(1939-10-24) When Games Backfire
Details for When Games Backfire
Summary: When Angelus heads to the gates to wait for his father, he finds Lucretia there.
Date: October 24, 1939
Location: Gates of Hogwarts

Angelus was really looking forward to Friday. At least he’s getting one thing out of breaking his wand. Time spent with his father - without his brother. He wears an eager grin as he makes his way along the path after classes, headed in the direction of the gates to wait for his father. He’s dressed in fanciful warm robes of dark blue and white patterns decorating the blue background.

Lulu's waiting. She leans against the gates, arms folded across her chest under her robes. And she doesn't look happy at all. Her face is stony and impassive as Angelus approaches.

When the gates come into view, and the figure, his head lifts and his eyes flicker curiously. As he draws near enough to take note of who it is, his wide grin flicks delightedly across his face. That’s perfect. Just the person he’d love to see before he leaves with his father. “You never lose that beauty,” Gel says by greeting, adding a quick raise of his head. “Are you going to wait with-“ But the boy cuts off and frowns, tilting his head as he suddenly stares at her in concern. “Are you all right, Lu?”

"Don't flirt with me, Angelus," Lucretia says abruptly. "I want to know what the bloody -hell- you were thinking." Oh, she's mad. But if Angelus were to look closer he'd see there was something personal behind the anger.

Taken aback, Angelus halts the rest of his steps as he blinks. That’s not what he was expecting from her. For a moment he hesitates, frowning. Then when he takes up walking again, finishing his approach, he draws out a sigh. “I thought it was the only salvageable thing to do, what with their hands on the contracts and all. We’re still Magijugend. We don’t need a club to tell us that.”

"Salvageable?" Lulu sounds exasperated. "What do you mean by 'salvageable'? Do please explain. I know who -I- am, yes. I know where my loyalties lie. I want to know what -you- were thinking. Because honestly, if you're not a traitor then you're a fool. An empty gesture for what purpose? To protect Flint? To bring Flint down? To protect yourself?" She pushes off from the wall, turning to face Angelus more fully. "If it was to protect yourself, at least I could -understand- that."

Angelus’ blue eyes start by watching Lucretia as she speaks, and then suddenly flicks away to glance elsewhere. He’s felt guilty about his motives ever since the Auror sent him the letter. Before saying anything, Gel slowly nods his head a second after Lucretia finishes talking. “I was definitely foolish.” A snort escapes the youth and he returns his gaze onto his year mate. Instinctively he moves even closer to her, so that he might decrease the distance to little more than an inch. “Nothing turned out the way I had planned it to, unfortunately.” His voice has dropped a little bit. “So when I took the box to go and hide it, there was a possibility that Rosen would know where it is and get to it.” He says the name with bitterness. “Curse my cousin for teaching her sign language. Anyway, I thought if I sent someone over there they’d stop her in the act, if she had went looking.” A smirk twitches at his lips. “It would have been interesting. That, and, oh, the look on Evans’ face when I told Auror Odori? You had to have been there.” He lets out a short chuckle of amusement. “There were a whole lot of things involved why it seemed like the better option at the time. Sadly, I didn’t get anything as a reward. Apparently only second year Muggle-borns get badges. Auror Odori’s more biased than she lets on.”

The incredulity on Lucretia's face grows. "This was about currying favour with a mudblooded auror?" she says with a snort. "Of all the -stupid- things, Eibon," she says. "You sold us out. You sold ME out when you broke your oath. You betrayed us for -nothing-."

“No. I wanted to wipe the little smirk off Evans’ face. And see Rosen in trouble.” And have a bloody cool badge too. Though he doesn’t say the last bit, there’s an envious flicker in his eyes before he tries to bury it. At Lucretia’s accusations, Angelus steps forward to stretch his arm out past her and flatten his hand out over the gates behind her, intending to bring him into personal space range as he locks his blue eyes on her face. “I would never sell you out, Lu. Malfoy is the one who failed when his box was found. If it had been entrusted to the Eibons,” an arrogant smirk flicks across his face, “it would never have been found. Flint himself would never have found it until he asked.”

"Get -back-, Angelus." Lu's voice is cold. If Angelus had heard anything about the team that Lu was on, he'd have heard how amazingly bad ass she was with her wand… while protecting Malfoy. "You weren't there. You don't know what we were up against, how outnumbered we were. Don't act like you could have done better. And you -did- sell me out; you can't change that." She tosses her head proudly. "The fact of the matter is, Angelus, you're out. Until you can prove yourself trustworthy again, you won't have the support of the Magijugend." There's a pause and she cracks, just a little. "Look. I want you back where you belong. But you're a liability and you broke faith with us. The door's not shut all the way, but you'll need to make amends."

Angelus doesn’t move from his spot, keeping his gaze fixed on the girl. Silence is the only response after she speaks, his eyes narrowing a little. When he finally speaks, his tone is quiet and dejected, “I really thought you’d understand it and not jump to conclusions.” His other arm intends to join the other, other side of Lucretia. “How can you even believe I sold you out? Lu.” But there’s a growl of disapproval from behind as the caretaker shows up, speaking about inappropriate behaviour that quickly causes the boy to push away. Only a single, silent glance is short towards Lucretia before he looks beyond the gates. Who knows how long the wizard behind has been there.

Lu pushes Angelus away when he doesn't move. "My body. My space. You stay -out- of it," she almost growls. But then there's the caretaker, and Lu almost looks relieved. "I can't understand what you did, Angelus. I can forgive you. But I can't trust you." And she runs back to the castle as fast as she can without a backwards glance.

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