(1939-10-31) Halloween Feast 1939: Costume Contest
Details for Halloween Feast 1939: Costume Contest
Summary: Hogwarts holds its annual all-junk-food Halloween feast, at the end of which takes place a costume contest.
Date: 31 October, 1939
Location: The Great Hall

As the junk food dinner is winding down it is time for the Costume Contest to begin. Dumbledore stands up again with a little pat to his rather candy stuff belly. "Will all of those that wish to compete in the costume contest please come up to the podium and display your costumes for the rest of the school. One more round of voting will happen and we will announce the winners. After the Costume Contest those of third year and below are welcome to go enjoy the party set up in the Club Room while those fourth year and above can remain here with a single partner, which can be a younger student, whom will be your responsibility for the rest of the night at the dance." He then makes a gesture to have those in the parade come forth and display their costumes.

Abraxas has returned after a brief sojourn, and makes sure his costume is all in order, giving off an appropriate chill that causes a bit of fog around the legs, giving the appearance of floating and causing the loose hem of his tatty robes to flap on the currents of air. He fixes his cowl in place, and 'floats' towards the costume judging, with appropriate keening sounds.

Anthony strides on up, passing through the sea of people, in precisely the same way that the Biblical army of Pharaoh didn't. He's carrying his Ankh, and steps up onto the podium. He dips his head in greeting to the headmaster, and (swot) says in Ancient Egyptian, «The Blessings of the Gods upon you, Headmaster.»

Josie pops one last piece of candy into her mouth as Dumbledore makes his announcement, then hops to her feet and makes her way up towards the front, taking a position in line with everybody else entering the contest. When it comes to her turn at the podium, she marches up and salutes.

Madeline looks towards Colton for help again, rising to her feet and struggling to get the tuba into place again. "Watch out you don't get a face full of fireworks this time," she mumbles to him as they get it settles into place.

Sierra gets a few nudges from one of her friends and so, with a roll of her eyes, climbs to her feet to join the others in the contest. She wears white, Greek robes with a fox stuffed animal on her shoulder, surrounded by bluebelle flames to represent the Patronus of Andros the Invincible. Her hair is pulled back into a pony tail, and around her head she wears a 'circlet' made of cardboard, paint, and blue clay 'jewels.'

Hattie grins and leaves her sweet pumpkin under the bench back at the Ravenclaw table. She swings over the corner of the table, making a tight spin of swirling feathers, joining the queue at the dais to show off a harpy's getup. She lets out a shrill, harsh cry and falls into a crouch toward the middle-table's head. Because it's a party. What the hey.

Waiting their turn, Melody and Myrus go up together, the forest faerie and her stalwart companion tree. Their marked difference in height is only accentuated by the extra foot or so afforded by the boy's foliage. Melody's wings flick randomly as she stands beside Myrus, the pair do their turn so all angles can be seen, and then make way for the next contestants.

The 'Fallen Angel' rises up from the Gryffindor table. His unhealthy grey lips split into a grin, his pale face turning to Celes as he reaches down a hand in offer to go up together. "Let's go up and show everyone what winners look like." His wings twitch a little behind him, dripping blood to the floor only to suddenly vanish before it actually hits the floor.

Colton chuckles as he helps Madeline with her tuba. Though he does purposefully push on the button to cause the smoke to bellow out of the top of the tuba, because that's too much fun for him to resist. He follows Madeline up and he claps and whistles and loudly cheers for his baby sister when she displays her costume. It's a bit odd hearing such boisterousness coming from notorious Goblin. He also claps his horny hands for Melody and Myrus, though it's clear it's mostly Melody he's cheering for.

After the initial part of the festivities Gabriel had made he way back to the Ravenclaw dormitory since he did not wear his costume at the beginning of the night. The reason for this is apparent as he returns for the costume contest itself, drawing some unpleasant looks from the Slytherin table. Especially when he starts to walk with a side to side waddle, barely shuffling his feet forward, making himself look even goofier than the initial caricature costume of Salazar Slytherin already made him look.

"Ooooh!" Amyah pops up from her table at the announcement, giggling as her eyes sparkle wildly. Adjusting the simple little fox mask to her face, she skips up to stand with the other contestants. She certainly doesn't expect to win, with her black simple and frayed, but she's smiling brightly as she moves to stand next to Madeline. "Hi! You look great."

Cara has been nibbling on a cupcake for a while now, her enthusiastic eating far lesser after that donut eating contest before. Still, once Dumbledore makes his announcement, she grins and hops from her seat, hooves landing gracefully with a resounding clack. She hurries to join the slowly growing line of participants at the dais, waving cheerfully to those she knows. For the party, she did not merely dress herself in a costume. No, the transfiguration-obsessed Fifth Year -became- a fantastical creature. She wears the visage of nothing other than an anthropomorphic reindeer, complete with long antlers, full-body fur, a little doe tail, and those earlier mentioned hooves.

The Knight and the Dragon cross from one side of the Great Hall to the other on the dais of the High Table. In a play battle they pause in the middle of the 'stage' so that Tom lifts up his shield just in time for the Dragon, Antonin, to roar and bellow smoke from his nostrils and a small gout of flame cones out of the dragons gaping sharp toothed maw. Then the fighting continues until Tom grabs the handle of the lance through Antonin's costume and gives it a shove, burying it deeper and a small spray of blood comes out the back and Antonin crumples at the far end of the 'stage' and lays there dead for a few moments. Once the performance is clearly done Tom helps the dragon back up to his feet and guides him back to their spot at the Slytherin Table.

"Yup, you look like you might melt through the floor any moment." Noalan says, to Elspeth. The whole thing with Lowe just has him shrug back. "This is my sixth year as a Slythrin, I'm use to it." He pauses a moment to listen to Dumbledores announcement. "Shall we? Where's Evelyn?" Noalan does his best to lumber as he head towards the podium, bronze and the occasional silver coin falling out of the confines of his costume occasionally. Him as Earth, Elspeth as Fire, Evelyn as Water, and Artemis, there in spirit (and apparently actually dressed up at home), as air.

Levi had been sitting at his table when the announcement went from the staff table to line up to show off the costumes they'd created and all wear.. "Shall we?" The young man says as he offers his arm gentlemanly to the black-swan his own wings extended on his phoenix costume he's ready to move into line if the other is agreeable to do so.

Sierra rolls her eyes at her brother, and sticks out her tongue impishly at the Goblin. When it's her turn at center stage, she pulls the fox off her shoulder and with a wandless cry of, "Expecto patronum!" flings it towards Abraxas the dementor. No, they didn't come as a planned pair. But really, what else would she do with her 'patronus' fox?

Hattie grins at the St. George display, clapping for the pyrotechnics of the younger students all the way back to their table. One her way back to her own table, the harpy calls toward Elspeth, "I like the bracelet!"

Agnes nods to Levi as the two move along in the line as well, "Of course." she says and takes his arm so the two can wait their turns in the contest. She takes a little time to look around at the others and leans to the side to see some around in front of her.

Celes grabs her panted wooden prop sword and rises to follow, putting her gauntleted hand in his forsaken one. "There are a lot of good costumes here Angelus. I think it's just fun to dress up." She glances over at some entirely too convincing looking pair of zombies. "Even if magic makes some of the costumes a bit too realistic for my taste."

Abraxas dutifully recoils in horror in a few quick, floaty steps backwards and holds up his white, clawed hands to shield his none-existed Dementor eyes from the light of the patronus charm. If only it was that easy to get rid of Malfoy normally.

Madeline giggles when Colton fills his face with smoke, and while waiting for her turn - pushes a button to send out occasional sparks, or bits of smoke while conducting an imaginary symphony. Once at the front she declares, "And now I, Musidora Barkwith, will bring you the grand finale of tonight's symphony!" She gestures dramatically with her baton, while letting out some rather overly-dramatic 'dun dun dun duuuuuuuuns!' Finally, she presses all of the buttons at once - setting off a plethora of (hardless) fireworks, spraying off in every direction with loud whistles and pops. She accompanies this with the sound of maniacal cackling.

Amyah twirls around in delight, arms stretched out, swirling her black robes. "Wow!" she gasps out in amazement, shaking her head. "Everyone's costume is amazing." She giggles at Sierra and Abraxas' playing. She even gives a little, playful growl from her throat. What does the fox say?

"All the costumes look great don't they?" Levi asks as they scoot up person by person in the line for parading the costumes across. He will check over his own make sure he's not broken anything though it seems in good shape. "The swan really did come out well." He also says after a bit before it is there turn to move across, he'll only move across once they both are ready to do so letting her lead.

Hattie laughs and claps her hands for the series of explosions, something like a liquorice worm clenched in her teeth.

Colton whoops and cheers for Madeline, he's proud to see their work together go off with a literal bang! For his own turn on stage he takes a bit of time with his back turned to the audience while center stage on his turn to 'engorgio' the three figurines up to a more human size. Once they are bigger than him he starts to play-rage about the area waving his horny warted hands around above his head. He stomps glowers and points a knobby hand that has his wand concealed with the floofy cuff of his goblin garb at the large animated dolls that are pointing and scoffing and condemning the goblin and all three of them shrink back to doll sized. With a wicked laugh Colton as Hodrod stomps over to scoop the wizards up and smash them in his hands until they are flat and squished. With a victorious whoop Colton raises the squished figures over his head and goes dancing off stage.

Felix whoops up a cheer at Madeline's explosive performance, and giggles maniacally at Colton's antics. "Brilliant!" When it's finally his turn to get up in front of everyone, he grins proudly, showing off his missing tooth, swollen black eye, and "bloody" nose. "Look, I'm an 'it wizard! A hit…wizard! Get it?" Crickets. Felix shifts his eyes, and hurries out of the limelight.

Madeline cheers, whoops and claps - for both Colton and Felix! "Get 'em, Colton! Go Felix! Best Hitwizard all night!" she encourages, before lapsing into giggles.

Erica, as Princess Elizabeth simply glides across the dias with one hand lifted up and she has the Royal Wave nailed as she strolls. "I would like to wish Our Royal Subjects a most wondrous and glorious All Hallow's Eve." The Eastender can really go posh when she wants to. She gives Beery a big grateful smile as it was him allowing her to raid the Arts Club Costumes that produced this Royal Costume. "Good Evening." She gives a princesses curtsy and then continues gliding off the "stage".

Anthony merely remains standing, dignified to one side. Although when he has to move up to make space for more, he does indeed walk like an Egyptian.

Melody's smile is wide as she watches everyone displaying their costumes, noting the very detailed work of some. She rocks slightly as she stands, unable to keep still after the mountains of sugar, bouncing on the balls of her feet at times. Colton's costume display catches her attention, and she peers at his pantomime intently. Her eyes widen even more than usual at the grand finale, and as students clap she does so herself, rather unsurely.

Cara snickers and cheers at Madeline's performance, gasping in mild horror to Colton's (only to laugh by the end), and giggle to Felix' clever play on words. When it's her turn to come up on stage however, she sort of just stands there looking out, nervous and timid as can be without an actual show to put on planned out. But then, after a handful of seconds in silence, she decides on the spur of the moment to start trotting out a little jig. Her hooves clack and clatter on the floor, and she even does a few flourishing flips in the air, adding an acrobatic twist to her improvisational, prancing dance. Before she makes too much of a fool of herself however, she finishes with a low bow and hops off stage, her little doe tail twitching furiously with bashful shyness before a wide audience.

Hattie points at the twitching doe tail with her bright red hand, laughing and clapping for classmate.

Angelus' fingers curl around Celes' hand as he walks up, giving the girl a wink as he tilts his head. "Yes, certainly a lot of good costumes," says the youth in agreement. A smirk flicks against his lips, looking over everyone in their costumes, and offering a nod of his head as he approaches. "It'll be a hard choice to vote." Though his gleaming yellow eyes pass over the girls more than once, and he offers Cara a grin. Then he replaces his expression with a sneer, furrowing his brows as he takes up his position, looking angrily around at the hall. His eyes close briefly, drawing in a breath, and when he opens them they look glazed over as he drapes an arm over his arch angel, Celes for support. "Th-Thank you, m'dear," he says in 'pain hallucinated' mind. "You have been… truly a… gift of your caring heart."

Sierra added her own enthusiastic encouragement for Colton, before trotting over to retrieve her 'patronus.' With the animal once again in hand, she makes her way over to her brother to give him a casual one-armed, side-by-side hug. "That was really good. I think you've got it in the bag. A lot better than me and my silly stuffed animal."

Abraxas has 'floated' back over towards the Slytherin table, and 'sucks the soul' of a horrified classmate, bony hands placed on his shoulders and the cowl of the dementor moved close. Then he turns to look at the rest of the costumes, giving an appreciative point with one clawed finger every now and again, since applause wouldn't be appropriate.

"I think yours is wonderful." Agnes the black swan says to Levi the phoenix, line, yep, everybody loves a line.. She bobs her head around constantly to try to locate the distance to the end of said line.

Celes doesn't get Angeluses sudden change of character at first. "What?" Nervous eyes dart out at the hall. She opens her mouth, but lets it fall shut again, finally getting what he's doing but not really knowing how to respond. Lamely she lifts her prop sword and rests it on her armored shoulder, and just does her best to look beneficent. "Um, bless you?" SIGH.

Gabriel starts to walk across the stage with his nose high up in the air, gazing down it at the people at sitting at the tables. Right at about a quarter of the stage he 'trips' and goes into a Chaplinesque routine of trips and pratfalls, ending midstage straightening his robes as if nothing had happened. Looking back out to the students at the tables, as if he had just been looking down on them, he clears his throat then in a high pitched, squeaky falsetto he proclaims, "Hence forth I have decided that no student shall be allowed in my house unless they are a Pureblood. Why? Why you ask? Because anything else is like water diluting pumpkin juice. And besides, how would we get anything done without servants and slaves? Who better for that role than Muggle and Muggle-born." Here he pauses as if thinking about his words and then continues in the same squeaky falsetto, "Wait, wait. Another declaration: Henceforth all Muggle born will be called Mudbloods! Why? Why? Because Muggle born is too descriptive and not insulting enough to keep them in their place." With that he bows, loosing his balance by bowing too far which forces him to stumble forward or fall. The stumble forward turns into another Chaplinesk sequence of trips and falls that carry him off stage.

Dumbledore cuts Gabriel off before most of his speech can be recited, "Thank you Mr. Ward." His voice severe.

Anthony looks a little pained. He doesn't speak, but his eyes do creep over (in a purely metaphorical, rather than icky Halloweeny sort of way) to the Faculty to see how they respond to this fairly blatant reopening of old wounds just bandaged.

Josie retakes her seat at the Gryffindor table, and claps for each contestant as they make their presentations, cheering especially for her friends. Even Felix, though she giggles a bit more in that case. She laughs even more at Gabriel's performance.

Abraxas doesn't know how the rest of the Slytherin table reacts, but the dementor looks like he's really tempted to actually suck Gabriel's soul out. Or at least rip it out through his chest. He surges forward, but a glance at the Headmaster and the rest of the high table holds him up short. The fake claws on one hand dig furrows into his palm, but he just points at Gabriel and gives a thumbs down.

Madeline also giggles at Gabriel's performance. The falls, after all, are hilarious! As he starts to speak, however, she starts shooting nervous looks towards the Head Table, and the Slytherins.

Cara bursts out laughing when Gabriel does his own little performance, so much so that she has to bend over and place one hand on her knee, the other on her stomach. She shudders with laughter, eyes clouding with tears. Once she can manage to get herself better under control, she mutters to those that would hear her, clapping all the while, "quite the precise costume, is it not?"

Levi smiles towards the swan "Thanks Agnes." He says as they keep taking steps forward it seems the line is longer than he expected so its some time before they are next. The other moves in front of them and they are up. "Here we go?" he says and will move up to go across the stage area same pace as most before them a black swan and phoenix, before off the other end he wonders what all thinks about the costume but he's having fun and indeed that matters.

Hattie says quietly at her bench, her lip pursed, "How would you feel if it were Rowena Ravenclaw…? I thought we wanted peace."

Anthony leans, very quietly, over towards the Dementor, and whispers to him, softly, "He's being an idiot. Rise above it, Malfoy." And this is Tony Rowle, the blood traitor saying this, of course. Does blood return to its natural courses, or is he trying to be a voice of reason.

As Gabriel leaves the "stage", he is met by Mr. Pringle, who steps in to get a deathly grip on the boy's robes. "Watch it, Ward," the growls. "Salazar Slytherin is one of the founders of Hogwarts. This school wouldn't be here if not for him. Consider this your only warning."

Melody watches Gabriel's performance until it's cut off, and even her eyes slip at once to the Slytherin table. She frowns, then turns and stretches up, to speak quietly to Myrus. It's a few moments before the frown clears from her face and she returns to the task of enjoying the evening's fun.

As perhaps a show of some peace between the Houses after the slight upon the Slytherin founder comes a Slytherin Maiden Witch, Soleil and a Gryffindor Warlock, Gerald, whom go through a simple pantomime while Soleil recites,
"…The Maiden lay dead uponn the floor, her breast cut open, and beside her crouched the mad warlock, holding in one bloody hand a great, smooth, shining scarlet heart, which he licked and stroked, vowing to exchange it for his own.
In his other hand, he held his wand, trying to coax from his own chest the shriveled, hair heart. But the hairy heart was stronger than was, and refused to relinquish its hold upon his senses or to return to the coffin in which it had been locked for so long.
Before the horror-struck eyes of his guests the warlock cast aside his wand, and seized a silver dagger. Vowing never to be mastered by his own heart, he hacked it from his chest.
For one moment, the warlock knelt triumphant, with a heart clutched in each hand; then he fell across the maiden's body, and died."

Angelus' fingers tighten around Celes' hand as his yellow eyes slide towards Gabriel. The youth rolls his eyes, scowling. "He has gone absolutely mental," he murmurs quietly. He shoots his gaze to Celes at his side, drawing in a breath before a warm smile flicks out over his pale and bloody features. "Show some respect, Ward," Angelus shoots out as he glances towards the Ravenclaws seconds before Pringle gets to him.

Abraxas lowered his hand immediately after pointing, and by the time Anthony gets to him, he's at least stopped surging towards the stage and has himself more under control. "This is how we make peace, eh? I won't forget that." he murmurs, quietly, cowl turned towards Gabriel the entire time.

Noalan's fist clenches at that little bit of theater. "Well that was… a display." He mutters at his companions. His feet clomp extra hard when it's their turn to take the stage. Really, after all that just happened, what was that? Attempting to leave that aside, he stops on the stage. Not really the kind of person to do a routine, and his costume too heavy to do anything fancy anyways, he just does what mineral rich earth does. With a wave of both stony hands, he lets out a small shower of several dozen bronze-Knuts mixed with a few silver Sickles. He had just been planning on being a big dumb rock up here while his companions did whatever they were going to do, but Gabriel's little speech pushed his buttons.

Anthony guides the Slytherin back towards his house table, murmuring to him as they go. Occasional words can be caught as the pair move back towards their adjacent tables. "Rise above it, man. Show him you're a Malfoy. On behalf of Ravenclaw, I apologize. That was completely out of order."

Josie's laughing disappears during Soleil and Gerald's performance. In fact, she spends their entire performance looking down at the table.

Maddie's the exact opposite of Josie. The Warlock's Hairy Heart is her favorite Beedle the Bard tale! She's utterly engrossed the whole time.

Gabriel listens to Pringle as the Caretaker stops him showing no remorse but, maybe surprisingly, not defending himself or even answering back. Once he's released he goes back to the Ravenclaw table and sits right at the end of the long bench closest to the high table and towards the inside of the Great Hall. He goes back to watching the rest of the parade, the only indication that he realizes he might have done something controversial being that the usually talkative little Ravenclaw isn't really speaking to anyone.

Hattie gets up from the table to say something quietly to Rowle, crouching down, her brow furrowed as she looks up toward the dais.

Anthony gives Hattie a slightly distracted smile, and a nod, with a little movement of the un-en-ankhed hand indicating that it was nothing. Whatever 'it' was.

Abraxas is still fuming mad - he's just managing to keep his impulses under control. "Take care of your House's business, Rowle, or Slytherin will take care of him for you." is all he says in response, before he turns and 'floats' away.

Across the stage with Levi, gracefully, Agnes held her breath and measured each step not to crash. On the other side: Breath! Breath. she walks with him at remains on his arm, but, like some girls are prone to do, she steers. To the drinks, and if only they had some here with stress relieving aspects. "So.. What do we do now?" Other than the drinks.

Hattie taps her hand against her befeathered hip. "Hope we can get down to the musical portion of the evening, soon."

Gabriel turns at Abraxas' comment to Anthony and simply bows to the Slythrin. A silent and much more graceful bow than any he made on stage. Then he pointedly turns his back on Malfoy and goes back to watching the costume parade.

Angelus golden eyes trail towards the Ravenclaw table, following Gabriel. His hand slips from Celes' as he clears his throat, straightening as he lifts his head. "Excuse me a moment." His gaze is watching Gabriel.

Anthony slips back into his seat, without directly acknowledging Abraxas' comment, but as the Seventh year settles down, he gives Gabriel a long, and rather pointed look. Then it's back to watching the proceedings.

The stage does seem long with the eyes of the school watching but making it across is key. Levi gives a reassuring squeeze with his arm to Agnes-swan though they live to fight another day and move towards the drinks table he'll pour her a drink and offer it over. "I think we wait if there are any others left or for an announcement, or if you would like we could go back to the house table? Whichever you'd prefer." he says with a smile.

After Mr. Pringle brings the pumpkins containing the votes up to the Head Table, they are quickly tallied by Professor Aczel. Soon, Headmaster Dumbledore is calling for attention once again. "And now, the winners of the costume contest!

"For the Scariest Costume…the terrifying Dementor, Abraxas Malfoy!

"For the Silliest Costume…Hodrod the Horny-Handed! Colton Higgins!

"For the Sweetest Costume…our dear deer, Cara Goyle!

"And for the best Coupled Costumes…the mighty knight, Sir Tom Riddle slaying the beastly dragon, Antonin Dolohov!

"Congratulations to all of our winners, and to all of our participants, well done."

Celes reaches out to try to catch Angeluses hand, "Angelus, don't. Let the teachers deal with him. You'll just make people forget about what he did and focus on you." Her eyes are pleading.

Madeline claps enthusiastically as the winners are announced, and lets out a loud cheer. She's a little disappointed her pyrotechnic display didn't win - but it was Colton who got that for her, anyways, and he did win. "Great job, Colton!" she calls cheerfully.

"Woooo, Colton!" Felix puts two fingers in his mouth and lets out a shrill whistle. Then he leans over toward Madeline, saying more quietly. "Yours was my favourite. BOOM! That was wicked."

Anthony applauds. It's polite, but it's clear his mind is, as usual, elsewhere.

Hattie claps her hands together, but she's edging her feathery self toward the table's head, on an intercept course, sideways through all the standing, clapping students.

It's probably not in character for a dementor to wave, but Abraxas does anyway, and accepts the congratulations of his house. He extends his congratulations to Riddle and Antonin as well, on their paired costume. "Congratulations!" he says to them, finally reaching up to lower his cowl, revealing his blacked-out face and hair covered in a little cap. Regardless of what people think of the Malfoys, soul-sucking dementors are not platinum blonde.

When the winners are announced Melody and Myrus both join the applause. After a moment, Myrus leans to speak to Melody, and the faerie nods at his words before he slips away to the little tree's room. Left to her own devices for a little while, Melody contents herself with looking around, still not having seen all the different costumes.

Josie applauds as the winners are announced, cheering for Colton as well, but clapping just as hard for the Slytherins who won.

Cara blinks in surprise, "I won? I won?" She glances around, and then beams with unabashed pride, eyes wide with shock, "I can't…I can't believe I won!" She giggles with joy and sits back happily in her seat, even going so far as to swipe another cupcake and nibble on the blue frosting self-satisfactorily-like. Yes, it would seem she's found her appetite once more.

Angelus has started to step away from the table, the wings shuddering almost as if they were really connected to him. But his yellow eyes, shining menacingly, only lock on Gabriel for a few seconds before the youth is drawing out a sigh. He turns back to look at Celes. A soft smile flutters across his face as he nods slowly. "You're so right, of course." He leans close to give her cheek a kiss. But then the winners are announced, and turns his attention to listen and watch, his heart sinking each time his name isn't called until he heaves out a heavy sigh. Still. At least the winners were good, and Angelus brings his hands up to applaud.

"Colton got the fireworks for me, though," Madeline says towards Felix. "And the tuba. So it's better if he wins, anyways. And that thing with the dolls was great, wasn't it?! He has to teach me how to do that, too!"

Felix nods vehemently. "It was bloody brilliant. He deserved to win, doin' his own costume, your boom-booms, and my…uh…make-up. Real jack-of-all trades, he is."

Gabriel claps for the winners as silently as he's done everything else tonight, with the exception of his little speech on stage. The he gets up and goes over to the drinks table to grab something for himself. A large goblet of pumpkin juice, which he brings back to the Ravenclaw table and sips at theatrically for some reason, pinky outstreched.

The smoke was curling from Elspeth's costume as she witnessed Gabriel's little performance, but she managed to curb herself by the time she reached the stage to that coursing glow and showered a few of the bluebell flames from her costume along with Lan's contribution, making sure one went over to dance around Hattie's head. However, once off the stage, she leans in close to Lan to say something, then she threads her way through the crowd on a mission. And that mission appears to be a third year in her house. She missed Pringle accosting Gabriel, but she catches up to him and lays a hand on his shoulder for his attention.

Hattie can relax somewhat, waiting for the dance to start.

"With that," Dumbledore announces, "We conclude the Halloween Feast! First, Second, and Third Years without an escort, please gather up any last treats you will take with you. If you wish to continue celebrating, there will be a party for you in the Club Room."

"He is! I'm gonna have to ask him how he did that make-up, too!" Madeline says enthusiastically - before she lets out a loud sigh, as all the younger students start file out. She looks around the room - and then zeros in on Anthony, trotting over towards him, and tugging at his Egyptian robes. "If you're my escort, I can stay. Just for the first dance?" she begs. "Pleeeeeease? Then I'll go, promise!"

Anthony points out gently, "I'm sort of waiting on Eibhlin being free from… well… doing her things. But yes. Yes, you may stay for the first dance, if you wish. Just… stop tugging, or you'll pull the kilt off!"

Sierra cheers as here brother and a friend both win, slapping Colton enthusiastically on the back before clapping. "Great job," she tells him in Shelta, watching as the younger kids all start to file out.

When she catches sight of Madeline, Cara sets her half-eaten cupcake down and hurries over, "hey, Evans! If you'd like, I'd be more than happy to help you stay here even -longer- than just the first dance." She gives a merry wink.

Madeline stops tugging - so she can hug Anthony instead! Or at least - she tries to. But it hard to pull off, what with the tuba around her middle.
She turns next to Cara, giving the older student an uncertain, but eager look. "Really? You don't mind? I mean - you're supposed to keep an eye on me all night that way, I think. I mean - not that I'd make any trouble. Because I wouldn't."

Felix waves goodbye to Madeline. "See you later, Maddie! I've gotta go see Madam Spleen!" Suddenly he's off like a shot, stumbling as he catches his foot on a bench, but he recovers and darts out of the hall.

Josie loads up her multiple pockets with candy, and stands up then and starts to make her way out. She doesn't seem to have much interest in staying for the dance, though she waves to Madeline, and any other Pirates talking others into letting them stay.

Gabriel looks up at Elspeth as he puts down his goblet of pumpkin juice. Using a much gruffer, deeper voice than the one he affected on stage he asks, "How may I help you, Ms. Rosen?" Then Dumbledore is announcing the separation of the upperclassmen from the lowerclassmen so he drops his act and hops off the bench. "Ooops. I have to go now" he says to his Prefect.

Before Gabriel can join his cronies leaving, Elspeth's hand detains him. It won't be Rowle who will be taking care of the house business, but the sixth year prefect. "Five points from Ravenclaw, Ward, for blatant disrespect of the Headmaster," she says in a low voice. "He instructed us to not take part in antagonistic behavior towards our fellow students, yet, despite that, you had to put on your little act. If you cannot be respecting Headmaster Dumbledore…" she trails off looking down at him. "I should be taking points for disrespect of a Hogwarts Founder, but it is a holiday. Being silent is being a good thing for you right now. Please be going back to the commons with the rest." With that, she lifts her head and hand, and begins to shepherd the other young Ravenclaws to the Commons.

Abraxas rubs his head through the little cap, now that his cowl is down, and picks up a treat to munch on. "If you and Dolohev want to hang out for a little while, Riddle, I'll keep an eye on you." He apparently is hoping that sugar will help ease the gnawing anger, and eats a candycorn accidentally before screwing up his face, "These are ghastly. It must be some sort of muggle thing."

"Congratulations, Cara," Angelus says as he approaches the fifth year. His smile is warm, offering her a grin. But his yellow eyes flick towards Madeline coldly as he frowns, smirking before he comments, "Don't forget our dance."

Hattie calls, "Sierra! Are we gonna shake a tailfeather, here, or what?" she taps on the harpy-tail behind her for good measure.

Cara gives Madeline a cheerful shrug of her shoulders, "I'm coming to the party 'stag,' so it's not like I'll be so busy I can't keep an eye out." She grins with a bit of mischief, "besides, like you said, you wouldn't cause any trouble, so there's no need for me to worry too much for my sake, right?" She turns to Angelus then and beams, "thanks." She lightly smirks, "I'd be honored for a dance once you've had one with your date. But first, I think, unless she has one herself…" She cants her head playfully towards Madeline, "would you like a dance with a reindeer?"

Agnes thought they had a shot, but she claps for the others when the winners are announced. She is watching the proceedings, and as the victorious Dementor eats a candy corn, she hmms, "I guess he really does react to Muggle candy." She turns back to Levi just relaxing for a little bit.

"You can shake all the tail feathers - I'm going to patronus the place up," Sierra counters, giving a playful twirl. She grins at Hattie though, eager to start dancing - with the other girls at the school. She wouldn't dance with any boys unless she wanted Colton to kick them in the knee.

The announcements are made one way or the other it seems and though he would have liked to win, but Levi is still a Hufflepuff and claps to the winners names that are called, and then the words about the contest being over and that means the start of the dance will soon be upon them. He turns back in full at her words "Hm oh.. yeah I heard him talk about that at the bonfire.. weird." he shakes his head. "The dance will be fun though."

Gabriel puts his hands behind his back and shrugs a little bit. When he responds to Elspeth he speaks using a normal conversational volume without making an particular effort to avoid being overheard, "Do what you feel proper, Ms. Rosen, as I must as well. Sweeping everything that happened under the carpet in the interest of 'peace' is no better than condoning the attitude that Purebloods are better than Muggle born. And I maintain that, caricature or not, my portrayal of Salathar Slitherin was accurate to his views and philosophies." With that he starts walking out with the rest of the 1 through 3 years.

Madeline looks between Cara and Angelus, making a bit of a face. "Ugh. Dancing with boys." For some reason it'd be completely okay for Anthony and Eibhlin, though…? It's different when they're seventh years, though!

"Ward," Elspeth turns around from her shepherding, the warning her voice clear. The Sixth Year prefect has rarely been known to show any anger, or even disapproval, but it is clear, now, as is the sorrow. "You are going down the path Gage was taking. It is not going to be any better for you than it was being for him. I would suggest that you are taking care."

Gabriel gives Elspeth a long look. Other than its length there's really no easily discernible emotion to it. Then he smiles, gently, before turning around and leaving the Great Hall without another word.

Cara giggles at Madeline's words, "right? But with the right boys, it can -occasionally- be fun." She glances at Angelus, "depending on how well they can dance, of course."

Continued in Halloween Dance 1939

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