(1939-10-25) Hogwarts Quidditch 1939-40, Game 01 - Gryffindor vs Slytherin
Details for Hogwarts Quidditch 1939-40, Game 01 - Gryffindor vs Slytherin
Summary: The first Hogwarts quidditch match of the 1939-1940 school year pits Gryffindor House against Slytherin House. Final Score: Gryffindor - 230 points. Slytherin - 50 points.
Date: 25 October 1939
Location: Quidditch Pitch & Stands, Hogwarts

The Gryffindor Team


The Slytherin Team


In the Stands


Out to the stands comes a few members of the House of Slytherin, seventh years LeStrange and Flint in the Green and Silver, pennants and Crackerjacks. It is time for Quidditch, of course. Flint leads the way to the Slytherin box and looks out and up to the arrayed teams. "I hope it goes well, it would really help moral what with the recent issues." Calista says thoughtfully to Nymera.

Abraxas isn't a Seventh Year, but he arrives at the Quidditch Pitch, too, his Slytherin scarf showing the team colors, so to speak, as he makes his way down to a seat.

"Oh yes, yes. Recent issues.", Nymera is quick to reply, looking around at the field, smiling despite the whatever serious matter Calista has decided to debate about. When you can't, or won't, keep up with many things at once, you just have to focus on four things the Big Four: your N.E.W.T.s, hoping for Hogsmeade Weekends to come quickly and Quidditch. Okay, maybe that's three. What. Ever.

Damn it, Nymera is going to enjoy this game! She has even skipped one of her many secret studying sprees on Muggles to be here! She takes a seat besides the other woman, clasping both hands together, whipping her long, red hair back.

"I can't see how we lose this! Not with the team we have right now!", she hisses excitedly, tapping feet beneath her.

Levi has come down to watch the seventh year dressed down for the weekend though warm enough for the sitting outside. He enjoys Quidditch even when he's not the one able to play it. He will sit on the Gryffindor side of the stands though he looks around to see if he can find anyone that he knows which might have had a similar idea of coming to watch the game before he sits down.

Miranda has come to add her Hufflepuff support to the game! It is not immediately clear which team she's supporting, however. If it's not Hufflepuff, then she's generally just here to watch the match. She sends a wave toward Levi, beaming at him as she enters the stands a bit behind Nymera and Calista. She hovers at the top of the stairs, briefly seeing who else is already here, gaze skipping very briefly off Abraxas before she's shooed out of the way from others wishing to take their seats.

Its definitely clear which team Gabriel is supporting. He makes his way to the Gyffindor side of the stands and then finds himself a seat with the Pirates that have show up for the game, chatterting away happily about the chances of each team.

Calista takes note of Malfoy's arrival and motions for him to join near herself and Nymera. "Good day, Malfoy." She greets using the standard last name convention. She gives a nod to Miranda, and just a glance to Levi as she settle in. Ward gets a look as she makes herself comfortable. ""We really could do with a win this time." she offers the Crackerjacks to Nymera, then to Malfoy.

Abraxas is likewise dressed for the weekend, casual trousers and a rollneck sweater, in charcoal grey and black, under his school robe and scarf. He pulls out a Slytherin green and silver wool hat, and pulls that down over his platinum hair, too. "Flint. Lestrange." he says, to the two female seventh years. "Should be an exciting match, eh? After the way things have gone, we could do to pull out a win."

Miranda takes a seat with some of the other Hufflepuffs stuck midway between Slytherin and Gryffindor. Her own wool hat is a solid back, which she tugs securely over her head, then fixes her yellow and black scarf just so. "Woo, Quidditch!" she calls out, raising both fists to give an excited hurrah.

At first Nymera can't help but notice Abraxas, nodding at him and keeping herself quiet for a bit, not to put her foot in her mouth too fast, the redhead prefers to let the Malfoy walk by, set himself awaaaa- Ohnice. Calista just invited him over. Damn it. Keeping her cool, somehow, the Slytherin dark horse thinks long and hard about her next words.

"I have been keeping track of the team for SO long! I am NOT right! I MEAN! I am not WRONG! And it's not like in all those times when I said I wasn't wrong and I completely WAS- WhyamIsayingthis!?", and she clears her throat, "ALL I'm saying is that I know my Quidditch! I mean, they have a show-off Half-Blood as their Keeper! Would you trust ANYTHING to a Half-Blood? Then again, their Beater IS a Muggle-born, huh?", says the redheaded Slytherin with all the poison she can muster. Rivalries are the best part of sports, after all.

"Not that some of our Chasers couldn't do better, BUT Soleil is the best! She's the best.", and with a firm nod that moves those scarlet bangs that cover her forehead, the woman smirks. Yeah. No way they lose.

The young man offers a wave back to Miranda "Afternoon Goshawk." he'll move that way given that she's the first that he sees from his house "Mind if I sit?" he'll ask her he notices the look from Calista and will offer a friendly wave all the same he's just the sort to try and make friends when he's able. He'll wait for the okay to sit though not wishing to press in where he may not be wanted.

Abraxas glances over at Miranda as she cheers, and, since she's got the right bloodlines, manages a bit of a smile in that direction, before turning back to Nymera and Calista. "We have a great team, yes." Abraxas says, turning as he joins them so that he can see the pitch, and waiting for the match to start. "I certainly wouldn't trust a muggle-born, no."

Miranda laughs softly and pats the bit of bleacher next to her. "Of course!" she answers Levi before turning to watch any activity down on the pitch. After a few minutes, she tugs some light gloves from her cloak's pockets and tugs them into place. Sitting is very different from moving when cooler temperatures come into play. As for the Quidditch analyses? So not her strong suite, so she's just going to sit there and smile, enjoying the day.

Calista wil just take Abraxas' and Nymera's comments as true, she really knows nothing about Quidditch. there are whole bunch of peoople flying about, the parts she can really follow mostly enjoy the smacking and the scoring. "I just like to come out and suport the house." She says, eyes tracing the games as best she can.

Ugh. Nymera never knows if she has scored points with the Malfoy, but at -least- he agreed with her. That is something! Right? Miranda's excitement gets the redhead smiling wickedly, and she nudges Calista with her elbow some, taking the another Crackerjack, slipping one between her lips, still smiling.

"Come on… Lets play!", she mutters excitedly, and anxious. Every minute spent in here, is another minute skipping studies Nymera sorely needs. Eh, whatever. The day is full of hours, anyway! Nymera loops an arm around Calista's neck and draws her closer.

"I am going to teach you ALL about Quidditch. Don't worry!"

Levi will sit down at the offered place on the bench. "Thank you." though he does hear some of the conversation he wont comment on that he is here to watch the game and enjoy the sport which should be easily enough as long as its a good match. He cant help but look from the pitch to those nearest him in the stands and back not wishing to miss being spoken to and be thought rude.

On the pitch, Hooch alights on her broom, the wind whisping through her blond pixie cut making the golden tips flutter like feathers. Wand in one hand and her whistle in the other the Quidditch Coach sits upon her broom in the center of the Pitch. Her wand is placed against her throat and her authorative tone fills the entire pitch. "Welcome to the first Quidditch Match of the 1939 to 1940 Hogwarts School Year. Gryffindor House versus Slytherin House, I know will prove to be a good game filled with excellent sportsmanship and fine character. Good luck to our teams and good manners from our audience."

The whistle is placed in Hooch's lips and the bludgers roar and gnash into the air, one grinding after a slytherin chaser while the other just pummels through the air. The snitch gives a golden glint as it zips out of the box and in a blink, it's gone. The Quaffle pops up high and then starts to angle towards the Gryffindor side.

On the pitch, Angus comes out onto the ground, his Gryffindor outfit a bit battered and worn, and perhaps even second hand, now that Douglas has graduated. It does look a little baggy in places on the little tyke. Still, he has his broom slung over his shoulder, and he's whistling a tune which those nearby him will recognise as having at least two sets of words, all bar one of which are distinctly rude. At Madame Hooch's instruction, he mounts up, casually wafting his way up to the right wing the traditional right handed Chaser's favourite position.

Once the whistle blows, Angus waits, not really pushing , and relatively far out. He drifts up, and down a little, and does a few small darting move. When the quaffle bursts out of the central melee towards the right wing, however, he's gained sufficient height to trade it for a lot of speed, and he pounces down on it in a powerdive, sweeping up the quaffle, and pulling up to head to the right of the Slytherin rings. Only at the last moment does he powerfully throw the quaffle towards Felix in the centre of the pitch. Letting himself go with the momentum of the throw, he rolls over, flying inverted for a few yards, before doing an outside loop upwards, back towards his own rings. Those who've seen him practicing will recognise that as what he called 'An Immelman'.

Calista arches a brow and gets a bit of an ackward look forward at Lestrange's sudden press and touch. She munches on a few Crackerjacks. "Oh good." She says as she continues to gaze up at the warm-ups from the stands. There is a little adjustment in the stands. Then the announcement comes starting things off the game. She turns to Abraxas. "I think I might like the game better without the snitch."

Abraxas cheers as the game begins, "Go Green!" he calls out - the color, not any particular player. Clapping his gloved hands together, he watches anxiously as the game starts. He looks over his shoulder at Calista, "The Snitch is the most important part of the game. It's worth 150 points!"

Gabriel cheers as the game starts, taking the scarf he's borrowed from Cillian and spinning it in the air in a blur of red and yellow. "GO LIONS!"

Although she never carries anything to show a side she's rooting for, when Elspeth settles down in the stands, her eyes go to the Slytherin side as they warm up. She blows out a long breath and clasps her hands in her lap, waiting for the game to start. Her eyes follow the snitch for a brief moment as it's released, then goes to the quaffle.

On the pitch, Felix is absolutely glowing. He's a second-string, brand new player getting to play in the first game of the season! He zips around on his broom, preening in his new uniform and waving excitedly to his friends in the stands. When the whistle blows, he takes off like a shot, cackling maniacally. Flitting like a hummingbird, his quick movements serve him well as he ducks under a bludger aimed his way by Alphard Black. Then he spots Angus with the quaffle. Is he really? He's passing it! He leans into his broom, increasing speed and extending a hand, snatching the quaffling out of the air and tucking it under his arm. Eyeing Noalan warily, he approaches the opposing Keeper and suddenly climbs, hurling the quaffle from above. The bell dings as it passes through the hoop. He scored! Felix throws Angus a grateful smile, raising a hand toward him.

Loudly, Nymera says, "Some woman shouts from the stands "LUCKY SHOT, FLITWICK! BOO!""

Abraxas claps his hands together once with a sneer as Gryffindor scores, "That's alright. Long game! C'mon, Slytherin! Get 'em, Black!" That could be directed at either Lucretia or Alphard, but as the action restarts, he turns back to it.

Loudly, Abraxas says, "C'mon, Slytherin! Get 'em, Black!"

On the pitch, Colton barrel rolls and dangles upside down with one hand dangling to give high-fives to those in the Gryffindor stands. One last moment of good luck giving is spread throughout his team, a hair ruffling to Josie from above with a wink and away the Seeker goes to try to hunt down that snitch!

Nymera shakes her head and folds her arms, obviously upset at the showboating and the fact it is not Slytherin doing it. Colton may high-five his fellow Gryffindor but the redhead just groans, eyerolling.

"I cannot believe that little thwerp scored a goal. He's… he's SHORT. AND a reserve! AND Half-Blood!", she complains, frowning and looking at the game, -super- seriously.

Covering her eyes with her mittened hands as Gryffindor is the first to score, Elspeth lowers her hands, leaning her elbows on her knees and her chin on her palms. Her fingers still cover her lips as she watches, the commiserating frown for her friend hidden as the game continues.

On the pitch, Soleil works with her fellow chasers extremely well, while Aulus is keepin that angry bludger busy leading it away from Lucretia and Soleil. The older Slytherin girl, her herring bone braid whipping about behind her like a striking black mamba keeps close to Lucretia as they fly and wait for the perfect time to strike. Which comes when Noalan gathers up the quaffle after a face off at the Hoops and tosses it to Soleil. "Stay close and follow me." She calls to Lucretia and together they bob and weave until, "Break!" Like the forked tongue of their mascot they split apart and right at the goal line Sunny flings the quaffle across to Lucretia where there's an unguarded hoop just begging to be filled.

On the pitch, It's almost time for the game to start. Green, black and silver robes flow over a rather grim looking witch with her brunette hair pulled back into a practical ponytail. Lucretia Black does some last minute checks on her broom before kicking up into the air. "'Llo, McMillan," she calls over to her friend and prankmate… And then she's swinging around into position.

The quaffle begins flying and the bludgers bludgeoning. When Lu spins after the quaffle, she's got that distracted air that very likely spells a long, dull match. It's like she can't quite get her head in the game, and she's clearly not flying at her dead level best. Nevertheless, she makes it into position and yoinks the quaffle out of the air when Soleil sends it careening her way at the last second. She flies in close, streamlining herself as best she can, and hooks it past Niko into the open hoop. SCORE! She pulls up sharply to avoid a collision and circles back around with her fist in the air… Particularly towards the Slytherin stands.

On the pitch, What could be better? First Flint is ousted, then just a couple days later, the first Quidditch match of the season! So, Josie's in higher spirits than she's been in all school year thus far, as she flies out to take her position on the pitch, grinning up to Colton at the good luck ruffle. As soon as the whistle blows, she's off and moving, sweeping in, running interference while Angus and Felix score. Then she joins the chase as Slytherin takes the quaffle, not quick enough to get in the way of Soleil's pass to Lucretia, frowning as the Slytherin scores. She doesn't slow down, though, flying in a circle and then takes off fast as she gets the Quaffle from Terrance and play starts again. Flying down the pitch with the protection of the Gryffindor beaters, flying in from the right she throws the quaffle across, just barely past Noalan, and through the left Slytherin hoop.


Loudly, Abraxas says, "That's the way, Black! Gooooooal! GO GREEN!"

Nymera raises her fist at Lucretia as the girl flies by, even if the woman cannot see her well. It doesn't matter, it's the spirit that matters! The redhead is standing, grinning triumphantly, before shouting back at Gryffindor stands and sitting back in place.

"Woah! I was worried there for a moment! Black doesn't seem to be on top of her game! Still, enough, right? If it's enough to pass, it's good enough of a grade!", she grins, elbowing Calista again and grinning at the girl, "Did you see Soleil's pass? She's fierce!"

Loudly, Nymera says, "Get used to that, Gryffindor!"

Gabriel groans a bit as Slytherin scores a point but as a Chaser himself he can recognize good flying to he claps politely for Lucretia and Soleil's flying.

"She's only a fourth year, she's going to need time to develop." Abraxas says, of Lucretia Black. "But that was a mighty nice goal." He claps again as the game starts again, the quaffle being put back in play.

Calista frowns as the early lead goes to Gryffindor. She stiffens in her place till Slytherin strikes back for a goal. There is an instinctive duck as Lucretia zooms over the stands. The cheers from the different sides though get a little more of her into the game. Still it has been a horrible week for Flint.

On the pitch, Hooch seems quite pleased with how the game is going thus far. Towards the Boo'r in the crowd they get a sharp look before she's full attention on the game at hand. The whistle is blown and she calls out with that volume spell still in place, "Gryffindor is in the lead with 20 points! Slytherin doing very well and only slightly behind with 10 points!"

Loudly, Nymera says, "Sorry, Instructor Hooch!"

On the pitch, Angus keeps going against the normal direction of play for some time, flying up and back, towards his own rings, keeping out of the way of bludgers, and indeed most of the rest of the play. The reason for this caution, however, becomes apparent, when the quaffle starts to fly towards the Gryffindor rings. It's a long shot, with little chance of success anyway, but he stoops like a falcon, catching the ball from its trajectory, and turns the dive into a swoop, which pinwheels through and then under the defence, to be on its upcoming vector in time for him to slam the ball through one of the Slytherin rings, and then uses the ring itself as a lever to pull himself up inverted, in a close attempt, but sadly ineffective attempt to kick the ball _back_ through the Slytherin goal he had just put it through in one direction.

Abraxas mutters quietly under his breath, "That was a hell of a play, but we're getting killed, now." Then he cheers encouragingly for his team, showing some House spirit. Darn it, they're purebloods, they were practically born on a broom!

Gabriel jumps off up from his seat and starts waving his red and gold scarf around in the air again.
Loudly, Gabriel says, "Beaut play, Angus! Show 'em how its done!"

Elspeth's hands clap once when Slytherin scores, but then she give a groan as Gryffindor scores again.

Loudly, Nymera says, "AW COME ON NOW! KEEPER! DO YOUR JOB!"

Nymera sighs heavily and rests her face on her open palms, elbows on her knees, the face of defeat. She mutters "I am going to get killed in my exams, AND we are going to get killed on the field. This is worst than my First Year. This is the worst -ever-…"

On the pitch, Josie's eyes widen as she watches Angus make such a fantastic play, cheering as he scores. She doesn't fly as well now, though, flying in to try to make a steal as play starts again, and missing by a huge margin. For the next few minutes, she doesn't seem to manage to come near the Quaffle, as much as she tries.

"There are being five people in front of the Keeper," Elspeth says quietly, mostly to herself, her brows furrowing as she watches the fourth year trying to showboat after his score. "Maybe he is thinking he is Linc?" she wonders to herself.

Levi watches the game closely knowing how the usual flow goes from his time playing he watches every move and the scores he can apprciate good playes by both teams as he keeps track of the games progress back and forth.

On the pitch, Felix continues to play aggressively, diving right into the action. When the quaffle is throw back into play, he makes a grab for it, but it ends up in Lucretia Black's hands. He keeps hot on her tail, but catching up with the experienced Slytherin proves difficult. Just then he spots Aulus approaching, positioning for a pass. Anticipating, he swerves right just before Lucretia passes sideways, and intercepts the quaffle in mid-air! Pulling hard on his broom shaft for a wide turn, he swerves back toward the Slytherin goal posts. His happy giggle turns to a squeak of surprise when he spots Lucretia darting in after him. Uh oh…he might have made her mad. With Lucretian on his tail, and Noalan straight ahead, he throws the quaffle in a panic. It goes wild, easily batted back with the bristles of Noalan's broom. But in a fluke, the ball flies right back to Felix, bouncing off of his head, and arcing right into an unprotected goal hoop! Score!


Calista begins to wonder a a bit that Elspeth has not come across some form of twisted mental warfare. Fallen prey to a confundous charm..? That actually manages to distract her a moment from the plays. She looks at the score briefly, frowning darker. Then she turns to Nymera, "What? You'll do fine. You made it this far, how hard can the finals be?" Then Nymera reacts to the game.

On the pitch, Growling as her pass is intercepted by Felix, Lu jerks her broom around and rides Felix's broomtail like flies on stink. When he SCORES on her interception, she looks -most- displeased indeed. Quick as you please, however, she moves to redeem herself.

She takes the quaffle from Noalan and starts to haul it down the field. She dips under a bludger and spins up in a straight shot. "SUNNY!" she shouts, and she fires the quaffle towards the other chaser in perfect form. Provided Soleil doesn't muck it up, this should. just. work.

Loudly, Abraxas says, "GOOOO SLYTHERIN! That's the way, Lulu! Shoooot!"

On the pitch, Soleil sighs and hovers a moment looking around the pitch to take in what's going on around her. Then her gaze seeks out her flaxen captain and they exchange some gestures. With a serious nod and set of her fingers around the broomstick she looks to Lucretia and Aulus, "Ouroboros!" It's a wonder which of the chasers will enter the scoring zone, but in the end it Soleil that enters and does a spin and then a full circle very tight backflip on her broom, like a snake eating its tail! But this snake's tail instead smacks the perfectly projected quaffle sent her way by Lucretia on the other side of the zone line and *crack* the bristles of her broom cunch as they impact the quaffle and it go spinning off to the side and with a bit of a bump off the side of the hoop through the ring it plops for a score. As Sunny flies back out of the scoring zone she offers Lucretia a serpentine slip of hands along inner fore-arms in celebration. But it's only a moment before they get back into the game.

Nymera stands up sharply at the pass, utterly ignoring the question about tests. Oh no. NO grades, no books, NO STUDYING right now! And even if she had the presence of mind to talk about it, the woman hardly has the brain power to sustain doing two things at once. The moment Lucretia passes the redhead has her clear eyes glued on the action, tense.

"Oh PLEASE don't mess this up… O-Okay. Soleil has it… It's going to be ookaaaaay…", and the woman turns a bit to her side, as if she is herself tilting that broom, groaning, grunting squinting her eyes, muttering instructions under her breath…

On the pitch, When Gryffindor reclaims the quaffle, Angus gestures to Felix, indicating a plan that they'd worked out earlier in the pre-game. The two zig-zag down the pitch, passing the quaffle back and forth in a confusing display. It's a trick that probably won't work twice, but once is enough, as Felix rings another goal! Klutzy and chaotic on the ground, it seems the rookie Third Year has found his element in the air.

Loudly, Nymera says, "OH YES! PLAY ANGRY! USE THAT ANGER! CRUSH TH-WHAT!? SOMEONE STOP THIS KID!!! Isn't -anyone- watching out for FLITWICK!?"

Erica perks up when there's a score, her hands full of the popcorn of her friend she spilt earlier. "I got them all!" Unfortunately her perking up head bops the bottom of the same popcorn container and she gets a shower of toffee popcorn. "Really? Really?" She ducks back down to start cleaning up that mess.

Nymera slumps down on her seat, shaking her head, incapable of believing her eyes, every now and then pointing at the game. "We don't have a Keeper. We don't have a Keeper. You can't play with out a Keeper.", she sighs, looking at Calista for answers. Give the woman answers! Why?!

The seventh year Hufflepuff watches as they go back and forth each seeming to score at will for the moment. Levi is enjoying the game given it looks like it will be high scoring which can always be exciting and lead to tough place on each side. He offers a wave to Erica if he catches his housemate's attention before back to the game for the moment.

Abraxas cheers as Lucretia and Soleil score, but then Flitwick and the Gryffindors have the quaffle back, "No! Where's the bludger… no… Bah!" he says, throwing his hands up. "He's what, twelve? That's two scores already." He cups his hands, "Bring home the snitch, Slytherin!"

Loudly, Abraxas says, "Bring home the snitch, Slytherin!"

On the pitch, Colton leads Jenny on a bit of a wild goose chase. He takes a moment to wave to the crowd again as he makes his rounds hunting for the snitch he gives a wink towards the Hufflepuff stands as he goes. Was that a glint he saw up in that cloud that looks like Flint's jowled face? Must explore. While examining the cloud it's total coincidend that it looks like there's a hiltler mustache and X'd out eyes in the cloud. Total coincidence.

Melody was at the game since the very start, but has been watching quietly from one end of the bleachers. Well, not really watching, she's not exactly a big quidditch fan. But she is there, even if her nose is buried in a book. Every now and then, when things get particularly loud, she looks up and around.

Myrus has just arrived to the Ravenclaw stands. He moves down and finds himself a seat, giving greeting to those around him, with a look to the Hufflepuff stands nearby with a curious gaze, like he's looking for someone. As he spots Melody, if it's a moment she's looking up and around, he'd give her a small wave and a smile before putting focus on the game. Of course, he seems to linger looking at her for a few moments before going back to the game.

On the pitch, Hooch blows her whistle to signel another round of Score tally. "Gryffindor with 50 points! Slytherin with 20 points! Slytherin makes up for quantity with quality, well done! Alright there, Mr. Flitwick?" She quickly assesses the boys condition and gives a curt nod. "Get back in there my boy."

On the pitch, Whilst the quaffle had not gone back through the Slytherin hoop as planned, Angus himself did, and thus found himself corkscrewing back upright well into the Slytherin half, well placed to catch a thrown pass, and propel it to its final destination, although the twisting motion this involve sends him into a downwards flat spin, which he arrests by putting the nose of his broom down, and wrestling the bristles upwards.

Loudly, Nymera says, "Better yet, DON'T get back in there!"

Loudly, Gabriel says, "And the Lion has the Snake by the tail! Go Gryffindors go!"

Loudly, Abraxas says, "Just get the snitch, Slytherin! Their seeker couldn't find it when it was still in the box!"

On the pitch, This… is one of those games. It's one of those games when Lucretia Black is going to walk away from the field a little black and blue. The vivacious Fourth Year is JUST getting ready to fall into formation when something a little frightening happens:

At high speed and with severe force, a very angry bludger cracks into her shoulder and sends her into a tail spin. When Lu finally comes out of it, she's hanging by both arms in a death grip on her broomstick, feet kicking in the air and pain on her face.

It did happen to be a moment when Melody was looking around, and she had seen Myrus making his way to a seat. When he looks over she returns the smile and wave before going back to her book.

Nymera is observing the game with a metaphorical stormcloud over her head now, arms folded, lips pursed in annoyance. "Is this a need for players? I could SO play. At least I wouldn't let Flitwick run through us like that.", she grumbles to Calista, pursing her lips. For a moment she almost, ALMOST, contemplates going away to study. But… she is the sink-with-the-shit kind of person.


At least Abraxas is still in it, and if the Malfoy didn't break, Nymera is sure as hell NOT going to give up. Frowning, she straightens up, stubborness levels rising.

Elspeth glances up, moving over a bit to make room for Myrus as he enters the Ravenclaw stands. "Hullo, Lowe," she greets quietly, her voice somber as she sends a pained look in Nymera's direction. Then her attention is back on the pitch again, going to the Slytherin Keeper for a moment before she looks towards the action.

Loudly, Nymera says, "Someone protect Black! Where are our Beaters?!"

On the pitch, Soleil knows sacrifices must be made in this game, but seeing Lucretia get pounded by a bludger cause Sunny enough pause that she tosses the Quaffle to Aulus so that he can take it to the hoops and sink in another SCORE for Slytherin. For her part she protects his back and keeps an eye on Lucretia, "Stay close Lu." She then gives Alphard a look, rather blatant distain in her eyes for the former Overseer. "Mind your cousin, please." Even in quidditch uniform she acts quite the proper british young lady.

Loudly, Abraxas says, "Typical! Beat up on the girl! Woohoo! Goal!"

Gabriel winces in sympathy with Lucretia. Slytherin or not it just hurts to watch another player get whalloped like that with a bludger. But its also a good time for some good natured trash talk…

Loudly, Gabriel says, "Suck it up, Buttercup. Don't wall off your broom, Black!"

Madeline has been watching the game idly while working on a sketch - looking up periodically (or when everyone cheers, groans, or gasps. They're in the lead - but what does that matter? Whoever gets the snitch wins. She starts adding some horns and fangs to her drawing… "How's Colton doing?" she asks Gabriel while she works.

Loudly, Nymera says, "Ward? WARD! I know it's you! I know your annoying voice! Leave Black alone!"

Levi follows the game, but also keeps track of the stands not wishing to miss things. The seventh year does notice his housemate whom he'd not seen enter. If he can catch Melody when she's looking about he'll offer a wave as well before turning back to the game he sees the hard hit and winces himself though only relaxes when the player seems mostly okay.

Calista will do it one time, maybe just because she is seated with Malfoy and Lestrange. If a Lestrange and a Malfoy can yell, so can a Flint. After her week, what is it really going to hurt. She takes a deep breath and gives it a good try.

On the pitch, Feeling a little woozy from that quaffle to the head, Felix thinks better of charging after it again. Instead, he devotes his time to keeping near to Josie and Angus, running interference. As a bludger cracks off of Lillian Yaxley bat, hurtling toward Josie, Felix pulls a hard left, putting himself between the iron ball and his teammate. Only in the moment before it strikes does he question whether this was the wisest plan. The impact sends Felix into a spin, out of control and hurtling toward the wall of the stands. WHAM! He hits the wall, but manages to stay on his broom. He clings to the shaft, hovering wobbily as he tries to regain his sense.

Loudly, Calista says, "Get the Snitch, Slytherin! Cover Black!"

Nymera chuckles and grins at Calista, hugging the girl and shaking her "Hah! That's what I like to hear! Yeah! Your team needs you, Flint! That's a good start!"

A well placed elbow to the ribs gets Melody's attention, and her head raises, wounded confusion on her face as she looks to the girl sitting next to her. The pair lean together, exchanging words, and it's apparent Mel is being gently chastised for not paying better attention. She sighs softly and closes her book, but keeps a finger in the pages to mark her place. Her attention focuses out over the pitch, but they lift as she's distracted by the clouds, and that one looks like a puffskein.

Elspeth can't help the squeak when Felix takes a bludger and smacks into a wall. She winces as she can imagine the pain, leaning forward to see if he recovers.

On the pitch, Josie cheers again for Felix, and calls after him, "Brilliant work!" And then she's back into the game, sweeping around to chase after the quaffle again. She winces a bit as Lucretia is hit by the bludger, but she keeps focused on chasing after Soleil. Not fast enough, however as the ball is tossed back into play she zips towards the Slytherin end again, catching the throw from Terrance again and speeding forward. She totally misses Felix getting hit, with so much concentration on the goal. It's only after she's thrown and scored, cheering as she turns back around, that she sees Felix clinging and she blinks, flying forward again, "Felix! You alright?"

Abraxas wices a bit involuntarily as somebody goes crashing - an automatic reflex of the 'that had to hurt' sort, but in seeing who it is, he just stays silent, gloating only in his own mind.

Gabriel is giving Madeline a run down of the what she's missed while sketching when Felix gets hit. Popping up to his feet he cranes over the people under him in the stands to see if the kid is okay when Josie score distracts him.

On the pitch, Felix lifts a thumb roughly in Josie's direction, assuring her, "I'm on top of the world! I think I ripped my pants!"

Loudly, Gabriel says, "OH yeah! That's what I'm talking about! Even with a man down Gryffindor steps up!"

Loudly, Madeline says, "Careful Fe- GO JOSIE! YEAH!"

Calista decides at once that it was a questionable choice, that did not seem at all like something Ismene Malfoy would do, or her own mother. If it doesn't even work? That would be horrible. Then Nymera is shaking and hugging -touching- her. She is good friends with Lestrange, but.. Really, this is public, where one is judged. She actualy rfrowns though at the crushing of Felix.. Princess of Evil, so some have titled her, she still doesn't like seeing little kids hurt.

At a groan from the crowd, Madeline looks up just in time to see Felix crash, and lets out a squeak. She really doesn't much care for this game! She sucks in some air to shout loudly down to the field. "This game just makes me nervous," she complains a moment later, adding some sprinkles to her cupcake. Yes. It's a cupcake with horns, fangs, and sprinkles. Just accept it.

Loudly, Nymera says, "EVEN DAVIES IS SCORING!? What kind of warm up for KIDS is this!? Get to playing, come on! Now that Flitwick is hurt! Go for it!"

On the pitch, All fun sky drawing a dead Hitler Flint aside, there's a snitch to be found! He's making his rounds again when he overhears something and he makes a u-turn to head back and reach down to give Madeline's hair a little ruffle. "Colton's doing great pidge." He winks to her. "Spotted the snitch even, but don't want to give away that I've seen it just yet. So… how are you? …" He asks casually leaning over the broomstick with an elbow on it, chin on the palm. But his rouse has worked well and Jenny takes off trying to use the time Colton's seemingly wasting to find the snitch in the opposite direction from where Colton spotted it. "Hey pidge, find me a box. I want to give Malfoy the snitch in a box after the game." A cavalier wink is tossed with another ruffling of her hair before he soars off to that area he was feinting Jenny away from.

On the pitch, Hooch blows a whistle that screams a warning to the Gryffindor Seeker who's fraternizing a bit too heavily with the crowd. The charming grin and thumbs up she recieves from him as he flies off rolls off of her like water on a Swiss Duck's back. "Slytherin gets the Quaffle!" With a snap of her wand the quaffle zips off into her hands. The Quaffle is expertly aimed and lands in Aulus' hands and the game is afoot once more with Slytherin in posession. She blows her whistle now that her hands are free to do so. "Gryffindor has 70 points. 30 points for Slytherin."

Loudly, Sierra says, "I don't think the snitch is in her hair!"

On the pitch, Angus has lost height in his antics, and knows it. His main determination for this section of the game is to gain height, and he makes use of this as a passing station, taking the quaffle, making some dashes, and passing it on, but not scoring himself. And then his team-mate spots the glint of gold.

"Colton!" Madeline lets out with a surprised squeak, reaching up to brush her hair back down. "Now you're just showing off!" the girl complains with a laugh. "Go get the snitch so we can go have a bonfire!" she adds with a giggle.

On the pitch, Felix is back in the action, wincing now and then as he starts to feel the effects of the bludger he took to the shoulder. But he stays low, hugging his broom as he ascends to join Josie. "I fink them bludgers're grumpier than usual."

On the pitch, Suck it up? SUCK IT UP?!

Lucretia hears those words the exact moment that she pulls a balancing and acrobatic move… She swings a few times as if on the high bar and actually -spins- back into her broom. She rotates her shoulder gingerly, casts a haughty look towards the Gryffindor stands and zips off with renewed vigor. She'll show YOU, Mister Heckler Man.

She leans in, spotting a pass about to happen… As Felix releases the ball, Lu -zooms- in smoothly and intercepts it without missing any momentum. If anything, she gains it as she weaves in and out of bludgers and beaters and chasers and seekers. She is a Leaf on the Wind. Sorta. Anyway, she plays chicken with Niko, zooming towards him with increasing speed. At the very last second, she feints, swings around and lobs the Quaffle through. SCORE SLYTHERIN!

It's the best flying she's done all night!

On the pitch, Felix stares in astonishment as his pass is intercepted. "'Ey! That was a good pass, too!"

Calista stands from her place, her eyes tracing Bolton briefly after the show of the image in the sky. She looks calmly to Malfoy and Lestrange, "Good evening." She says and starts to make her way from the Slytherin box.

Gabriel starts laughing at Colton's antics. Until Hootch declares it a foul. Then he groans and shakes his head. A groan that only grows longer as he watchs Lucretia score.

Loudly, Madeline says, "It's alright Felix! Well played, Black!"

Loudly, Abraxas says, "Yes! GOOOO BLACK! Score Slytherin!"

Madeline gets a few weird looks as she praises Lucretia Black, but the girl just shrugs and smiles. She's always had an odd habit of being ridiculously nice to Lucretia. And she has to get back to that - after that whole 'putting soap in her mouth' incident. It's funnier, anyways. "Why'd Hooch give the ball to Slytherin?" she asks Gabriel uncertainly.

Myrus gives a nod to Elspeth next to him. "Who's winning?" he asks as he glances over at the score booth. More a rhetorical question, but also to find out who exactly is showing more promise. "As much as I'd like to see Slytherin get run off the pitch.." Then he stands and shouts, "Give 'em all you got, Solomon!" Sitting back down, he adjusts his robes since they somehow always get to bunching up standing then sitting down immediately after.

On the pitch, Lucretia blows a kiss to her adoring fans… Read: the entire Slytherin stand. And then she's back to running interference for the other Chasers.

On the pitch, Soleil is in a rather foul mood now that Lucretia wasn't protected very well. But she cheers loudly when Lucretia pulls it together and rather all by herself lands a score. "Yes! Excellent Lu!" With a lick of her lips she keeps her eyes locked on the quaffle as Terrance throws it back int play to his team mate, Josie. It's a game of chicken as Soleil flies at a break neck speed right for Josie. The tip of her broomstick aimed just barely to the side of the young Gryffindor. When the clash occurs it's a punch of the quaffle to pop it free with a prim, "Thank you, I'll be taking that." The quaffle wrested away from Josie's grasp Soleil continues the few feet behind Josie back into the scoring zone. Terrance not expecting the quick return left a hoop open and Soleil takes full advantage earning another SCORE for Slytherin!

"It is seeming that Flitwick and MacMillan are having a lucky match," Elspeth tells Myrus. "Flitwick was putting one in accidentally when it bounced off his head. I am hoping that they are going to be so puffed up from this game that they will not be concentrating as much as they should be when they are playing Ravenclaw." She looks to the other end of the field. "Parkinson and Malfoy are working well together. We are going to have to be thinking of a way to be breaking up their play when we are playing Slytherin."

On the pitch, Josie giggles a little at Felix's comment and says, "Naw, they're always like that. Glad you're alright!" She grins at the cheers from the crowd, waving. And then she's speeding off again. She frowns as Lucretia intercepts Felix's throw, spinning to chase after, but she's too slow. She catches the throw from Terrance again and speeds forward, grinning as she sees Soleil decide to play chicken. There's not much that can spook Josie, but unfortunately this plays right into Soleil's hands and the Slytherin takes the quaffle from her, "Hey!" She turns to give chase once again, but once again it's too late. Things get better quickly, however. On her way back up the pitch the next time, she catches a throw from Angus right near the Slytherin goal and throws it almost immediately, zipping the throw past Noalan again and through the hoop, scoring again! She lets out a cheer again.

Loudly, Gabriel says, "Davies, Davies, Davies!" Gabriel starts a cheer from the Gryffindor stands, waving his borrowed scarf back and forth in the air to punctuate the rythm"

"Oh, did Josie score?" Maddie asks, looking up from her drawing again. She was adding the little lines to the creases in the cupcake's paper liner. Cupping her hands to her mouth, she shouts loudly onto the field.

Loudly, Madeline says, "Great job, Josie!"

Myrus nods to Elspeth's commentary. "Alright. I'll keep an eye on those two a little more then. Figure out if I can do anything about that." Without taking too much attention off of Gryffindor, that is, ensuring their strategies rely mostly on luck this go-around.

As Nymera cheers, she is suddenly surprised by Calista, who seems to be leaving at something… something in the sky. It kind of looks like ex-Headmaster Flint too… but… weird. All blurry. For a long while the redhead just stares at the image, and then she knows what's wrong! She chases Calista before the girl leaves the stands properly.

"Hey, hey! The game isn't SO bad… we can get back in the saddle! Just… just have some faith in our Chasers, really!"

On the pitch, Felix throws his arms in the air, shouting, "You show 'em, Davies! OW!" He winces and lowers his sore shoulder. Thaaat was a mistake.

Calista looks back at Nymera, shaking her head, "I should never have bothered. There is much I must tolerate. This is a choice. Enjoy the game if you can. It is my problem." Then she stalks off from the field.

Even the clouds can only hold Melody's attention for so long, and her eyes drop back to her book. But, mindful of getting another elbow to the ribs, she just sighs again, and looks to the game. Finally. Her eyes follow the different players as the balls fly around among them, but she still looks like her mind is likely elsewhere.

On the pitch, Colton went from a lovely conversation with Maddie into hell. There's suddenly both bludgers coming after him. The veer off and try to pummel the herd of chasers that Colton has to bob and weave around and then finally and quite suddenly the snitch flits back into view once he's out the other side and the wing tickles Terrance's nose with how close it was as it dance like the teasing vixen it is around the post of the hoop and then zips about in such a way that has the Gryffendor Seeker going though the hoops like thread through a needle. That is until the last hoop where it goes high. At the speed in which Colton was going he only realizes his mistake of following closely after it when the top of the hoop collides with his gut. The lad has his arm outstretched to get the thing and the broom keept going popping his legs out around it so for a half a moment Colton looks quite like some cartoon splatted and wrapped around the hoop.

One can almost hear that squeak they always have in the cartoons as someone slides down a surface after the splat. In a moment he recovers and cling to the hoop as he slides to the inside. The broom kept going several feet until masterless it dropped to the sand below. It's for what feels like hours that Colton just sits there in the far right hoop, one arm clinging to the hoop the other balled up in his lap. It's not until he realizes the Slytherin Chasers are on their way back for another score that he goes pale, eyes wide he holds up the snitch that flutters between his fingers trying to break free still it doesn't want the game to end!

On the pitch, Hooch blows her whistles upon seeing the snitch in Colton's hand. "The match is over! Gryffindor WINS with 230 points. An excellent game from Slytherin with 50 points!

Abraxas claps, but, of course, second place isn't good enough for a Slytherin. "We'll get them next game." he says, as he gathers his robes around him.

On the pitch, Lucretia merely turns at the whistle and flies over to the Slytherin stands for a moment or two. She leans over to murmur something towards Abraxas before turning and gliding back down towards the locker rooms.

On the pitch, Colton says, "…umm… oi? … lil help here?"

On the pitch, Felix throws one arm into the air this time. "Woooo! We did it!" He dives down toward the ground to retrieve Colton's broom. It wouldn't do to leave one's seeker dangling from a goal hoop, now would it? As he rises again with the broom in one hand, he offers it to Colton. "Great catch, 'Iggins!"

Loudly, Sierra says, "Oi! You look good up there, Colton!"

From afar, Lucretia murmurs, "I'm going to make sure I didn't do any real damage to my arm at the infirmary."

On the pitch, Josie winces as she sees Colton crash, but she's too busy chasing after Slytherin's chasers to do much, until she hears the whistle. Immediately, she turns to fly down towards Colton's broom, but Felix is already there, so she just follows Felix back up, cheering, "That was brilliant! But looked like it hurt, you alright?"

Abraxas steps to the edge of the stands so that he can murmur back and forth with the broom-flying Lucretia Black. He nods to what she says, asks a question in return, and gets an answer. Then he's about ready to head off.

The fact that Melody was actually paying attention is told in the grimace the comes to her face when Colton impacts with the hoop. That had to hurt. But, true to form, when cheers go up as he shows he caught the snitch her attention turns to gathering up her things. She leans to say to the girl next to her, "I watched." The girl just looks at her a moment, then laughs and leans to reply in a whisper. Whatever is said gets a blank look from Melody.

The crowd errupts into cheers, and Madeline looks up, puzzled and confused. "Why's Colton hanging onto the- oh, he's got the snitch. But why's he on the goal post?"

On the pitch, Colton gives a princess wave, though his fingers are wrapped about the snitch still. A big doofy grin is aimed at Josie who's he offers the snitch to so that he can take his broom from Felix with a wind still rather knocked about in him rasp, "Thanks." He moves to lift up his uniform to try to see and show off his athletic tummy where there's a buises already starting, but a sharp whistle from Hooch and he innocently smiles and lowers his shirt back down. "Some bruise Balm and I'll be fine…I think they lowered this hoop. It's a good foot lower than it should have been…" It wasn't his reckless flying, it was the hoop magically losing a foot of height. "Good on ya both. Kicked some a—" Another sharp whistle. "She is going to miss me when I'm gone."

On the pitch, Soleil presents herself to the Gryffindor team one by one to shake their hands and offer a crisp, "Good show." Then it's to the locker rooms and later to find her boyfriend, a Gryffindor himself.

Erica gets the popcorn all picked up! Of course she has to stop after several steps because one or two have rolled off the pile in her hands. But eventually she gets to the trash can and finally is free of the dirty popcorn. With excitement she turns around to watch the game, but mid turn the whistle is blown and the game is over by the time she's fully spun around. "Really!?" She deflates and shuffles off to find some celebration to clean up after.

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