(1939-10-22) An Outburst
Details for An Outburst
Summary: Angelus gets a little agitated and can't seem to focus on how to better act. He runs into Madeline, the last person he wants to talk to, and ends up trying to teach her a spell.
Date: October 22, 1939
Location: Starting at The Grand Stairway, Hogwarts and Ending at the Auditorium, Hogwarts

Madeline is on her way down the stairs - a bounce in her step, and her book bag slung over her shoulders. She's humming cheerfully to herself, seemingly quite pleased with the reprieve the Muggleborns have earned for themselves since the big show-down with the Magijugend - since Flint's disgrace. She has a quill in one hand, and she's flicking it as she moves - practicing wand movements without having to have a wand in hand. Because that would not go over well.

Angelus is a bit hard on breath as he makes his way up the stairs again. He started towards the castle, made it a good distance too, when he realised he had to back for his book strap. He’s made it back into the school, along the corridor to the entry hall, and is darting up the stairs as hurriedly as he can. He does not want to be stopped by anyone, racing upward. In his hurry he clips a few students on his way up, letting out an ‘ack’ as he shoots hasty look over his shoulder. “Sorry. I’m sorry.”

Madeline jumps down to a landing, making her way towards the next flight down - but stop when she sees Angelus on his way up. She frowns slightly, looking down the stairs behind him to see if anything is pursuing him, then up the stairs to see if he's chasing anything - but there's nothing. "Umm, Eibon? You alright?" the girl asks uncertainly - and not unkindly.

Angelus scowls when he’s addressed by the familiar voice. Madeline is not who he fancies talking to right now. His head is buzzing, and he can’t focus on the right persona to take hold of to greet her. Instead, he answers her with a hiss, “Yessss.” All arrogance has dropped away from the boy currently. He slows a little, because after a few jostles to students he realises he should, and he sways to the other side of the railing to dodge another student. He turns his head away from Madeline at his initial glance.

"Umm… You sure?" Madeline asks. She bites her lip, then offers quietly, "If anyone - well, anyone who isn't a Purist, I guess - but if anyone's giving you a hard time I'll, umm… I'll tell them they should stop. That they need to stop."

A frustrated noise escapes the boy, but Angelus doesn’t glance at her again as he takes another step. But her offer causes him to turn, back against the railing and a single arm resting on it, looking up from his position lower down than she. “No!” he snaps out sharply until it causes him to recoil slightly. “No. I don’t want you stepping up for me.” Still, he says harshly and winces, just turning his head away as he waves his hand in agitation. “I’ve got it covered,” he says stubbornly.

The shout causes Madeline to step back and flinch. Yes - she's still uneasy around Angelus. And who can really blame her? Still - she soldiers on, anyways. "So… they are. Is it one of my friends? Let me help," she offers again.

Angelus shakes his head, his feet climbing the stairs again until he shoots another look at Madeline. “I don’t- It’s my own fault. It’s my own bloody fault.” He dances a hesitating moment on the step, then turns when the section of stairs meet with a landing, and Angelus takes it eagerly despite it being in the wrong direction.

"But they still shouldn't be… harassing you!" Madeline calls after the boy. She hesitates, then dashes a few steps to follow him, her expression uncertain and conflicted. "Eibon… stop. Please?" she asks. She flips open her bag, digging around, and after a moment, comes out with some gummy treats with a rather fitting name. She looks at them for a moment, then offers them towards Angelus with and open palm. "They're called peace babies," she explains. "Do you know them?"

Angelus darts into the corridor and off to the side, where he leans up against the wall and brings his hands up to cover his face, his fingers lacing through his hair. He hiccups suddenly, and winces, clearing his throat. Madeline calls out to him, another hiccup, and he grimaces as he swallows. His hands lower to lock his gaze on his housemate - his blue eyes still moist - but he certainly has the strength not to actually cry. He stares at her as he cranes his head one way, and simply considers as his lips twist with a grimace. “What have I done, Evans? What have I done?” he suddenly blurts out. “Why is it that every path I step is the wrong one? I never stood against Flint’s orders when I should have at the start of the term. I should never have gone along with it.” He inhales sharply and lets it out just as quickly. “And why would I stab my club, my friends, in the back after all their protection?” He throws his hands upward, resting his hands on top of his head as he whirls away. “What the bloody hell is wrong with me!?” He pauses for several moment before he turns to suddenly give her candy a stare. “I’ve heard of them,” he mutters.

"I… don't know," Madeline answers uncertainly. She shifts on her feet, still holding out the candies towards them. "Maybe, umm… Maybe Anthony Rowle would know what to say?" she offers uncertainly. "He's a pureblood, right? And he understands about pureblood culture better'n me, so…" She looks down at the floor, a little unnerved by the boy's emotional outburst. "I just think… we're all one house, and we're all one school, and it'd sure be nice if we didn't… hate each other and attack each other. If we could talk, instead."

She glances up now, asking uncertainly, "Why… do you think you stabbed 'em in the back? When you told about the box, you mean? I don't think that was stabbing them in the back. If you guys want to have your… your wizarding culture club, you oughtta be able to have it without those horrible contracts."

A dry laugh escapes from Angelus as he shakes his head. He hardly understands that seventh year. Anthony Rowle makes it hard to focus when he’s trying to figure out what he’s saying. His hands drop away from his head, and he regards Madeline with a serious and sharp stare. “I want that. I mean, I think I do.” He shakes his head. “I don’t know.” His voice drops as he murmurs, “There are a lot of respectable Muggle-born I’ve come across. Auror Bates, Auror Odori, even Rosen doesn’t look so bad, Nell…” He heaves a sigh, lifting a hand now to indicate a no towards the candies, shaking his head. He locks his eyes on her as he ponders her question for several seconds, frowning. “I gave my word, I promised, and I broke it.” Abraxas’ words come back to him. “I thought I knew what was right,” he says bitterly, snorting. His arms cross and he tucks his hands under his arms as he sighs, focusing a stare down at the floor. When he glances up, a look is shot to Madeline before he bends over and snatches up the strap holding his books and reaches out to for Madeline, attempting to touch her back lightly. “Evans, come with me. Just trust me, please. Please?”

"But I'm not," Madeline remarks a bit flatly. She lowers her arm when he finally refuses the candies, tucking them away again - though she takes one for herself and munches on it. The hand on her back causes her to shift uncomfortable - but she doesn't pull away entirely. The truth is - she doesn't trust him. And it shows in the caution in her eyes - but she nods anyways. "Okay," she agrees. "And I think you were right," she adds. "And if you guys make a proper club that really seems like it's about teaching wizarding culture, and loving it, and not… well, about hating other people… then I'd like to join it, you know. But not if it's gonna be all stuff about how… I make magic weaker just by being born. I wanna learn about wizard books and bedtime stories and music and stuff."

Angelus frowns, fixing his eyes on her before he sighs. “I don’t think you and I will ever see eye to eye,” he states, “but that doesn’t mean we can’t get along.” He frowns, looking down to the floor, but grins when she decides to allow him to lead her. His hand pulls away from her as he darts ahead of her, darting into the art gallery for a very short second, because he suddenly backs out and clears his throat. Terrible idea, that, with all the portraits around. He heads further along the corridor and attempts to drag her in with him by taking hold of her arm. “Over here,” he says, “to the chairs.” He shifts after a few paces, moving around behind her as he tries to set both hands on her shoulders from behind to guide her towards the chairs. “Take out your wand, Evans. I’ll teach you a spell.”

"No. Probably not," Madeline agrees. She starts to follow him when he starts off - but watches him reappear, and goes with him into the auditorium, with a minimum need for dragging. It's clear she's a little uncomfortable going somewhere utterly alone with him, though, especially when she stiffens in response to his hands on her shoulders. Her heart starts to pound - and she has to resist the urge to run away, though she reminds herself - she's the only one with a wand here.

"A, umm, spell?" She asks in surprise as she slips into one of the chairs. "What sorta spell?" She really doesn't get him. "I, umm, you know. What I said on Monday… about your wand. I mean, I was upset, and it was unkind, and I wish I hadn't said it, and I'm sorry. I'm not… glad about your wand. Really."

Despite her apparent discomfort Angelus presses on, insisting that she follow along. So when they make it to the chairs, he nods as he flops into one next to her. “Yes, why not? You need to learn. I have nothing restricting me from teaching you.” His spirts are beginning to lift, his grin widening. “Your wand?” he repeats again. He intends to coil an arm around her side and curl his fingers around her wrist. “I’ll show you the moveme…” He trails off at her apology, frowning and sliding his gaze to a distant wall as he lets out a sigh. A pause as he shifts in the chair and he snorts. “Of course you are. Why wouldn’t you be? I deserve it. You say I was right, but-“ He sighs. “Maybe Auror Odori did need to know, but I broke my oath.” His fingers tighten a little over her wrist without thinking about it, and they give a little tremble. He clears his throat, murmuring a, “Sorry,” as he loosens his grip. “The spell,” he says hastily. “It’s easy.” He tries to move her hand in a flick towards where the target would be. “Just like that. REN-ner-vate.”

Madeline takes out her wand, trying not to show how anxious it makes her feel for his hand to be around her wrist - and so close to her wand. What if he snatches it away? That's an unsettling thought.

"But the oath was a mistake," she insists quietly, "and Flint should never have asked it of you. Or-" Here Madeline trails off into silence. "He was trying to hide things from Aurors. And he was making you help him hide things from Aurors. He was wrong. He betrayed you."

When he tries directing her hand through the motions, it takes her a moment to relax her wrist enough to allow it. "Rennervate," she repeats. "What's it do?"

“I knew what I was signing,” Angelus says defensively. “It wasn’t a big secret when I made the choice to sign it.” He sighs. “I don’t know, Evans.” He frowns, drooping his head sadly as he looks to the floor. Maybe he really is a blood traitor? Gel gives his head a heavy shake at that, grimacing and clears his throat as he concentrates on teaching her the spell. “Revives a target who’s stunned,” he answers. “REN-ner-vate,” he says it again. “Okay? I need to leave you, Evans. Thank you. I- well, it was refreshing to talk to you. Maybe I can teach you another spell later,” he offers. He rests a hand lightly on her shoulder, hesitating in rising for a moment before he suddenly leans closer in an attempt to kiss her cheek. “Er-“ Almost instantly he’s up out of the chair, staggering as a single foot catches the bottom of the chair with his own surprise on his features. “Sorry. I-“ He turns, lifts a hand to wave at her, and starts off before pausing after taking a few steps and glances back at her. “You really aren’t that bad, Evans,” he murmurs before he turns and continues the rest of the way to the door.

Madeline tries the spell several times - with no luck. "What year is this spell?" She complains quietly. "I can do Bubble head!" she says defensively - and that's a 4th year spell. Still, she keeps trying it. "Rennervate. RENnervate!" Ugh. …it's making her feel sleepy. She's yawning when Angelus goes in for the kiss on her cheek - but that certainly wakes her up fast. Her eyes widen, and she pulls away abruptly, turning her torso towards him with an uneasy look on her features. "Uhh. Well. Thanks for, uhh, trying to… err… teach me that, Eibon," she mumbles. "I guess I'll have to keep trying, though."

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