replies cooly. "Go and help someone else, Ward." She turns back to Abe and switches -back- to French. It would be one thing if he was actually useful at healing or if this was an emergency. Neither is the case. Anyway… Well. Pringle is a tosser, but managable. As long as I'm not alone with him, I'll be alright. I don't care much for his looks.

"No, it's certainly not an emergency. I'll go limping back out of here before I'll let him near me with a wand or potion after what's happened in the last day." Abraxas says, switching back into his family's hereditary French. "And we'll see. What happens, that is. There's a lot of questions left unanswered."

Lucretia exhales, slowly and deeply, maintaining the French conversation sotto voce. "Maybe we -should- come back later," she says quietly. "Or… Just a moment." She rises and moves over to Spleen. They speak quietly for a moment and Spleen sighs, giving Lu and Abe a pursed-lip look of non-nonsense. Nevertheless, she bustles over to see to Abraxas. "Mr. Malfoy," she says upon arriving. "I really don't have time for you to be refusing care from my assistants. Kindly refrain from doing so in the future. Now, let's see what's wrong with you."

"I'm sorry, Madame Spleen." Abraxas explains, "Normally, I wouldn't, but…" He seems like he's going to say something, but then just decides the better of it, and says, "I slipped on some gobstones in the corridor and hurt my elbow and ankle. It's really not so bad, but all my friends told me I had to come up here straight away."

The Nurse nods. "Everyone is a little on edge today, Mr. Malfoy. Now rest." She reaches over and murmurs a spell over the boy and the twisting and bruising fade. "There now. Right as rain, yes?" Spleen smiles, pats Abe's hand and bustles off to the next student in need. Lu reappears, an eyebrow arching in silent query.

Gabriel comes back over with the tray laden with potions and takes a place next to Madam Spleen's elbow. As she works on Malfoy and without looking up she asks, "Mr. Ward, given what Mr. Malfoy has just told us, what may be wrong with him." Gabriel barely thinks for a moment before answering, "Brusing of the elbow, possibly of the ankle if he twisted it bad enough. The elbow might have a hairline fracture if he took his full weight on it when he fell. The ankle could be a sprained or a strained tendon. Depending on how exactly it was twisted he might have also fratured some of the small bones in the ankle." Then, Abraxas' injuries tended to, she's bustling off to another patient and Gabriel walks along behind her with his tray of potions. "Very good Mr. Ward. So, without using a wand, how would you treat said injuries?"

Abraxas sits back, trying to restrain his discomfort at Gabriel being anywhere near him. He just looks away, staring out the windows of the infirmary while he's tended to. A sprained ankle - obviously not broken, because he ran away on it - and a nicely sized little egg on his elbow. Really nothing to be concerned about. He looks anxious to be out of here. Probably more comfortable in the dungeons.

"Thank you, Madame Spleen," Lucretia murmurs. She looks down at the blonde and tilts her head. "Are you ready to head back now?" she asks curiously. She looks up only briefly as Spleen and Ward talk about fractures and the like… Abraxas is getting most of her attention.

Gabriel ignores Abraxas as much as he's ignored. As he walks with Madam Spleen he mutters, "A swift kick in the…" then jumps as the comment which was clearly meant not to be heard by his boss is indeed heard. "Mr. Ward! You will not even joke about hurting a patient in my infirmary. Now, /appropriate/ treatments, please." Gabriel at least has the grace to blush and look embarrassed. eyes glued to the tray as he says, "A small dose of Skele-gro if we suspect a fracture. Bruisewort Balm for the bruises, after any abrasions have been treated with a wound cleaning potion. The Bruisewort Balm should also heal any mild to moderate sprain…" Madam Spleen nods in approval but at this point she's focused on her next patient.

Abraxas slides off the bed and stands, "Thank you, Madame Spleen. That feels much better. Yes, I think I will be going now, if that's alright?" Presumably it is, because Spleen has already gone on to others with her usual grandmotherly smile. He nods to Gabriel, "Good day, Ward." He manages at least that much courtesy, no matter how much it seems to take every effort, and then turns for the Infirmary exit.

Lucretia is there beside Abe on the way out. "Goodbye, Ward," she replies, cool but polite. The two Slytherin head out, presumably back to the Dungeons.

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