(1939-10-28) Pointless
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Summary: Sierra and Angus discuss the
Date: Tuesday, October 28th, 1939
Location: Hogwarts, Entry Hall

Angus is sitting moodily looking at the counters. Eating an apple, and grumbling.

Stepping out from her potions class, Sierra is headed for school grounds when she spots the foul-tempered Angus and comes up short, giving the boy a curious look. She gazes up at the counters, then back at Angus. "Cheer up, Macmillan. Looks like we're about tied, now."

Angus grumbles, "Aye. Ah was looking forward tae gettin' it tae loop 100 backwards!"

"Loop 100 backwards?" Sierra asks in confusion, glancing at the counters again, then back at Angus. "Whatcha mean?"

Angus gestures to the counters, "Was wonderin' what'd happen if we got to -100, aye, Quine?"

Sierra laughs. "You wanted to lose more points?" she asks with a smile. "Ah. Getting to -100 would be hard now. Unless you got some of your housemates to help you… I don't know, set the teacher's lounge on fire."

Angus ponders this for a moment, "Och, dyehs think that'd work?"

"…if you got two Gryffindors to help you and you burned everything in the teacher's lounge? Sure. I could see you losing 50 points each for that." Sierra studies Angus with something more akin to curiosity than alarm. "Are you really thinking of doing it?"

Angus shakes his head, "Naw. They'd expel yehs fer that. And Mah Ma would skelp me!"

"Not sure they would. I mean - no one's harmed and all," Sierra muses. "I guess, unless you have enough of a history of dangerous stunts. …which you might." He is Angus after all.

Angus wavers a hand, "Uh, dae yehs class the Train Lavatory stunt as _dangerous_?"

"Not personally, no," Sierra answers with a laugh. "A little unkind at the worst."

Angus considers this, and adds, "An' turnin' any students that got naked and intae the spare beds at the Black party purple and itchy?"

"If it didn't happen at school or on the train, it doesn't count," Sierra asserts. "Besides - that's hilarious, not dangerous."

Angus considers, "Naw. I think I'd lose the amusement value." He ponders, "Noo, gettin' Professor Slughorn tae set the Alchemy lab on fire by adjustin' what's in his larder… THAT would be funny."

"Don't know that it'd lose you the 150 points you need to lose, but it would be, Sierra agrees. "Of course - you'll also have to stop doing things like playing so well in the Quidditch games if you want to keep your points so low…" she suggests teasingly.

Angus groans, "Aye. It willnae dae. Another year for the -100 experiment, I suppose, aye, quine?"

"I don't know that you'll get another year as good for it as this year. Gryffindor seemed pretty upset - on a whole - about the mess Flint made," Sierra answers. "You may just be out of luck."

Angus sniffs, "Aye…. well." He pauses, "Did yehs see the hairiness wi' the prank cake? Oh, that was beautiful." He sniffs, "But I dinnae ken why Dumbledore was sae harsh on me. I _told_ Goyle not tae eat the cake!"

"Were you trying to get to -100 or not? He should have been harsher! Would have been doing you a favor!" Sierra responds. She eyes the counters again before adding, "…then we wouldn't be practically tied for last."

Angus shrugs, "Och, the year's early, quine, aye? The Ravens and Snakes'll get all caught up with each other."

"And the Badgers'll take the cup!" Sierra declares. "…though maybe not if Colton keeps playing as well as he has."

Angus coughs quietly, and brushes his fingernails against his robe, "Ahem?"

"You did alright," Sierra remarks with a sort of mock-dismissiveness. "And that's fine as long as you're playing Ravenclaw or Slytherin. But when you're playing Hufflepuff - then you better get walloped by a bludger."

Angus points out cheerfully, "Och, I was playin' oot o' mah natural position. Beater by preference, but y'ken, a 2nd choice Lions Chaser can whup a snakey Keeper!"

"Well, when I'm not cheering for Hufflepuff - I'm cheering for Gryffindor. I never quite know what to do at the Slytherin/Ravenclaw match, though." Sierra shifts on her feet, letting her potions book dangle loosely in one hand.

Angus admits, "Ah have tae say, I cheer whoever's playin' best Quidditch…. as long as Gryffindor's not playin'."

"Cheering for the underdog can be fun, though," Sierra responds. "Why do you think I cheer for Gryffindor?"

Angus says, "Cos it's nice to back winners?"

"Keep telling yourself that, MacMillan!" Sierra answers brightly. "No one can blame ya for being a little delusional."

Angus grins, "Och, I can only talk aboot the evidence, aye? At Quidditch, Gryffindor wins, aye?!"

"Well - you did this time," Sierra concurs. "But I'm gonna give the credit to my brother. Otherwise he'll take it out of my hide, no doubt."

Angus gives a grin, "Aye… aye. Yehs dae that!" Cos, of course, he has NO doubt in the matter whatsoever.

"Though - what was with that crash into the goal posts?" Sierra asks with a laugh. "He's slipping in his old age, the daft fella. That's what he gets for staying the full seven."

Angus suggests, "Mebee he was tryin' to copy the move I did. But what can I say? I am ANGUS MACMILLAN!

"At least ya know yer name. It's a relief - sometimes I have to wonder." Sierra reaches out to give Angus a playful push.

Angus ooopphs, "Hands owf the merchandise, Higgins! In a few years all the gurls will be jealous that yeh goat tae dae that!"

"Oh, my, your head is all puffed up. We may have to let some air out of it before it does some damage to what remains of yer brains," Sierra counters, giving him a harder push, and then a laugh.

Angus snorts, "Och! Will yeh get a look at yeh gurl! Yeh cannae keep yeh hands owf the great Quidditch star, ken!"

"Oh, yer impossible!" Sierra responds - aiming a kick at his leg this time. Hard enough to sting, but not do any real damage. Then she turns partly away, hands planted determinedly on her hips.

Angus simply moves his leg back. He's really quite good at the fighting thing, as might be expected for a person who claims to prefer Beating.

Angelus comes in from outside, crossing the entry hall as his gaze wanders. A grin spreads across his face as he catches sight of the hourglasses, tilting his head and looking quite pleased. Finally, some points. His head turns to the sound of the voices, and a chuckle escapes the youth as he approaches Sierra and his housemate. "The next Quidditch Star in the making, mate? I heard we had a fantastic victory." His eyes shift onto Sierra, offering the girl a slight nod. "Higgins." An amused smile slides over his face.

"Eibon," Sierra answers him. She frowns at the other fourth year asking in a curious tone, "Missed the game, then? What were ya up to instead? Hiding from those buddies of yours?" Who hasn't heard whispers of Angelus' fall from grace with most of the Magijugend?

Angus gesticulates, "Dinae see it? Och, but there was a _sweet_ work. Beautiful, ken? Ah swoooped doon, and corkscrewed through, and slammed the quaffle home, and grabbed the ring and half looped holding it, tae try and kick it back through! It was beautiful, ken?!" He demonstrates the move, as he enthuses about it. Then seems to remember something. "Och, Eibon? A wurd?"

Angelus cocks his head a little to the side at Sierra, a smirk twitching at his lips. "An Eibon never hides, Higgins." He smiles at her before letting out a sigh. "Sadly, yes, I missed it. I was on a very important task," he explains vaguely. A grin widens over his face as he glances at Angus. "Brilliant!" He reaches out to clap Angus on the back friendly. "Glad we have players that know what they're doing. It's a shame I couldn't be there." The grin eases back into more of a smile, head rising briefly in question. "Sure thing," he says, spreading his arms in a welcoming gesture.

"It wasn't a bad play," Sierra relents, with a smile at the boy. "I haven't quite the talent for Quidditch myself. I do alright, but… I'm not as good on a broom as I'd like."

Angus ambles on over to Angelus, and puts an arm around his shoulder, lowering his voice to what Angus probably imagines is a low murmur. Ooops. "Eibon. A wurd. Yehs dinnae force attentions on a gurl that's said no, ken?"

"We all start somewhere," Angelus comments, offering Sierra a smile. "If you have an interest, of course, everyone gets better as practice. And maybe as good as me someday." His chin lowers in barely a nod, his smile flashing in his eyes. The smugness fades as he tips his head to the side, though apparently he doesn't have to lower his head all that much to hear Angus. Angelus smirks, replying easily as he rolls back his shoulders. "If there's a girl out there who's ever said no to me, Macmillan." He snickers.

Sierra gives Angelus a dubious look - and is obviously surprised when he doesn't try suggesting she practice with him again. "I practice with Colton," she says anyways, before Angus and Angelus lapse into their 'quiet' conversation. She can't help but roll her eyes.

Angus clenches a fist, "Aye? Black begs tae differ, Loon. Kissin' her is _no_ okay wi' her. D'ye ken? Oar yeh and me are gonnae have a wee fallin' oot. Cos whin a girl disnae say aye, she's sayin' nay, ken?"

At the mention of Black Angelus' smile fades altogether. He lets out a low, thoughtful hum as he lets Angus speak, and a brow quirks in his confusion. "She said I kissed her?" The youth seems to find this funny, because he lets out a chuckle, shaking his head slowly before he releases the amusement on a sigh. "No," he says more solemnly on a shake of his head, "sadly I haven't yet. We were just friends, mate. Just like you and her." Gel smirks. "Were, and will be again when she finally decides to crawl her way back when she realizes how great of a friend I was." Angelus straightens as he regards Angus thoughtfully before a grin tugs against his lips. "I assume whatever she said to her was out of anger because she still believes I betrayed the Magijugend."

Sierra gives Angus as curious look as he stands up for Lucretia's virtue - a smile playing across her features. "MacMillan - I never took you for a gentleman," she remarks. Angelus' self-defense goes unremarked upon.

Angus shrugs, "She says you keep blockin' her against a wall?" He's not looking amused. "I thought you were better than that, aye? Duggie knew them rules. So dae I. It's no Department of Mysteries stuff fur the Pure Blooded, I thought." Sierra gets a little glare, "Och, it's no being a gentleman! It's just _right_, ken?!"

"I did what now?" Now Angelus just frowns, his eyes on Angus until Sierra speaks and he glances at her. The laugh that rolls off his tongue lacks any amusement or humour, and the wayward flick of his hand is meant as a dismissal. He snorts, his lips giving an agitated flick. "So that's her story, huh?" Gel blows out a breath and his tone is suddenly cold. "You can tell her, Macmillan, if that's how she wants to play, fine. I can make up stories too." He glances once over to the hourglasses, and then back. "Excuse me, I needed to get to the next class earlier."

"So - you're what? A kindhearted scoundrel?" Sierra counters with a smile. Her attention shifts to Angelus as she boy prepares to leave, a frown crossing her features. "I don't think spreading lies is going to show you in a good light, Eibon."

Angus gives a little growl, "She wouldnae make that up, Eibon! So moderate yersel', ken? Next you'll be sayin' she's makin' up you gettin' doon on one knee and offerin' jewelry? Have yeh nae idea hoo that looks, given she's engaged?"

Angelus holds up for a moment to turn, eyes flicking towards Sierra as he snorts. His annoyance is starting to show. "It's fair play if she's going to start first, Higgins. She starts the game, I'll continue to play." Then a glance to Angus, a spark of anger in his eyes but keeps it from igniting. "Well I can tell you that it didn't happen that way. So take that as you will." He bows his head, rolling his hand out in a mocking gesture, and turns to head up the stairs as his mood sours.

"She's holding the high-ground. No one has reason to doubt her word." Where as the whole school can see how the Magijugend have turned Angelus out - and who hasn't heard the juicy and scandalous tale of Angelus' hallway proposal?! "You start spreading lies and rumors - it'll just escalate. But, hey." Sierra spreads her hands, wearing a smile on her face. "It'll be entertaining to watch."

Angus grumbles, "Och, dinnae say Ah didnae try and dae this the _nice_ way, Eibon. If you're bein' a wee basterd, I'll deck yehs. Clear?"

"When you deck him - I hope I'm around to see it," Sierra remarks blithely. Not if - when. "He's fixing for it, talk like that."

Angus grumbles, "Aye. Well, that's the Hoosepoints sorted oot, anyway. But it wisnae somethin' I couldnae do." A pause, "Were yeh's evesdroppin', Higgins?"

"I couldn't not. You were standing right there," Sierra answers, pointing at Angus' feet. "Besides. It was interesting. Eibon really is a cad - he flirts with all the girls, even if they don't like it." She makes a face, at the memory of him leaning over the back of her bench.

Angus grumbles, "Aye. Well…. it shouldnae be like that, aye."

"Well. Deck him and you don't get any tears from me," Sierra responds. "I may just buy you a drink next time we're in Hogsmeade - as friends do."

Angus chuckles, "Aye, well, he's had his warning." He shrugs, "Och, we'll see."

"He's had his warning - but you really think he'll mind it?" Sierra obviously doesn't.

Angus shrugs, and goes silent, shoving his hands in his pocket, and mooching off

"I hope it costs you a hundred and fifty points!" Sierra calls after him 'helpfully,' in a rather cheerful tone, before moving out of the Entry Hall and outside.

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