(1939-10-25) Books and Bonfires
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Summary: Despite some controversy - some of the MUD students opt to burn their MUD books. And then everyone enjoys an American treat: s'mores!
Date: Saturday, October 25th, 1939
Location: Hogwarts Lakeshore
Plot: Headmaster from Hell
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It's after dinner on Saturday - with Gryffindor still excited about their success in the game against Slytherin. Madeline dashes ahead to the beach, where she'd carefully stacked logs in a hexagon shape, with a large whole in the middle to dump in potential offensive materials. There's a table nearby with roasting forks, and marshmallows as well as American packages of 'graham crackers' and some chocolate bars. Gabriel had insisted Madeline trust him on that, and she chose not to argue.

Skidding to a stop, the girl pulls a MUD book out of her book bag, and looks around eagerly for everyone else to arrive.

Anthony is there, wrapped in his winter robes. And he clears his throat, "Evans… as you know, I'm really the last to wish to spoil your response to this… but book burning? It's really not… _right_." He stumbles a bit over his words, "I mean, I know these books are hurtful, but if you destroy them, you're destroying words. It's… wrong." There's a faint smile, "And it removes a warning for future generations."

Myrus knew what a bonfire was. Not what a 's'more' was, though. Someone mentioned that earlier. A muggleborn who knew some about American bonfire customs and traditions.

Myrus had beforehand did what he had to to find Melody, and directly asked her to come with him to the bonfire this evening. Likely at dinner, the question was given.

And here they would be, walking up together, Myrus basically leading the pair towards the table where the roasting forks and supplies for the s'mores lay. "I have no idea how to make these, by the way. But it looks simple enough." A glance to Melody, if she had any further knowledge of this ancient American Muggle rite of passage from boy into soldier… or at least that's how it was explained to Myrus from another pureblood.. so completely off the explanation was likely.

Angus is lurking at the edge of the collection. Carrying a carefully packed packet in his hand.

"Oh, there's still copies in the library," Madeline says dismissively. "And these books definitely ain't wrong to burn." Others are starting to arrive, and Madeline waves her hand excitedly to greet them. No signs of any Slytherins yet - but maybe some will show up! They are invited! "Gosh, I hope we don't run out of marshmallows and things," she says uncertainly. "Oh! Angus! Hi! Great game!" Because she paid complete attention. … honest.

Levi had heard about the gathering likely during or just after the quidditch match. It seems to be a good idea to get out and so he's moving down the trail with his guitar case with him though he probably wont need it for anything better to have it and not need it and all of that. He is dressed properly for the cold as he makes his way down towards where this was supposed to take place seeing the gathering growing already.

Anthony says, slowly, "Could I grab a copy, please? I never _did_ get anyone to teach me how to polish my shoes?" There's a pause, "I promise it won't turn me into an unquestioning blood purist."

Melody's eyes are wide as she approaches the growing group next to Myrus. She takes in everything with customary silence at first, her eyes lingering on the items set out on the table for snacking. "I'm still not quite sure what it is…" Being not that unfamiliar with muggle things in general, being half-blood, she's in the dark about things American, and didn't really think to ask anyone. Her hands are hidden within the warm folds of her flowing cloak, the hood down and away from her blonde hair.

Angus flicks a thumbs up towards Maddy, "Och, 'member yehs saw me here first, aye? And you can tell folks yehs knew Angus MacMillan, when he was just a super genius quidditch hero, rather than a quidditch star, aye?" Because, y'know, modesty. Not just a character in comic strips in the paper.

Amyah walks as if she were sneaking. Hunched over and moving walking more on her toes, she's definitely not actually trying to hide because she's right in the open. She's got a large, thick stick that she uses like a walking stick and a book in the other hand. Her bag is at her side, with the plush head of her lamb sticking out the opening. Her green eyes look eagerly around as she approaches the others. "Hey," she says quietly in a loud whisper. "I've brought one of the evil spellbinding books. I'm pretty sure I got here without the big, bad eye on me. Did you know that gremlins are really tough to get away from?" Her eyes sparkly playfully as she glances around.

After a few more moments of studying the contents on the table, Myrus nods to Melody's comment before he looks around, "So does anyone know how to make these things?!" he half yells.

"I'm sure you could borrow one," Madeline answers. "But I'm burning this copy," she asserts firmly. And no one will disuade her! "You know. What with all the smoke and ash - I bet there'll be plenty of shoes that need polishing tonight. I'll show you before we go back to the castle," she promises.

"I'll tell folks I learned how to stalk deer on a broom from him!" the girl adds towards Angus, before looking at Myrus and Melody. "Gabriel told me how to do the 's'mores' thing. I'll show you once we've got the fire started. But we need the kindling!" Madeline tosses her book into the opening in the middle of the carefully stacked wood, gesturing for anyone else who cared to to copy her.

Melody peers at the table for another moment, then turns to smile at Myrus when Madeline's answer to his question comes. But it's only a second before she looks vaguely troubled. "Wow…. I don't have a book. I wasn't in the class." Will they be turned away for not bringing a book? She looks to Myrus, as if for reassurance, sidling a step closer to him as her eyes drift away to look around at the other students.

One of those quiet, roll with the punches Hufflepuffs, Agnes Granger in her thick cloak. She steps among the rocks in a careful way and carries a prepared starter log. Her blue eyes glance the area over and she makes her way towards the young organizer. Her log is tossed on the fire symbolically. A parcel pack it taken to the table and she withdraws an extended cookie pan from her case.

Levi approaches the pre-readied fire area looking about to those gathered he turns as more approach spotting Melody he'll offer a wave to her. Myrus getting a nod in greeting though a proper introduction will have to be made at some point. He looks back as another housemate approaches chuckling slightly "An epic journey was had than? No knight this time, i'm shirking my duties." he speaks to Amyah light words no teasing in them. He looks back towards the fire pit and back and forth to all those around.

Anthony gives a sad little nod, as if that were the answer he expects, and notes, "I've marked your History of Magic homework, Evans. I can give it to you at a meal." He starts to turn away, to walk back towards the castle, then stops, and turns back, to say, hands spread from his body to show his empty palms, or perhaps echoing a slightly louche and overdressed Crucified Christ, "All I can say, in addition to my remarks on it is. Learn from the mistakes of the Goblin Revolts. On both sides." A beat, "Those who do not study History are doomed to repeat it." He turns back, and those near may hear the final postscripta, "And those who study it, are doomed to stand on helplessly whilst everyone else repeats it."

Myrus pulls a hand out from his pocket to place on Melody's back reassuringly, "Don't worry, I'm sure there will be extras and if anything, we can just clap and cheer when people -do- throw their books in."

Angus just _looks_ at Tony after this impromptu sermon, and gets back to unwrapping whatever that mysterious package is…

"Thank you!" Madeline calls after Anthony. Once some MUD books are thrown in, the girl gestures to the other Muggle-borns to pull out their wands, and points her own at the fire. "Incendio!" Madeline can't wait until she's told enough to use that on camping trips!

Anthony seems to be in the process of leaving…

Of course, Elise doesn't have a book to burn, not being in the SCUMS class. But she shows up anyway to support her fellow pirates, pale and quiet, like some ghost of Ravenclaw past. She leans on a tree and watches quietly with a little smile on her face.

She has her MUD book, but Amyah shifts uncomfortably as she glances at the logs. She's pulled away from her thought when he's addressed, and she turns to give Levi a big, bright smile. "I had it covered. A knight does have many responsibilities," she returns, a giggle escaping her. Her gaze slides back onto the pile of wood, biting her lip. Yes, the books were terrible, but she doesn't feel right outright ruining a book. She blinks, looking towards Myrus and Melody and offers out her book to them. "Here, you can have this one. I- I don't think I can actually throw a book in to destroy it."

Perhaps it tells a bit that Melody isn't always entirely oblivious that she catches Levi's wave and returns it with a wide smile. "Hallo Esmond." She doesn't think to make introductions, and Levi has others talking to him as well, which further distracts her. Her attention actually settles on Amyah, and she reaches to accept the book. She looks at the book thoughtfully. "It's only words on a page." She flips it open and turns some pages. "And not even very nice words."

"What the -devil-?!" A shocked -shocked- gasp sounds from Eibhlin as she walks up to the bonfire. The Head Girl's expression is one of pained horror. HORROR. Ravenclaws, books. Books, Ravenclaws.

Anthony hears the exclamation, "I've tried, Eibhlin." He holds out his hand to the Head Girl. "I've asked them to consider the words. I've asked them to keep them as a warning for the future. I've even asked for a copy for me." He sighs, "Come on. Lets go."

Lara has arrived late, but still in time to see Madeline and others throwing - books?! - into the center of the fireplace. She stops, dumbfounded. Clutching her cloak tight she finally walks over to Madeline, whispering urgently. "Hey… what do you think you are doing? I thought you were planning a bonfire, not a book burning." Her expression is grave and disappointed. For once, it is not even because she is a Ravenclaw.

Myrus watches as Melody accepts the book, nodding thanks to Amyah himself. Then the words of terror and horror emit from Eibhlin and Myrus looks to catch just the look of sheer abhorishment on her face. "Hey, just think, we're purifying the pool of learning material in Hogwarts. This is a good thing. All of these are MUD books." He didn't know if they all were. Maybe someone wanted to prove something with their charms book or something. Myrus shudders at the thought (or is it the cold?).

The seventh year will chuckle but nod in agreement "It would seem so." Levi says about a knight and their many responsibilities, he watches as the book is past over though his attention shifts when Melody catches his wave "Hello, hm looks like you can take part now eh?" He speaks to the book offered over though he's sure its filled with not nice words indeed. He has noticed something else curious though he looks to the ground a moment before turning back at the two outbursts to see who is speaking if anything he doesn't like that students are upset but he doesn't know what to say for the moment.

An amused smile spreads over Amyah's face. She lets out a giggle as her eyes lock on Melody, nodding her head in agreement. "They aren't. They really aren't. I wouldn't mourn its lose if something should happen to it." And then she looks worriedly down the ground, toeing the earth near her other foot before she says quietly, "I still can't get over the feeling that it might be disrespectful. Even if we don't like the material."

Still flicking through the pages, apparently enthralled at the book she's not bothered to look through before, Melody murmurs, "It's only natural for people to want to destroy symbols of oppression." What? Who said that? She raises her head and looks to Anthony. "I'm sure there are copies in the library." It's unimaginable that the librarians would allow every copy to be destroyed, for just the reasons Anthony cites. She makes no move to toss the book she holds, but finally offers it to Myrus with a shrug.

Echoing Myrus, Madeline answers Lara with, "It's just the MUD books. How many copies that do we need? There's still some in the library." She watches the fire start to roar, with a satisfied look on her face. After nearly two months of anger and frustration and helplessness - it felt wonderful to cast that spell.

"So! S'mores!" she exclaims suddenly. "It's like building a sandwich! You take one of the long biscuits, and you break it in half to make two squares! Then you put a piece of chocolate on one of the biscuits, and put your roasted marshmallow on top, and use the other biscuit square to pull the marshmallow off the fork, and you eat the marshmallow sandwich! I've never tried one before, and I can't wait to."

Eibhlin shakes her head at Myrus. "No. This is wrong. These are -books-, even if you don't agree with what they say or teach, they represent something that… You don't… It's -wrong-!" She casts a helpless look to Anthony. "Dictators do this!"

Anthony offers his hand to the head girl, "I know, Sweetheart. Lets go, eh?" His tone is more of sorrow than of anger. Or perhaps of resigned disappointment, "I've been trying to get some charms to work together to make a hot chocolate. Care to come and be my guineapig, and we can sit on the roof, and watch Intolerance met with Book Burning." A faint quirk of the lips, and he makes a little scholarly 'joke', "An Ironing Charm going up in smoke can make a Charming Irony."

Angus grumbles. Sounds like 'Lowng Sassenach Streak o' pizz an' wind.' But his concentration is still fixed on the waxed paper package he's struggling with the string of.

Eibhlin still seems distressed - so after explaining the s'mores, Madeline trots over to the older student to give her a hug. "I don't think it's wrong," she says quietly. "It was my book, and if I want to burn it, I can. If anyone else doesn't wanna burn theirs… that's fine, too. Don't you think? It's… if I took book away from other people and burned 'em, then it's wrong. Don't you think?"

Agnes added to the fire symbolically, but her book remains elsewhere. Like any Puff, she seems to understand both sides, the Ravenclaw defense of history and any knowledge, the Gryffindor act of cleansing and celebration. Maybe it is time to actually take a stand, she walks closer to the active discussion. "I don't think that is what this is, Ma'am." she states respectfully to the First Girl, "This is an act of personal cleansing. I support it it." She begins, no yelling to the masses. "Dictators and other censors destroy -all- the books of a kind that speak against them or their ideals.. All the books will not be destroyed. No one is being forced to burn a book," She pauses, "This is more like the Americans dumping their tea into the harbors to protest taxes. They did not destroy all tea. Though, I can only imagine many who supported their cause were sorely put out at the lack of tea. And they only destroyed one shipment in each harbor. Shipments that followed.. It did not become a monthly thing.. A one time protest, Ma'am. I support it, symbolically."

Amyah's green gaze shifts between Melody and Levi. "Maybe," she says, nodding. She's certainly not arguing. "I know I don't want the book." Her smile is soft, looking at the book in Melody's hands. Goodness, if her mother found out that she defaced a book, any book… The redhead's gaze slides towards Anthony and Eibhlin, and she lifts a hand in a meek little wave. She shifts uneasily on her feet. "Other people are upset about it," she says regretfully.

Eibhlin looks at Madeline, her eyes so full of pain. She looks at the girl for a long moment but then she shakes her head. "It's wrong, mo stor," she murmurs. "I understand why you're doing it, but we have to avoid even the appearance of evil." At that point, she touches the girl's face once and turns away. Oh yes, Angus. She cometh for -thee-. «McMillan,» she says in a Northern Irish Gaelic (which is close enough that he should be able to understand many of her words). «1 point for swearing.» And she turns to leave.

Angus catches the MacMillan, but seems otherwise oblivious, and says cheerfully, "Aye, Miss Shine? Kin Ah Help yehs?"

Eibhlin says, "1 point for swearing."

Madeline lets out a huff of air. "It isn't evil," she answers quietly. "And yer still welcome to a 's'more' if you want one!" She adds more cheerfully. Refusing to be downhearted by Eibhlin's outright rejection of her action, she turns to make her way back to the table - taking a roasting fork and a marshmallow. She wants a marshmallow sandwich!

Anthony offers his hand to Eibhlin again, "Come on. They can burn their own property if they like. Lets go?"

Angus bites back any retort, and just scuffs his feet in the dust, "Aye, Miss Shine. I'm sowry I called him a Sassenach. It's no a word fur poh-lite company."

Levi follows the way the conversation moves looking to those as they speak. He looks to Amyah nodding "Both sides has their merit, but this evening is about choice I think. That's what makes all the difference though I would have liked something which brought everyone together that isn't easy to do." he says following the conversation though things sort of seem to calm down a little which is good.

Melody watches the exchanges in silent, a frown on her usually cheerful (or vacant) face. The old Headmaster bullied students by not letting them learn, and encouraged others to do the same. Will students continue that trend by bullying without even that prompt? And against allies? She doesn't question out loud, no one listens to her on a good day, and everyone is preoccupied with their sides now. But she's troubled by this, and glances around as if looking for the best escape route. But, since she came with Myrus, she can't just wander off as she usually would, even she knows that.

Amyah is looking worriedly down at the ground, sighing softly. With a little peek up through her bangs, she looks between Levi and Melody, offering a smile. She nods in response to Levi. "Y-Yes. And I- I want to see what I can do," she says softly. And the redheaded fourth year turns to approach the prefect, Anthony, and Madeline. "Hey," Mya says as she comes up to Madeline, reaching out to drape her arms over the young girl's shoulders. "What are these s'mores?" And up to Eibhlin, she gives the prefect a friendly smile. "Excuse me, Miss Shine? I don't think it was intended to upset anyone."

Eibhlin nods to Angus and even gives him a ghost of a smile before she takes Anthony's hand. She nods then to Amyah and Agnes. "No, I know there's no harm intended. It's just… so many things happen from the best of intentions. Do what you will. I disagree with this; I think it's wrong. But I don't judge you for doing it. I'm afraid I can't stay and watch, however. Enjoy your evenings, please. All of you." She touches Madeline's hair once more and then makes to depart with Anthony.

Madeline lets out a sigh - some of her cheer gone. She does smile at Amyah for a minute. "They're like marshmallow and chocolate sandwiches," she explains. "Doesn't it sound marvelous?" She glances after Eibhlin, adding quietly, "…I wish she understood." She hates that she disapproves.

Angus strolls down, and after ensuring a safe distance for authority, mutters, "Aye, bite me! One point's neither here nor there!" He flashes Maddy a grin, and produces a long whittled stick, "Noo… I promised bangers. But first…." And he digs in his pocket, and throws a few 'things' into the fire, not so far they couldn't be retrieved, but not out of the flames either. He then digs the now opened waxed packet out of his pocket, "Noo, who else is fur one, aye? Quine?" He says, to Maddy.

Myrus looks at Melody after Eibhlin and his own exchange of words about the book burning. He makes an uncomfortable face seeing her inward concern about the whole thing. Or at least he thinks she's troubled by something, and he can only guess it's that conversation about burning -these- books. The ones that were tools of oppression against muggleborns. "Want to get out of here?" Find a nice quiet spot and watch the stars maybe. He'd gesture towards the fire, and if she didn't throw it in, he'd accept it from her and fling it in there himself.

"-Good- books are to be kept sacred. Those that are terrible in nature, must just as terribly be removed from this world." -Myrus Lowe, on the topic of book burning, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy, October 25, 1939

Agnes approaches Madeline and gives her a gentle touch to the shoulder. "Where did you learn about making s'mores, you called them? I have never seen them." She states, but is pretty capable of following the instructions on crafting them. "It will be fine, I understand your intentions."

"Oh - no thank you, Angus. I'm pretty full from dinner. But it was kind of you to bring them!" Madeline answers. Looking to Agnes she adds, "Well, I've never made them before, but Gabriel told me. He knows about all kinds of stuff from America I've never heard of. You want to try one?" With both roasting fork and marshmallow already in hand, she puts her marshmallow on the tines and holds it over the blazing fire.

Angus produces a sausage from the packet and carefully impales it lengthwise on the stick, "Aye. Well, that's up to you, quine." And he dangles the stick into the flames, near forming embers, "hey… if the smoke from they books goes on mah sausage, and I eat it, will I learn things?"

Melody wasn't expecting Myrus' action expecting him to toe the Ravenclaw line, but she really should have known better. Her smile resurfaces, still a bit uncertain. "I'm not very hungry any more," she responds to his question. Although it's really just a polite way of not saying that she's uncomfortable now. "Maybe a walk would be nice?"

Amyah's eyes all but glow at the explanation of the treat. "That sounds absolutely marvelous." A giggle escapes her, a little squeak as she takes hold of Madeline's hand to give the younger girl a tug. "I'm excited to try one." She will give Madeline's hand a comforting squeeze, plus wrapping a single arm around her shoulders to offer a snug. "Everyone has different ways of dealing with stuff. If you want the burn your book, if you think it'll make you feel better, then go ahead and do it. It really is an awful book," she says this on a heavy sigh, "even if it makes me uncomfortable for me to think I'd destroy something." And then she bounces over to the table. "And marshmallows and chocolate? Brilliant!"

"…gosh, I hope not, Angus. I mean, the cleaning spells would be useful and all, but the rest of it…" Under her breath Madeline mutters, "We ain't pumpkin juice and water." Yeah. That still bothers her a little. She returns Amyah's squeeze - her fork dipping into the fire a moment in her distraction - and her marshmallow going up in flames. She lets out a squeak and hastily blow it out!

Lara has followed the preceding discussion without really listening, feeling sick as she watches the flames consuming logs and books alike. Unable to turn her eyes away, she remembers what her mother has teached her about the value of books and knowledge. On the other hand, she is not intent on spoiling the spirit of this gathering, namely celebrating the recent changes at Hogwarts. Torn between her emotions, she sighs and pulls her cloak even tighter around her, shivering slightly but resisting the urge to move closer to the fire. As the last books have burnt away and the aroma of chocolate and caramel are blending with the smoke, she slowly turns to leave.

Angus shrugs, "Aye, well. Just a thought. Cos otherwise I'd throw all the other books I was supposed tae understand on there quick!" He offers the packet around, "Sausages anyone? And there's potatoes in the embers." It would seem his offer to bring bangers to put in the fire was about sausages, not fireworks. Phew.

Agnes steps a little back as the felow Hufflepuff comes up about the Smores as well. The fifth year does state, "I would love to try.. a few. To be sure." she says with a smile, but lets her house mate Amyah take the first batch… After the singed one. Then she decides to actually try cooking her own. A set is made and she places it in on a napkin the open palm of her left hand while drawing out her wand in her right, "Wingardium Leviosa." She states turn the wand tip to lead the treat, dancing it carefully before returning it to her ready hand in the safety of the glove. "Hey, Stuart, come try one." she calls to towards Lara.

With an affirmative answer from Myrus, Melody can finally employ her patented 'fade away' move. Those that know her won't be surprised when she turns, drifting away from the group at the Ravenclaw boy's side. Her hands are tucked back away in her cloak as the pair walk toward the lake.

Madeline glances to Professor Viridian, then back to Angus with a giggle. "I don't think you'd be allowed to do that, Angus!" With her marshmallow roasted, she makes her way over to the table to assemble her s'more, leaving Angus to the mercies of students with bigger stomachs than her - surely there's plenty about who would love a banger.

The situation calms down and so now Levi looks to those about him one more time, before stepping closer towards the fire he pauses as another book goes into the fire though it seems that the tension has taken a toll on his housemate as she seems ready to leave. The seventh year will move towards the fire not wishing to be in the way as it were. He moves on towards the fire the call behind him gets a glance but perhaps it was too late he looks on to Agnes "Hey, Granger. Hope all is well?" he asks.

Lara hesitates a moment as she hears her name called, turning. She forces a smile as she sees the merry group at the fire. "Granger, you can eat mine! Enjoy your bonfire!" she shouts back, then walks away towards the castle without another word.

Seemed like a fun party for Agnes, but people seem to be dropping off in couples and singles all over the place. When her attention is drawn, she is preparing her nest 'Flying S'mores' for cooking as the first cools, "Oh, hi, Esmond." The Puff tones pleasantly before finishing her stacking, "I am well. How are you?" She asks and then repeats the charm on this new construct.

S'mores II, crash and burn.. Eww.

Angus watches this, breaks his long stick in half, and spikes another sausage, offering it sideways to Agnes. "Try this, Quine."

Levi will move to join his housemate by the fire "I'm well enough glad for the fire." The seventh year says watching as she's making the snacks he's heard them talking about but apparently his distraction causes the spell to fizzle "Oi… sorry about that." he says though not sure it was his fault exactly he's friendly gives a smile all the same. "So those are the snacks I've kept hearing about?"

With her s'more assembled, Madeline takes her first bite - and then jumps up and down in place. "This is sooooo good!" the girl exclaims, with sticky white fluff on her chin and her cheek. "Everyone, get a s'more! Wow!"

Abraxas dressed for the weekend in a rollneck and charcoal trousers, with his school robe and scarf thrown over, the latter flapping behind him like a Slytherin banner, the Malfoy arrives at the lakeshore. He stops a short distance away from the collection of former SCUMS studends and their friends.

Angus looks over and yells, "Hoy! MALFOY! There's sausage here! Come and get it, aye? And tatties bakin' in the embers, aye?!"

Agnes sets up a new one. "Well, it happens, at least if I am going to mess up, I do it now, and practice, so I am ready for O.W.L.s" she says and does take the offered sausage. Though, for now she moves it to a napkin. Candy first, food later, this is Hufflepuff rebellion. "Thank you, MacMillan." she says and looks for Madeline, "Thank you for brining them, Evans." She quiets though as Malfoy appears. Now that they are in the same classes again, she hardly wants to start things.

Abraxas folds his arms and then glances over towards Angus, as he's beckoned towards the fire. He takes a few steps closer, and shakes his head, "No, thank you." he says, to the offer of sausage, but it's probably politer than things he's said in the past. He looks at the bonfire and observes, "Burning the books from the SCUMS classes, I take it? Clever enough, I suppose. This was what Evans was on about?"

As Angus yells to Abraxas, Madeline turns and waves enthusiastically. "Malfoy! You came!" She's surprised - and pleasantly, to judge by the smile on her features. "You have to try one of these s'mores! It's an American thing! Chocolate and marshmallows, in a sorta biscuit sandwich!

"Well, some of us did - some of us didn't. I burned mine! It was grand!"

"True enough, good practice. Mind if I sit?" Levi will ask of Agnes though he will grab the items to make one of the treats and after watching to understand what to do will make his own quickly blowing the fire out from the marshmellow. He'll wait to eat until the response about sitting, before he starts to eat but glances up at the new arrival giving him a nod.

Angus turns his own sausage, on its stick, in the flames. It's starting to sizzle and smell appealingly.

"I won't be staying long." Abraxas says, in answer to Madeline. He continues to stand away from the fire with his arms crossed. "And I told you, muggle candies don't agree with my stomach. I'll stick with chocolate frogs, I think." Or maybe it has more to do with who's offering, but the Malfoy boy gives no indication.

S'mores III fares better than the second, dancing and twirling to the control of the wand tip. A little smile rises on Agnes' lips, it would have really sucked to have it crash while Malfoy was there. "Go right ahead." Certain welcome she says as she swaps the fresh one for her cooled one. A bite of the treat, "It is really good Evans." she says before focusing on Levi more. "What do you think?" She asks pleasantly.

Angus removes his sausage from the fire, and says cheerfully, "Venison and beef. Nothing mugglish about em. Goat em frae the village." And he bites into it, and curses at the temperature, then says grinning, "Tastes good." He stands, "But Ah need tae go revel in mah heroics ohn the Quidditch field!" The packet is chucked to Maddy. "Rest is there. And the potatoes in the fire, ken?"

"Yeah, I ken!" Madeline answers Angus cheerfully. Looking towards Abraxas again she adds, "'n I'm tellin' ya if you can eat wizarding sweets - you can eat Muggles ones! It's just sugar. And chocolate. She shoves the rest of her s'more in her mouth. Mmm… chocolate. "I'm gonna have another!" she declares - with her mouth still partly full. Bad manners, Mads.

"Be that as it may, I'll stay with the wizarding sweets." Abraxas says, with a bit of a sneer. "Good luck in your return to class." It sounds like he's wishing anything but, but he at least says the right words. "And enjoy your little campfire."

Levi does sit down and now tries the s'more his eyes widen as he takes the mixture which sounds odd but is wonderful. The seventh year has to take a moment to finish the bite so that he can smile warmly over to his housemate's question. "Its great, not had anything like it."

"Sticky." Agnes says after a second bite, and dabbing at her lips. "Very good though." she says, finishing the first, "Definitely good for cold nights though, so it can cool quickly. Her attention goes to Abraxas, "Have a good night, Malfoy." She looks to Madeline, "It is just a thing, I am certain.. My first chocolate frog.. I could not get over the fact I was trying to eat it alive. I tried my first my first year, and not another till my third year."

"Yer missing out!" Madeline tells Abraxas cheerfully as she jams another marshmallow onto her roasting fork. "Have a great night, Malfoy!" she adds in her cheerful tone, as she skips back over to the first to roast it. "Oh, they're not really alive. It's a potion that animates them. Gabriel knows all about it. I thought it was neeeeeat and so woooooonderfully gross!" Madeline exclaims. She loves the gross and creepy.

Gabriel gives Abraxas a curt nod as he passes by him on the way down from the castle. Angus on the other hand gets a big smile and a, "Great job during the game, Angus!" Once he reaches the lake shore he smiles at Madeline and asks, "How're the s'mores turning out?"

Abraxas just rolls his eyes at the conversation, "Of course they aren't /alive/. Everyone knows that." Shaking his head, the Malfoy turns and starts to head off, throwing up a dismissive semi-wave, as if to say, 'I'm finished with this nonsense.'

The seventh year will chuckle but nod in agreement "Quite sticky, but delicious and yes very warming." Levi says finishing his s'more in a few more bites it takes him a while to clear it though he will prop himself up where he'd sat looking towards the fire before back to his housemate. "Hm sort of like school years just starting, but odd cause it'll be Halloween feast soon." he says to Agnes.

"They're great! This was the best idea ever!" Madeline answers Gabriel. With no hyperbole whatever, certainly. "We should do this at least once a month. Don't you think?" She beams over at the boy.

Gabriel plops himself down on the ground next to the fire and starts grabbing the makings of a s'more. "That would be great but I don't think the faculty would let us do that. So who has stopped by?"

Agnes watches Malfoy stomp off after defending chocolate frogs. "But, it is weird them make it seem like they are alive." she says and shrugs her shoulders. The second (surviving) S'mores is now on her list. "Yes, right on top of us. I have already started getting my things ready for it. How about you?"

"Oh, loads of people. There were a load of Ravenclaws earlier but they, umm… well. Anthony and Eibhlin got all upset when I set my book on fire, but it was my book and I wanted to turn it," the girl says stoutly. "So they left. Most of the Ravenclaws, that is."

Gabriel rolls his eyes a bit followed by a chuckle, "I told you that was going to happen. But at least they came by." He puts a marshmallow on the tip of a stick and starts toasting it over the fire before agreeing with Agnes, "Chocolate frogs were really weird to get used to. But they're sooooo tasty."

Levi ponders what she's saying "I never thought about it that way, the frogs hoping and all, but oh well." He will looks over to Agnes as she speaks more properly though he does look at bit on the confused side. "Getting things ready? Mean like…for the dance or something else?"

Elise hasn't left — she hated those books. She's just quietly making herself another s'more, her celebration a mostly lonesome one. Like Madeline, once Dumbledore was named Headmaster and equality was given back to Muggleborn students, she'd stuffed herself silly and been eating a healthy amount ever since. The color in her cheeks seems brighter because of the fire and her eyes dance merrily.

"Yeah. They came by," Madeline agrees, though she still doesn't look quite happy about their reaction. She frowns, but keeps most of her attention on trying to get a perfectly golden-brown marshmallow. "I wonder how they make marshmallows…?" she muses quietly to herself.

Gabriel opens his mouth to answer Madeline then just stops, eyes glazing over for a few moments before he slowly closes his mouth back up and says, "I really don't know…" in a surprised tone of voice. Then he notices his marshmallow is on fire so he pulls it out in a rush and blows the fire out.

And the cheerful Hufflepuff's face drops a little at the mention of dance, "Well, I thought I was getting ready. I was not sure there would be a dance. I suppose not so much so after all." Agnes says and finishes off her S'mores. Heavy sigh. "Well, at least the food will be good."

The young mans eyes go wide when the other looks down all a sudden. Levi he isn't quite sure what he did there but he doesn't really want to leave it at that if it can be helped. "I don't know what you mean, what's wrong? Why would that make it so you weren't ready?" he asks his voice lowered not trying to draw attention for that part at least.

Madeline giggles as Gabriel can't answer. "I stumped you!" she exclaims. "Are you gonna find it out for me?" she asks curiously. "I bet you're ready to run off to the library and research it right now!"

Of course it should be so exceedingly obvious to all others why poor Agnes would now not be prepared. She had not been 'asked' to any sort of a dance. Naturally, if you aren't a sixteen year old girl, it might not be as obvious. The Hufflepuff fifth year looks around for something, then finds that left over sausage. She could cook that, make another S'mores. What if they crashed though? It would make it worse. Likely not worse than answering such a question, Agnes just knows she is only being asked cause -EVERYBODY- else has been asked. "I have .. No one to dance with." Now, in a fair world to her, she could apparate away right now.. Unfortunately, she will not learn how to do that for months yet.

Gabriel buts his s'more together as he grumbles under his breath about smart alec Gryffindors. But he is looking towards the castle out of the corner of his eyes so Madeline's probably not far of the mark on her guess, "I can find out for you, yes. And yes, there food at the dance is always great." He butts into Levi and Agnes' conversation with his last comment. But its definitely worth making. The food really is good at the celebrations in the castle

Madeline giggles in the face of the grumbling, and puts her own s'more together as well. Taking a bite, she lets out a happy sound. "Soooo. Gooooood," the girl mumbles. "I'm gonna tell my mum about these so we can make 'em with Asher and Saul and Miriam! I wonder what British biscuits we could use…"

"Ginger snaps are being good," Elspeth offers as she approaches the fire, having seen the flames and been curious. She had paused to see whether or not she would choose to move along, and after a bit stepped forward. "Asher, Saul and Miriam?" she asks curiously. "Those are not names one is hearing often in Britain." She finds a rock to sit on and settles herself comfortably. "Hullo, Ward." She gives a smile to the other two also there.

Levi watches his housemate and unfortunately he hadn't picked up on the why until now when she looks uncomfortable with the question he'd asked and oops now he can only wait for her answer though he hears her speak that nobody's asked her to the dance. He nods to Gabriel's words first "Very true the food will be excellent." but he offers a smile to his housemate his words not to be overheard again. "Yeah, I don't have anyone to dance with either." he confides, he looks as if to say more, but not right this second. "Hm, wonder if there's enough for another s'more." he asks.

Gabriel is chewing on the sweet, gooey mess that is a s'more so he just waves at Elspeth as she shows up before pushing one of the trays with the makings of the treats toward Levi.

Madeline gives Elspeth a look that's mildly surprised. "Unless you live at my house," she remarks. "You know. They're my new brothers and sister. The ones from Germany?" She looks at the s'more in her hands. "…gingersnaps, huh?"

Of course, one reason why so few Hufflepuffs cared about the different menu, is aside from the grandest feasts, they already eat the best. Close enough to the kitchen and of the right mind, they make friends with the staff. Then there is the enviable trait of having their own perpetual snack table. That is not really the topic though, is it? "Ah, well.. It is a thing to think about." She comments and shifts her shoulder. She moves over and squeezes chocolate and marshmallow together once more with the crackers. Then "Wingardium Leviosa" so begins the flight of S'mores IV. And it is a good launch and stable flight, yay for candy magic! This one hovers in front of Elspeth though. "Careful Rosen, they are hot when first done."

Elspeth's gaze is pulled from Gabriel's tray as Madeleine speaks to her, and she looks blankly to the younger student for a moment. Then she lifts her head as she takes in a breath. "Oh, right. I am remembering, now. I think you were also asking about the holidays, also." One eyebrow raises at the use of magic outside of class, but she takes the s'more. "Thank you, Granger." The hot sweet is held gingerly by the cool corners of the graham cracker as she gives it a moment to cool before taking a bite.

The seventh year looks back to the tray, "Hey, thanks." he'll take the ingredients off and make another s'more but making it over the fire he finally blows the flame out and presses it between the two pieces of cracker and chocolate. Levi takes a bite and it takes a moment to finish, but he nods to his housemates words but will wait to speak further still. "They are quite good." he says to Elspeth.

"Yes! All about them!" Madeline agrees. "So we can make sure they're having fun and feeling welcome and everything. Because I know it must be dreadfully scary for them - especially with the war starting. I wish we could find their parents and bring them here, too. It just doesn't seem fair, does it?"

Gabriel nods in response to Levi but comments on Madeline's conversation, "Any time that one person thinks they have the right to force someone else to do what they want just because its definitely not fair." before stuffing another bite of s'more into his mouth.

"No…" Elspeth says quietly, with one shake of her head. "It is not being fair." She takes a bite from her s'more finally, and gives a little smile and a nod to Levi at his assertion that they taste good. "I can be telling you some things your parents can be having for them that is making it easier for them. Sometimes it is taking a lot of plates at dinner time. I am hoping it is not being too much for your family. I will be writing to my parents…if you are wanting to give me your parents address, they can be sending some things over."

"Oh, sure, I can do that! It'd be great!" Madeline agrees. She giggles. "When they first came, and they didn't know any English, and they made such a fuss over all the food going on one plate - Asher especially - and they couldn't explain what was wrong, and they had to show us how they wanted the food and then having all those dishes to wash… my mum was quite put out. But it makes them happier, and it's their job to wash the dishes, anyways, so if they make extra work for themselves it shouldn't bother us none." She makes a bit of a face as she adds, "Except for when I'm home for the holidays and sometimes it's my turn but it's important to them and makes them happier so it's not too much trouble, I guess."

Agnes is hardly thinking about the spellcasting rules, admittedly she actually said she was practicing. Are there rules for the lake shore? So she never thinks about the would have lost points. Instead she just waves her 'Welcome' to Elspeth. She has had enough, two S'mores. Moderation. The sausage is tucked away. House elves get treats too. "Are you two having the holidays together?" She asks as she looks over to Elspeth and Madeline.

Levi looks to Agnes curiously a moment after shes sent the item over but oh well that works for the moment. after Elspeth has and tries her s'more, and does indeed seem to enjoy it which is good after all. He will listen to the conversation for now though taking bites from his s'more he doesn't interrupt thought just turning to look at who's speaking

Gabriel watches Elspeth and Madeline as he chews. Once he swallows his bite he asks, "Why are there so many plates? And what's going to be different about the holidays? And why is it a problem to have the food on the same plate?"

Elspeth winces at the talk about the plates. "It is not being happiness, it is being our beliefs," she says quietly, looking into the fire. "It is being how our holy book is telling us how we must or must not eat. So, yes, it is being very important to us." She turns a gentle smile on Madeline before she nods to Gabriel. "We are having different holidays, such as Chanukah instead of Christmas. Some food is not being allowed to be eaten at all… like pigs or shellfish. Some is not being allowed to be combined, like dairy and meat. And you cannot be using the same forks and knives on food that is being separated. It is being what our Torah is teaching." She clasps her hands together. "There are being a lot of rules that are being different for us, and I think that is being part of the reason people are not liking us in Germany."

"Well. It's happiness, too, right? I mean - if we don't let them do what they believe - they won't be happy," Madeline points out. "I don't understand it all. But I want to. I want them to be able to do what they believe. But right now we can only do what they can tell us about. But their English is pretty good, already!"

Looking goes Agnes she adds, "Oh, no, we're not doing holidays together. But Elspeth does the same holidays as the three German children my parents are looking after. They don't do Christian holidays, they do Jewish holidays. Everything's different!"

Gabriel's mind flashes back to the first banquet of the year and the lesson about hospitality, which makes him frown a little bit as he thinks about what Elspeth is saying. After a moment, and with a hesitation that shows he knows that what he's about to say might not be well received, he asks, "But really? All of those things have to happen /all/ the time. Even when you're a guest at someone else's house and they will /really/ inconvenience them? How is that any better than other people trying to force their beliefs on your people, by forcing them to follow your rules when you are in their house?"

Here, Muggle-Born, as far as Agnes is aware, she is the first witch in her family. At home, before the war. "Oh, we do the traditional one, you know.. Dickens, and the whole 'Night Before Christmas' thing. Goose, plum pudding, and cranberries. Sockings by the fire place." Yep, Agnes has the standard, white bread English Christmas.

"Gabriel, have I ever been telling you that /you/ must be putting your meat on one plate and your cheese on another?" Elspeth asks quietly. "Have I ever been telling you that /you/ are having to keep your food separate?" She looks towards him. "The difference is being that I am following what is right for me, but I am not telling anyone else to follow it for themselves. If I am being a guest in another house, the person is usually already knowing me well enough to be knowing I cannot eat some foods. If they are not having enough plates, than I simply am not eating dairy at all. Asher, Miriam and Saul are not insisting that the Evans family are separating their food, only that they are being allowed to separate their own." The Ravenclaw prefect remains unruffled by Gabriel's question, and grins to Agnes. "That is sounding wonderful, and it is giving me an idea. Evans, I can be seeing if Aba and Ima can be inviting Asher, Saul and Miriam over for Chanuka. You are welcome to be coming as well if we can inviting. Sometimes Sarah and Lucas, my muggle friends, and Evelyn and Lan are coming over."

"That would be great fun!" Madeline agrees happily. "And I bet my mum and da'd love having you over for Christmas - if you wanted. Have you done a proper Christmas yet? With the goose and everything? And a proper Christmas pudding? And poppers! Umm - you won't have to come to mass if you don't want to, though you can if you want."

Gabriel makes a little face of concentration as he takes the time to think about what Elspeth is saying. And to make a new s'more for himself, toasting the marshmallow over the now diminishing flames of the bonfire.

All this talk of Christmas though is only a reminder to Agnes it is not before the war. The evacuation of the youth of Kensington is all but finished. She has no place to go to at Christmas this year. "Pardon me, thank you for the celebration Evans. I should be getting back to the common room. Lots of make-up work to do."

"Good luck catching up!" Madeline says cheerfully to Agnes. "We'll all do fine in our classes this year - I just know it." She offers the other student a confident smile.

"I have not," Elspeth replies with a smile. "I have been sometimes been sharing pudding and some food with Sarah and Lucas, but I have not been having a proper Christmas. I would be delighted to be joining your family." As for Gabriel, she lets him consider on his own, her gaze returning to the bonfire.

Gabriel bites into his newest s'more then speaks around the bite, "I would invite too. But it's almost never a full Christmas celebration at my house. With parents that work in a hospital one or the other usually ends up working Christmas Eve." And this is one of the few times Gabriel lets show that he is even aware of the war going on in the 'real' world, "And with everything that's going on, if something bad happens, they might both be working this year…"

"I'll write to my parents to make sure you can come, then," Madeline responds. She glances at Gabriel then - biting her lip, before looking into the fire. "Nothing's going to happen," she says stubbornly. "Everything's gonna be fine. And C=cousin Clarence and cousin Thomas'll be home soon…" Or so she tells herself.

"It is being hoped that everything is going to be fine. At least things are being better here. That is being one step." She braces her palms on the rock, pushing upwards to stand once more. "I will be writing to my parents as well, and we will be talking later. Thank you for the treat, Ward," she says, and pauses on her way by to lay a hand on his shoulder and give it a squeeze. "We must always be having faith and hoping for the best for our loved ones." With a little, yet encouraging smile, she takes her leave.

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