(1939-10-26) From the Grim Alley
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Summary: Taken out of school to go shopping for his wand - among other things - he steps out of Knockturn Alley as his father takes a moment to do business to find Rena. Noalan shows up shortly and they say a few words before departing.
Date: October 26, 1939
Location: Central Diagon Alley

Oh, it has been a good weekend, spending it away from the school with all its issues - and, of course, being with his father for a little without his brother’s presence. Even though Angelus has got a new wand already, he’s not returning to school until the evening. The blonde haired boy is dressed in fashionable robes, the material warm and blue, with white patterns swirling around on the background in geometric shapes. Angelus is leaving Knockturn on his own, walking along the passageway. Yes, it’s true he was with his father, but he had to make a stop. So now Gel is on his own for a little, to wait somewhere in Diagon, apparently.

Knockturn Alley is no place for respectable sorts. Even members of law enforcement have been known to vanish into thin air in the dark nooks and crannies of the notorious area without a trace. Its well-earned reputation is only rivaled by that of Umber alley. Aurors watch their backs and keep a keen sense of their surroundings whenever they happen to be in the vicinity - and with good reason.

Rena happens to be on her way out of Knockturn Alley by an alternate route when her dark eyes drift to the side and catch a glimpse of a familiar young boy. For a second, she does a double-take. Surely no one would be irresponsible enough to let a kid that age wander in and/or out of the alley without a companion. Apparently, she's wrong… "Angelus?" She calls out, somewhat concerned.

Angelus knows where to go to meet up with his father again. He might be a little bummed out, but he can’t really expect him to stop work altogether, right? He suddenly falters in his steps when he catches his name, his head lifting as he turns, registering the sound of the familiar voice just before he locks his eyes on Rena. For a fraction of a second he stands with surprise - though he’s not all too sure why, since he is in the marketplace - but then he’s offering her his customary, formal greeting of bowing his head to her. “Auror Odori,” he greets. His gaze glances around a moment before he looks up to her and adds a smile. “A pleasure to find you again, ma’am.” And then because he’s proud of it, fighting to keep the grin at bay and keep a simple smile, he says, “I’ve got a replacement for my wand.”

Unlike most wizards and witches, Rena continually wears her Muggleness like a badge of honor. She really cares nothing for the formalities of Wizarding society unless she is required to pay respect to tradition. The last time Angelus saw her, she was wearing proper Auror robes, looking every bit the witch she ought to be. However, today she looks like a Muggle again in her prim Autumn suit, carrying an umbrella to keep the drizzling rain off of herself.

Glancing uncertainly toward Knockturn Alley, the redheaded woman seems to consider something before joining Angelus on his side of the street. "That's grand, that is." She says with a smile. "Looks just as good as ever - better even."

Pausing briefly, her brows furrow a little before she hazards to ask: "What were you doing in Knockturn? It's not a safe place to be wandering into lightly, you know."

The wand which Angelus does, indeed, draw out of his holster hidden underneath his robes, is dark wood with a sophisticated twisting around the base. The youth has got to show it off - he is pretty proud of it. In fact, it made him feel a bit better at his loss when he found this one. But it’s just the wand itself right now, as the vanity handle has yet to be attached to the handle. A genuinely cheerful smile flicks over his face as he looks up at Rena, pleased with the tool. “I’m getting something added to the handle attachment,” he explains. And this time when the grin tugs at his lips he can’t help but let it spread. “Professor Dumbledore’s the new Headmaster,” he says with a lift to his head, a delighted flicker in his eyes. “I’m sure you’ve already heard though, ma’am.” He hides a little grimace at the question, and his blue eyes flick towards the grim alleyway as he lets out a hum. “Er-“ he lets out. He dips his head as he answers politely, “My father had a business transaction that had to be dealt with, ma’am. He sent me away to wait in Diagon.” Gel hums, tilting his head a little as he considers. “Auror Odori?” he says inquiringly. “Might I ask you for advice on something?”

Rena's own wand - which Angelus has probably seen - could not be plainer and more unpretentious if it tried. It has grown smooth from years of use, and clearly has been with her for a rather long time. However, she is good-natured about other peoples' choice in style, and she admires the boy's wand for what it is. "It'll look right smart once it's all been put together the way you wish it to be, I'm sure."

Rena's gloved hand grips somewhat tighter on the handle of her umbrella when Angelus mentions the whole Hogwarts affair. She has mixed feelings on the situation. Mixed feelings that she would rather not voice to anyone, given that investigations are still pending in the case and out of her hands. However, she does smile and nod: "Indeed. The news came out in the Daily Prophet. My father-in-law took it on 'imself to see to it I 'ad a copy to keep special… Editor of the paper and all."

Tilting her head slightly at Angelus' question, Rena steps closer and offers room under her umbrella if he wishes to join her. "Of course. I'll gladly give any advice I can."

Angelus dips his head in a satisfied nod as he takes a moment longer to admire his new wand, the corner of his lips twitching. It’s not his father’s old wand, which he desperately wants, but it’s a good one. He eventually tucks it back away, sliding it into the holster at his shoulder, the robes obscuring it. A light smile slips against his face, simply nodding to the mention of it in the Daily Prophet. He hesitates for a moment at the offer, but then he smiles, stepping closer to the Auror. “Thank you, ma’am.” Though he doesn’t continue on about what he was going to ask her yet, his head tilting back as he looks up at the umbrella. An umbrella - he’s not so sure about that contraption. “You always have to have one hand free to hold onto to it, ma’am?” asks the boy, pointing up at the umbrella.

Angelus lets his gaze wander as he silently thinks, considering, a short hum escaping him before he releases a sigh. “I’m not really sure how to handle myself at school, ma’am. I thought I would still have at least some friends after I told you about the box.”

Rena laughs, glancing up at the umbrella with an amused sparkle in her eyes: "Well, that's a question. I can't say as I always 'ave an 'and free to use it if something goes pear-shaped when I'm pursuing a criminal - or something like." She explains. "Priorities. If that 'appens, about the only thing I can do is drop everything but my wand and make a dash for it. Everything else besides your wand is really inconsequential by comparison." Interesting words from the Mugglish witch.

Sobering down considerably, the smile fades from Rena's features, and she looks upon Angelus with a distinct hint of sadness: "I'm awfully sorry things turned out so rough on you, Angelus. I didn't want anyone to be hurt." Stopping a moment, she considers the question carefully. "School is a busy place. I think in time, some of the kids will forget to be angry. Some may not… People need to learn that they can trust you again. It may be that you need to look outside of the Magijugend for friendship, too. Be open-minded and kind, and people will see you're worth being friends with."

Eyes rolled upwards as the youth stares up at the umbrella, Angelus slowly nods in response to hers. He thinks for a little bit about it with a thoughtful hum, but nothing he really voices. The boy lowers his head on a sigh. It has been rough, a lot rougher than he expected it would. Nothing turned out the way he wanted it to. His head lowers as he locks his gaze on the ground at the mention of looking outside the Magijugend, frowning. He gives a slow shake of his head, his royal blue eyes lifting to look up at the Auror again. He tries to hide the genuine worry in his eyes as he tilts his head. “I’ve good friends of the Magijugend, ma’am.” A sigh escapes him. Well he did. “I had good friends,” he corrects himself with a visible twitch of his lips in disappointment. “I could never turn my back on them.” The boy glances down again in thought, shifting on his feet uneasily. “I try to be,” he murmurs out quietly in response to being kind, “I’m not sure it matters.”

"Being kind always matters," Rena replies quietly. In her dark eyes, deep sympathy shows. "You never know when you might make an enormous difference in the life of someone else by simply being kind to them. A smile in passing, instead of a frown. Offering help for a tiny thing… You just never know. Everybody 'as an effect on every person they encounter in life. Matter of fact, a great poet once wrote about that very thing. 'No man is an island' - he said."

Stopping herself before she waxes any more poetic, Rena shakes her head sadly. She decides to hazard placing a hand on his shoulder before speaking again: "Don't give up. They may one day see you didn't turn your back on them or try to hurt them." Stopping herself again, she tilts her head and studies Angelus' face briefly before asking: "Is something else troubling you? I can't shake the feeling that you've 'ad something weighing on your mind for a long time. I don't like seeing young people unhappy and worried."

Noalan doesn't take long with his other business, and soon he's emerging from the darker ally, fine robes drawn closed against the wet. He silently bares down on his son and the Auror like a wraith, "Helping out a poor, wayward muggle, Angelus?" He asks, moving up behind him.

Looking up, Angelus locks his gaze on Rena as she speaks, respectfully showing his attention. He bobs his head lightly to her words, listening and considering them until she brings up a poet. Though the youth tries to hide it - shifting on his feet - some of his interest fades as his lips twitch lightly. He’s quite relieved when she doesn’t recite a whole poem, and perhaps some of that relief seeps through. Blue eyes slide away, glancing off in the distance without really seeing before he lowers his head. “Er- No, ma’am,” he says with a shake of his head. His lips flick as he tilts his head. “Well…” He hesitates. “Aside from what happened at school.” A brow lowers worriedly. “I never imagined that school would turn into a place where other students started firing spells on one another. It’s a little unnerving.” The youth’s words fade, his mouth forming as if he were going to say more until the voice announces his presence. A delighted grin crosses his face and he turns, looking up to his father. “Pa,” he greets eagerly. There’s an amused twitch of his lips, but he dips his head as he lifts a hand to gesture. “This is Auror Odori. She’s the one who came to the school and found Headma- er- Mister Flint’s contracts. Auror Odori, my father,” he says with a tone full of pride, tilting his chin.

Truth be told, Rena is used to such reactions from Wizards in the purist persuasion. Noalan's remark only causes the young woman to turn a slightly bemused glance his way, her features belying a restrained smile: "If I were a poor, wayward Muggle," she remarks, "Somebody's head would likely be rolling in the Ministry tomorrow for the infraction."

Glancing between Angelus and his father calmly, she shifts smoothly into a warm and friendly smile: "An honor to meet you, Mister Eibon. I always seem to meet students, but seldom have the pleasure of meeting their parents." Here, she extends her free hand toward Noalan, offering it as a friendly gesture to the Wizard. "And I do hope you are proud of your son. He's quite the bravest boy I can say I've met in a very long time."

Noalan's expression doesn't change at the introduction, but a single eyebrow does lift, "My apologies, Auror Odori, you're Muggle vagrant cover is masterful. I've always had trouble with muggle clothing myself, apparently our muggle wardrobes are out of fashion currently." He moves up and puts a hand on Angelus’s shoulder. "I've heard quite a bit about you on this trip actually. Seems you have my son inspired to seek a place amongst your ranks when he's older, even asking me to look into possible apprenticeships over the summer for him." To her comment the corner of his mouth quirks upwards ever so slightly, "Of course, but then he has been showing that all year with what's he's been through."

Angelus’ whole stance seems to shift with his father’s arrival. A simple, respectable boy gains a little more arrogance. The slight smile against his lips, smug however soft it is, and the way he stands, back straight and his head held with importance. Once he finishes his introduction Gel falls into silence, letting his father and Rena both speak for themselves. His head lowers in a nod in response to his father’s words, without commenting himself. He just smiles, and holds it on his face at the brave comment, which only increases to his father’s response. “Auror Odori is also the one who gave the housemate of mine the badge,” says the youth eventually, careful not to interrupt.

Rena really ought to be insulted by Noalan's remark on her clothing. If he only knew that every inch of her body was covered in the height of Muggle fashion. That suit she's wearing is tailored with precision; her hat came from a high-end milliner; her hair is done in the latest style, and the scent hanging about her is none other than Chanel No. 5. Oh well, to each their own.

Stifled laughter and smiles aside, Rena does her best to keep the prim, proper attitude going. Even if the Odori family is foreign, they still bear a Pure-Blood name. It has had a sanitizing effect on her in the eyes of some purists.

"Why, Angelus, I didn't know you were thinking about becoming an Auror." Rena says with a warm smile, looking away from Noalan briefly to turn her attention to the boy. "The M.L.E. accepts internships over the summer every year for young people wanting to learn the ropes." She adds for the father's sake. "Though I suppose you already know that. I'm sure he would do just fine! And," she looks to Angelus once more: "I'd be glad to see you there."

Pausing, Rena's fingers flex on the grip of the umbrella momentarily when Angelus brings up the badge. With a chuckle, she answers: "Madeline assisted me in the Flint case over the Spring and Summer. She did a wonderful job, and deserved a reward for her efforts. I could think of no better way to show my appreciation than giving her the honorary badge."

Noalan inclines his head slightly to her, “And a masterful job you seem to have done. Your team managed to counter all of Flint and his students… except for my son of course.” There's a little pride in that. “However, as much as he might want to, with the way the other students are treating him, I shouldn't keep him out of school too long. He has a new wand to break in after all. Don't let me detain you.”

Angelus’ royal blue eyes flick between Rena and his father, regarding their interaction carefully and thoughtfully. An amused smile flashes across his face, watching the wizard proudly. Looking up to Rena when she addresses him again, a soft smile tugs at his lips as he dips his head a bit. “I’ve been interested, ma’am,” confirms the youth, polite but with an underlying arrogance in his tone. “Though there are many professions I’ve been considering. I suppose my OWLs next year will help me decide.” His chest absolutely swells with pride, delight showing in the sparkle in his eyes, as his father brings up the box and his success at getting it hidden. He is proud, especially with the satisfaction from Noalan. Even at the mention of Madeline’s help with Flint can’t bring down how pleased he is. Until Noalan brings up getting back to school when the mood can’t help but drop a little, his shoulders lowering with his disappointment. Although he’d much rather stay and hang out with his father, he nods his head understandably. To Rena, he offers her a light bow of his head. “Auror Odori. Good day to you,” he says for his departing words.

Still quite amused (and a little bemused) Rena watches the interaction between father and son. A little twitch of a smile shows as the boy speaks so pridefully. It's all part of his upbringing, and she's just grown to accept the arrogance of Purists for what it is.

"Well, if you decide on the M.L.E. - you'll have no trouble finding me there."

The Eibons take their leave, and Rena calls out after them: "Pleasure to see you, both. Take care of yourselves!" Then, shaking her head slightly, the young woman lowers her umbrella and holds out her hand to see if the rain remains. Finding none, she smiles, closes the umbrella with a little shake and walks off toward the Resident alley. Time to head home.

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