(1939-10-26) Quiet Celebrations
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Summary: Tim and Annie take a night out to celebrate their engagement and the changes at Hogwarts and are joined by unexpected but welcome company.
Date: 26 October 1939
Location: Black Friar Pub

Tim might be on the protective side about people at Hogwarts knowing that he proposed to Annie at this point, so soon after she provided one picture of the Hogwarts Chase scene for him to publish. Ever mindful that she doesn't get into trouble for her help with his inside story on the goings on of what Flint was doing to their alma mater. But Flint is deposed, they are engaged and he just got his first front page story, it's time to celebrate. While the Black Friar is a working man's pub, which is why it's one of Tim's favorite places, he's dressed rather to the nines.


But when he steps into the pub with Annie on his arm, his fancy dancy attire is forgiven by the regulars and they are greeted with nods and raised glasses. A table was reserved that's close to the bar and gives good view of the pub, allows Tim to have a wall behind him and is private without being tucked away out of the goings-on of the rest of the tavern. "My Lady." He says proudly as he draws out her chair for her.

The young witch on Tim's arm may not be dressed to the height of current fashion, but her attire is still quality and not glaringly out of date. Annie's dress is a blue similar to Tim's suit, but is flecked with gold that picks up the highlights in her hair. She's only worn it once before, not quite two years past, and it's been carefully and lovingly preserved. The cloak she shrugs out of is passable in muggle London as well as the streets of the Mysticked District, and she lays it aside as she settles into the held chair. "Ta, Mister Moody," Annie says with mock formality, smiling warmly at him. She turns, giving a wave to a few familiar faces before her attention settles back on the wizard she arrived with.

It seems this pub is the place to be for the time being. It is full of its regular patrons and some others who arent quite as much that. Graham would probably be in the second sorting, he has been here before but its not one his always go to spots. He has changed since work and wears his suit he often does when out and about in London. The auror will step in and appears to be looking for someone but not seeing them he'll move towards the bar he only spots Annie and Tim as he moves further in, but he isnt sure they want to be disturbed and so hangs back for the moment but is in view.

Tim gives Annie that boyishly charming shy grin that is all hers and makes sure she's all settled before he sits down across from her. His hat is taken off and placed on a peg on the wall just for that purpose and he lifts up the menu. As he's asking Annie, "Anything in mind love?" He sees Graham move behind Annie and a little tilt of his head. "Isn't that the bloke from Rhyeline's party?" He tips his chin a little towards Graham. While they discern Graham's identity Tim continues to open up his menu.

Blue eyes return to Tim to linger for a few moments before Annie is opening her menu as well. She studies it thoughtfully, perhaps something new is in order for the evening since it's a celebration, but she's distracted by Tim's question. She looks up again, across the table to him, taking a second to register and catch the direction in which he subtly indicates, then turns to look. "Oh yes, it is," she agrees, raising a hand in a wave to the Auror with a smile. "Graham Cohen."

Graham stands to order something to drink it would seem, he doesn't notice Tim's movement as he's glancing about the place, but he does with Annie's its only when she greets he'll return the wave and move any closer towards the pair not wishing to be in the way. "Evening Annie, Mr Moody. Apologies didnt mean to interrupt, just out for a bit of a wind-down after work." he explains cider in hand which gets a small drink.

Kahren likes the Blackfriar for one reason - a reason that, unbeknownst to her, Graham would not approve of. Guy sometimes come here! She steps in, having changed out of her robes into the darling, casual polka-dotted Muggle dress that Guy had bought for her, glancing around the pub curiously. She doesn't see the military man, but she does seem Graham speaking to two unfamiliar folks in Muggle clothing. Curiously - she makes her way over. "Hello, Graham," she greets him warmly.

Tim offers Graham a nod of greeting and a good hand shake. "Mister Cohen. Good to see you again. You're not interupting. Annie and I are just celebrating the good turns that have come up lately. Every bit of good news is made all the bigger in war, don't yee agree?" Tim glances to Annie and woman knows him well enough that in just facial expression shifts and eye language that he's opening it up to her if she minds being joined and if not giving her the honors to do so.

"Lovely t'see yeh, Graham," Annie greets warmly. "No apologies needed, won't yeh join us for a drink?" She's not opposed to the company in the least, and isn't in so much of a rush to get to ordering dinner that she'd turn away a friend. She closes her menu, setting it aside, saving the decision for later. As a woman approaches, Annie's eyes slip to her, curious and friendly.

"Ah, likewise and true enough to be sure good news is always welcome, and especially so when its been more rare." Graham says he turns back at the approach of the healer "Ah, hey Kahren, hoped you'd be able to make it. Work wasn't too bad than?" he says with a smile to his friend though he looks back to Annie as she speaks "Thank you i'd be glad to, this is Kahren Umbridge, Kahren this is Annie Talylor and Tim Moody." he makes introductions politely "Pleased to see you too Annie of course." he'll wait to be sure all is still okay

"A pleasure to meet you both," Kahren agrees, reaching across the table to shake first Annie's hand, and then Tim's. "What good news did you have?" she asks curiously. Given Tim's last name - and his association with Graham - that meant he must be a wizard. Which meant Annie was probably one as well…

Tim smiles welcomingly to the witch who's approached Graham. He extends his hand to Kahren, "Ms. Umbridge." There is a slight undulation in his cheek as he lightly chews on his tongue. "Our.." He seems to be including Graham and Kahren and Annie in this use of 'our', "…alma mater is b-back to rights. Back to a nice ssafe work place for Annie, she's assis-istant librarian there now. Nae to mention good for the ssst-students. Aye?" Because Graham's close to Rhyeline and Tim doesn't know if Annie has told Rhye or wants Rhye to know first before Graham knows about the engagement he keeps mum and exchanges another look to his fiance deferring the decision to share their more personal good news to those joining their celebration. "Ssshall I order us all up a Sharer?" If declined or not he is going to order one anyways and he waves over a server to place the order and a whiskey for him and Annie's usual for her. "Ms. Umbridge?" He asks in such a way that's an offer for him to treat her to a beverage as well.

"A pleasure t'meet yeh, Miss Umbridge," Annie greets the other witch. As they're now potentially four, she half rises, taking her cloak up from the chair where she had set it aside, and passes it over to Tim to hang on the hook next to his hat as she herself takes that chair. This puts her closer to Tim, and able to hold his hand under the table as they talk with their friends. "I think that sounds grand, Tim," she agrees, then motions toward the other two open chairs. "Please do sit." She doesn't bring up the engagement either, not because she's not told Rhyeline yet, but because it feels bold to her to do so.

"Ah, yes but that is rather great news, and much needed." Graham will move to pull a chair out for Kahren ever polite as he's able before doing likewise for himself and sets his cider down on the table once he sits. "It was good to see you both, I mean at my sisters birthday party." he comments to Annie and Tim realizing he'd not been able to mention it before though he has seen Annie at least since. He looks to Tim and chuckles "Annie's likely the talk of her old school mates, librarian at the school most any Raven's dream. I should know." he chuckles speaking vaguely on purpose but should make enough since and his former house as well and all.

Kahren allows Graham to help her into the seat, scooting her chair in. "A rum would be perfectly lovely," she says towards Time. "Thank you so much, Mr. Moody." She smiles at the pair and then adds, "Oh, you went to Rhyeline's party? A pity we couldn't meet then. But I had a shift at work, and simply couldn't get out of it. I was glad to hear about the school, however. Hopefully everyone can simply get back to the business of learning, now."

Tim lifts up his whiskey when the drinks have arrived rather promptly. "To learning." Tim was certainly a Gryffinclaw at school. His bravery and courage are very much an introverted virtue that he doesn't wear on his sleeve like most in his House do. He's smart and cunning with when and where he uses those virtues. It's one reason why he was attracted to Annie, he loves a 'full package' dame! "That sort of work does have a habit of keeping one's social cah-calender a mess. But here we are, new friendships in bloom, aye?" While in muggle London the Irishman is careful to keep his brogue out of his voice and he affects the Londoner Accent well, but there are hints, small slip ups with 'ye' and 'aye'.

Annie lifts her own drink to the toast, clinking against the glasses of the others before she takes a sip from her pint. She looks to Graham, "It was a lovely party, and Rhyeline seemed so happy. It's delightful to see that." She's still not quite sure how she feels about the Malfoy to which her friend is engaged. He always seems to be condescending her on the very few occasions they've met. Looking to Kahern, Annie notes, "Even one day after the change, things in the school were noticeably improved. It was nearly miraculous."

"That is a pity, but i'm sure she understands. Your job's quite important after all." Graham speaking to Kahren and the part about her job is quite true after all. He lifts his mug "To Learning." he takes a drink from his cider after the toast before setting it back down "I know that all to well job keeps me running all over the place sometimes, its nice when I can sit and relax a bit." he looks to Annie nodding "The difference from when I first met Rhyeline is night and day, still very shy but she's come out of her shell some." he is glad for this.

"Learning," Kahren agrees, lifting her glass before taking a sip. "Well - I'm glad people enjoyed themselves. Hopefully I'll be able to go next year." She smiles at Annie, adding, "I'm glad things are going better at the school. I can't even imagine how difficult it must have been. How horribly stressful. Not properly conducive to learning at all."

Tim takes a good solid drink. There's a moment of chewing on his tongue again but it was even more subtle than before. "So please, here, have a meh-menu and it's my treat." He passes over his menu for Kahren and Graham to share while he leans closer to Annie, one arm going around behind her back to rest on the back of the chair. His thumb secretly rubbing at her back while he leans it to share her menu.

There's a momentary flicker of sadness in Annie's eyes as she nods to Kahren's words. "It was awful, for the students and staff, all. It will be so nice for it to be back to normal, with this behind us." A grin turns to Graham and Annie notes, "From that first moment on the train when we met, through school… it's wonderful how she's such a changed woman." She leans toward Tim to look at the menu with him, letting her hand come to rest on his thigh. It's not a 'familiar' sort of gesture, but meant to be reassuring. He's handling his own problems with shyness wonderfully as well.

"To actively try to stop someone from learning, well theres nothing really good I can say about that for certain." Graham will offer the menu to Kahren so she can look ovrer it first if she would like to do so. He looks back to Annie listening to her words about the school students and staff before he grins in return to her words about his sister "Wish i'd known her better at school, my face so buried in a book I missed a lot it seems, but oh well."

"Well… we are in a pub. Suppose I could get fish and chips." That's what you get in a pub - at least, that's what Arthur had told her once. Kahren eyes the offerings curiously, then hands the menu over to Graham. "Yes, I think I'll just get fish and chips." Grinning wryly she adds, "As for studying - I don't suppose I was much better. I spent so much time in my books…"

Tim angles his leg to press into that assuring hand, soaking it up like the security blanket it is for him. "Aye, well social calender's nae the only thing that the careers gobble up. The required exams at school keep the hopefuls just as busy. Buh-barely had tt-time to do much else." He nods to Graham and Kahren, a knowing kinship of what it's like to be on such intensive paths, and obvious respect to them both for following on that path all the way through. He turns to give a shy smile towards his lovely fiance. "Decided love?"

Annie is fortunate that her path was an easier one, without the rigors of fighting crime or learning to heal people. "Mmmm, everything looks good," she answers Tim with a grin, looking from the menu to his face and back again. "I was thinking t'be bold with the curry." There's a pause, and her considerations stop as her eyes come up to Kahren, and she asks with polite curiosity, "What is it yeh do?" She's the one unknown entity in the group.

Graham accepts the menu trying to decide what goes well with his cider he decides it seems thin-cut steak combo. "That's true enough.. had prefect duties and uh.. clubs." well dueling club but no real way to say that without sounding oddly. "Oh well here we all are a merry meeting to be certain. I think the steak is for me tonight though." he says and takes another drink from his cider.

"I work in…" Kahren's hesitates a moment, given their current surroundings, then offers, "Medicine. You never stop studying. There's always something new to learn. I don't think anyone in the hospital is content with their skill level - we all wish we could do better."

Tim aims his shy smile at the server who comes when signaled. "Chicken, Bacon and Brie for me. The Curry for my lady, please. Ribeye for my friend." He nods towards Graham, "The fish and chips for the lady." He smiles towards Kahren and passes the menus off to the server. "Do you know… 'Dr.' O'Shea, Ms. Umbridge? He's a very close mate of mine."

Annie takes another sip from her pint as Tim orders for the table, her smile curving as she sets the glass back on the table. Not a stammer through that whole thing. So much to celebrate, indeed. "Oh yes, I was going t'ask that as well," she chimes in with Tim's question to Kahren. But… she knew Tim knew Healer O'Shea, but 'very close mates'? She can make an assumption about that, and it likely wouldn't be far off the mark. "He's a lovely man."

Graham nods to Kahren's words figuring they will pick up her meaning despite being in the muggle establishment. He isnt prepared however for the talk of the O'shea's and he looks from Tim and to Kahren though he belives he's seen Keenan and her talk. His gaze moves to Annie she'd understand why the name might strike a note but he doesnt look sad as he'd been the last he spoke of it. "Dr O'Shea's definately a talented Doctor. I know him through.. problems which arise through work, and through his sister Sorcha."

"Oh, of course I do," Kahren responds. "The hospital's not that big. And he just got married! You knew, I assume?" She looks around the table at those present. "Brought the Missus to the fundraiser Gala we had not too far back - a rather charming woman, I thought."

Annie is quick to nod to Kahren's question, "I'd heard, but I've not had a chance t'see him yet an' offer good wishes. I didn't even know he was seein' someone, but then, I wouldn't." She has to laugh, they travel in such completely different circles and she only barely knows Keenan. Still, she has something of a liking for gingers, obviously. Her eyes go to Graham. "I've not seen Sorcha in ages. Is she well?"

The auror will take a drink from his cider while he lsitens to the talk about the hospital. Graham looks back to Annie pondering the question about Sorcha a moment or two. "She's doing fairly well all things considered." He says with a deep breath sigh. "I'm excited for the food to arrive, rather hungry looking at the menu just now."

"I was so sorry to hear about their sister," Kahren says with quiet regret. "What a tragedy. I mean - well. All of it was, of course. Any loss of life." She shakes her head - before seeming to realize that she's bringing a foul mood to what's meant to be a celebration. "But it's always glorious to see how life flourishes, in the face of adversity. Isn't it?"

Tim smiles and nods his head about all of the information on Keenan. "Aye, Mrs. O'Shea is lovely." Of course his brogue slips when saying an Irish last name. Said lastname and slip-ups have started to gather the attention of a table close at hand, four labourers in for a pint after work at the docks are glancing rather often than not towards the Irishman and speaking in murmured tones as they shoot glances that grow with suspicion every time they are shot. Tim either doesn't notice or he is ignoring it rather well. "Aye, glorious…" Here's hoping there's no flourishing about to happen.

At least part of their meal arrives as a server brings the appetizer platter over, and small plates for each person. Annie takes no notice of anyone not at their own table, too interested in present company to pay strangers any mind. Speaking of flourishing, Annie can't help but muse, "I wonder if they'll have any little ones. I've thought he'd make a lovely father, he's very kind." He has to be to have gained Rhyeline's trust, as Annie well knows.

Graham looks to Kahren and nods to her words "Me too, she was a good person, very kind and always willing to help." The auror says about the sister she speaks about but doesnt want to linger on it over long given its supposed to be a celebration. He watches as some of the food arrives and smiles once again "Oh wow looks wonderful."

Tim was truthfully indeed keeping half an eye on the next table. But when babies get brought up and he hears the tone in Annie's voice, well all else is forgotten and he zones in entirely on Annie. It's pretty clear in his expression right after the subject was brought up that he's got thoughts of kids bumping about that brain of his and he has a soft little smile. A tiny little distracted nod, he agrees with their assesment, but it's not his mate's future of kids he's thinking about now. He rather looks quite like a twitterpatted doofus as he stares at Annie. The food doesn't even bring him out of his thoughts.

"Well. We don't need adversity, in order to flourish. Thankfully," Kahren remarks. She takes a sip of her rum, then studies the platter for a moment. She liberates some of the onion rings for herself - dipping it into the fondue, whether or not it's supposed to work that way, and takes a bite before noticing the way Tim gazes at Annie. That prompts a smile from the woman. Aww - how sweet! Just look at them! Darling.

For a moment, Annie is oblivious of Tim's silence, going on as she reaches for a morsel from the shared platter. "She has dark hair, I've heard. I wonder if their babies would favour him or her." She muses as she bites, before offering, "I think little ginger babies would be darlin'. Don't yeh, Tim?" she asks, her attention turning to him. For a second she's puzzled by the look on his face, but she quickly smiles. Yeah, Tim would likely think so as well. "Isn't this all brilliant?" comes as she motions toward the platter, blushing lightly.

The auror watches between them all as they speak in turn. The conversation being brought around to babies is not something which he can ignore either pondering. Graham comes back to present and nods to Kahren "Very true some like your self work so that people can stay well." he comments but looks between Tim and Annie and cant help but smile himself a moment before reaching out for a bite of food. Dark hair and Red hair.. what color hair? "Yes the food is wonderful."

"You know - the cheese is really good," Kahren remarks - claiming one of the bits of bread and dipping that in next. "I've never actually eaten here before. Of course - I've only been in a handful of times."

Tim blushes brightly, all sign of freckles disappearing, even the tips of his ears and most likely the tips of his toes have gone flush. He swallows hard and bashfully takes a drink - gulp of his whiskey. "D-d-d-dark. Mmm-most like." He now rather obviously chews on his tongue and ducks his head down. Oh look, food! He picks up three olives that are rather sizable and pops them all into his mouth. There, that will give him good excuse to just sit and chew for a while. Annie is between him and his fedora, or he'd probably nab it, put it on and pull it down!

There's fond, indulgent amusement on Annie's face as she looks to Tim again, and she pats his leg lightly as her attention turns back to Kahren and Graham. "Tim an' I are goin' t'get married. He asked me last week." It's said fairly casually, and she looks to Graham. "Don't tell Rhyeline? I've not had a chance t'tell her yet, with all at th'school."

Graham finishes his bite and takes a drink of the cider he has, he listens both to Kahren and Tim, thought he cannot help think to himself he wouldn't mind the red hair being kept in his circumstance of course. He turns to look to Annie as she speaks and his eyes widen a grin spreading over his face "That brilliant! Congratulations you two!." he says looking between the couple back and forth but he finaly does nod "Of course not a word Annie."

"Oh, that is brilliant!" Kahren agrees, suddenly all smiles. "Not a word from me, that's for sure. Congratulations!" She picks up her rum before asking, "Shall we toast to a happy future?"

Tim seems only too happy for another excuse to take a swig of his drink, stopping his eating long enough to raise his glass and mumble something about a happy future. Annie can't help her smile, despite Tim's embarrassment. She's delighted that they've found their way back to each other after a rough bit of road. "Ta, very kind of yeh," she says, tipping her glass to the others for a brief clink before drinking. "It was a week full of joyous news."

"To a happy future." he raises hsi mug and clinks it against the others though he is still grinning unable to stop himself from doing so. Graham takes a drink from the cider and soon he'll need a refil no doubt. "It has been, those are the best sort of weeks ones with news which lifts the spirit right back up."

Kahren clinks glasses as well, still smiling. "This extra bit of cheer will certainly carry me through for a while. I just love weddings!" she says in a happy, but quiet voice. "Gracious - are you sure we aren't intruding, though? Did you want an evening to yourselves?"

"Cor, no," Annie is quick to lay Kahren's mind to rest. "We'll have a lifetime of evenin's to ourselves. It's lovely t'share our happiness with friends." Despite having only just met, if Graham considers Kahren a friend, so does Annie. "It's a fair way from that evenin' at the Cauldron," she says to Graham with a grin. The first time Annie saw Tim after her return to London, she got a bit staggeringly pissed and was seen home safely by the honorable Auror. But the joke between them is just a moment, before her attention is back on the food and the group as a whole. She reaches for a bit of the garlic bread, putting some onto Tim's small plate for him as well.

Graham looks to Kahren a moment nodding to her words about cheer Keenan's wedding was the first i'd ever been to." He says easily though he really enjoyed it so that's a good thing right? The next part though he looks to Annie and nods in agreement "Yeah, I mean we can clear off." he stops though as she seems to assure that they arent bothering them. The auror meets the look from Annie and smiles nodding to her words "Cant even see then from here." he says lightly and will grab more food finishing it still full of gladness.

Reaching up with her left hand, Kahren idly starts twirling a lock of hair around her fingers. "The first - really?" she asks Graham curiously. "I probably can't even remember the first wedding I went to. When your father has as many siblings as mind does…" She lets out a quiet laugh. "There's always one gathering or celebration to attend, if it isn't another."

With the starter almost gone, the food arrives, the server bringing the plates out, another clearing the appetizer plates away if given the ok to do so. Annie sits back, giving room for the exchange, taking the moment to twine her fingers with Tim's before they have to part them to eat. She leans forward, taking a breath over her curry. "It smells wonderful."

"The first, i'm sure my parents went to some while I was growing up, maybe I was just too much trouble and was left behind?" Graham teases lightly he's not sure how he made it until quite recently without attending one but oh well he's fixed that now right? He watches as the main course arrives and he will give thanks to the server when they place his plate down. He does look to Annie at her words "It does, everything looks so good too." his cider refilled "Congratulations you both, this is really wonderful news." he says simply tipping his cup to them both.

Kahren sniffs curiously, looking towards Annie's bowl of food. "What exactly is it?" she asks - the witch entirely unfamiliar with curry. At least she knows fish and chips! She sprinkles a good amount of malt vinegar on her food, her finger still twirling around a lock of hair until she starts to eat.

Flapping out her napkin, Annie lays it across her lap to cover the skirt of her dress, and she looks to Kahren. "It's Indian, a little spicy. I've only had it a few times myself," she notes with a smile. "Would yeh care t'try it?" She's got no qualms about offering to the woman, giving her plate a nudge toward the other. "Give yerself an idea if yeh'd like to try a plate yerself sometime."

Graham listens to the explanation of the dish even from a distance still close by though he can smell the spices and the heat coming off the dish in question. The auror will wait though for the couple to begin eating before he'll touch his own food. He seems interested to see if Kahren will indeed try some of the spicy smelling food she's being offered.

"Oh, that's lovely of you to offer, ta," Kahren responds warmly. After spreading out her napkin, she picks up a clean spoon and scoops up some of the curry to try. She sniffs at the food, before sipping it curiously, her eyes widening a bit. "My. That is different, isn't it? Indian, you said?"

Annie grins and nods, "It is. I think it's lovely and earthy, the spices they use. And now yeh know that yeh can try it sometime." Her eyes go to Graham, "Did yeh care for a try as well?" She'll be sharing it with Tim, as well, if he wants any with his meal. She'll likely steal a bite or two of his as well.

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