(1939-10-20) Game of Chase
Details for Game of Chase
Summary: One of the Magijugend Keep Away scenes.
Date: October 18, 1939
Location: Training Grounds
Plot: Headmaster From Hell
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Angelus isn’t sure how he feels right now. While part of him wants to dump the box where it can be nabbed, another part treats it like a game. Leaving the office, feeling rather important as he hugs the box tightly, the youth tries to stay away from the spells flinging around. By using other people, lowering his shoulders and bending his knees, the boy had done his best to sneak away, glancing back just once to see if anyone, both allies and foes, were following. He’s made his best attempt to drape his robes around the cumbersome box, trusting his fellow club mates to help conceal him, sweeping quickly around what he can to put him out of sight.

When he finds Noalan, Angelus produces gold coin, pausing momentarily to flash it at his brother with a raise of his head. “I’ve got a ‘run’ for you, Noah,” says the boy with an amused flick of his lips. The galleon will be pressed into his brother’s hand as he leads him out into the training grounds.

Noalan looks up suspiciously as Angelus approaches in a hurry, his eyebrow rising slightly at Angelus’s words. "Oh?" His eyes do a quick once over at the boy and the older boy rolls his eyes, "Bugger off Angelus, don't drag me into your messes." He says, though, he moves to keep base with his younger brother, "Dad would be ashamed of you." He says, a hand reaching out as if to push back the younger boys robes, "What have you gotten yourself into?"

Hidden Movements: Shortly after his 'oh', hidden against his body, Lan's right hand makes a simple motion 'Six Galleons'. After the Dad would be ashamed of you, his reaching hand holds out a simple looking cloth bag. The seems to be the identical texture and color of the school robes, one of Lan's Extension Charm smuggling bags. He ends with a simple, 'and me'. Flick.

Appearing around the corner, with her satchel over her shoulder, Elspeth glances around as she goes. "Hullo, Lan," she calls quietly as she nears. "I thought I saw you earlier…" She trails slightly off as she changes her angle of approach, and sees the younger brother is there as well. "Angelus," she greets civilly, using his full name rather than a butchered part of it. "I am being sorry, I was not seeing you." She comes to a stop, considering whether to come closer.

It's not that long after that Seamus comes into view. The Hufflepuff's hair is almost as good as a spotlight sometimes. He'd make a terrible sneak thief for that reason. Approaching the Eibon boys, the prefect looks at them both in a long sober expression, “Eibon. Rosen." He says politely, nodding his head to the three of them, “What do you have there Eibon? I trust you are not dealing with illicit things now. Wouldn't do well to tarnish that sterling image of your Magijugend friends." Yes. He said those and with only a hint that he does not find anything sterling about them.

And a few moments later Gabriel comes pelting down the lawn, coming to a sliding stop near to Elspeth and Seamus. A bit out of breath and looking good and dishevelled after spending a while struggling to get free of magical bonds he still manages to smile at the Eibon boys. "Looky, looky. The Fallen Angel and his brother. Hey, Angelus, is that a box under your robes or are you just happy to see us?" In one hand he holds his wand, currently pointing at the floor and in the other he holds his favorite baseball.

There’s a grimace on the youth’s face at first, his lips poised to snap back at Noalan. But instead Angelus grins, a spark of mischief flashing in his eyes. “Not as ashamed as he would be with you,” retorts the younger brother. Gel angles his body closer to Noalan before he swipes at his hand, smacking it away with a scowl. He swirls around to walk backwards as Elspeth arrives, dipping his head respectfully to her. “Rosen.” His empty hands suddenly spread out at either side of him. “I don’t have anything,” he says, tipping his head inquiringly towards Seamus. His blue eyes flick towards Gabriel before he shrugs. “I’ve got more important places to be. Sorry.”

Noalan, seeing Elspeth, hesitates, gives a little wave to come over as he keeps pace with his brother, "Don't worry, Aelus apparently has something urgent to do and I'm curious just what he's up to. Where you heading?" When Seamus approaches, Lan give his fellow prefect a little two finger salute. "Hey. What has my brother gotten himself into now?" He asks, folding his arms in reproach. He glances at Elspeth as if expecting her to be cursed or covered in something. Experience has told him that Trouble with Angelus almost always involves him and Elspeth somehow. When Gabriel approaches Lan scowls a little, "If it's all the same to you, I'd prefer Lan to 'his brother'." For good measure he adds, "And a Sir wouldn't be out of place to a Prefect either."

"Ward! He is being Angelus or Eibon, name calling is not being appropriate," Elspeth reminds the younger in her house at his approach, but after greeting the Eibon brothers, she doesn't immediately look to them again. She currently appears completely unblemished, although as Seamus approaches nearly the same time, she steps closer to the Slytherin. "Cavanaugh," she dips her head to the Hufflepuff prefect, her brows knitting slightly as she senses something unusual, and she moves instinctively to protect her friend if needed. "Is there something being… what are you saying about a box?" she looks back to Ward again.

"I think that it is best that you hand over the box now." Seamus says in a very calm, very polite voice. His blue eyes look at Angelus, “It really is best that you don't make an issue of this." The blonde says smiling at Angelus. A look is given to Gabriel, “Ward, it isn't proper to speak like that when a lady is present. We cannot abandon decorum at a time like this." He says politely but firmly. If Ward had been in his house, there is no doubt that he'd have lost some points.

Gabriel rolls his eyes very quickly at all the admonishments and mutters a, "fine, fine…" under his breath before returning fully to the conversation. "I was at the entrance to the Headmaster's office when everything started. The Magijugend are trying to hide some boxes with seven locks on them, so there must be /something/ special in them. The group we were trying to stop hit me with an Incarcerus and by the time I got free they were gone in the Slytherin maze so I came to see if I could help someone else." Peering at Angelus he smiles again. "So, /Angelus/, what's hidden in the boxes?" His eyes constantly flit between Angelus, Noalan, and the second Magijugend in their group, Cesare Gamp.

Angelus lets out a long sigh as he eyes Elspeth, but it’s Seamus and Gabriel that his attention is brought back to. Sighing out exasperatedly, Gel rolls his eyes as he pulls at his robes. “I don’t have any box.” He lowers his head, his eyes narrowing as he lets out a bitter laugh. “You think the Headmaster would trust me with something so important?” His arms wave through the air, gesturing at himself as he continues to back up. He whirls away from them, pace increasing as he walks forward, his hands coming up in front of him to sign in the air.

Signing: Gardens. Tree. Hollow.

Noalan shrugs, and shakes his head at Elspeth, "I'm lost. Did he steal the box or something? Man, Mom and Dad wouldn't be happy about that." Hearing Gabriel’s explanation he rolls his eyes, "That thrice cursed club again. Is the ministry finally giving that mad man the boot?" He asks. He shakes his head again, giving Elspeth a warning look, "We should stay out of this."

"Wait, you were being hit by a spell?" Elspeth asks Ward, more concerned as she looks over the younger student to be sure he's all right. "Whatever it is, I am sure it is not being anything we need to be casting spells at each other…" she looks over to Angelus again her eyes flickering to his hands. Even though she's probably not the intended recipient, she nods once, as her attention returns to Noalan. "It is being a cursed club… if it is coming to students casting spells at each other, this is not being good."

"Eibon, the Headmaster had to choose people. The fact that you were not high up in his list of sycophants means that he's MORE likely to give you the box. Few would assume that you were carrying something of importance to him, because he viewed you as insignificant. I think if you asked him, he'd probably have said that he chose you because he thought no one would take you remotely seriously." He says trying to match stride with Angelus. Seamus is not the tallest of young men, nor do his legs look particularly long, so he's having to adjust his stride a bit to go faster, “The Ministry has indeed gotten involved in Hogwarts and dealing with the scum." That is probably among the harshest words that have ever been issued from the blonde prefect while a woman is present. “However, they have asked that we apprehend anyone participating into interfering with the investigation."

Gabriel's eyes don't leave Angelus or Cesare but Noalan's comments draws an immediate answer from him. A phrase that's become almost a mantra for the third year’s Ravenclaw since all this started, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing." Followed by an explanation for Elspeth, "No one was tossing out anything really damaging. Even if Colton did end up smacking his head into a wall pretty hard. But I'm fine." The smile he's been holding on his lips the whole time turns into a grin as Seamus reasons his way through to the possibility of Angelus carrying one of the important boxes, "You know, that's really good logic there. Would you like to be an honorary Ravenclaw?" Like Seamus, Gabriel is also having to trot to keep the pace with the taller people in the group since they aren't walking but their also not necessarily running either.

As Angelus walks, he sighs as he tilts his head, shifting a look towards Elspeth as he frowns. “I would like a private moment with my brother, Rosen,” he says. His blue eyes lock on Noalan, lifting a brow before he scowls. “I don’t steal,” hisses the youth. A little speed increases in his steps, as if trying to get away from Seamus’ and Gabriel’s accusatory words. “Oh, use your eyes,” he snaps over his shoulder at the prefect and third year. A smirk flicks against his lips as he spins around to face them again, frowning momentarily, sneering at their words. “Well, I don’t have to take this from any of you.” And he spins off to run south, towards the viaduct.

Noalan face palms, "Called it. Aelus you idiot, who's blotching the family name now?" He does glance at Seamus and Gabriel, noting a lack of any official ministry badge. "Sure you have." Not that he seems overly worried about his brothers fate, more amused than anything. "Just don't be too rough, I'd have to step in if things went…" And his brother's off, "Never mind."

"But that is not meaning do something just to do something," Elspeth replies to Gabriel trotting out the 'good men doing nothing' saying. "You are not even knowing for what you are attacking them, you are only guessing that it must be something." She looks to Seamus, and then she shakes her head with a sigh. "So, they are being the same as Flint… giving students the ability to be casting spells at other students? Is that really being any better than Flint?" As for giving Angelus his private moment with Lan, as she's already more concerned about the orders that adults have been giving to basically escalate things between the students. "Nothing good is going to come of pitting students against students. Someone is going to be seriously hurt before it is being over."

Drawing his wand from his robes, Seamus decides to give Angelus one final warning, “Eibon, stop now and this doesn't have to get any worse for you." He says matter of factly as he looks at Angelus. A glance is given to Noalan, “I have no intention of being overly rough. The intent is to subdue quickly and painlessly. Unlike his friends in the Magijugend, causing harm is not something that I wish." He says flatly.

Even though he has his wand in his hand Gabriel knows Elspeth's feelings about casting spells at other students so, instead of aiming his wand at Angelus he cocks his arm back, aiming his baseball carefully at the Gryffindor's fleeing feet, "Stop, Angelus! You're outnumbered and we can't let you get away!"

As Angelus runs, he whirls around, robes flapping around him. Both eyebrows rocket upwards in surprise at Seamus’ wand, but the movement of the spin and the running causes the youth to stumble. An ‘ack’ escapes him, tripping over his feet as he backpedals and lands on his rear, wincing. His gaze sweeps over to Elspeth, a sharp look given to her, but is quickly glancing toward Gabriel and Seamus. His head lifts proudly despite his mishap. His voice lowers coldly. “Really? Is Rosen the only good prefect here?”


As the Greenhouse suddenly erupts in chaos, Noalan just continues on his way. He has a job to do. He isn't particularly happy now that he knows what the job is, but professional pride means, once he's taken a smuggling job, he has to complete it. It was too bad Elspeth had to get involved like that, but it couldn't be helped. Once out of sight of everyone, he breaks into a run. He needs to get to that hollow in the tree, in the garden, preferably before Angelus goes down and they realize he really doesn't have the box any more. Hopefully, Seamus will give Angelus a good kicking, if he'd known the truth, the price would have been much, much higher than six Galleons. Spotting a tree with a hollow, and not really caring if it's the right one or not, he moves towards it. Casually, he pulls his special bag out from under his arm where he stashed it much earlier. In a single smooth motion he pulls the box out of the bag and slips it into the hollow. Job complete.

Back At The Greenhouses:

"Cavanaugh!" Elspeth calls out, taking an extra stride to get in between him and Angelus. "This is not being right! It is not being a matter of whether you are intending to cause harm or not, it is still be wrong to be using magic against another student… it is not being any different from Flint and what he is ordering the Magijugend to be doing." She sighs. "And assuming that they are enjoying hurting people is being just as … prejudiced as pure bloods assuming that muggle born are all being savages."

"Unlike how your friends behave, I am giving you warning and a chance." Seamus says seriously, “Rosen, this has nothing to do with prejudice. This has to do with looking at how someone acts and evaluating them based on that. We have our orders. All he needs to do is hand over the box and he can leave. Considering what the Magijugend and Flint have done to this school, it is quite a deserved evaluation of their character." He points out in a very calm manner. "He turns over the box, he may leave no issues. If he tries to run with it, he will be subdued as the ministry has asked of us. End of Story."

Not really waiting for anyone else to do anything and since its clear Angelus isn't planning on stopping, Gabriel starts to throw his ball at the Gryffindor Magijugend's feet. But then 'Gel is tripping over his own feet and falling to the ground so at the last second Gabriel changes his aim, his ball randomly hitting a rock next to Angelus and bouncing away to one side. To everyone at large he asks, "Seamus is just doing what we were asked to do by the professors in contact with the Ministry. How is that bad?"

Angelus flinches as the ball bounces off a rock, his arms lifting to shield himself reflexively. Slowly, he lowers his arms, peeking over to Gabriel with a frown. His eyes flick towards Elspeth, and then towards the place where Noalan had been, a smile growing across his face. “I told you already,” says the boy, “I don’t have the box you think I have.” His hands spread at either side of him. “But by all means, if you think you know where it is?”

"A puppet is being a puppet, no matter who is pulling the strings, that is what is bad, Ward," Elspeth says firmly, "You are not even knowing why or for what you are subduing your fellow students. You are only doing it because you are being told to do so. That is not being any better than the Magijugend doing things just because the HeadMaster is telling them that they should. Neither the Ministry nor Flint should be pitting students against students." She looks back at Angelus, and then to Seamus. "And as Eibon is not resisting, there is no need to be pointing your wand at him or threatening."

Gabriel looks over at Elspeth, "The Magijugend are bound by a contract that will break their wands if they betray Headmaster Flint's wishes or the Magijugend. The MLE has a warrant to search for those contract and they are in the boxes. At least that's what Professor Viridian has…" He stops, looking back over at Angelus, eyes widening, "You git! Of course you don't have the box!" As he takes off at a run in the direction he last saw Noalan head off he yells behind him, "Noalan has it!" He knows he doesn't have a chance to catch the elder Eibon now but he's got to try.

"Then the Ministry can be searching for it with their warrant. They are not needing to put students against each other," Elspeth replies to Gabriel. As the younger Ravenclaw comes to his conclusion, her eyes narrow for a moment. Then she shakes her head. "Noalan is not having it," she tells him. "It is being gone. The Ministry can be searching for it. They are having the warrants, are they not?"

Gabriel stops at Elspeth's words, thinks for a moment, head flipping back and forth between Elspeth and the gardens Noalan disappeared into then he shrugs, "Fine. If it will make you happy lets go wait for them and tell them the general area we think they should look in."

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