(1939-10-20) Magijugend Faces Ravenclaw Resistance
Details for Magijugend Faces Ravenclaw Resistance
Summary: The Chase continues, with one group of Magijugend following Calista Flint as they try to make it to the library.
Date: October 20, 1939
Location: Third Floor Corridor
Plot: Headmaster From Hell
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It's been a mad mad dash filled with smoke and gobstone exploding and spitting disgusting ooze. Tripping over each other. Nearly plummeting to deaths when one of the stairs in the grand stairwell began to grind and swing out from under the stampeding loafers and mary jane covered feet. The quiet hall outside of the Library echoes with the sounds of conflict. Spells are still being flung from stair to stair behind the team of Magijugend that surround and protect the Headmaster's own neice, Calista Flint, who has with her a rather important looking box. That is if boxes can in fact look important.

When the organization of the resistance was being planned out it was plotted that it wouldn't look suspicious at all to have a group of Ravenclaws outside of the library on the 3rd Floor Corridor. So it was that when notified by Viridian's little Protean Charmed Bullitin, "It is time. Find and delay any and all Magijugend until help arrives." that the resistance group took to their set spot.

Anthony has a book in one hand, the other concealed in the sleeve of his robes, holding his wand. The book, for those interested in such things, is 'The Secret Chapters of the Conquest of Gaul' by Caesar, which as everyone here knows consists of how the Priests of Jove fought against the Druidical Priests of the Belgae, and the other Gaullish tribes. Naturally, it's in Latin. He lowers it slightly, and murmurs, "Alea Jactea Est!" «The die is cast.». Well, he's been crossing the Rubicon. He flourishes his wand and says briskly, "Tagfors!" Then he calls out, "Flint! Have you found my missing trunk?"

Ravenclaws outside the Library? Not at all suspicious. Some are coming and going all the time. A small group stands by the doorway speaking… Anthony Rowle, Myrus Carrow-Lowe, and of course, Rowle's girlfriend Eibhlin Shine. Shine looks at Anthony, surprise on her face. "Flint has it, Rowle? Are you certain?" She moves after, Head Girl badge on her clothing et al. "Flint, Rowle had a box go missing that belongs to him… Do you mind if I take a look at that please?"

Stumbling clumsily up the stairs - Bowen practically falls face-first into the hallway. He barely manages to keep his feet, and hurries to try to take a position in front of Calista with her all-important box. It's a bit intimidating to have Rowle in front of him, wand in hand, but he has his compatriots with him, and right on his side!

Miranda Blishwick makes the landing with the other Majijugend, though she's trailing half her tattered robe behind her, snagged somewhere along the way. Normally neat, blonde hair is coming free of its braid, forming a frizzy halo around the Slytherin seventh year's face. She skids a little bit as she comes to a stop, blue eyes wild as she spots the Ravenclaws, then she moves to help surround Calista, keeping a white-knuckled grip on her wand, while with her free hand, she tries to get her robe to sit right. "Always so clever," she practically spits in a heated drawl toward the others.

Assistant Librarian Annie Taylor received the message directly from Madam Patil that something would be happening, and has been undecided on what her own role should be. She went out a few minutes ago and exchanged a few words with some of her former housemates, coming back in to hover near the main desk, looking properly busy. Voices can be heard even through the thick doors and, while she moves toward the library entrance she remains inside. She'll jump into the fray if it becomes necessary, but hangs back for now, listening, still prepared with her wand in hand but tucked into the sleeve of her robes.

THe lanky sixth year, Myrus Carrow-Lowe turns to see the group of individuals coming toward them. An idle sniff at the air. His near-six-foot figure now looking at the younger student in front of the youngest Flint at Hogwarts.
"Like uncle like daughter. 'When in trouble, put children out in front of you to take on the dangerous work'."
The smirk that drips from Myrus' face is now something like when the other team gets a new beater because the previous is out for injuries. Oh, the fun this could be. And not often Myrus' fighting side comes out. But when it does, well, some people just remember how vile he was last year when bad things happened. His own wand in his sleeve, slowly emerging from the cloth sheath within his robe.

Calista Flint looks ahead, this is already harrowing. She has no reservations though about openly displaying her wand as the box is clutch. Her expression fixed and tense as she strides with a bit of purpose. When the comment comes though her brow lifts, "You will strike a child, forgive me for not considering."

Myrus gets off a sticking charm to Calista's shoes but since the rest of this group seems to be going with the peaceful route and he still hears things going on that more suits his style he quickly jogs off to go help elsewhere.

Tagify is seemingly the right spell, but despite the crisp intonation, all that results is that a picture of Nearly Headless Nick with horse, before a ruined castle ends up labelled, 'Anthony Rowle." Tony sighs, sliding his book into his robes, for better action.

"Hey! I'm standing exactly where I want to stand!" Bowen declares, remaining in place between Calista and the other students. "Now, if you'll excus- HEY!" The boy looks horribly afronted when Myrus casts a spell on Calista's shoes. "Shine! Are you going to stand for- Yeah, you better run away! Come on, Flint." He looks back at the older student for a moment when she doesn't move. "…Flint?"

Hovering just on the other side of the library doors, Annie steps close enough to be able to watch what's going on in the corridor, pushing up on her toes just slightly. She glances back to Madam Patil, before her attention returns to the confrontation. Students studying in the library are blissfully oblivious to anything outside of their books.

Eibhlin's eyebrows arch at the wands and wildness of the Magijugend, and her voice grows firm. "I'm not sure what the bloody hell is going on, but I want everyone to calm down and back down please. I will dock points from -anyone- who starts a duel in the hallways. ..Carrow, that means you too."

That's about the time that Myrus shoots off a sticking charm and Miranda throws up a shield charm that sends -Eibhlin- flying. Somehow, she manages to keep her feet and her frown deepens severely. "Last chance," she says, as her own wand comes out. Her voice is very. very. quiet. She walks back a step or two, twirling her wand in her fingers before gripping it at the ready. "Miss Flint. You will hand over the case. Miss Blishwick, Mr. Nott, I suggest you stow your wands immediately and back off. Now."

Miranda gives up on her robe the moment she sees wand movement. She interrupts her own snippy reply as she brings her own wand up quickly, blurting out the word "PROTEGO!" It's not the prettiest casting ever, and it's too late to block Myrus' sticking charm, which shoots past before the magical shield appears in front of Calista. "And keep running!" the Slytherin shouts after Myrus. If she's louder, it will help, right? When she turns back to the others, her expression has gone from wild to maniacal, her wand held in front of her fellow seventh year. "Calm down," she mutters, glaring at Eibhlin. "Who're the bloody ones being chased? You calm down!"

Calista watches the spells fire off, her legs suddenly becoming fixed to place. It nearly causes her to trip, but, boots. She instead feels the brief sting of pain and inevitable pausing of her motion. Her brows knit, lips pull back, "You assaulted me? Are you attempting to rob me, Shine?" She taps the box with the tip of her wand, "This is private property."

A wand being pointed towards Eibhlin. Yep. That gets Anthony's attention. His own black wand is pointed level, and classical towards Miranda's face. "Drop it. You heard the Head Girl." He takes a deep breath, "Hand over the case so it can be inspected, to make sure it's not the one I'm missing. Unless you're trying to _hide_ something?"

Eibhlin shakes her head. "No, Flint. That was Carrow. And exactly -whose- private property is what I want to investigate. Hand it over. Now. Blishwick, you have five seconds to get your wand out of my face before I help you." Out of the corner of her eyes, she sees Anthony's wand come out. She probably isn't going to be able to stop this from boiling over.

Bowen continues to hold his wand tightly in his hand - though it isn't pointed at any of the other students. He glances again at the other two Magijugend before asserting firmly, "It doesn't belong to Rowle. We can all vouch for that. Can't we?" he asserts. "We're just going to the library…"

"You attacked us first!" Miranda asserts, her blonde braid whipping as she tries to see everyone at once. "I just wanted to defend my friend here, yeah? It's Flint's box." Pause. "Calista here's box. Got no right attacking us like that," she maintains, once again trying to get her ruined robe to sit right.

Anthony says slowly, "I see only one person who has _thrown_ a member of the prefectual staff across the room. And it's the one still pointing a wand at the Head Girl. So, again, please. Would you mind terribly, lowering your wand?" His own, it should be noted, is still pointed at Miranda. He adds, at the end, "I'll do likewise."

Myrus returns from up the hall with his wand out and down to his side now, he looks at Anthony and Eibhlin next to him there, with a slight shrug, "Hadda piss.. terrible timing, I know.."

Anthony stares hard at Miranda. The wands start lowering. Gunslinger to Gunslinger…..

Calista hands off the box to Bowen while her feet are stuck. Her eyes lift up and she watches what follows. She is not going anywhere for the moment after all. "Just take it in the library, please, while I resolve this."

There's a reason why Eibhlin is Student Aide to Viridian. She gets a little extra practice in… So when Miranda doesn't lower her wand fast enough, Eibhlin stays true to her word. Her wand extends with a stacatto flick and her voice cracks through the hall. "Expelliarmus!" Red light crashes into Miranda, sending her wand flying dramatically back towards the steps. Not to mention, Miranda flies back a good few feet. "Blishwick! 10 points from Slytherin for brandishing your wand at the Head Girl, threatening students, and improper use of magic in the hall." Her steely gaze turns to Flint as the Box changes hands.

Things in the corridor are still quiet, and it gives a moment for Annie to hear a familiar voice in her head. The little devil on her shoulder that speaks with a distinct Irish lilt whispers, "Camera, Ans." Spinning abruptly, Annie rushes to the main desk, grabbing up the camera that was a gift from a very talented photographer. What she herself lacks in ability is made up with the spells on the camera. As she hurries back to the door she's already bringing the camera up, starting to snap pictures as soon as she's got it pointed out the door's window.

"Accio Box!" Myrus shouts as it's handed from Calista to Bowen. Ahh, the baby chick now handed the egg from the Hen. Or something like that. The box flies to Myrus, who catches it and ensures it's tucked under his arm. "Well, I think family heirlooms are amazing. I'm planning on giving it back sometime."

"Sure Flint," Bowen responds. He tucks the box under his arm, keeping his wand ready - when he sees a spell come flying towards him! "Deflecto!" the boy calls out hastily, slashing with his wand - but Myrus' spell powers through, snatching the box and tearing it from under his arm - without surprisingly little resistance. "He- HEY! That's not yours! It's Flint's! …. Calista's!" Right! That Flint!

"Yeah?" Miranda shoots back to Anthony, wide eyes glaring at the Ravenclaw. "And why did I need to raise my wand in the first place, ya bleedin' know-it-all?" Which is when said wand slips from her fingers before she can so much as make a fist. She stares at her empty hand, only realizing seconds later what just happened. Miranda looks to Bowen and Calista quickly, then the library doors. Soooo close. Yet so far away. That wide-eyed look has now turned to one of panic. "But Lowe stuck Calista's feet to the floor!" she protests, glaring at the headgirl. If panic and murderous can be combined, that's the look directed at Eibhlin right now.

Anthony frowns, as wands are still visible. It is the 4th year who catches his eye, "EXPELLIARMUS!" And then, as the wand goes flying, he shouts, "She told you to put it DOWN Nott. Do you SPEAK English?"

Bowen starts to aim his wand at Myrus - when he sees Anthony's wand coming up towards him. "Deflecto!" he cries again - but it's no good, this time it's his wand that gets wrested from his grasp as he stumbles back, gapping like a fish for a moment. "What- what's wrong with you, Rowle?!" the boy exclaims. "You should be on our side!" Turning, he runs hastily towards his wand.

Anthony yells after the fleeing 4th year, "It's not about sides. It's about scholarship. Thou shalt not fake thy results! And if you take another step, I'll stick you down."

"We- we're Magijugend! You can't do this to us!" Bowen protests - as he keeps scrambling for his wand to retrieve it. "Headmaster Flint's going to hear about all of this, you know! You'll be expelled!"

Myrus just ominously watches the other students that squared off against the three Ravenclaws. An idle sniff, and he adjusts the box under his arm, tightening his grip just a little on that and his wand.

"Expeliarmus!" Again, the spell rings out and Calista's wand is tugged from her hand. "I -said- put them DOWN!" Eibhlin growls, her Irish temper finally coming to the surface. "And I -meant- put 'em DOWN!"

Miranda sees the box leave their collective into that of the Ravenclaws. Sees Bowen's wand go flying. Sees Calista's wand go flying. Maniacal anger turns instantly to something very much akin to fear. If she were to utter something just then, it likely wouldn't be pretty, and might get her a few more points docked, but as the saying goes, in for a penny, in for a pound. Her solution as Calista's fearless (but wholly failed) bodyguard? To launch herself directly at Eibhlin, teeth bared in a rictus as she snarls wordlessly at the headgirl.

Seeing Miranda launching forward at Eibhlin, all Myrus can only react and defend his fellow Ravenclaw, "Locomotor Mortis," he says, nearly bored with the situation now, seeing as their side seems to have overpowered the other more readily than expected. Box under arm, he pats the bottom of it with his hand, "So, wonder what's in 'ere, eh?" A little grin.

Remaining unnoticed in the perfect spot, Annie is getting pictures at a measured pace, making each one count, trying to document pieces of everything happening between the Magijugend and the 'Resistance'. Some of them will be useless, but there ought to be enough to tell the story. She's already planning on going immediately to town when the day is through, to hand the film over to Tim Moody. Miranda's charge is caught in a series of isolated moments before the film runs out.

Calista is knocked over by the spell, and her wand knocked out of range. She thins her eyes and pulls herself into a seated position. "You had no right, Shine. None. I have never touched a one of you." She says as she unlaces the boots. "You stole from me and assaulted me. You too, Lowe. I will not forgive that."

"The bleedin'..!" There's a madwoman launching at Eibhlin and she does the smartest thing. She just sliiiiiiides out of the way and watches as Myrus casts. "Calista, you know why this happened," she responds softly. "Now. If you want, I can take that sticking charm off you and we'll get you cleaned up. But you know why this happened. Why it had to happen."

Miranda never had a chance, really. Almost the moment she starts for Eibhlin, Myrus' curse hits her full blast. One second she's charging, the next she hits the ground hard, chin first, and skids quickly enough to make that skin-on-marble sound. Wind thoroughly knocked out of her, she just lies there for now, split chin starting to bleed onto the floor as she stares at someone's shoes, completely dazed aside from a vague groan.

Myrus squats down when Miranda comes to a scooching halt right in front of his shoes. Box still under arm, he waves his wand once again, but this time towards the scrambling Bowen. "Locomotor Mortis." He'd fix Miranda's chin, in due time. "Looks like you young ones need to learn to walk on flat ground better. I mean I've tripped before, but that one was one for the ages."

"I was trying to make things better. " Calista insists, slipping her feet out, and then moving for her wand. Her eyes are cold and glassy as she reaches for it. "Stop bullying them, Carrow." She says with a cool firmness.

Bowen goes down too - but catches himself on his hands, letting out a startled cry and yet another, "HEY!" It seems to be his favorite thing. "I don't get you and Rowle, Carrow! You're nothing but a pair of blood-traitors!"

While at Myrus' feet, Miranda groans out a few unintelligible words, possibly spraying some blood-tinted spittle toward those nearby shoes. On accident, of course. She rolls onto her back and tries to sit up, but the torn robe rips just a little more as it catches underneath her, so she'll just lie there a little while longer.

Myrus stands up, now ignoring the fact that the girl in front of him is bleeding from the chin, as Calista basically calls him a bully, and Bowen calls him a blood traitor. His grin widens and it could be comparable to a wolf baring teeth. "Bullying would mean there was no threat from those against me, and a blood traitor is better than inhumane against other wizards and witches. So watch our tongue, curr." He gets all high and mighty for a moment and olde englishy. Chinlift, watches Calista going for her wand very carefully. "Episkey," at Miranda's chin.

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