(1939-10-21) On Again
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Summary: Annie brings film to Tim for developing but something entirely different develops. (CAUTION: adult activities suggested at)
Date: 21 October 1939
Location: Moody Residence, London

Not every day can be a quiet day at Hogwarts, that much is a given, but this day has held more excitement that Annie would like to see for the rest of the year. Starting out with a notification about something happening with the Magijugend and interfering with their members, ending with a 'visit' by members of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, the day was certainly eventful. Having taken pictures of the fracas going on in the hall outside the library, as soon as she could slip away from work Annie all but ran down the path to Hogsmeade to take the floo to Tim's home in London. She shows up unannounced, hoping that if Tim isn't home he will be soon, stepping from the fireplace in a puff of dust and a sneeze.

Bowie soon comes into the reception area with his tray teetering on top of his head. "Mistress Annie!" He squeaks in delight as he hurries little feet pitter pattering to offer his tiny hand up to her like a gentleman helping a lady to step over the little iron fence that's only six inches high about the entrance of the fireplace. "Master Tim is asleep upstairs he is how you say laggy from being in the over of seas."

Dusting herself off, Annie looks to Bowie with a warm smile and she reaches to take the offered assistance. "Hallo, Bowie love. Ta." She shrugs out of her cloak immediately, revealing that she's still in her work robes beneath, and sets it aside over the back of a chair. The roll of film is in a pocket of her robes, tucked away safely until she puts it into Tim's hands. "I'll just pop up, see how he is." Her steps are light as she hurries up the staircase, easing open the door of the bedroom and slipping inside. She tries to be quiet, letting her eyes adjust to the dimmer light as she makes out the bed and what looks to be a mountain of blankets.

Tim is having fitful sleep as to be expected. He never sleeps well anymore without her next to him. Annie also can tell and knows well enough that his right arm crooked up with the hand underneath the pillow means he's got his hand on his wand. His clothes are in a messy lump on the floor, another sign he came home dog tired and just stripped and fell into bed when he arrived.

Annie is never quite sure how to approach when she sees Tim sleeping like that, hand ready to curl around his wand in an instant. She quietly gathers up his clothes, laying them at the foot of the bed, before approaching his sleeping form. "Tim, it's yer Annie," she says, not loudly, but not quite a whisper. Enough volume to penetrate his dreams, with any luck, and save them both the trouble of a bad waking.

Tim makes a sniffing noise as his eyes immediately snap open and his head lifts as he awakens suddenly. Taking a deep breath he rubs his eyes and gives her a lazy but none the less absolutely twitterpated smile laced with a bit of guilt as his hand slides out from under the pillow. "There's the prettiest Ans in all the world." He rolls to his side and pats the warm empty spot he's move from so she can have it.

There's only a moment of hesitation before Annie shrugs out of her robes, revealing the lacy slip below, kicks her shoes off, and scoots over to slip in next to Tim. She meets his lips with a warm, lingering kiss, taking a moment to let the cares of the day be put aside, they'll get back to them soon enough. "Do yeh need t'sleep still, love? Only I hate t'pull yeh from bed," for more reasons than just the sleep he needs, "But things happened t'day. I've got film for yeh."

Tim is like a sleepy teenager not wanting to get out of bed for school as he curls up around Annie with a 'another 5 minutes mom!' mrrn and a nuzzle to his little teddy bear that Annie stands in for. "Hmm? Film. mmmhmm." He nods and nuzzles against Annie softly kissing her shoulder and squeezing her to him.

Oh the temptations of a warm, sleepy Tim in a warm bed. The thought enters her head that they could get to the film later, but she pushes it away, knowing that if she gives in to desire it'll be well into the middle of the night before she even thinks about that roll of film again. "Love," she murmurs, stroking his cheek softly, "There's nothin' I'd like more right now than t'forget the outside world an' jus' let yeh have yer way with me." The smirk can be heard in her voice, along with a healthy dose of regret. "But if yeh get dressed for long enough t'look at what I've brought, I'll help yeh get undressed again."

Tim mmms sleepily again. But eventually talk of dressing and then the promise of undressing sinks in along with the mention of the film and soon he's actually seeming to really wake up. "Something happened? Are you alright?" He lifts himself up and looks down at her. A hand sliding over her to check for injuries a bit of a concerned expression on his sleepy face.

Annie is quick to reassure Tim, although not to stay his straying hand. "I'm fine, love. I was in the library an' nothin' got that far." She pauses, frowning deeply, "But children were drawing wands on each other." Stopping, Annie restarts her story at roughly the beginning, telling Tim about the message that went out to delay the Magijegund students from whatever it was that they were doing. She's still fuzzy on details, rumours are flying around the school already and she'd not had a chance to get any real truth from Madam Patil yet. "There was a group outside the library, likely headed in, but some of the other students were there to stop them." Her consternation eases as she relays, "But I heard yeh, tellin' me t'take pictures, so I got the camera an' did just that."

Tim rubs at his eyes again and takes a deep sighing breath. "Another day at Hogwarts." He comments about kids drawing wands on each other, it's not a too too rare occurrence, kids will be kids, but this does sound different so it was said with dry humor. "Did you know?" He beams pridefully down at her and comes down to nuzzle at her and then slide his rough cheek up her neck to whisper in her ear. "Heard my voice did ye? Was it saying how beautiful you are, how brilliant and amazing a woman ye are too? Cause it should have." He lifts up his head to give her a kiss softly on the lips but he draws away to climb over her and streak his way over to pull on some pants from the dresser, not bothering with boxers or a shirt. "Let's go be responsible." He winks at her. "And develop that old geezers end."

The nuzzle and whisper in her ear draw a soft sigh from Annie, and her resolve to put business before pleasure is on the verge of breaking before Tim pulls away for his run to the dresser. She rolls over to watch him, smiling at the wiggle of his bare behind as he gets some trousers on. "What a temptation yeh are, Timothy Moody," she says as she slips out of the warm bed with no little reluctance. The young witch is comfortable enough in her slip to not bother putting her robes back on, and it's modest enough that she won't feel odd around Bowie. The little darling never seems to judge, but she wants to be someone even the house elf can respect. She does, however, pick up her robes long enough to fish the film out of the pocket and offer it out to Tim. "Here it is."

Tim plucks the film from Annie's hand and steals another kiss while doing so. One more embrace is spared, enjoying the feel of the silk slip warm from her body against his chest. "Corr I love ye woman." He mumbles with a shake of his head before he starts to step back, taking her with, not wanting to be apart from her until they get to the stairs. There for safety he leaves her only to turn around. tangling his fingers of a hand with her he leads the way down the stairs. "Cuppa Bowie please." He politely asks his house-elf and continues shuffling along down into the basement.

She hates to leave go of him as well, but Annie has found her resolve again and knows that getting the film developed must come first. "I love yeh, Tim," she echoes, not just parroting but meaning it from her heart. She pads along with him, then behind him on the stairs, never losing contact entirely. "Two please, Bowie love," she calls as well, her feet pounding an off-beat rhythm as they go down the second flight of stairs to the darkroom.

Tim is just getting things going in the darkroom when there is a light little knock on the door. "Mmm, our cuppas, would ye Anns?" He's got his hands full of different large jugs of developing potions.

While Annie knows a bit of what Tim needs prepared from watching him and being taught things, she's not that much of a help to a man that's accustomed to working on his own. He barely has to speak, because she's already heading for the door and something she can actually help with well. "Ta, darlin'," she says, stooped to take the cups from the little elf. He knows how they both take their tea, so there's nothing to fuss with, just full cups. Anticipating the elf's question, Annie promises gently, "I'll have him up t'get somethin' in his stomach before long." She straightens and turns back, crossing to Tim with his cup while Bowie shuts the door. Annie pauses, taking a moment as she always does to reflect that this is Tim's world, and him sharing it with her is so very special. When they're in here it's like the outside doesn't exist.

Tim chuckles softly as he can almost hear Bowie's mouth close shut from opening to ask. "How spoiled am I? Two of the best caregivers a man could ask for." Just before the door is shut, his thank you to Bowie as well. He takes his tea from Annie now that he's got a free hand and leans in to kiss her in the dim red light of the room. "Thank you." He takes a sip and then a full on drink. "So I've got to apologize. I know I probably bungled things up by moving too fast before…I know I did…" Another drink is taken before he lifts it up to set it on the shelf that's there for this fine purpose for food and drink. It's pretty clear that he's also not finished explaining the apology, that turns out not to be one at all. "But I really can't be sorry, because it seems that I didn't learn my lesson, and it's just who I am… someone that knows he's found his soulmate and hasn't been more sure of anything than that. I am sorry though for breaking a promise, I said we'd go slower this time. But I don't want to…" He tapers off allowing her the chance to interject and cut him off before he continues with what sounds like is going to be a Big Question. Allowing her the chance to let him down easier without it being said.

With both hands wrapped around her own cup, Annie holds it up to her lips after taking a sip, letting the steam warm her face. As much as listening to what Tim has to say, she watches him too, a part of her mind musing over how familiar the way he moves has become, even more than it was before. When his words wander off she does take the opportunity to speak, her words drifting over the cup that she still holds by her face. "I don't want yeh t'be sorry for anything, Tim. Things happen for a reason. The important part, t'me, is… here we are again. There's not a moment I was away that I didn't love yeh."

Tim has put the film well into the process enough that he can give it time to process and give Annie fuller attention. He turns around and draws her in pressing her against him again with his hands on her hips. "Aye, I feel the very same way. I'm not sorry for the way I feel. I'm just hoping that you will forgive me for breaking my promise - for taking things slow - when I ask you…." He takes another big courage bolstering breath. "…to be with me." There's no hint of stammer, as she's observed, they are in his world and he's so very confident in here. "Marry me. No trial marriage. No playing house. Marry me?"

When Tim reaches to draw her close, Annie quickly puts her own cup up on the shelf as well, then gives him her full attention. With her head tilted slightly back she looks up into his eyes. A small smile tugs at her lips before she speaks. "Of course I'll forgive yeh, Tim, I love yeh." There's a pause, short in reality but perhaps lasting a lifetime to the man asking the question, before her answer comes. "Yes."

Tim does quite feel like he's lived several live over in the span of time it takes her to answer him. But when she does all of those lives were worth the wait. The darkroom is filled with an elated laugh as he scoops her up against him and he ducks his head down to kiss her passionately. "I love you so woman." Is whispered into her mouth mid kiss and he squeezes her quite tightly as if needing to assure himself that he's not still asleep upstairs.

Annie laughs as well, her arms going up around Tim's neck, pressing close to him in their half-dressed states. Isn't it every girl's dream to be asked to marry by a shirtless man in nothing but trousers while she's in her slip? "My Tim," she whispers. There's dampness on her cheeks, salty tears, but these are of happiness. "I belong with yeh."

Tim looks like a boy on Christmas morning! Another tight squeeze is given to her and then he's on her like a man driven out of his mind by the moment of extreme emotion. There's a clank of the potion bottles battering about against each other as he lifts her up to sit ontop of a low cupboard. "I promise I'll make ye happy…or die trying." He must spare a moment to stir the film in the solution it's soaking in but when his hand returns it's going to the button of his pants, needful eyes locked on her.

There's a giggle in the midst of passion as Annie is hoisted onto the cupboard, and she shushes him gently. "Yeh'll do no such thing, Tim Moody," she says quietly but resolutely. "What yeh'll do is have a long life t'share with me." She glances aside as he does to stir the film, and when their eyes meet again she can see the need that she's come to know so well. Somehow, by some force of will, she remains strong although that's exactly the only thing she wants in her heart right now as well. "Tim," she cautions, "Pictures first." She leans forward to kiss his throat softly, lips tickling lightly against his skin as her head tilts so she can whisper in his ear, "But when they're hangin' up t'dry, yeh can have yer way with me."

Tim sounds quite like a beaten dog with the little simpering whine he lets out when he is denied for later. The man that was once red from head to toe to touch her has to practically be pressed away to keep him from taking liberties. "Just a quick bit? We've got a spot of time before I have to switch things…" He leans in against her, the top button of his pants undone so his pants cling low. "Then again when they're hung. I promise, I won't let them fall to ruin." This story and pictures are just as important to him as they are to her. But they just got engaged and he's fit to burst!

He is such a temptation, and Annie makes the mistake of letting her eyes fall, and now she actually whimpers when she spies how his trousers are slung across his hips. Then she clears her throat, although she knows he must have heard that, and sets her voice to Assistant Librarian mode. Or attempts to. "First work. Then play." Another giggle comes with, "Again? Tim, yeh randy wizard."

Tim is blushing now, in the red light, with a guilty and apologetic smile he shrugs his bare shoulders. "What can I say, you have a power over me. Always have, and I'm giddy that you always will now. My Annie. I feel right perfect when I'm inside of you. Like in a natural state. Makin' love to My Annie." He leans in to kiss her and as instructed he turns to push around the film some more, like some kid pushing around peas on their plate.

Annie nuzzles Tim's neck gently, murmuring against his skin, "It's where we're both meant t'be. Part of each other. Always." Try as she might to be the voice of reason, her hand seems to have a mind of it's own, wandering down to disappear, her skin hot against his. In contradiction to her own sternness, she whispers urgently, "Quick… so the pictures aren't ruined." So much for the voice of reason.

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