(1939-10-21) Report on the Hogwarts Affair
Details for Report on the Hogwarts Affair
Summary: Rena finally cranks out a long, over-complicated report of the incident in Hogwarts.
Date: 1939-10-21
Location: Ministry of Magic - Law Enforcement Office
Plot: Headmaster from Hell
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Date: October 21st, 1939
Subject: Report on the retrieval of Magijugend contracts from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
To: Commissioner Ogden
From: Auror Irene Odori

Upon arrival at Hogwarts, myself, Aurors Bates and Sykes, and Hit Wizards Gideon, Urquart and O'Donnell were met by Professor Viridian. He informed us that despite all precautions to ensure secrecy, our plans were revealed and students were in the process of removing and/or hiding the Magijugend Contracts. (In and of itself, this is disturbing information. It indicates the probability of an informant within the Ministry divulging information in advance of our arrival. By what means this was managed on such short notice, I have no theory at this time.)

To ensure that the legality of our presence was understood by the faculty, I presented the warrant to Professor Black, personally. Our intention was to proceed from there to the Headmaster; however, we were temporarily diverted by the arrival of a student, Madeline Evans. She informed us that Magijugend scattered a number of locked boxes over the school grounds following a skirmish with non-Magijugend students in the arcade outside of the Headmaster's office. Of said boxes, one was hidden by Abraxas Malfoy within the Serpentine Maze and located by Evans and another student, Colton Higgins. Lead by Evans, M.L.E. members proceeded to the location and were joined briefly by Calista Flint.

Miss Flint alleged that she (and other Magijugend) were attacked by non-Magijugend students in order to facilitate the theft of these boxes. Her chief accusation was directed at one Myrus Lowe, who apparently affixed her shoes to the floor. I was later assured by senior students Anthony Rowle, and Eibhlin Shine, that while a skirmish did ensue, no harmful magic was utilized by either side. Miss Flint also indicated in her testimony that she was under the impression that the contents of the locked box given into her charge belonged in the library. A statement that seemingly contradicts Professor Viridian's inference that Magijugend purposefully disbursed and hid these boxes in advance of the arrival of the M.L.E.

Upon arrival at our destination within the Maze, officers were faced with a chamber and a locked door - behind which, the box was located. I regret to report that none of the members of the team were well-versed in Runes and struggled unnecessarily with the mechanism. Activating it caused the chamber to close and fill with a powerful sleeping potion. The riddle presented to unlock the chamber required an “Eye of Truth” symbol to be carved or affixed to the door in some manner. I provided Auror Bates with a pendant (presented to myself by Brad Moody) and it Hit Wizard O'Donnell successfully fixed to the door with a Sticking Charm. Fortunately, the lock released (albeit resentfully) and the chamber opened once more. The box was retrieved and we returned to Headmaster Flint's office.

We were met there by Professor Dumbledore, Chairmen Enceladus Malfoy and Headmaster Flint. The Headmaster was displeased with our presence and extremely agitated. At Mister Malfoy's insistence, Headmaster Flint resentfully opened the locked box, and the documents were left in our care.

Following this unpleasant encounter, myself, Auror Sykes and Hit Wizard O'Donnell spent a short time with a number of students. We were presented with one of the decoy boxes by Myrus Lowe, and Angelus Eibon (former member of the Magijugend) informed us of the location of another, which was later retrieved by Auror Bates with the aid of Elspeth Rosen. Unfortunately for Mister Eibon, this constituted breaking the oath he made to the Magijugend and his wand was immediately broken.

In conclusion, the mission was satisfactorily successful.

-Auror Irene Odori

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