(1939-10-27) Buying Forgiveness
Details for Buying Forgiveness
Summary: After Charms class Angelus gets Lucretia to the side to give her a gift and to say that he's sorry.
Date: October 27, 1939
Location: Third Floor Corridor, Hogwarts

After Charms lets out, Lu and a group of other Slytherin 4th year girls beat their escape from the classroom. "Despite his disgusting meddling," Lu can be heard to say to her peons, "I am forced to admit that he's a good teacher. How he managed to learn so much despite his blood is beyond me. He must be some sort of freak." She seems somewhat distracted as she eyes the press of students running around to and from their other classes.

Among the fourth year students exiting the Charms classroom, walking along the corridor to their next destination, Angelus locks his eyes on Lucretia. A smile flicks against his lips as he sidles up beside her, an arm lifted and draping around her shoulders simply and casually. As if there were no problems between the two of them, his attitude completely friendly with arrogance at the way he sweeps near her. “Lu,” he greets heartily. “It is of utmost importance that I speak with you.”

Lu startles when someone forcibly drapes himself over her and she shucks the arm off with a violent shrug of her shoulders. Finally, she turns and stares into Angelus' face. Her expression darkens. "Eibon, what the hell are you on about?" Her group of friends blinks and then bamfs. Lucretia looks around and warily nods. She walks over the wall, out of the way of the crazy throng. "What do you want?" she asks.

Angelus doesn’t persist to keep his arm around her, but he also acts as though she hadn’t shrugged off his arm, either. “It’s about New Years,” he replies, his smile fluttering against his lips as he follows her to the side of the corridor. He looks down at his self as he reaches into his robes. “It would be a crime if you didn’t have something so perfect to wear to our party,” he explains warmly as he pulls out a box. It looks deep, and not terribly small that the pocket inside of his robes more than likely would have been bulging.

Silence. Lucretia just looks at Angelus in total silence. Once and only once does she look down to the box, but then it's right back to staring into the boy's face.

Angelus arches a brow as he regards Lucretia, his head tilting lightly. He flashes a dazzling smile at the girl, one shoulder lifting as his ear lowers to his shoulder in a helpless look. When the smile fades, a sigh escapes him. “Come on, Lu, I’m sorry that I hurt you. You’re one of my friends.” There is a second for a pause before he adds, “A perfect, amazing, beautiful, graceful, dazzling friend with a kind and forgiving heart.” Gel considers for a second before he lowers to a single knee, bowing his head apologetically to her as he holds up the box to her. “I guarantee it’ll suit your liking.”

"OoooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooh! Eibon and Black, Sititn' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N…."

The heckler is silenced by Lucretia's 'If Avada Kedavra were a look…' glare. She turns that glare to Angelus. "Are you happy?" she hisses. "You are making a fool of yourself -again- and dragging me into it. AGAIN. Stand up."

The announcement only seems to amuse the boy. It glitters in his eyes as his smile grows, a quiet chuckle escaping him. Angelus does not move from his position. He remains on his knee, resting a single arm on his leg as he shifts the box to rest on the palm of a single hand. “I will not. You are important to me, Lu.” His chest swells as he draws in a breath, letting it out in a sad gush. “I might have been foolish for thinking I was saving everyone, but I tried. I was impulsive. I had no way of snatching the contracts from the Auror or that would have been my first attempt. Please, Lu.” His blue eyes lock onto her intently. “I’ll sing if you don’t forgive me.”

"Right, that's it." Now Lu's just mad again. "You just don't GET it. You've broken faith with us, with me. It takes more than spending your father's money to get you back in. You have to rebuild TRUST, Angelus." And she begins to brush past Angelus.

As Angelus droops in disappointment, hanging his head, he lowers the box to rest it on the floor. “I wasn’t losing any faith in what we stand for,” he says defensively. “But I was trying to break my wand. Successfully, I might add.” He arches his brow as he stares up at her from his knelt position. “You don’t agree with my methods, fine. But Lu, I never meant to hurt you. We are friends, how can you not trust me to think about your well-being? Have I never not stood up for you? If the roles have been reversed, I would never, ever turn my back on you.” He lowers his head as his eyes start to gloss over, closing them. When he opens them, he opens the box to reveal a pretty silver circlet, decorated with blue-white beads. He slides it over the floor, closer to her, before, bowing his head, he rises. “I’m sorry,” is all he can muster up, shaking his head slowly as he turns, walking away.

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