(1939-10-29) Offering an Ear
Details for Offering an Ear
Summary: Angelus meets Seamus on the knolls. Seamus offers him biscuits and an ear to talk to.
Date: October 29, 1939
Location: Grassy Knolls, Hogwarts

Classes are done and right now Seamus Cavanaugh, seventh year Hufflepuff prefect is currently sitting on a plain white blanket some sweets arranged before him as he waits for Angelus Eibon to arrive. It might be a little bit strange for the Hufflepuff muggleborn to be inviting a former Magijugend to this sort of thing. He has a tea pot sitting on a small square of tile. Taking a sip of tea as he waits to see if the student will even show up.

Angelus comes walking slowly, his feet taking him over the grounds even as he looks reluctant. As he spies Seamus his approach slows down further. His hands clasp behind his back as he tilts his head lightly upward, coming to a stop a little ways from the blanket. The youth shifts nervously on his feet, but he lowers his chin an inch in a nod to the seventh year. “Cavanaugh,” he addresses the seventh year ceremoniously.

"Have a seat." Seamus says smiling and gesturing to the blanket, “And help yourself to the sweets, I made them but don't let that stop you." He says in a very gentle manner, “So Eibon, I thought you and I should talk after the events of the recent days." He pauses for a moment, before continuing,"You should know I do not bear you ill will." He says casually. His eyes watch the boy carefully.

Angelus does approach the blanket until he’s standing beside it, but he doesn’t sit. Instead he eyes the seventh year dubiously, his lips curling lightly upwards. “You eat one first,” he responds to the offer. He dips his chin slightly. His blue eyes wander over the arrangement briefly before they return to Seamus. A brow arches just a bit, and he tilts his head inquisitively. The youth draws in a breath, tipping his chin up a bit. “And I’m here to listen to you, Cavanaugh.” His lips twitch lightly. “Oh?” he queries to his last statement.

Picking up one of the cookies and taking a bite, Seamus chews fully on the cookie before he speaks, “It would not be surprising if I had ill will towards those of the Magijugend and those who supported them." He says as if it were quite matter of fact, "You really try some of the biscuits. I made them myself you know. There's nothing quite like a good warm biscuit to help cheer you up." He says with a small smile, “Anyway, the offer is open that if you need someone to talk to, you can always find me."

Angelus’ blue eyes watch Seamus as he considers, tilting his head lightly. A thoughtful hum escapes him as he glances over the biscuits. A smirk touches his lips as he lifts his chin. “Is that so, Cavanaugh?” he asks in response to finding him to talk. The youth crouches, resting his arms on his legs as he studies the biscuits, and he reaches out a hand to pluck one, which he doesn’t take a bite of. He uses it to gesture, fixing his gaze on the seventh year. “Because why? You certainly intended to fire on me. What changed?”

"I was ready to fire on you to get the box. That's it." Seamus says looking at Angelus. "Did you think that there was malice behind what I was doing? There was none. However, I was told any member of the Magijugend could have been carrying the box and the box would include things that were necessary to the Magical Law Enforcement. That was all there was to it. Why do you think I did not just cast on you?"

Leaning against his lap, Angelus pushes himself back up to stand, tilting back his head. “Well they have what they came for, don’t they?” he says, cocking his head as his lips twitch a little. “Thank you, Cavanaugh,” says Gel as he holds up the biscuit, and starts to turn. “I hardly think I’ll find a need to talk to you.” He dips his head slightly. “I should be going.”

"The offer will remain." Seamus says shrugging a bit. He didn't expect that Angelus would be jumping at the offer. That would have been too much to hope for from him . "Enjoy the biscuit. I'm known for them you know."

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