(1939-10-27) More Apologies
Details for More Apologies
Summary: When Elspeth enters the club room, Angelus takes the opportunity to give her a gift to apologize.
Date: October 27, 1939
Location: Club Room, Hogwarts

Angelus is on his own, quite a common occurrence as of late. He’s still trying to deal with the drop in popularity. He’s in the club room, standing with his back to the wall, sometime after dinner. The youth is just standing there, hands clasped behind his back, his head bowed over.

A little humming precedes the entrance of the sixth year Ravenclaw as she comes into the club room, her steps headed towards the area where domestics club keeps their supplies. She stops short when she sees Angelus, her head tilting a little, then she continues on her mission with a polite, "Good Evening, Eibon."

A single brow twitches at the humming, but it’s at the greeting in which Angelus lifts his head. His blue eyes lock on the sixth year as he considers, a faintly smug smile sliding smoothly against his lips. “Rosen,” he says, his tone rising with a slight surprise. His head barely moves as he lowers his chin a just a touch in a conceited little nod. His hands are drawn from behind his back as he begins to stride towards the Ravenclaw. “I require a moment of your time, please.”

Apparently, she isn't finding what she's searching for right away, and opens a new cupboard. "Ah!" She's about to reach up when she notices the Gryffindor's approach. Turning from the cupboards she was looking through, Elspeth faces Angelus. "You may be having two, if you like," she offers magnanimously, raising her eyebrows. One hand rests with curled fingers on the counter, the other hanging lightly at her side.

Angelus shifts on his feet, hesitating, before a smile slips across his face and he dips his head. “Thank you,” he says. Reaching into his robes, he pulls out a large bag of candy. The cellophane is a blue colour, a bronze ribbon tied to keep it closed as the rest of the cellophane flowers on top. A tag is attached to the ribbon with the name ‘Elspeth Rosen’ on it, and the bag is offered out to the sixth year. “As an apology for my unacceptable behaviour the past months,” he explains.

Brows draw together as Elspeth's hazel eyes shift from Angelus to the bag of candy, and back. The hand by her side reaches out for the bag, letting her fingers close hesitantly around it. "Thank you, Eibon," she says quietly. "It is being a rough year on all of us. But it is being past, now. There is no need to be thinking on it anymore." She sets it on the counter and looks down at, fingering the ribbon in it as she looks to the younger student. "Are you being all right?"

Once the bag is taken Angelus clasps his hands behind his back, stepping back a step from the sixth year. A light nod of his head is given to her. His smile flickers lightly against his lips. “The past has its way of haunting us for our actions,” he responds. “I will leave you-“ He barely finishes speaking when Elspeth asks her question. “Of course,” he answers as he cocks his head questionably to the side. “Enjoy the treats, Rosen.” The smile flashes weakly before he starts to turn towards the door.

Elspeth nods once, studying Angelus as he backs off. "It was I who was barging in on you," she reminds him quietly. "I will just be finding…" she reaches up to the cabinet again. "And then I will be letting you have your room to yourself once more. I was not meaning to intrude upon your solitude." She pulls down a small canister, opens it and sniffs, then nods with satisfaction. She puts it into her satchel, then picks up the candies again, her sleeve falling to mostly obscure them as she turns. "Thank you. I will be, and I am hoping you are not minding if I am sharing them with Ev, too."

Angelus’ eyes rest on the door briefly before turns to look back to Elspeth. A little tilt of his head as he arches a brow, he regards her. A smirk twitches against his lips as he lifts a single shoulder. “Indeed,” murmurs the boy, “but I really wasn’t using it for anything.” He shifts on his feet, watching her curiously before he turns his gaze away. Glancing back to her at her last statement, he gives her a questioning look. “It would be yours to share with whoever you like.”

Lifting her other hand, Elspeth shifts her satchel strap so it's a little more comfortable and nods. "I wanted to be sure it would not be offending you," she gives him half a smile, and her gaze is open and forthright, polite if not exactly friendly. "In any case," she does walk towards the door herself, "I am sure you will being figuring things out, soon. Everything will be mending itself, however it is supposed to be. Have a good evening, Eibon."

“Not at all,” Angelus responds about offending. His smile flickers, fixing his blue eyes on the sixth year as they follow her to the door. “Please, tell my cousin I said hello.” His eyes continue to focus on Elspeth, head tilting lightly, when he clears his throat before she finishes stepping back out of the room. “Rosen?” After saying her name he pauses, shifting on his feet a bit nervously. “Er-“ Gel releases a breath, lowering his gaze to the floor. When he lifts his eyes again, he says sorrowfully. “Other students were firing spells at each other. How-“ He cuts off, cocking his he considers. “When did it come to that? We might see things differently, but attacking each other?” He looks away from her sadly.

Seeing Angelus nervous stills Elspeth's walking, and even her occasional fidgeting. She finally gives a tiny sigh and a rueful smile. "You are not going to be liking this.. but it is like your brother was saying when the Mud Club was being created. It was being created in support of muggleborn, and it was setting up muggleborn wizards and witches as if they are being special, and somehow deserving of special attention. It was bound to be drawing a response. That response was being the Magijugend. As long as the two were just being school clubs, they were being equal. Some disagreement was being expected, but since neither were being anything more than clubs, it was coming to nothing." She pauses, wondering if she should go on. She gives one nod of her head. "The change was coming when one club was being given more power over another. It was giving some people a feeling of justification that their position was being right and better than other ones. The other club was feeling oppressed just by the very existence of a club that was being given power over them. When people are feeling oppressed, they are going to eventually give in to the wish to be doing something about it. Often, that response is being the urge to strike out those that they feel are oppressing them." Finally, she does fidget, raising a hand to the back of her neck and pulling her braid over her shoulder. "I am not meaning to sound like a professor giving a lecture… but… that is basically what Noalan was saying would happen when the Mud Club was being formed, and he was being right, even if I was hoping it was not going to happen."

A soft smile flutters over his lips as Elspeth stops and answers him. Angelus allows her to speak without interrupting, blue eyes locked on her. Occasionally there’s a glint in his eyes that he has to push away with an effort, and in the end he’s looking sadly down to the floor. “You’re right,” he murmurs, nodding his head an inch. Gel lifts his gaze back to the Ravenclaw, shifting again on his feet, looking shamed as he tilts his head. “When you feel as though you are oppressed it’s easy to want to retaliate.” He nods his head, and gestures towards the door. “Thank you, Rosen. Please, don’t let me detain you any further.”

Elspeth looks to Angelus, the same polite, noncommittal gaze that she usually treats him with after watching his reactions. She nods once to him, although she doesn't say anything to confirm his words of retaliation. "I will be seeing you later, Eibon. Take care, as I believe you are saying." With that, she does, in fact, leave Angelus to his room to himself once more.

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