(1939-10-31) Halloween Dance 1939
Details for Halloween Dance 1939
Summary: Hogwart's Annual Halloween festivities
Date: 31 October 1939
Location: Great Hall

Once the younger students have filed out of the Great Hall, Dumbledore stands at the podium. He lifts his hands, clapping them loudly, and the food on the tables vanishes, followed by the tables and benches themselves. They are replaced by refreshment tables along the walls, with more candy, and enormous punch bowls filled with various juices (pumpkin juice being most prominent among them). Even the Head table has vanished, and in its place, an enormous red curtain has fallen from the ceiling.

"Young ladies and gentleman," Dumbledore's voice booms through the room, magically amplified. "We have a special treat this year. Performing live, please welcome back to Hogwarts a young lady that left us a mere three years ago. Since then, she had become known as a talented singer, and has recently gained wide renown on the Wizarding Wireless with her number one hit song, 'Ghost of a Chance'. Please give a warm welcome to the Singing Sorceress herself, Celestina Warbeck!"

As Dumbledore steps aside, the lights in the hall dim, except around the stage. The curtain draws back, revealing a full band, and a young woman wrapped in a fur shawl and a sparkling, sequined dress. Lifting her wand to her lips, Celestina Warbeck lets out the first, distinctive notes of her hit song, kicking off the party in style.

Hattie crowds herself up into the dancing space ahead of the full band, trying to smooth out the persistent furrow in her brow. The entertainment does go a long way towards it.

Abraxas applauds as the singer comes on stage, and then leans down to his cronies to remark, "At least it's real wizard music, and not some sort of mugglish nonsense." Then he heads towards the dance floor himself. He doesn't mind a party, nor is there some Malfoy rule against them. Ask Edwarlinda.

With the music starting, Sierra applauds, giving a cheer and a broad smile. She finds herself a place on the dance floor near Hattie - and hopefully any other girls that want to join them, stamping her feet and swirling in time with the music, a broad smile on her features.

Anthony looks around for Eibhlin, and failing to see her, and noting the usual excess of ladies, looks around and… heads towards the High Table. "Um, excuse me. If any of the Faculty require a dance partner until my own returns, I would be delighted to try and avoid standing on their toes."

Still temporarily Myrus-less, Melody drifts around the outskirts of the students, keeping an eye on the door so she doesn't miss the tree's return. The announcement of the singer catches her attention and she turns, wide brown eyes fastening on the singer. "Oh," she breathes out, to no one, "I love this song." Her drifting moves her more toward the stage and watching the door is temporarily forgotten.

Angelus' glowing golden eyes flick down to Madeline again, and his grey lips curl disapprovingly at her. He clearly put out of sorts that Madeline is staying, his eyes all but burning as he stares at his housemate. "I thought that you'd have gone after your friend. It looks like Ward might have wanted to speak to you." Gel lifts a hand and idly tosses it through the air, letting a sigh roll off his tongue as he slowly shakes his head. He turns his head as his fingers close with his thumb, making a gesture that's meant to cut of Madeline were she to respond, and offers a smile to Cara. "But of course, you know I'm an excellent dancer." A grin splits his lips as he winks, but then turns to glance towards Celes. "I'll nab you later," he informs. As he walks back to Celes, he draws in a sharp breath as he shoots an annoyed glare towards a wall.

"I'll talk to Gunny later," Madeline says easily, though she does frown slightly as she's reminded of Gabriel's stunt. Trouble'll come out of that, she bets. Why stir bad blood back up when they've just barely won their peace? "Com'on, let's dance!" she adds suddenly and eagerly, taking Cara by the hand to drag the older girl towards the dance floor.
Madeline is an enthusiastic dancer - but she has no real talent for it. It's bouncing, and energetic, but not terribly coordinated. Still - she looks like she's having fun!

When Elspeth comes back from making sure all her younger years are out, she returns to the dance floor. She will find Lan for a dance later, but right now it's girl's time, and she joins Hattie, Sierra, Melody and any of the other girls that happen to down front. The magma like skirt of the gown shifts and flares a little more brightly as she spins, and her 'skin' glows a little brighter.

Hattie unfortunately likes her jazz hot, and if there's a beat, she's going to dance to it. She holds out a hand for Sierra to spin off from. She's already got her hand back in the air for Lindy swivels.

Cara shrugs her shoulders again in a casual manner to Angelus' words, "like she says, Evans can speak to Ward after." She watches the boy go for a moment, furrowing her brow curiously. Did she detect the slightest hint of disdain in his voice towards Maddie? Either way, she beams brightly and bobs her head towards the other girl, lead on over towards the dance floor with a hop and a prance. Cara is also quite an enthusiastic dancer, her deer hooves clacking and banging to the beat of the music. She cries out joyfully, "Celestina is amazing!" She might not be much better than Madeline at actual dancing, but surely the pair of them prove their enjoyment nonetheless.

Dancing time, not the music Agnes was really and truly expecting, never the less. "We'll just do the same tap thing. It is just a little… faster." She leans in a bit closer, "More Muggle-style." she whispers softly. Then she links hands with Levi and coaxes him to lead her to the dance floor. And being a Muggle-Born, Agnes catches up to the movement quickly.

Levi will lower his wings as a first thing as well dancing around with wings sprouted might cause damage to those around him. He looks back to the swan a moment trying to judge what she'd like to do though the singer is announced and he'll nod in appreciation. "I think that will work." he gives a smile a bit of nervousness now that its not just practice in the common room with nobody around. The seventh year will grip her hand as its offer leaning to listen to the words giving a nod "It will be fun." he says in the same lowered tone before he does indeed take the few steps to the dance floor and win sort of a spin but more quickly he'll catch up to the music, luckily he's coordinated with quidditch and all.

Abraxas is pure-blood, and doesn't know anything approaching muggle dances. So like any good wizard, he breaks it down like it's 1899. He seems to be having a good time with the other Slytherins, though. He's knows all the steps - the Warlock Weave, the Tentacula, the Slytherin Shuffle, the Ravenclaw Reverse…

Hattie grabs ahold of the hand of the nearest girl to her, and starts pulling them by one hand along with the rhythm past every knot of un-paired students in the room for a weaving, spiraling dance that requires stamina, more than skill.

Sierra is happy for the offered hand, and twirls off of it, grinning at Hattie. "Not bad!" she remarks to the other's girl's Lindy. "Show me that one aga-" she starts before she's taken by the hand again, and lead around the floor with a laugh.

Elspeth is willingly grabbed by Sierra and begins to follow along, reaching out to grab another girl as she goes. With her eyes bright, and one hand in the air, she alternately bounces and twirls along behind her.

His attempt at getting himself a 'safe' dance failing, Tony sinks back, wallflowerlike, to await the return of the Head Girl. Yep. Totally under the thumb.

Cara joins Elspeth in the dance, in turn leading Madeline through the spiraling and twirling jig with a look of pure joy on her face. She gets lost in the music and the dance for some time, simply letting loose and having fun at the party.

Hattie says, laughing in apology to the group nearest in their line, as they pick up momentum. "Too few boys that dance, and too many girls that want to— and too many shy! This way we can all dance with each other without dancing with each other!"

Okay, Agnes relaxes, no pressure, Levi will understand. This one is more about him leading, so she works him through the steps with the taps. They had been practicing a more formal. Just have fun, she really does like dancing with him anyway, it might take a bit, but then things are flowing nice and comfortable for team Hufflepuff Birdies.

"Hey Anthony! Come on!" Madeline calls towards the wallflower - waving her free hand for him to grab it. So - instead of dancing with no girls, he can dance with loooooots of girls. All at once!

Angelus' grin is wide when the music starts, yellow eyes looking over to the stage. He lets out a breath, shaking his head lightly. Well, he's on his own for now, glancing around as he considers the groups of students. His wings shudder and leak blood, and the boy spins, crossing one foot over the other as he shuffles in a little dance move towards a gathering of students. "Hi!"

Anthony joins the group, but it's clear his heart isn't in it. Of course it's not. Cos… yknow. Got it BAD. He makes polite efforts, but that's about it.

Abraxas gets in with the group as well, cutting ye olde rugge. And, strangely enough, he doesn't seem to care whether he winds up dancing with someone of more impure blood than himself, or at least, he doesn't show that he does. Trying to take a night off from bullying, perhaps?

Having come to every previous school mixer without a date, Melody isn't bothered about the disappearance of her first date ever. Where can he go? She'll find Myrus eventually. Instead she joins in with the others dancing in a group, no partners needed. The music takes her and she doesn't so much dance as just move as it pushes her, smiling happily at everyone that happens into her line of sight. Her wings don't tuck back, but probably tickle some of those around as they flutter feebly, the charm on them already starting to wear thin.

The seventh year knows that tensing up or over-thinking is as good as failing, and so with a few deep breaths and leading but following the taps and movements. Levi is enjoying the dance and smiles even relaxed though he still must mostly concentrate on the dancing for now. "Lucky I had a good teacher." he comments though he can take in the others dancing, its nice to see a large bit of the students getting a long even if its only for the evening.

Sierra will keep weaving in and out of the other dancers with her line in tow until she's good and winded - at which point she'll break free, twirling to a stop with a breathless laugh. It's fun, yes, but certainly exhausting!

If Anthony is anything less than enthusiastic, Madeline (in her own enthusiasm) doesn't seem to notice. She bounces around the room with a broad smile, seeming an endless fount of energy. Sooner or later, though, lugging around that tuba is going to tire her out!

Wizards all round the room, join hands! Get on a magic train, a magic train! Hattie lets go as well, with a whoop of celebration. Which is good because its probably almost time for a Warbeck song-change. "Dibs on the punch!"

"Punch sounds like a good idea!" Abraxas says, upon hearing it mentioned. Wizarding isn't exactly physical work, so he's winded from all the dancing, and wipes his brow with one heavily robed arm. At least enough of the chilling charm remains to make it a refreshing experience. He heads over towards the punch bowl, and actually pours a few cups, handing them out at random to anyone who goes at the same time, before getting one for himself, finishing it, and then making it a double.

Hattie takes a grab Abraxas's cup of punch refill, just to be funny.

Angelus is no stranger to dancing. His feet move gracefully as he twists, a chuckle escaping him as he dances with very flashy and showy movements. If he's not exactly dancing with someone, but more with a group, then yea, he's going to make his best attempt to make himself stand out. When people break away, Gel kicks it up a notch, turning into a twirl with his arms flinging out, and then drops suddenly to his knees so that he twirls around in a circle, skidding, over the floor, blood spilling around him only to disappear before it lands.

Next week, Muggle-Borns return to the catch-up crams to make it to the end of the year. Tonight, Agnes is just enjoying this. A lot of practice made things easy to teach Levi, it also just makes dancing with him far more pleasant. This is not that fast, so not a complete change up for the Hufflepuff pair. And little else seems to get Agnes' attention save the dance, and the partner. Well, Angelus is a little distracting, but.. Well.

Abraxas has his cup snatched away by Hattie, and looks at her, "You could have just asked Wilkins!" But that's about all the sass she gets about it - he just picks another one from the pile to get his own second cup.

Elspeth grins into her own punch during the break as she watches Hattie steal Malfoy's cup. She's breathing heavily, and the fiery hair and skin glows brightly against the darkness of her dress. She refills her cup, looking around the room as she takes her breather.

Getting tired, and with the song tempo changing a bit, Melody dances her way out of the group of mostly girls over toward the punch table. It seems to be doing a pretty steady business right now, so she'll just hover nearby, waiting for some room to open up for her to get herself a cup. Presumably, Myrus is having some costume issues.

Levi will be thankful for the change in song tempo. Since well he'd get tired dancing that quickly for too long and stuff. He can finally catch his breath and actually relax a bit more he looks to his dance partner "Style of music, I suppose we didnt think of that?" he chuckles lightly though still moving about the floor he's silent a bit watching his housemate. Only when he's got the steps in hand or well figuring he can risk speaking more he'll speak low though not to be overheard.

Hattie grins and rocks back and forth on her claws for a bit, punch glass in hand. "That didn't count, Malfoy?" she jokes, winking once. To Elspeth she says, "I wish we had the chance to have more dances. I don't know hardly any. Melody! Your wings…! We have to pep them up. They looked so good. Did you do it all yourself?"

Abraxas takes a step over towards Elspeth, and addresses her in halting, still-learning German, "Rosen. Thank you for dealing with Ward's nonsense." He glowers at his punch glass a bit, and says, switching back to English, "I'm sure that you and the other Prefects will see that it doesn't happen again. I can't guarantee others will be as… controlled as me." He turns to Hattie and curls one side of his lip in a slight smile, "Now, now, Wilkins, you have to use your words to ask."

Melody tries to look over her shoulder at her weakly moving wings, almost turning a complete circle before she looks to Hattie. "The charm is wearing off," she says, almost sadly. "No, one of the seventh year girls helped me. But it's alright, the contest is done." She reaches out, lightly touching part of Hattie's costume with one careful finger. "Your feathers are pretty."

Elspeth's eyebrows raise in surprise at Abraxas's use of German, but she smiles in appreciation of the attempt, although she grimaces. "I am being afraid that Ward is wanting war, not peace, but I will be doing my best," she assures, giving a nod. "Thank you for your… forbearance." There is a slight rise in her tone at the last word to question if she's chosen the correct one. That being said, she slightl steps back, turning away so that her housemate can give him her full attention.

The tree returns from the loo. He had lots of trouble getting through doors with this outfit on. Myrus gets back to the great hall and sidles up next to Melody the fae. "Sorry, hadda piss and nearly needed an axe to get myself into the stall."
He looks around, "So, what have I missed?" A glance to her wing charm starting to wear off, "Oh, and they are so lovely, I'll miss them." As he looks at the punch, and helps himself to a cup, sniffing it before he takes a sip.

"Oh! Good show, then, Abernathy. Finding the right people." Hattie reveals behind her hand to Melody, "I'm not sure how to get them all back into the pillow…!" She smiles her very best smile and holds out her cup to Abraxas. "Please, may I have your punch?" she says, as if to say: Like that?

Melody looks to Myrus with a brightening of her smile as he finally finds his way back, but it falls slightly on his choice of words. "It's alright," she says softly, turning to finally snag herself a cup of the punch.

Dancing can get a little tiring, especially with the busy day that was Halloween, seemed like a week compressed into a day at times. "So, lets get a drink and get a little air?" Agnes offers to Levi after the fifth song in a row. Even tempo changes, need to break.

Abraxas takes the ladle from the punch, then salutes with it in fine wizarding fashion, making leg like he's done it before. "But of course, Miss Wilkins, it would be my honor." There is a certain teasing tone to the whole exchange, but he does come through with the punch. He sobers, though, as he nods to Elspeth and says, "He doesn't have to go looking for trouble. It will find him fast enough, if he keeps up like that. Just remind him, when he complains about pure-bloods, who started it this time, not an hour after the Headmaster bade us try to put it behind us. I will not… forbear again if so insulted." He grunts and turns to get more punch, apparently ending the 'business' conversation.

Possibly the only Eibon not doing a bunch of dancing, but instead is off to a side, drink in hand, Evelyn looks out at all the students. She can't help but smile a little bit. It is nice to see people having fun. She sips her drink softly, deciding to find a seat nearby. Afterall, people watching is much more fun when you're sitting…at least that's what she's telling herself.

Madeline has finally - huffing and puffing - danced herself out. With help, she wiggles out of her tuba and sets it in the corner, then makes her way towards the punch table - her escort in tow, of course. "Hello!" she greets everyone breathlessly, picking up a cup so she can fill it with pumpkin juice.

"Oh, thank you, Master Malfoy— you're my very favorite punch porter," Hattie says, on her end of the joking. "There's something slower coming I hope. I do want to get in one more dance before I have to go finish the yard I have due in Runes. Anyone for it?"

Angelus wild and flashy style of dancing take him closer to the tables, and he slows down until he's inclining his head and looking curiously between the gathering. His yellow eyes skim over Elspeth and Abraxas, and he skirts around them. No, he's not dealing with anymore of that stuff right now. He's going to have fun and dance and not think about how he lost. Ahem. "Hey, Evie!" Angelus swings by his cousin, and he stretches out a hand to Evelyn as a grin widens. "Let's go dance." And his eyes flick towards Celes, holding out another arm for her. "Celes!"

Spotting Evelyn, Elspeth excuses herself, apparently happy to drop the subject of Ward, and grabs an extra cup to refill her friend's punch. A bit of steam rises as water and fire meet when handing over the cup. "Next time you are dancing with us," she tells the liquid element of their trio. She glances around for the lumbering earthen element as her glow is finally fading a bit from all the dancing earlier.

Abraxas finishes his punch and puts the glass down to be cleaned up. He pauses a moment, then looks down at the dementor hands, but then shrugs, "I'll dance with you, Wilkins. If only to show that I'm a bigger man than Ward."

After a bit of a breather, Sierra has dragged onto the dance floor the one male dance partner that is completely safe for her to dance with - her brother. She won't steal too much of his time - she knows he's arranged a dance on his card with nearly half the girls in the room - but he can spare at lest one dance for his sister.

Madeline, with pumpkin juice now in hand, looks up at the dementor. "Umm," she says uncertainly. "I am sorry about, uhh… Gu- Gabriel, I mean. He shouldn't have done that just after- well. I'm hoping everyone can just get along. Really."

Hattie makes a sound of feigned exasperation. Awkward situations become so much more tolerable if you can joke. "You're two years older, and have a full head of growth on him. So you MAY just be big enough for my standards." With her red Harpy-hands, she seizes the dementor arm and hauls away toward the dance floor. Look at her forgetting to use her words, again.

"Good luck with that, Evans." Abraxas says, as Madeline apologizes. He doesn't sound at all convinced that there can be peace, especially not after earlier. But there's no time for witty repartee, because he's being dragged towards the dancefloor by Hattie the Harpy for a dance.

Celes sips at a drink feeling out of place in a room full of older students. It's a little like being a first year again. When Angelus flaps his way over to her, she gives him a bit of a grin and reaches out to take his arm to join him. "Looks like you're having fun."

Looking up as both her cousin and her friend approach, Evelyn blink. "D…dance?" She asks, furrowing her brow, sounding as if dancing at a dance was the most outlandish idea since asking Peeves to act like a normal ghost. "I uh…well…I…I don't know. Is it really a good idea for me to dance? I mean, I'm pretty sure I'm a horrible dancer. Like…well, a troll on the dance floor."

Madeline lets out a sigh, looking down at her cup after that less than encouraging response from Abraxas. But really - what did she expect? She'd do her best to make sure there was peace in the school at last, at least.

Hattie the Harpie, wearing TROUSERS at school, appears for a moment to be preparing to dance as part of a martial pursuit, but settles a hand on Abraxas's shoulder, and offers the other up for him to take, with wiggling fingers.

Myrus turns to Melody, narrowing his eyes for just a moment. "You know what.." reaching with his now empty cup to set on the table, extending his now empty hand to Melody, "Would you like to dance?" And for some reason, his heart pounded hard a couple times in his ears, then calmed.. kinda.

It is possible for a large, money dropping, earth elemental to be stealthy, at least it is when the music is loud enough and the scenery is distracting enough. Having vanished for a while, possibly abducted by goblins wanting to know his secret of money generation, Noalan returns. His trail of coin vanishing behind him into people's pockets, he makes his way over to where Elspeth, Evelyn, and… others are.

"Of course it is being a good idea for you to dance," Elspeth chimes, having realized that Angelus arrived for the same reason, and noting Noalan's return. "Angelus is being a good dancer, he will be making you look good. No one will be noticing if you are not being a good dancer. Lan, it is good you are back. Perhaps we could be dancing?" she requests, tilting her head to look up at him, and impishly leaving Evelyn will little choice but to dance.

No pure-blood would embarass the House of Salazar Slytherin by looking like a babbling, bumbling baboon, and so Abraxas takes Hattie's hand in his and dips one shoulder lower as he heads in that direction, beginning to dance. One-twothree, One-twothree, etc, with the slower music, as he circles the floor, occasionally throwing in a little flourish, until it comes time in the dance to pick Hattie up by the waist and move her. He manages it with decent control, and without dropping or hurting anyone.

The seventh year hears a new song start after having lost count, though hearing the words he'll nod. "That sounds like a good idea. Thank you for dancing so far its fun, and i've been more relaxed like you said." Levi will pull back far enough to give a small bow, he'll lead her over to where the drinks are and pour one each handing it over. He'll than look at those close to the bowl here and back to the floor while enjoying the drink step one.

Sierra twirls away from Colton as one song ends - and a new song starts, smiling all the way. Or at least she was until she collides with another student, letting out a surprised gasp. How did she not see..?! "Sorry! So sorry!" she calls out - stumbling back from them, but keeping her feet.

Melody puts her own punch cup aside, only half gone, at Myrus' offer, and puts her hand into his. Her first official dance with her first official date at a school shindig. Her smile tilts up to him and she says, "I would." She'll follow where he leads.

"It's Halloween. Yes, fun!" Angelus confirms to Celes. His grin is wide as his golden eyes shine at a tilt of his head. His hand rolls inward until his arch angel is close enough, and then intends to take her hand in his as he pulls her in closer. "You'll have to show me your moves, Celes." His eyes gleaming, he flicks them back to Evelyn, his other hand wrapping around his cousin's. "Yes," Gel insists. "It's an excellent idea." A smile twists against his lips, lifting his head. He shifts his gaze to Elspeth and Noalan, rolling his eyes even as a grin tugs at his lips. "Yes, of course, see, even Rosen knows what to expect. You dance with me and there's no way you won't look good." He gives a tug of Celes and Evelyn's hand to start to walk backwards, already beginning to sway with the music.

Hattie can keep up with his greater experience, without any undue gyrations or, dare she even think it, hopping. But in the dim of the dance, the lifts feel a little like flying and so she can be heard to laugh, staying light on her feet.

"I…but…" Evelyn sighs. Why does everyone expect her to dance at the dance? What's that about? She looks up to Noalan briefly, her eyes almost begging him to help her out of this. After a brief moment, however, she shakes it off. "I uh…I suppose one dance shan't be an abhorrent waste of time." If she's going to be made to dance, she's going to use her big words, at least at first. She quickly places her drink on the table as she is pulled away from it.

To the dance area Myrus leads. Stepping out then slowing and turning around, ensuring they would fall into a spot that wouldn't bump into anyone. Basically in the middle of the dancing area.
Right hand out to the sde… wait no… left hand out and right hand on her hip.
Heartbeat bubbles into his head with a throbbing in his temples and ears. A nervous laugh, and he takes that half step to close proximity to her. Breath falters just a hair, and his slightly nervous smile as he looks down at his feet, trying to ensure he isn't messing up. "Ok.. so.. um.. " trying to bob his head to catch the beat. One thing is for sure.
Myrus either had to learn how to dance recently, or he's forgetting how to due to some effect that's being had on him by some outside force.

Abraxas isn't that greatly experienced, truth be told, but he manages anyway. After the first little hop, there are a few more twirls, and he extends his arm as he sends Hattie spinning out and then back in time with the other couples before they renew their twirling around the dance floor.

Melody's arms go out as Myrus stops, and she looks up at him expectantly, her wings now still, but still upright behind her. One hand in his, the other up on his shoulder, she waits in a fairly awkward pause, then she says to him, "We don't have to do any fancy steps." She knows a fair amount of dances, but she's just as able to accomplish a slow side to side if his knowledge has escaped him entirely.

Hattie turns under his arm and doubles back, jumping up for the last turn. "Well," she says as they sail toward the stop. "I've failed to take you back out. Shall we call it a success, Malfoy?"

Noalan isn't really in any position to help anyone else out of dancing, being much in the same boat himself. "I don't know, I usually like abhorrent wastes of time." He says to Evelyn. As for Elspeth he waves a hand in surrender, "Ya, I suppose. As long as you don't set my grass on fire or melt my strata." He offers her his hand. "I highly recommend you lower any expectations of grace from me."

Having danced to her heart's content, Madeline bounces her way out of the Great Hall - hauling her tuba with her. She'll have to return it to Colton later, to bring back from whence it had originally come. She's still a bit breathless and entirely smiles - she does love dancing!

Abraxas ends the dance with a showy dip of his partner, then lets her up and releases her hand, giving a little bow, "Thank you, Wilkins, that was… entertaining. You dance surprisingly well." He steps off the dance floor for another punch.

Myrus' eyes snap up from his feet to Melody's face. "I.. well… a box step is the best I know, so always put your best foot forward, right?" And he then would raise himself a bit on his toes, then dip at the knees and start to step in the direction of the ebb and flow of traffic on the dancing superhighway. One two-three one two-three. He wasn't -bad- explicitly saying.. just… not the best. =Trying-, one could say. Then again, he -is- a dancing tree. That's got to go for something, right?

Over by the punch bowl, Agnes is drinking and relaxing. Her eyes go to the floor to watch the others still braving it. "So?" she starts to Levi, and takes a sip to let him answer the one word no context question. But, turns out she is a little more giving, because she adds, "You did really great out there. Sorry about focusing on the waltz and all, I didn't figure the Wizarding World would be up too the Foxtrot."

Hattie holds back her hand, in her declined position. See? She knows how to curtsy in proper wizarding style. "We aim not to offend, generally. Thank you," she says, and turns to go back toward her friends. Ultimately she waves to the few of them she can see, breezing out of the great hall. There are rather a LOT of feathers to get back into her pillows.

Recovered from her stumble, Sierra is at the refreshments table, talking with a friend and nibbling on a scone after all the sweets from earlier, the scone was refreshingly bland by comparison.

Levi seems reversal of the previous now the Hufflepuff Phoenix and Swan are sitting out the dance while others pair up and will take the dance floor. He's caught his breath and does takes a few drinks from his own cup of punch. He looks to his side smiling to the one word question from Agnes before she continues. "Thank you, you were much better though. Its okay I liked getting to try some diffrent dances." he says honestly.

"Lan, I have been knowing you for six years, now," Elspeth says with a grin as she takes his arm to a space on the floor… a move which is greeted by those around them with equal parts dismay and anticipation. No one wants to be trod on, but they want the coins. "I am not having any such expectations, you may be resting assured. I promise I will not be melting your strata, or your veins," she winks as she moves to face him for a simple shuffling of feet that randomly matches the slower music.

"Yea, one dance, Evie," says Angelus with a mischievous flicker in his eyes. He flashes a grin at her. His footwork dances around on the floor as he backs up, pulling his friend and cousin with him. With a tug of both of his arms, Gel flicks his chin up as he intends to get Evelyn and Celes to twirl, his hands lifting towards the ceiling so that they may spin together.

It's not hard to tell that Myrus isn't a very experienced dancer, especially being the one actually dancing with him, but the effort is more meaningful than the skill level. It takes a moment, but Melody finds the rhythm that Myrus sets and falls into it fairly easily. She doesn't try to lead him when he goes awry, but attempts to shift with the steps needed. "You're not bad at all," she says diplomatically.

A twirl! Luckily, Evelyn doesn't get too dizzy by the spin, and grins, despite herself. And, regardless of what she had to say about her dancing ability, she doesn't appear to be doing too badly, as they continue on the dance floor. Granted, she wouldn't have expected dancing, essentially, with two people, but it's interesting.

"Ha, ha." Lan says, as dead pan as he can manage. Getting into a standard dance stance, "Yes, but this year I'm more likely to break bones with my uncoordinated flailing." He matches her simple shuffle, proceeding to get his rock plates swaying, more coins freeing themselves through the different movement.

Abraxas makes his way over to the drink and gets himself another glass of fruit punch, turning back to watch the dancing. Darn, this dementor outfit is heavy. His claws clink against the glass as he takes hold of it with both hands.

As Abraxas comes nearby, Sierra pulls the fox off her shoulders again, and tosses it playfully at him. "Expecto patronum," she repeats after the fact. "You look exhausted, Malfoy. The dancing too much for you?"

"Well, you did very well." Agnes responds in tones just audible to Levi as she watches the other dancers on the floor. She sips slowly on the punch. "Nice costume, Malfoy." she offers in a polite enough way when he arrives over closer. Not much more than that, a polite compliment from an M-B to a P-B. Then her focus is on Levi again. "So, a little cool air?"

Abraxas has his cowl down anyway, but says, "Nice costume, Higgins." He did play along earlier, at least. Now he just sips his punch, and shakes his head, "No, just taking a break. But I'll probably call it a night soon. The sugar must be wearing off."

Abraxas also responds with the minimum necessary for politeness to Agnes, "Thank you, Granger. You, too."

Sierra nods her head in acknowledgement. "Thanks. Do you know Andros the Invincible? Lots of interesting wizards and witches throughout history." And she had to pick a guy? Not that that's any real surprise. She stoops, retrieving her fox toy.

The seventh year leans in to listen to the words spoken smiling "Thank you." her compliment seems to make Levi feel like he'd not botched the whole dancing thing perhaps. He will consider but not very long the next question. "I think so yes, some air would be lovely." he'll offer his arm, but not wishing to be rude. "Good show with the contest Malfoy." he will add in awaiting any response before beginning to head for the door.

Myrus was doing alright. But by the end of it, he was laughing at himself. Through the laughter, he says "I'm sorry, I'm just.. I don't know." Shaking his head and shrugging, his hand that holds hers out still held on, but slowly dropped down to their sides and between them.
He tilts his head a little, making the branches coming from his head lean far more than expected, and he leans in and whispers, "Do you want to get out of here?"

"How many of those are left?" Elspeth asks with a grin as she watches some more of the coins fall. "We may be here all night if you are wanting all of them to fall out." She glances over as she sees some heading for 'fresh air', but then looks up to Lan again. "Next year we need to come up with more simple costumes. Maybe we should be putting old sheets over our heads with two holes cute into them like some muggle children do. It is being their version of 'ghosts'."

Agnes starts to rise, smoothing at the elegant swan dress, and then waits for Levi. Her eyes go to the other and she makes a few waves s she gets ready to head out of the main hall. She waits though for Levi, so she can link arms for them to head out.

Abraxas hrms, as he thinks, and says, "He has a chocolate frog card, doesn't he? Ancient greek, giant patronus?" He could have guessed most of that from her costume. The Malfoy nods to Levi and says, "Thanks." He then finishes his punch and says, "I'm going to head back to the common room. Fun evening, all, and nice work on the costumes." He then turns to depart, trailing flapping dementor robes behind him, and anxious to get all this face paint and magical makeup off.

"That's the one," Sierra confirms. "Have a great evening, Malfoy. Congrats on the win," she adds casually. Finishing off her drink, she's off towards the dance floor again - intent on enjoying the evening to the last drop. After all - it isn't like they have classes tomorrow. Though they do have Hogsmeade!

With a pleased smile, Angelus nods to both Evelyn and Celes as he spins them. "See, isn't that fun, Evie?" he asks with a tilt of his head. "Look at you - you can dance," he adds, his smile flicking out kindly. His eyes shift to Celes, considering his younger housemate while he sways and twists, feet working. His face, covered in pale paint with the blood smeared against his cheek (and seems to be a little more smeared now), has become heated by the exertion of the dancing. The youth hasn't really stopped. So when the song ends and he gestures with his head back to the table, he winks at Evelyn. "When I come back from a break I expect to see you on the dance floor with Noah or…" He pauses for a second. "…Rosen." He offers his cousin a smile, and then flicks his gaze onto Celes. "You want to step out for a bit?"

Levi nods to the returned thanks but his focus shifts back to Agnes and he will move that last step closer so she can take his arm. The young man will offer waves to those left "Enjoy." he says before he will lead the way towards the door of the Great Hall but banking for one of the covered walkways so that the air outside can be enjoyed.

Melody is grinning along with Myrus by the time the song ends, but he'd managed not to tread on her bare feet, so that's a plus. "It was fun," she says, not pulling her hand free of his. She glances around, noting that a lot seem to be departing already, as students are wont to do by this time of the evening at a dance. "Let me get my shoes and we can go for a walk?" They're close enough to the Hufflepuff dorms that it'll only take her a second, surely less time than it took him for his little break earlier.

"It's um…yeah, it's not so uh…not so bad." Evelyn offers to Angelus, nodding a little bit. Once the song ends, she raises an eyebrow. "I um…well, I can't promise anything, of course." Before she can be made to promise anything, her heels making a light tapping sound upon the ground. Finding her cup, she makes her way to the snack table and refills it.

"Well, I started with four hundred ninety three knuts, sixty eight sickles, and a galleon. With a couple dropping every minute I should be close to empty." Lan says, shaking out a few more. "Didn't we say something like that last year? Was that the year we had to try to eat with mouse teeth?" He smirks, "And then the event approaches again and we just have to go complex."

Myrus thinks for a moment, turning to open their pairing while still holding hands and face them kinda towards the door. "Go ahead, I'll wait for you here." He smiles, loosening his grip just enough that if and when she steps off without him, hands would raise as tension builds until finally fingers slip free from one another, all the way down to hooking forefingers then finally a severing of contact.

Melody would head off towards the Hufflepuff dormitories while Myrus would wait for her just outside the doors of the Great Hall, and from there who knows where their walk would take them.

Elspeth chuckles. "I thought it was fourth year that we were being mice," she replies. "I am not even remembering last year. But next year… we are being Seventh Years we are not needing…" all of the sudden her voice breaks up and her eyes brighten, "oh, but I have just had the most wonderful idea." Then her cheeks glow brighter as she blushes. "All right, all right…" she continues the shuffle to the end of the music, but seems reluctant to step away.

Cara had been dancing and dancing the night away, not really caring with who or where her hooves clacked across the floor. By now, she is half-leaning against one of the tables near the walls, close by a punch bowl. A cup is held in both paws, seeing as she did not think ahead enough to give herself more dextrous digits. The contents are half empty (or half full?) and she is smiling pleasantly while watching the people at the party. She glances towards the exit thoughtfully, considering leaving with the slowly departing crowds. But for now, at least, she is lazing about, sipping at her pumpkin punch all throughout.

The younger, smaller girl does her best to keep from getting accidentally squished by the older students, and avoid having her wings get in anyone's way as she dances. Celes mostly just keeps quiet, trying to enjoy the music and the privilege of being at the upper years part of the party. Not that Angeluses request to step out isn't met with some level of relief, "Sure, this costume is a bit to heavy and hot for continuous dancing."

The dance floor is getting sparse, but for the moment Sierra is still out there, keeping herself company if nothing else. She dances, largely, to the songs with a quicker tempo - stepping off the stage at slower songs to grab a snack, or get a drink and simply catch her breath.

A Shining Gold-Galleon makes a rich ringing sound as it hits the floor and rolls out across the floor of the great hall.

Upon spotting the wondrous glint of a shining gold-Galleon fall from Noalan's pocket (or wherever it was placed…), followed by the ringing music of the coin hitting the ground, Cara Kothari lurches upright. Then she starts scrambling towards the coin, half-desperate to grab such a shining example of wealth before anyone else can manage, eyes metaphorically spinning into the sign for the English Pound.

Noalan can't help but give a bit of a grin and roll of his eyes, "See, I'm betting the ghost idea is already going out the window. Are we going to need hours of work with partial transfigurations to look like something out of Lovecraft?" Lan is less reluctant about getting off the dance floor and starts moving for freedom even before the song ends. With coins falling from him all night, he misses the drop of the real prize.

Just as her gaze passes Elspeth and Noalan, Evelyn notices something shiny falling from Noalan's costume. Is that the…? Yes, the galleon. Part of her considers going after it, but then she remembers…she doesn't need it. She'll let others scramble for it as they will.

Pulled along by Lan as he leaves the floor, Elspeth has long since stopped paying attention to the coins falling from the elemental. She doesn't notice it anymore than her partner as she blushes. "Well… not Lovecraft, but.. maybee…" she grins then sighs. "I cannot be helping it. But, hopefully it will not being posing the danger of broken bones and such…" Her toe connects unknowingly with the gallean, sending it skittering across the floor as she walks.

The glint of gold rolling towards her catches her eyes - and Sierra turns towards it. So far, she's only scooped up a silver sickle here and there, when it was convenient, and tucked them away. But a galleon… She dances in that direction - only to have it kicked another way entirely. Oh, bother.

Wait… As Angelus turns he catches the glint of the golden galleon falling from his brother's costume. He's not really interested in taking it for himself, but his yellow eyes flickers over the dancers and gatherers. He just has to make sure whoever gets it, deserves it. So his hand slips away from Celes', his hand lifting to tap her shoulder lightly. "Hang on," he murmurs and then dashes off. His eyes dart, trying to trail along after the galleon, lifting his hand to frown towards Elspeth briefly. What Angelus will try to do is shove his foot against the galleon way from any grabbing Muggle-born. A grin flashes across his face as he spies Cara.

Cara was half a dozen inches from the coin, when Elspeth inadvertantly kicked the Galleon in another direction entirely. Perhaps even into the thickest throng of dancers on the floor? She looks up and searches for it either way, fingers twitching at the very thought of a Galleon in hand.

Following the galleon with her gaze, Evelyn watches for whoever ends up getting the coin. To her, this is slightly more interesting than dancing. At least watching something happen doesn't require her to have to focus on not stepping on another person's toes. She remains content, for the time being, to wait and see who the victor is.

The poor galleon is underfoot of a group of dancers now - who don't seem to have noticed it at all. Sierra makes her way towards them - intent on joining their numbers so she can subtly crouch down and retrieve it - without looking too much like she's grubbing on the floor for money. Plus - it's a fun challenge.

Cara is similarly doing her best to appear a bit more decent, especially after realizing she took her half-full cup along with her, splashing her fur with pumpkin juice on the way. She finishes off the drink while keeping one careful eye on the coin, currently within a crowd of dancers. With that complete, she places the vessel on the nearest table and sneaks her way towards the most auspicious spot she can.

Angelus straightens, his eyes darting about the floor as he does his best to follow the coin. He blows out a breath, not really spying the coin so much as the rush towards it. A hum escapes the youth, yellow eyes flicking from Cara to Sierra, a smirk flicking against his lips. Well he knows who he wants to win and who he doesn't, so he suddenly sways, spinning in as if he were dancing, and tripping on his feet as he stumbles towards Sierra. "Oh, Higgins!" he gasps out in surprise.

Sierra is distracted from the coin as Angelus suddenly stumbles. Her weight shifts to pivot out the way - but then it occurs to her how unbalanced he might be by the great bloody wings (literally bloody wings) - and so instead she puts her arms up in front of her, to catch him against them. It's not the gentlest of saves - but she imagines it's better than potentially falling on your face. "Watch your footing, Eibon," she says, once he's back on two stable feet. "Someone could get hurt." And where'd the bloody coin go? …damnit.

Where'd the bloody coin go? Why, it has gone right into Cara's hands. After dipping past a few dancers and palming the golden circle, of course. But rises more fully onto her feet/hooves and offers whoever's looking a beaming smile. She noticed Sierra scramble towards the coin as well, however, so a flash of mischief flickers in her (presently) honey brown doe eyes. She prances over to Angelus and the Hufflepuff girl, revealing the coin proudly between thumb and forefinger, "I never thought I'd manage to get it, what with having been so far away at the start." Her bragging smile widens, "it's a beautiful coin, isn't it? Galleon and all?"

Angelus grimaces as he stumbles into Sierra. He reaches out a hand to rest briefly on her shoulder to stable himself. "Aw, sparks, Higgins - I'm sorry!" he announces apologetically, his eyes widening. As he rolls his shoulders back his wings shift, and his feet criss-cross and stumble as he quickly backs away from Sierra, bowing his head deeply as he murmurs another sorry. But his smile slides smugly against his lips as he turns his gaze towards Cara, inclining his head lightly. "Nice moves, Kothari." He grins at her even as he lifts a hand to unzip his leather jacket. He pulls out a sack from an inner pocket, and pulls out five silver coins which are rested in his palm as he holds his hand out to Sierra. "For your good attempt and because it might have been my fault you missed."

As Angelus continues to fumble for his footing for another moment, Sierra reaches out with a hand to steady him - but it's gone as soon as she's sure he's solid again. Her gaze then goes towards Cara. For just a moment disappointment shows on Sierra's features as the coin is flashed. She could have put that towards Colton's graduation present at the end of the year - she wants to get him something nice. But it's no matter. She's a Higgins, and she shouldn't go scrambling after the spare change that tumbles from the rich toffs' pockets, anyways. It's beneath them. "That's a good bit of luck for you, Kothari," she answers after getting a smile into place. "I'm sure you'll put it to good use."

Angelus goes flashing more money and she hesitates, before shaking her head. "No, I appreciate it - but you don't have to do that. It's fine. Couldn't let you fall, huh? Just wouldn't do. Anyone'd have done the same."

As the coin is finally retrieved, Evelyn finishes her drink. Glancing toward the doors, she shrugs. Well, it has been an interesting Halloween, but she does have studying to get done. With that light clacking, she starts on her way toward the doors and toward Ravenclaw tower.

Cara blinks in surprise at Angelus when he actually withdraws five sickles for Sierra. She seems about to say something, but instead she decides to merely palm her Galleon and ask the Hufflepuff with a new smile, "so. What do you think we should do with our loot?" She bobs her head cheerfully, "I hope I can find something I can put it to good use for, certainly!" She faintly furrows her brow when Sierra declines the Eibon boy's money, taking a step forward and declaring, "hey Higgins. Would you like to come with me to Hogsmeade next time we're allowed, to find something to use this on?"

Angelus doesn't insist, he just shrugs lightly and drops the coins back into his sack, which is shoved back into his pocket. "All right," he murmurs. He pulls up the silver zipper and smirks, cocking his head lightly before he shakes his head. Stepping closer to Cara, he reaches out to pat her shoulder lightly. "Well, congratulations again, Cara," he offers with a warm smile. Then he jerks a thumb over his shoulder. "I'm going to step out now." He dips his head to both Cara and Sierra.

"'Preciate it, though," Sierra tells Angelus, flashing him a smile - a smile that widens when she turns it back on Cara. "It's Hogsmeade weekend tomorrow," she answers. "We can see what it's got to offer. Wouldn't mind the chance to shop ahead for a few birthday gifts. If you're sure you wanna share, that is."

Cara glances towards the shoulder the boy patted, but nonetheless turns to face him and smile, "thanks. And thanks for supplying the Galleon in the first place." She glances around at the party, "I might step out soon as well. I don't think I have long before this spell begins to fade…" She chuckles and shakes her head when returning her attention to Sierra, "it's barely mine to begin with! I'd like to use it in whatever way makes the most people happiest. And shopping for birthday gifts sounds perfectly appropriate for exactly that."

Sierra nods her head, smiling cheerfully. "If I can get some decent yarn or fabric I could sew or crochet some dollies for little Cacia, Adeen and Kenny," she says happy. "Plenty of time left yet. Money goes a lot further if you spend it on the supplies - instead of the finished goods." And she's been raised to be careful with coin - they have to be.

"The costume looks good, by the way - you got one of the seventh years to do it for you…?" Sierra asks curiously.

Cara nods thoughtfully, "that would be wonderful! And you're right, getting the supplies is much more cost-concious. In fact, if you have the time to help someone more likely to poke her fingers, I'd love some help learning how to sew more than patches into clothes." She chuckles at the compliment and lifts her head with gleeful pride, "nope! Did it all by myself. Took me a bunch of tries, but I eventually made it work." Thereby proving how obsessed/talented she is with Transfiguration.

Sierra nods her head. "Happy to teach you," she agrees. "Well. As much as I know. I'm not much of a tailor - I don't tend to sew things from scratch - but I know enough to make little dolls, and take in or let out seams to help things fit a little better on hand-me-downs. I do a lot of patching - and quilting, sometimes." If you can make something useful out of old clothes, to help the family get through the cold winter… why wouldn't they?

"That's bloody brilliant. I haven't the talent for magic like that. Colton got all the talent, I think. Finley sure doesn't have it."

Cara beams, "well, I hope I'm a good student. I'll just be sure to bring along a few bandages in case I make a mistake. Which…will almost certainly happen. That, or someone capable of casting a healing spell on me." She shrugs her shoulders a bit shyly at Sierra's compliment of her own skills, running a hand along the back of her neck, "oh, it's not all it's cracked out to be. Whatever God is up there decided to grant me ability in Transfiguration…aaand curse me with bad luck when it comes to Arithmancy. Even Potions and Herbology. But Arithmancy?" She shudders, "I've had nightmares about that class."

"Oh, potions and herbology I'm good at," Sierra says with sudden confidence. "They're so useful. That's how you keep your family safe and healthy, you know. Brewing sunblocks for the summer months, and burn creams, and those sorts of things. Pepper up for if they catch a cold. You have to know those things."

Cara nods, "sure, potions and herbology make you safe and healthy at home, but they're -hardly- all that useful when you're out breaking curses on ancient artifacts and tombs…right?" She hesitates, then arches a brow, "you can brew sunblocks? Like, so you don't get all red and sensitive and wierd-looking with too much sun?"

"Oh, yeah, of course. Found the instructions for that one in the library and copied it down," Sierra confirms. "Colton's planning on being a Curse Breaker - so of course he'll need a good supply of that. Can't have him off getting scorched to a crisp in the Eg

Cara grins, eyes widening with excitement, "you do? Could you make that for me? I know it's just starting into winter, but the summer months can be -brutal-. We could buy the ingredients at Hogsmeade!" At the mention of Colton being a Curse-breaker, she exclaims, "I heard that too!" A giggle, "don't worry, when we both graduate and become Curse-breakers, I'll be sure to help you look after him."

"Good. It's a full time job - looking after Colton. All the trouble he gets into. Him and Finley. They keep me on my toes, that's for sure," Sierra responds with a put-upon look. "And I'd be happy to. It's not particularly hard - but you know how potions are. They're specific."

Cara makes a face, "I know, I know. Specific like…like Arithmancy…" She sighs heavily, "anyway, it's better you teach me then some stiff-backed professor looking to dock points at the slightest mis-step." A small smirk, "ah, of course. Finley." She chuckles lightly, "he likes to make mischief too. He's a fun boy." She tries to act serious, "but I'll make sure -I- don't get either one of them in trouble, at least." She stifles a yawn, "I think I may start heading towards the tower. I'll see you tomorrow for Hogsmeade?"

Sierra nods her head in confirmation. "Tomorrow," she agrees. "We'll go on a spree." Ah, the world hey live in when a single galleon is a spree. That's the sort of life that Angelus and Noalan will never understand. "Sleep well!"

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