(1939-10-26) Childish Things
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Summary: Abraxas and Lucretia meet in the Slytherin Common Room and discuss plans for the near and distant future, then wonder at when they started seeing things so much like adults.
Date: 26 October 1939
Location: Slytherin Common Room, Hogwarts

Abraxas is in his weekends clothes, a rollneck sweater and charcoal trousers, and has discarded his robe. He's relaxing in the common room, catching up on some studying, with his feet up in his favorite chair near the fire.

Curled up in the chair next to him, with her feet drawn up in the seat, is a slender brunette in a lovely cream and rust tartan skirt and pale ivory blouse that tastefully flatters her figure. "You know," she says after a long period of silence. "Looking at these Goblin Wars, one almost wonders why we let them control our money anyway. They want to be left alone, then fine. Let's send them off somewhere."

Abraxas snorts, glancing up from his book as she speaks, "I trust the bloody revolts are over. And, as distasteful as we might find it, they do know how to keep a contract. Why do we trust a half-blood to be Minister for Magic, that's a better question, as far as I'm concerned." Here in the Slytherin common room, he doesn't have to be troubled with keeping his real opinions to himself.

Mildly, Lulu looks over at the Malfoy beside her. "Certainly, Abraxas. However, that's not what I'm going to be tested on, now is it?" There's a faint hint of teasing in her tone.

Abraxas rolls his eyes, "Oh, Professor Binns class. I suppose that 'deathly dull' has a new meaning when a class is taught by a ghost." He's studying potions, which isn't one of his better subjects.

The girl leans over and peers at the book in Abe's lap. "Mm." It's really all she can say. Potions isn't a class where she's ZOMIGOSH amazing. That's charms and dark defense. "Well, I still need to study for it. Though I'm tempted to take a break for a while. There's only so much of this a girl can stand."

Unfortunately, Abe's best classes are those as well. I mean, he is a student aide for DADA, and despite Professor Viridian, he does really well in charms also. But he's working diligently to get good in /everything/ since the beginning of this year. He's even making an effort in herbology, despite his disgust at having to dig around in the dirt. "Stick with it, you'll have it down enough for OWLS, and then most of us will never have to see Professor Binns in a classroom again."

As is right and perfectly proper for a well-bred young lady, Lucretia is known to have an aristocrat's fondness for gardening. She merely shrugs. "Oh, I'm almost through," she murmurs as she flips a page. Once again, silence lapses between the pair.

Abraxas flips through a few pages, picking up his quill from the side table to make notes now and again. He purses his lips as he works, then scratches his head, flips back a few pages, and reads again, making more notes. He's going to have to get into the potions lab and work on things a bit, it seems. Leaning back, he scrubs his eyes, and says, "They had a book bonfire today, for the MUD books…"

Lucretia nods. "I heard," she drawls. "It's the one that Evans invited us to join. Quite a classy soiree, I hear." She snorts softly. "Fancy. As if we'd be seen dead at a such an undignified exhibition." She reaches over and makes a few notes herself, now and again. Eventually, however, she shuts the book and stretches regally. Mid stretch, a sleek grey tabby with poison green eyes jumps in her lap. "Gaston," Lu murmurs in greeting.

"Oh, I stopped by to take a look. They were having a grand old time. Of course, I didn't participate. I have no interest in spending so much time in the company of muggle-borns." Abraxas explains, with a little droll smile. "We have to play nice. For now."

"Well, I wouldn't be seen dead." Lu begins scritching the cat behind the ears as she speaks. "I am willing to play nice as it's ccalled for, but I draw the line at book burnings." She touches her shoulder. "Besides. I am convalescing, for pity's sake." Her eyes twinkle impishly. Of course Madame Spleen had fixed her up in no time, but that is beside the point.

"I consider it getting to know the enemy." Abraxas says, with a little snort, "You know where /my/ sympathies lie. But let them think they've won, let them lower their guard. Then they'll see."

Lucretia chuckles. "I shall save my attempts as espionage for tenable situations, Abraxas." More and more often, she uses his given name as their friendship grows. "There is certainly very little that Madeline Evans and her group would likely reveal to me. Perhaps, given enough distance from the climactic moment, there will come a moment when it makes sense for me to present myself in a conciliatory manner."

"We will see how this all plays out. For now, I am going to focus on my studies, and ready myself for a place in the adult world. I have my doubts we will see an opportunity as good as Flint in our remaining time here. My father says that he - Flint - made a hash of our plans. Which is true, if you consider what we talked about. He could have accomplished so much more if we were just more incremental." Abraxas explains.

"Of course we won't." Lucretia shrugs. "This has pushed our plans back at least a decade, I should think." She watches as Gaston hops down and slinks off. "Do you know, Abraxas, I've not yet decided what I shall do. It shall have to make quite a lot of money as my future husband is likely to only become a Ranger. Goodness knows I'll probably have to be the bread winner."

"You're a Black. A job in the ministry seems the most likely, no?" Abraxas says, with a small nod, "I suppose there's nothing /wrong/ with the rangers, but it involves a lot of living rough and clamboring through the woods." A pause, and then, "The Ministry is my ultimate goal as well, but I've been considering what, exactly, and where to go first."

"Certainly, but I can't decide where. I am -very- strongly leaning towards Magical Law. I could be a barister for the IMC. There's plenty of respect there and I can keep myself in an appropriate manner." Lu shifts her weight. "And clambering and rough living are exactly the sort of thing to which Ignatius Prewett seems to take. Not I. …I shall have to mold him."

"I had thought of following Cousin Cassius into the law. He's a barrister too, though of course he's too busy with other things right now. His… consort? Rhyeline Diderot, she was with IMC." Abraxas crosses his legs and flicks an invisible bit of lint off his trousers. "One of those might be an ultimate destination. But I was giving some thought to curse-breaking first. Fame, fortune, and possibly the chance to learn magic that isn't commonly practiced here." The last sounding like the most important to him.

Ah, now -that- earns Abe an appraising glance from Lu. "Indeed?" she says after a moment's silence. "I must say, Abraxas, that I continue to be impressed by you." If he were to look carefully, he might see the twinkle lurking in her eyes. "A consort? Do we still have those?" She chuckles. "I rather thought only the Muggle Monarchy kept consorts these days."

"She's now his fiancee, that would probably be more appropriate. Companion? I don't know. But why should wizarding royalty do any less than the muggle sort?" Abraxas says, with a little smirk. "Anyway, she's been tutoring me in German, and a few things about politics… You know, on the odd Hogsmeade weekend. I suppose it's another one of those lessons I'm learning - even half-bloods can be useful. Sometimes. Most of them are still rubbish." He tilts his head, studying that look in her eyes, "What's that? Did I say something that surprised you?"

"I wouldn't have pegged you for a curse-breaker. I can see it, certainly, but it wouldn't have been my gamble." Lu settles back in the chair with her legs pointing out in a stretch.

"For the record, Professor Lestrange doesn't either. I went to talk to him about it. Or at least, he didn't initially. But then he said he thinks I have potential. That's why I'm starting to travel, you see - it was his advice." Abraxas explains, with a grin, "Though maybe I should have started with Spanish instead of German. Oh, well. Such is life. I'll learn them both eventually, and probably more. I've noticed, that like we use French, some of the other students use languages to hide what they say. That's probably an important lesson, too." He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a bag of licorice candy from the last Hogsmeade weekend, and offers Lucretia a bit, then pops one into his own mouth.

Lucretia chuckles and then launches into a torrent of Spanish for a while. When she finishes, she winks, reaches out and takes the licorice.

"Yes, yes, I'm impressed." Abraxas says, with a slight scowl in her direction, "Anyway… The hardest part is hiding my contempt for the mudbloods and savages of the world. But if it's important enough, I suppose I can manage. I'll spend a lot of time screaming into the wall about them."

Lucretia grins. "Well, if it makes you feel any better, I can't speak German. However, if you want to learn Spanish or Italian, I'm happy to teach you those as well. You can teach me German."

"In time, I might take you up on that. I think I have a little bit of a knack for languages, but I'm not sure. Rhyeline has been showing me some interesting charms, too. I'm trying to learn one that seals a folded parchment so that it can't be opened. After that, I might try hidden writing. Seems like they are both good things to know." Abraxas pauses, again, picking up his quill and bending it between his fingers, "As I start to grow up… I realize just how many things I need to learn. You know it as well as I do - we can't let these bloody mudbloods show us up now. We have to be better than them."

Lucretia inclines her head. "Yes," she says softly. "There are things that I want to know. Perhaps one day I will have the opportunity to learn all that I want." There's a -tone- to her voice, and she drums her fingers along the chair's arm. "I intend on learning how to hear and see everything around me," she murmurs.

"I've heard there is a charm that enhances the senses? Is that what you're talking about?" Abraxas asks, curiously, "Or is there something else that you're getting at?"

Lucretia nods. "Yes, among other things," she replies softly. "I want to know what's happening." She looks over at her companion. "Abraxas, do you ever wonder when we started talking like this? When we stopped looking around at the world with a child's vision?"

"Sometime this summer, I think, for me." Abraxas says, with a momentary look, like he thinks it's not the best way for things to have gone. "But recently… I suppose that what happened here has effected me."

Lucretia gazes into the fire for a while. "This summer for me too, though maybe it started when my parents told me that they had arranged my marriage." She's silent after that.

"Hard to think of that. Marriage, that is. I mean, for all this somberness, we /are/ only fifteen. Though maybe you'll get in early enough to shape the lad to your liking, eh, Lu?" Abraxas says, with a little laugh. He pulls another licorice morsel out of the brown paper bag. "Maybe that's the reason I started thinking about far away places. Even if they are filled with bad water, bugs, and savages, at least there is wonder in seeing things you've never seen before. It's one of the few things the muggleborns get that might actually be enviable. Imagine your first exposure to magic being coming here?"

"Worse, Abraxas. I'm only 14." She falls silent to consider the boy's words. "Impossible," she says at length. "I can imagine it, but only for a moment before my mind dismisses it as ludicrous."

"That's because its unnatural. They shouldn't know about magic at all. But somehow they do, and we're left with messes to clean up. Someday, we'll figure out a solution. Maybe there's a spell out there somewhere that can take the muggleborn's magic away. Or return it to the squibs they probably stole it from." Abraxas chews quietly on his licorice, offering the bag over. "Anyway, I'm not wasting anymore brainpower on them for a little while. I have a lot of work to do in Ancient Runes."

"Perhaps," the girl says softly as she takes one last piece of licorice. "But the stars are out and it's time for me to begin on astronomy."

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