(1939-10-29) Dress Browsing
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Summary: Just for fun browsing turns into something a bit more permanent.
Date: October 29th, 1939
Location: Diagon Alley - Twilfits and Tattings

Twilfit and Tattings

It is a fall night. The weather is warm and fair.

Golden manequins bearing the latest in wealthy wizard fashions sit in the window display, and a decorative wall sits behind them to block any view further into the shop. Inside, the shop is lit by multiple chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, the light of many candles making the polished wood that makes up the wall and some of the furnishing seem to glitter. Behind the wall of the front display is a sitting area with plush velvet furniture and a wooden table with a very finely detailed red tablecloth, where tea and biscuits are always available. More manequins line the walls, showing various wizard fashions, but not a trace of muggle fashion anywhere to be seen. There's no racks here in the customer area of the shop, giving the impression that everything is made to order. There's a fitting area in the back corner, capable of serving only one customer at a time, but the fitting sessions are known to go quickly and smoothly here. Near this area are doors leading to dressing rooms.

Tim leads his fiance into the lux shop for a bit of light what if shopping. Not truly here to make a permanent decision. More a gauging of what each of them likes in a dress and gauge what fits the budget. Tim already is looking a tich overwhelmed by the amount of items they have. Of course one of the first price tags he sees is some spidersilk ball gown from france that he'd have to sell the house to afford. But he aims a just for her special smile and lifts up their entwined hands to give her knuckles a kiss. "No minding the tags right now, find what ye like best love."

The shop is a bit too dear for her to typically shop at, but Annie won't turn down a chance to stop in and have a look at what's in fashion this season. Her fingers give his a light squeeze. "I've already got what I like best. Far as I'm concerned, we c'n just get married t'morrow," is teased lightly. Her eyes flitter away, coming to rest on a set of deep blue robes, sparkling flecks in the fabric making it look like an expanse of midnight sky speckled with stars. "Cor, that's a pretty one," she says softly.

Tim hmms as he looks over the dress she points out and nods. "Tis, would yee like to try it on? Cause if we are gettin married tomorrow then you're going to need a dress today." She was easing but he sounds more serious than teasing. It's odd how someone so shy can be so spontinaitous. "I like that one…" It's a rather medieval looking dress in a forest green velvet with pearls and embroidery that's beaded in spots too. Long to the floor, long sleeves but the sort that's strapless and clings to the edges of the shoulders. "You'd be a vision in anything in here though."
Dress Reference just in green

Lightly fingering the fabric of the dress Tim pointed out, Annie doesn't look at him as she asks, "Not planning a long engagement for us, are yeh then?" They haven't really discussed it seriously, as if holding their breaths because of what happened last time. She strays slowly, not to put distance between them, but just to keep her eyes occupied for the moment with another dress, not quite as grand but in a similar cut and style.

Tim fears he's rushing things again and swallows the lump in his throat. "When ever ye like Annie. I'd wait five lifetimes from now or five moments to be with yee." He says in soft sincerity, looking around shyly hoping they aren't providing anyone else some entertainment. He points to a white gown, "That one looks like that one painting of Guinevere knighting Lancelot." It's even got the gold accessories. "Nae going for the traditional white?" She is after all Muggle-Born and he knows they've had a thing about white dresses since Queen Victoria.

Annie turns, walking right up to Tim, head tilted back so she can look him in the eyes. "What sort of weddin' do yeh want, Tim? We don't have a lot between us for a grand affair, just a few family and friends. An' with th'war an' all…" She lets the thought trail off. The dress would depend on their decision on this, and she's not pushing for a direction herself yet.

Tim takes both of her hands and leans down his face so that it's over hers, the position allows him to focus on her and have her be his security blanket. "I was thinking you me, Rhye and Guests, Keenan and Guests at the Cottage. Ceremony on the beach. You in a beautiful dress that makes you look like the queen of my heart. Some vows. Lots of food, drink, maybe a bit of dancing… but you having what yee want is the most important."

Annie's smile widens as Tim conveys his thoughts, and by the time he's said his piece she's beaming. "I would love that. It sounds absolutely perfect." She pushes up just enough to give him a quick kiss and rub her nose against his. "I guess the thing t'decide next is the when of it. Before th'end of th' year?"

Tim blushes a bit it's not from the show of affection, well it partially is but he returns the kiss and nuzzle back without hesitation. It is more the question of when that has him blushing. A tiny shrug from him is followed with a whispered, "I wasn't completely joking…" About grabbing a dress and getting married as soon as things can be arranged. He gives a little gulping swallow and hehs in soft bashfulness.

There's a pause as Annie considers the whisper, her eyes on Tim speculatively. She turns away without immediately responding, her eyes sweeping the shop before she moves toward the back of the room. Stopping in front of a dress nearly hidden by a more grand display, she pulls it out, holding it up. It's a similar style of the one Tim had pointed out but a bit more simple in decoration, trimmed in silver instead of gold, less of a flare on the sleeves. She spins toward Tim, holding it up against her. "What do you think of this one?"

Tim gets increasingly nervous as she doesn't really comment any further and goes about shopping. The shopping however does calm him down enough, she'd not continue shopping if he just stepped in it enough to have her change her mind. Poor worrywort Tim. The dress showing puts him at complete ease again as the sight of it just laid over the front of her makes his heart swell. It's clearly written on his face that even the words, "Perfection." don't capture how powerfully emotional he suddenly is.

"Then we ought t'see how long it takes t'get the charming t'make it fit," Annie says, holding the dress out to look at it and not Tim. "An' yeh'll need t'see when it might be a fine day, or we'll end up waitin' 'til Spring." Now her eyes swing to take in the red haired wizard, and her smile is there, warm and wide.

Tim unfortunately wrinkles up the dress a bit when he comes swooping in to scoop his fiance up into his arms and lowers his head to give her a kiss. Not some soft peck but a kiss one would expect at the finale of a wedding ceremony. "A wizarding wedding is nae something easily kept a secret though. Are yee sure that yee'll be fine at work?" The great thing about pop culture is that the fact that Tim made the front page is mostly forgotten by this point, but maybe of course for them. "Are yee sure?" He's still so afraid of rushing.

Annie laughs as she's scooped up, one arm going around Tim's neck, the kiss returned without embarrassment, despite the clerk that was just about to approach them who does an abrupt about face to give the couple a moment. "Things are gettin' back t'normal at school, no one will care about an assistant librarian gettin' married. An' if there's somethin' that comes up…" She pauses, shrugging her shoulders. "I was tryin' t'do what was best for th'students. I'll throw myself on th'Headmaster's mercy an' beg my case t'keep my job." That last question of his gets a vigorous, sure nod. "I've wasted too much time without yeh, Tim. I don't want t'waste any more."

Tim gives her another kiss when she affirms that they really are doing this, then in the reflection of the dress rack he spots the clerk giving them their privacy and he breaks the kiss with a little clearing of his throat and looks over at the woman sheepishly as red faced as he is haired. With a point towards the dress he clears his throat again. "Wh-we'd like a uh…sizing?" He thinks that's what the women call a fitting. Not sure though.

The saleswitch smiles when Tim notices her, an older witch with that indulgent 'young love' look in her eyes. Annie is quick to speak up, polite but insistent, "I'll be makin' an appointment t'come back." She looks at Tim pointedly, "Yeh'll not see me in th'dress before th'day. Yeh shouldn't have even seen it now, so we'll pretend that yeh didn't."

The saleswitch laughs, a light sound, and reaches to relieve Annie of the dress. When she speaks it's with a Scottish lilt. "We'll put it in the back, and set a time for you to return, miss."

Tim covers his eyes and grins out from under his hands and he side steps towards the door and he even exits and just waits outside for her to be done with all the planning, working on removing the image of the dress from his mind. He lights up a cigarette and flips up the collar of his trench and buttons it up.

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