(1939-10-23) The News Gets Out
Details for The News Gets Out
Summary: A few days after the MLE showed up at Hogwarts, Headmaster Flint resigns. Annie stops at the Leaky Cauldron on her way to take the news to Tim, and interrupts Hugh, Rhyeline and Graham with the glad tidings.
Date: 23 October 1939
Location: The Leaky Cauldron
Plot: Headmaster from Hell

- Note: The first few poses were missed. -

Rhyeline tries to hide her smile behind a hand, but can't help the impish giggle when Hugh approaches her at he bar mentions apprehension at fighting Graham for a biscuit. However, when Hugh mentions no news for her, she blinks and tilts her head. "What do you mean?" she asks, peeking up at him curiously. As Graham sits down at the bar as well, and proposes a compromise with Hugh over the biscuits, another sweet laugh escapes her. "I'm sure that Reece is hiding more biscuits behind the counter… if we need more…"

Hugh gives a shrug, and takes the last biscuit, "Thanks." He swigs his beer before answering Rhyelline, "I went over to G…. uh… where we met. In August, I mean. Before all of this started. But I couldn't find _anything_, I'm afraid. And I doubt I'll get back before things settle down."

Graham chuckles and take another drink from his cider. He looks back to the two though as they begin speaking looking curiously a moment at what they could be speaking of noting it down in his memory in case well its dangerous to his sister. "Its okay i'll probably have my usual community plate of chips anyways." he grins.

The flames in the cheerily crackling fireplace flame for a moment, heralding the arrival of someone by Floo. It happens to be a fairly young witch, dressed still in her work robes. Annie steps out of the fireplace with a soft sneeze, pausing to dust off her robes and look around. Spying two familiar faces almost at once, Annie hurries over to the bar, looking very happy about something. "Rhyeline! Graham!" she greets her friends, then pauses and looks at Hugh and greets cheerily, "Bloke I don't know!" The two she does know will get somewhat dusty and enthusiastic hugs.

Rhyeline blinks, pausing as Hugh's words rather seem to catch her off guard. Peeking up at him, her shyness seems to deepen and her cheeks grow warm. "I… I see. I understand. The traces… they are… well hidden. But… I am- am truly grateful… for your efforts… Auror Carruthers."

Rhyeline's gaze flits to Graham, but just then Annie arrives with the greatest cheer and enthusiasm. This catches her as off guard as Hugh's words, but the girl seems pleased. She returns Annie's hug tightly before peeking up at her. "Hello Annie… Has- has something good happened?" She tilts her head.

Hugh smiles to the newcomer, and removes a pipe from his mouth. It's scenting the room, and giving a whole new meaning to 'Go to the pub, and have some rough shag'. He gesticulates with a free hand, and offers the hand to Annie, "Hugh. Call me Hugh." He considers the womans face thoughtfully, "Although if you're Taylor….. I think you were sorted into…" His eyes close for a moment, "Ravenclaw… in my final year."

The young man looks back and does indeed his order of large basket of chips. Graham turns back though in time to catch Rhyeline's words and the look she gives though his smile fades only a brief moment it returns easily as he sees Annie returning the hug "Hey Annie how have you been then? Yes have a seat i'll buy you a drink hm?" he says though he remains quiet.

Hugs given, Annie then takes the hand offered by Hugh, her grip firm but feminine, smile bright. "I am Taylor, indeed, an' a Ravenclaw. But call me Annie, please." She keeps Rhyeline in suspense for a moment longer, looking to Graham, "Whiskey would be brilliant, ta." Now her attention settles on Rhyeline and Annie says in a low but very excited voice, "It's over, poppet. Headmaster Flint resigned!"

Rhyeline's eyes widen, dazed at such news. "T-Truly? He… he has…" A bright smile finds its way to Rhyeline's lips, her eyes sparking with excitement. "That is wonderful. The dark influence of Grindelwald… with the persecution of muggle-born students, the- the encouragement of prejudices among the students… such dark shadows… they are passing!" Rhyeline tries to reach for Annie to pull her into another tight hug of delight.

Hugh leans over, and snags a chip. Well, he's an auror. They notice important words like 'communal'. The Red Communist Chip Front established, Hugh gives a faint smile, and listens to the girls talk politics.

Graham takes a drink though he sets the chips in the middle so all can have some if they want to. He looks between the others waiting to see what information is given though the information he gets makes him smile hugely "Oh thank goodness, I cant say it much better than Rhyeline but all the students not being taught proper magic will be able to catch up." he seems thrilled at this too.

Annie is only too happy to return that hug, trying not to squeeze the smaller witch too tightly. When she releases Rhyeline, Annie looks around to the little group, "It's brilliant… bloody brilliant." Says the witch who doesn't often curse. "They told the students at dinner, an' yeh wouldn't believe the roar that went up. Brought a tear," she says, looking a little misty again at just the thought of such joy.

Rhyeline smiles with unguarded delight, nodding at Annie's words. "It is wonderful news. We must celebrate. This- this brings so much hope. Such hope. I think…" She looks to Reece. "I… I would like to- to buy… buy a drink for- for everyone here… tonight. Please?"

The barman laughs and nods, turning to the rest of those at the Leaky Cauldron. "Everyone! Flint has stepped down as Headmaster at Hogwarts. The next round of drinks-" He pauses, noticing the wide-eyed look from Rhyeline when it seems he might be about to announce that she has offered the next round. He smiles kindly and finishes, "-are on the house." Rhyeline smiles with appreciative relief.

Hugh holds up two fingers, and mouths, "Double firewhisky. Much obliged!" over the sudden din in the pub. And turns to his companions, and confesses, "Never really had much to do with the man. Didn't do Runes."

Brandy steps in just a Reece shouts out the sweetest words she's heard all year - and she doesn't mean the part about drinks on the house. She stops in her tracks, then lets out a loud whoop of joy, before breaking into song.

Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts,
Teach us something please,
Whether we be old and bald,
Or young with scabby knees,
Our heads could do with filling,
With some interesting stuff,
For now they're bare and full of air,
Dead flies and bits of fluff,
So teach us things worth knowing,
Bring back what we've forgot,
Just do your best, we'll do the rest,
And learn until our brains all rot!

"Cheers for that." Graham looks to the gathering and is still smiling broadly at this news at the sound which goes up in the pub he cannot help but laugh out loud. Graham takes more of his cider "Well that does seem reason to celebrate." he looks back to Hugh at his words "I did take Runes, awful." he says with a smirk wait he talked bad about a class he must be in a good mood.. He turns back to see the new arrival he looks surprised but even he raises his drink and joins in with the school song.

Hugh leans against the bar, sipping his beer, and then collects the firewhisky as it's poured. He doesn't join in the singing. I mean. Public singing? Of a school song? Just because something's gone well? Dammit? We're BRITISH!

The announcement by Reece is met with mixed reactions, as might have been expected. Grindelwald supporters, disappointed and grumpy, still take the free drink, of course. Many of the rest burst into song along with Brandy. One of those being Annie, who looks, for a moment, a little worried to have heard the news announced so boldly, but recovers as soon as she hears Brandy's whoop. Impulsively, she bounds over to the other witch and hugs her gleefully as they sing.

Troubles by the number. Rena has been seemingly laboring under a cloud ever since her return from Hogwarts, despite the fact that she and the others managed to retrieve the contracts of the Magijugend from Headmaster Flint. She has trouble believing things will be alright… just yet. And so, with a heavy sigh, she lifts the latch on the London-side of the Leaky Cauldron and enters the pub. She's tired, and she needs to go home.

Upon entering the room, she is faced with a large, jovial group of people seemingly celebrating as if it were New Years Eve, practically. Confused, the little redhead pauses at the door and tilts her head slightly. "What on earth…"

Rhyeline clings tight to the glass of mulled wine in her hands. Despite the happiness of the moment, the chaos of crowds has always made her rather nervous. She seems to shrink a bit at the shouting and cheers in the Leaky Cauldron. Biting her lower lip, she peeks up at Hugh before looking to Graham and Annie who are all standing with her at the bar. More than a few people take up the Hogwarts School Song along with Brandy who has only just arrived.

The hug is happily returned - in fact, Brandy jumps up and down and spins around with Annie - all while spinning about in a circle. This is more than a relief to the poor tired and beleaguered woman. "Annie - bloody hell - what happened? Board of Governers finally got their heads out of their collective arses?" she asks once the song ends. "I am getting a whiskey. And I'm sending a bottle to the school for the staff lounge - that's completely legitimate, right?" she remarks with a laugh.

Graham takes a drink from his cider at the end of the verse who knew he'd paid enough attention to learn the school song? The young man looks to his side giving his sister a grins but a reassuring look go go with it. All is well. He looks onto Rena a moment as she enters habit watching the doors and all that "Flints, stepped down, Dumbledore's Headmaster of Hogwarts." he nabs a chip after enjoying the atmosphere.

Slowly, hesitantly, Rena begins to inch her way forward into the pub, trying to make sense of all the joyous cheering and singing. Her breath is baited. Could it possibly be the news that she and so many others have been waiting to hear? Did they actually succeed.

"Hoi!" She calls out over the din, trying to make herself heard. "What the 'ell is going on, anyway?" Of course Graham's reply hits her almost immediately, and she seems to be utterly dumbfounded.

Annie laughs at Brandy's enthusiasm, "He's resigned!" She says this at almost the same time that Graham tells it to Rena. "And I think the staff would love a drink t'celebrate!" She releases Brandy and pops back over to Rhyeline, returning to her friend's side. Also, she collects her whiskey and tosses it back neatly, and her eyes are watering again when she looks to Rhyeline. "I couldn't be happier, poppet."

Hugh takes a sip of his whiskey, shifting his position slightly, to make more space next to him, leaning back against any press at the bar. "Well…. there are maybe bigger things going on in the world, but it's a start, isn't it?"

"Resigned! Well. I'd have loved to see him sacked and get a kick in the arse - but I'll take what I can get. "Rena!" Brandy calls next as Annie moves on after their little dance of delight. The slight woman is the next to get an enthusiastic hug from the excited Brandy. "You're brilliant, you are. Have you got a tab? Can I take care of your tab for ya?"

"Th-the kids… are alright, now?" Rena asks in a tiny voice, visibly trembling at this point and rooted to where she stands. Brandy's hug finally draws out a disbelieving smile from the little woman. "We…we did it!" She exclaims, dark eyes shining with a glint of tears. For months on end, she has been distressed over the situation, forging through seemingly impossible ground to try and help the School. Now, the strain is seemingly over and the children will be alright. Despite Hugh's reality-check, that's all that matters to Rena right now.

"You needn't bother-" Rena tries to brush off Brandy's offer for taking care of her tab. Really, for the first time in days, she doesn't feel like drinking.

Rhyeline instinctively shifts closer to Hugh as he makes a bit more space next to him. She peeks up at Graham, taking in his reassuring smile, but seems rather anxious at the growing din. Most of the Grindelwald supporters have vacated the premises by now, leaving those who would celebrate Flint's resignation to- well, celebrate! As Annie approaches, Rhyeline peeks up at her with a faint smile and nods. Despite her apprehension, she is truly pleased at the recent turn of events.

Graham smiles at the look on Rena's face he cant really help it it isnt meanly but she looks so shocked. "Also drinks are on the..house." he says it looks kinda like she needs one about now. He nods though "Sure enough all seems to be on the mend." he says to Rena turning back to the bar though checking on his sister though she seems okay as can be expected in such a place.

"Well, no, of course I don't need to. It isn't about need to. But I want to," Brandy insists firmly, still beaming. When a glass of whiskey is set near her by Reece - she picks it up with a smile, and takes a drink. "Man. This is the best news… all year. Brilliant. Just brilliant!"

Hugh takes a quick sip of his fire whiskey, and raises it in salute to Rena, "Good case, well closed, Auror!"

Rena is lost to the world for a few moments, letting the noise fade around her. Her cheeks are flushed with the excitement of the moment. However, the colour begins to drain from her features as she stands there, and her face becomes quite shockingly pale suddenly. It all seems to have been too much for her to handle. The combination of the noise, the stress, the release and the relief… her head begins to swirl.

The next moment, before you can even say bob's-your-uncle, the poor woman lifts her head briefly, her knees buckle and she sinks onto the bar floor in a dead faint.

Rhyeline's eyes widen as poor, overwhelmed Rena sinks to the floor. Without a second thought Rhyeline sets down her mulled wine and scurries to the young woman's side. Though surely someone else will catch her, Rhyeline tries to take her hand gently rub it.

"Oh… gracious. Rena…" Brandy lets out a quiet laugh. "Oh, I'm sure she's fine," she says towards Rhyeline. Poor thing. You Aurors overwork her," she adds accusingly towards Graham. Still, she starts to crouch down next to Rena as well. "We could take her to one of the rooms to rest," she suggests.

Hugh is moving before the girl has fully hit the ground. Okay, most of a pint and most of a double whiskey doesn't slow him down _that_ much. He's too late to catch her, but at least he stoops down to pick her up.

Graham is watching those around him his gaze does catch Rena tripping his hand moves off his cider but he reaches it out but the spell freezes on his lips too uh.. busy to try the spell with no wand he winces as she hits the floor he's in motion but this time the auror is too late seeing the other auror picking her up he turns to Brandy "I didnt do it this time." he says lifting his arms up.

Hugh carries Rena up to one of the bedrooms, (with Rhyeline along as chaperone) and leaves her on top of the bed to wake up, and then returns down the stairs to walk Rhyeline home.

As Rhyeline slips away amidst the additional drama, Annie's attention shifts to the bartender, a quiet conversation and then a bottle and coins exchanged. She scribbles a quick note, asking for it to be given to Rhyeline, and takes the bottle and heads for the fireplace. A handful of floo powder and some whooshing later and she's in Tim's house, to tell him the good news.

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