(1939-10-31) Halloween Feast 1939: Feast
Details for Halloween 1939: Feast
Summary: Hogwarts holds its annual all-junk-food Halloween feast. Headmaster Dumbledore urges the Magijugend and Mud Club to make peace and announces the winners of the pumpkin carving contest.
Date: 31 October 1939
Location: Great Hall, Hogwarts

As the professors all filter in at the beginning of the feast heading to the head table some stop to admire the pumpkins as they are just finishing being carved. Anthony is hovered over by a leaning in Professor Black. "Interesting." Is all he says about the strange rune carved pumpkin before he continues on to his seat at the High Table. Beery seems to take a personal liking to Hattie's pumpkin and she's given a toothy smile and a little clap angled just for her. Pringle actually chortles as he passes behind Colton, but all merriment is lost as he 'accidentally' knocks Abraxas' pumpkin to the ground…and then 'accidentally' steps (stomps) on it before he angles his wand at it to clean it up, by turning it completely to ash and then sweeping that away into oblivion with another wave of his wand. Nothing is said to Abraxas before the Caretaker continues on the hunt for anything else inappropriate. Beery also playfully comments that Erica's pumpkin looks a great deal like him. They share a giggle and then he settles down at the High Table. A lot of praising and murmuring is going on as everyone waits to see who's pumpkins get levitated to hang above everyone's heads.

Dumbledore steps up to the podium and with a big smile he raises his hands and greets one and all with, "Happy Halloween my friends!" When a scroll is passed to him by Deputy Headmaster Black Dumbledore looks quite excited to read it over. Quietly he points his wand and gives it a little twitch. With each twitch pumpkins rise from the center of the table. A ghostly form of an uncarved pumpkin floats up from the place Abraxas' pumpkin fell from minutes before. Angus' pumpkin, Colton's pumpkin, Elspeth's pumpkin, Madeline's pumpkin, Hattie's pumpkin, Erica's Pumpkin and Cara's pumpkin all lift smoothly into the air. Then with another three gestures towards himself Madeline's Pumpkin floats closer to the High Table and it hovers, slowly bobbing up and down over a plaque on the High Table labeled: Scariest. Above the Silliest plaque bobs Colton's pumpkin and over Sweetest hovers Hattie's pumpkin.

"Marvelous and well done. I would like to start this Feast, which is a time for such matters to be handled… I would like to ask those of the former Magijugend Club to rise and approach." When they do the new Headmaster steps down and reaches to shake each of their hands and request to see their wands. To which he plucks the controversial bands off of their wands and states as he does, "I would like to thank and praise each of you for your loyalty and dedication to our former Headmaster Flint. You proved to be fine members of our student body and I would like to reward: Abraxas Malfoy, Lucretia Black, Oberon Lestrange, Calista Flint, and Bowen Nott 10 points each for putting themselves at risk and showing great loyalty for their Headmaster. I would also like to invite Myrus Lowe, Eibhlin Shine, Anthony Rowle, Elspeth Rosen, Gabriel Ward Jr., Seamus Cavanaugh, Noalan Eibon, Colton Higgins, Finley Higgins, Josie Davies, Gabriel Ward and Madeline Evans up to the podium as well."

When everyone has gathered at the podium he instructs, "A new Era of Hogwarts has begun. One that will remain completely separated from political and social views. There will be no more Magijugend, there will be no more Mud Club or 'resistance'. There will be Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where every witch and every wizard will receive an equal and substantial education so that upon graduation everyone will have an equal opportunity to better themselves in that social and political world out there. So, I believe it is time to shake hands, forgive and forget and let us all work and learn together." He urges those up at the podium to shake hands and do said forgiving and forgetting before he lifts his hands standing at the podium once more, "Happy Halloween Hogwarts!" With that the bounty of junk food appears on each House Table.

Anthony does indeed shake hands, firmly saying, as he does so, to each who will clasp his hand, "Nothing personal. Hope you understand that."
Although the concept of Tony, in a white starched long kilt doing so might cause a few…. odd looks.

As her pumpkin is declared a winner, Madeline looks on with surprise, before letting out a happy squeal of delight. She actually won?! She watches the Magijugend get called to the front, her expression changing to a slightly dubious frown, and then a smile as the rings are removed. (But how come they get points?!
And then she's called to the front, taking a moment to pick up her tuba, which she'd set by her seat, and wear/carry it with her as she approaches. She presses her lips together at the disbanding of the mudclub - but dutifully reaches across to shake hands as she was bid. "I am sorry about everything," she adds politely. "Wish I had more peace babies, still!"

There's applause and a sharp whistle of celebration from the direction where…Cillian should be sitting. Really. He is there. Or he might be under the table, either way, captain's being supportive of everything.

Colton goes to shake Abraxas' hand first after he had helped Maddie with her tuba while they were getting up. "That was some knockback, felt like a bludger. Good sport all that, aye?" He really does seem to be able to forgive Abraxas for smashing his head against a wall.

Melody was watching in apparent fascination as pumpkins were carved at the Hufflepuff table, but she pushed her own to the center of the table unmarred. Her attention seems to go to the Head Table as the new Headmaster speaks, but the tilt to her head and the glaze in her eyes might speak differently. Her expression remains unchanged until students are called up, and then a sharp focus comes to her big, brown eyes. Her study settles on those of the ex-'resistance' group as fences are mended.

If Anthony gets odd looks, Cara likely receives even odder. After all, she's not merely 'wearing' a costume, but has since become what can be considered none other than an anthropomorphic deer. Either way, she gives a few merry claps of not-quite-deer-like paw-pads and a happy cheer for the winners. She also fails to hide her smirk when Pringle does his duty and turns the Eye of Truth pumpkin to ash, even going so far as to haughtily stick out her tongue at Abraxas when it's all done. Once the Magijugend are brought forth however, that smirk is swiftly wiped off her face, to be replaced by one of surpise and thinly concealed disgust. She gives a little scowl when -they- get points, but even that expression does not last long in the presence of oodles of candy and treats!

Angus slinks out of the depths of the Gryffindor table. When he emerges it's as brought by the production of sweet treats. His costume targe starts rapidly being used as an extra-large plate, for the better gathering of booty. For here, indeed, is plunder for the rich taking.

Perhaps the only 'mudblood' to be happy at the news, the flames that seep around Elspeth grow a little brighter as she hears the news of both clubs being returned to unofficial status. Standing dutifully with the others next to the Slytherin Prefect, she surreptitiously grabs his hand, the pressure ensuring that she is, indeed, awake, and not dreaming of this. For a moment, she smiles broadly at the Headmaster, the flames in her hair flickering with happy little bluebell flames, then they flutter down her shoulders and the long, molten skirt. She then turns, as ordered, shifting the hand hold to a shaking of hands with Lan, and a smile, before she moves on towards the magijugend, offering her hand, veined with the fire of her costume, to each of them. She doesn't bother with words, only a respectful bow of the head and a little smile glowing orange-yellow in the warm glow that emits from her gown.
Once through the shaking of hands, she steps towards the podium, reaching up to shake Dumbledore's hand, with a quietly heart-felt, "Thank you, Headmaster." The words are almost perfectly spoken British, without any continentaly accent to them.

Levi cant miss the feast as its supposed to be the judging of the pumpkin contest as well as everyone in their costumes to see what everyone came up with. The seventh year had entered the hall wearing his own costume, brightly colored in red and gold the robes are made to look and feel like feathers, its clear for those who know magical creatures he's dressed like a phoenix wings which are folded down for the moment included. He wears a mask over a bit of his face colored the same but with a black beak. He's sat at the house table watching the events unfold.

Once all the Magijugend have been handclasped- or all that will meet Tony's hand at least, he moves on to shake hands with the other members of the 'Resistance' "Time to stand down, chaps." Because, of course, nothing comes easier from the lips of an Ancient Egyptian than the word 'Chaps'.

Madeline is certainly happy to shake Anthony's hand as well, giving him a cheerful smile. "Peace makes a good birthday present, right?" she offers him. "Do you like my tuba?" She spins in place, to show it off.

Agnes rises from where she was seated, moving to join Levi at his side as she sees him enter. She too has gone for something avian in her look, even including the black swan feathers as part of the dress and mask. "The costume looks amazing." she says with a smile in a hushed whisper to the seventh year.

And there Cillian is, having fixed the issue with his tights and getting the wings on which had been folded up, and what he was doing under the table…the world will never know how that helped him with this but he wiggles a bit in his seat and apologizes quietly to whoever is seated beside him due to his new wingspan and he looks around with wide eyes, painted face scrunching up as looks thoughtful.

Abraxas came up when he was called - apparently going for a scary costume award this year, as he is in the tattered robes and with white-painted, clawed fingers that can only be meant to be a dementor. Putting down his hood, his face is painted, and a tighter-fitting hood keeps his platinum hair darkened. He doesn't look… happy… at what Dumbledore says, but he grits his teeth and, the hand at his side clenching and unclenching, sticks his hand out for what must be some of the least heartfelt handshakes ever. More of the junior peewee soccer 'good game, good game' lines type.

Angelus is barely recognizable as he enters the Great Hall. His face is pale with greying lips and fresh scar, as if still bleeding, mars the right side of his cheek. His yellow eyes shine as they glance around the hall, slipping over everyone and their costume as a twitch of amusement flickers at his unhealthy looking lips. As he reaches the Gryffindor table and sits down, his wings twitch lightly, the blood dripping from them vanishing before it hits the floor. But his head lifts importantly as he clears his throat, asking for plenty of room to sit down at the bench for both him, and his friend, Celes. “You look fabulous,” says the youth to Celes, smiling brightly at her. His arm drapes over her shoulders, careful of her wings as he sits down.

He’s eager for the feast of delectable sweets. Angelus’ yellow eyes, all but glowing, turn to watch Dumbledore as he makes his announcement. A brow gently arches upward as the Magijugend are called up, and although he scowls in annoyance he shifts uncertainly in his seat, even giving Celes a silent, questioning look as if asking what she thought. In the end, he decides that he had better stay where he is, as grumpy as that makes him even as he tries to hide it with a smirk.

Dumbledore notably once everyone has shaken hands awards points to each of the 'resistance' to the tune of 10 each. "You all showed a great deal of bravery in doing what you felt was the right thing to do. It is the bravery that earns you 10 points each, not the actions you took." So everyone involved gets points, that's what you call diplomacy. The headmaster takes Elspeth's hand and lays his other hand over the shaking ones for a warm squeeze. "It is my pleasure Miss Rosen. Now, do enjoy the goodies! I do like your costume."

The seventh year turns at the movement smiling to her words he'll scoot so there's room for her to sit down. Levi glances to the shaking of hands before looking back where he'll respond in the same volume "Thanks, but yours looks better for sure. The swan was a great idea." he looks back to the table before back "That probably needed to happen so that things can move forward." he speaks of two clubs being made unoffical.

With the handshakes done, Madeline bounces her way back to her seat at the Gryffindor table, pausing near her spot. "Could you help me with…?" she directs towards Colton, as she starts trying to pull the tuba off again, so she can slip into her spot at the bench. Eating with a tuba on would be haaaaaard!

Abraxas has finished his handshakes and withdraws back towards his table, casually wiping his hand a few times on the side of his tatty black robes and putting his hood back up, which places any expression he may have had upon his return shrouded in darkness and magical paint.

Cara is busy chowing down on delicious treats, savoring the sumptuous flavors of cupcakes and candies and those chewy orange teeth things that taste as lovely as the rest. She barely has time to grin victoriously when Dumbledore decides to award the mud club with points as well, only to realize she's making a horrid mess of her tan deer fur. So now she glances around semi-desperately for a napkin or ten.

The dark swan dressed Agnes looks over the reconciliation acts with a bit of interest. How the pure-bloods respond matters to the Muggle-Born, "Yes, I hope it is truly over now and we can get back to just having a good school year." The fifth year says to the pheonix-Levi. Then adds, "I am not so certain, but thank you."

Colton refrains from ruffling Madeline's hair and replaces it with a wink down at the girl as he does indeed help her sling off the old battered tuba. "There you go pidge." He breaks off anything further to dodge a spark that comes zipping out of the top of the tuba and he coughs a bit reflexively at the plume of harmless smoke that bellows from it as well. He realizes a bit to late he was pushing on the 'buttons' of the instrument and grins sheepishly as he sets it down and it soon calms. The seventh year goblin then tucks himself down next to Madeline and he lifts up the Flint doll and bounces it about as one does when pretending a doll is talking. Colton actually does a very good Flint impression. "Pass the Fudge Evans."

Cillian glances down towards Colton and Madeline, head tilting to the side as he watches between them and then turns to his plate, carefully making a tower of food products as he just looks thoughtful.

After another little smile for Dumbledore, Elspeth makes her way the long walk down to the end of the table that she's chosen for herself. Settling in her seat, she reaches forward, choosing a few items to arrange on her plates in front of her. She glances areound as she eats, leaning over to talk to the second year next to her before she reaches across to tap tingers with Evelyn and raise some steam.

When Mr. Pringle passes near Professor Beery, the Herbology professor tugs on the man's sleeve. "Apollyon…I realise you disapprove of the political statement being made, but did you have to destroy Malfoy's jack-o-lantern? Suppression of art is a sure sign of tyranny, after all."

Mr. Pringle curls his lip into a smirk. "I dinnae mean to, Herbert. It's just that I spotted a nargle climbin' inside of it. Cannae let those nasty blighters go roamin' around Hogwarts." With a chuckle, the Caretaker moves on in search of more foodstuffs in need of smashing.

Madeline giggles as Colton accidentally pushes one of the buttons on the instrument. "Careful!" she chides him playfully. She slips into her seat, starting to pile her plate up with treats when Colton asks for the fudge. "I'll happily share some with my goblin friend - but I'm not so sure about his little dolls…" she answers, as she picks up the dish to hand over.

Melody's attention seems to stay sharp for longer than usual, but by the time all the students are heading back to their tables it's wandered again. There's a smile for Myrus before her attention, or what passes for attention, is on the feast at the table, and she helps herself to a bit of this, a bit of that, and nods absently to a question from a housemate as the wings on her back flutter lightly.

When another student moves, Felix sees an opportunity to sit with friends. Suddenly, the skinny boy is squeezing in next to Madeline, grinning broadly, which displays his missing tooth. He's not looking well otherwise, with a real shiner of a black eye, and what looks like drying blood under his nose. "Oi, Evans! What're you? An erumpent?"

Erica -ahem- Princess Elizabeth, with pinkies up offers to pour some chocolate tea for the Hufflepuff sitting next to her, Melody, in a prim straight from Westminster Palace poshities. "May we pour you some tea my good nymph?" Yes, she's even using the Royal 'We', quite in character.

Madeline shakes her head. "Musidora Barkwith!" she exclaims brightly. "She's a composer. Had her on one of my chocolate frog cards. I think she musta been brilliant!" She beams at her friend with enthusiasm, while studying his beat-up features. "What're you? Umm… a Quidditch Hooligan?" she hazards.

"I certainly hope your right there." Levi says he'll pick a few things to place on his plate while he listens to her words giving another small smile. "Your welcome, and it looks great really Agnes." he says reassuring though he'll look about the house table a moment "Evening Melody." he says offering a friendly wave before he'll try a bit of the sweets from his plate.

Felix blinks in obvious confusion. Whosidora Barkwhat? He'll take Maddie's word for it, simply smiling and offering an enthusiastic, "Brilliant!" At her question about his own appearance, he puffs up and proudly states, "I'm a hit wizard! A hit…wizard."

Abraxas sits at his table with his fellow Slytherins, talking quietly about lord only knows what. A caramel apple disappears inside his voluminous hood to have its soul sucked from it. Or at least to be eaten down to the stick and discarded, which is much the same thing.

Lara is wearing black. A black, richly embroidered dress and long, elegant gloves. A gauzy veil covers part of her face, contrasted by blood red hair spilling from under her pointed hood. She had listened do Dumbledore's speech quietly, her expression unreadable as former enemies shook hands. A number of her fellow Ravenclaws were among the resistance, and Lara still feels a strong sense of guilt about her own passive role in the conflict. As the feast starts she relaxes, smiling at the appearing treats and the students around her. The dance won't start until later of course, but to be on the safe side, she secretly starts glancing around for potential dancing partners. Her eyes even linger on the nasty shrunken - goblin? - Colton for a moment or two.

A hand moves to idly scratch above his eyepatch before the boy shaped butterfly fairy, aka Cillian keeps track of his crew by looking from person to person with a quirk of an eyebrow. Cracking a grin at Felix's costume announcment as he's working on his tower of jam doughnuts and eclairs and he taps a finger against his lips before whistling sharply at his table to draw attention of a few of his peers. "Alright…I tink…mebbe 12 doughnuts here…alright…who tinks can count steady and who wants to be makin' a wager on who can eat more than I do?"

Melody reaches to slide her cup more toward Erica, nodding, "Yes, please, Your Majesty." Addressing her housemate by title seems the natural thing to do, since nobody is really who they seem on Halloween. She looks across the table, a smile going to Levi as she follows back the sound of his voice. "Evenin', Levi. Agnes," her eyes shift to include the girl next to Levi. She stares for a second, her wings giving a particularly swift trio of flutters, before she says, "Wow… you look lovely." Her gaze shifts back to Levi as she says this, so she may be addressing Agnes or the boy, or perhaps the pair of them together.

Madeline groans loudly at Felix's announcement - which was no doubt his goal, anyways. "That's baaaaad, Felix!" she announces. But she's smiling - and even giggling quietly. "It looks really convincing. Did you do the the make-up yerself?" She takes a huge bite out of one of the sugared donuts.

Colton waggles his pointy eyebrows at Lara and gives a grin, he caught her doing the exact same thing he was doing. He's just even actually tried to catch her attention before he points to Melody and then himself before pointing to the space where the dancefloor will be and waggles his eyebrows. It seems that waggling eyebrows is Gobbledegook for 'Wanna dance later?' But he does spare a moment to laugh and ruffle Felix's hair. "The 'make-up' looks very realistic mate."

Apparently making an inordinate mess of one's mouth and paws does little to attract people around oneself at a halloween feast. And so, once Cara does the best she can to become presentable, she scoops up one last cupcake and hops onto her hooves. She snacks on said cupcake all the way towards Cillian's table and announces, "that's easy as pie…or doughnuts, as it were. I'll bet you an entire Sickle I can eat more doughnuts than you. And -I've- already eaten a bunch of candy already." She shrugs her shoulders nonchalantly, finishing off her cupcake with a grin, "nobody can defeat a professional like me."

Felix giggles at Madeline's reaction, but it's cut off by another look of confusion at her question. "Make-up? Oh! Yeah," he touches the line of red under his nose. "Yeah…uh…Colton 'elped me wif some of it. Oh, 'ey 'Iggins! Didn't recognise you."

Erica bobs her head slightly as one of her royal station must when given thanks by the common…nymph / elf / shrug / thing. "Very good." The tea is poured and then she lifts up a sugar bowl. "Sugar? One lump or two?" It then seems to occur to her. "I really should not be doing the serving. But I am Princess of the people."

"Doesn't he look great?" Madeline answers. "He helped me with my tuba, too. If either of us win, we'll owe him come of the credit!" she grins benevolently at Colton, then glances back to Cillian. "Oh, if I even tried my mum'd be cross something terrible."

It is like a dance off. Really. Only with food, step one…sum up your opponent. "…you're a blo-you're a /beautiful/ deer aren't ye…I mean look at those antlers. 'Ave you got a tail?" Cillian asks curiously. "Truely you are a lady of the deer, so I shall be takin' yer challenge as an official /duel/ of the more royal nature." He gets to his feet, wiggling his bum and tugging a cord under his plaid that causes his wings to flap a bit before he flashes a grin. "Captain Cillian of the Butterfly Fairy Guard at yer service, and I'll take yer challenge. I warn ye, me lady…I 'ave been told, I 'ave a big mouth."

Agnes' attention shifts towards Melody, and she offers a bright smile with the dark lips as she looks over the 'Wood-Nymph' appearance, "Yours is very beautiful." she states as she gets a vup and drinks abit, then turns her attention tp looking around at several of the othe costumes. She takes a little to eat, "I love the feasts here." she says more or less to the table in tital, but Levi once again has her focus. "This is always such a fun time of year."

Colton gives a toothy grin to Felix. "Oi. Aye, yeah…'make-up'. Never knew I had the gift." His beady eyes shift about before he focuses again on Lara and he makes the same 'wanna dance'? gestures at the shrouded Ravenclaw.

Cara cants her head with interest when Cillian cuts himself off from saying something. Blo? Bloody, perhaps? Either way, she grins and taps the long antlers that rise from her scalp, only to turn about to show her little doe tail. It actually twitches slightly. She giggles and fully faces the boy, "and you're a butterfly fairy!" She nods her head firmly, "we have ourselves a royal wager then, it should seem." She raises her arms outwards in a shrug, eyes wide with disbelief, "shoe my hooves, what a splendid coincidence! It would seem I am not the only one that's been told I have a big mouth." She pats her paws of any remaining cupcake frosting, "so. How'll it be? Start on your mark? First to eat their…" She counts the donuts, "six donuts wins?"

Lara gives Colton a barely perceptible nod and a wink. She then glances from Colton to Melody, back to Colton, raising an eyebrow questioningly before helping herself to some chocolate pudding.

"That's an excellent fae costume too. How'd you make the wings flutter?" Levi responds though he is sure that the compliment was for the other or well he'll take it as this being the case. He'll lift his mask a bit to get a drink and some more food taking a look about the place and the various costumes before back to the table and nodding to Agnes "I agree i've always enjoyed it this feast is one of my favorites." he grins.

Dressing like a Russian Doll makes for eating somewhat difficult but with a little twist and straightening up Akilina pops the seam around the waist of her costume and out comes her hands. Below the costume she's dressed in a Russian Folk costume that's rather intricate even though it's mostly hidden by the paper mache doll portion. Though the outer doll is painted with the exact same costume. It takes some enginuiety but Akilina manages to feed herself!

Cillian squints at Cara before nodding as he looks between Felix and Madeline. "And these two will be me seconds, which means they will hide me face if I end up vomitting again in front of everybody." He waves a hand vaugely. "But I 'ad an upset tummy." Then he spreads clasps his hands over his heart. "Jam me rolls and dip me biscuits in chocolate, that means ye are of the Big Mouth Clan as well!" He nods. "Very well. Six donuts, and ye 'ave to swallow."

"Thank you," Melody nods to Agnes. She looks back to Erica and her head now shakes briefly, "No sugar, Your Majesty, thank you." Her attention drifts again, as it tends to, and dark eyes sweep across the room of students. There are so many different costumes, each one interesting in it's own way. Her eyes hold for a moment on a Dementor at the Slytherin table, and she looks at it curiously before moving on. By some miracle, or Colton's good timing, she sees him motioning, following to the dance floor and back. But her eyes squint slightly, and she looks to the girl beside her, giving a light nudge to catch her attention, then leaning to whisper as she points to the Gryffindor boy. She apparently thinks the motions were meant for the other girl, and Melody looks to Colton, smiles because she was just so helpful, and goes back to the treats before her. Levi's question draws her back up, and Mel replies, "Just a charm."

'Jam me rolls and dip me biscuits?' Madeline mouths quietly at Felix, before giggling. "Sure we will, Cap'n!" she agrees. Dipping in chocolate as a good idea, though. She puts some chocolate pudding on her plate and scoops some of it up with her donut before taking another bite.

Cara snickers over at Felix and Madeline when Cillian points the pair of them out, "of course! And err…" She waves her own hand vaguely, "if the same happens to me, I'd hope for a similar allowance of dignity." Either way, she giggles and bobs her head, "Big Mouth Clan is I! Gone to detention more'n once for my flappy lips." She beams, "six donuts, as agreed. And there's no need to put forth the rule of swallowing! To do otherwise would be cheating!" She shrugs, "besides, no -professional- eater doesn't eat when professional work needs doing." She glances over at Felix and Madeline, "so, who's doing the honors?" Honors being who calls the start of the match.

Felix blinks at Madeline. She's making a real vocation out of confusing him. "Jab your wha'?" He squints, which elicits a wince from his very realistic "made-up" black eye.

Abraxas stands, the hem of his dementor's rags floating a bit a bit as he moves. He gives a ghostly nod to the members of his house, then glides away to mingle. Hopefully it's permitted, since the whole meal is dessert, so how can they wait until after that.

Hogrod the Horny-Handed looks bemused and perplexed and he shakes his head at Erica and points to Melody. Erica is of course very happy to bounce the attention back to Melody. "My good subject, that creature is in fact desiring of having you upon his dance card. I am much to royal as to attend such a thing as a dance." Or not old enough to attend, but in character is in character. But of course by the time this all happens, Colton's attention is severly focused on one twitching little doe tail.

Melody looks back to Erica, tearing her attention away from staring at some middle distance off to the left, and blinks at the girl. She then looks to Colton, already distracted, and back to Erica with a smile. "No, must be neither." Wings give another flap, and Mel looks to the Ravenclaw table. She smiles at a tree that smiles back, and her eyes drift away again.

Seated at the Hufflepuff table, Sierra is chatting with one of her friends, leaning over to whisper something in her ear. The other girl laughs, and the pair both reach out for… apples. Not candied apples. Not caramel apples. Not apple fritters - apples. Sierra slips hers away into the folds of her white, Greek-style robes. On one of her shoulders is pinned a fox stuffed animal, surrounded by bluebell flames. That's what a 'patronus' looks like, right?
Well, it was her best approximation, anyways.

Agnes gets a small plate of mainly tasting portions from several of th more interesting foods. She takes the little portions in with slow bites as she observes the room. "Very talented." The Puff-Swan states when Melody explains about the moving wings to Levi. She replies to him about the feast, "Any true celibration of a holiday that has chocolate as a major component is good."

Tom Riddle is mostly concealed in his Knightly Armor. Antonin sitting next to him is dressed up like a Dragon with a lance, that matches the black and green and silver colors of Sir Riddle, thrust through his heart and out his back. The Knight is at least kind enough to feed the dragon. Tossing treats into the hinged mouth. He nods to Abraxas, "Could you bring back some of those pumpkin pasties they are keeping down at the end there?"

"Mad Maggie, if ye'd do the honors of doing the 1..2…3…count, I'd appreciate it. Speedy, please make sure we're followin' the rules." Cillian picks up his first donut and offers another to Cara with a slow nod. "Whatever 'appens…it has been an honor."

At Felix's befuddlement, Madeline shakes her head, giving him an amused grin. "Nevermind," she answers. She looks back up Cara and says eagerly, "Oh! I will! Okay, on your mark… get set… wait for it…. onetwothree EAT!" she urges them both.

Cara all but pounces on her six donuts when the mark is called, swiping the first from Cillian's extended hand with a half-hearted nod and a more sincere grin, "an honor." She jams the donut into her mouth, chewing the sugary confection into nothingness in the blink of an eye. And then she returns to chowing down the rest of them, eyes gleaming with the challenge.

When Maggie calls for the start, Cillian begins on the work of devouring his first donut, omnomnomnomnomnomnom really as he chews quickly, flapping them jaws as he crams an impossible amount of donut into those chipmunk like cheeks, cheeks puffing out like some type of butterfly/chipmunk hybrid and he's reaching for the next in record time.

Abraxas gives a slow nod and a keening sound, staying in character, then reaches out one grey dementor hand, takes hold of the plate of pumpkin pasties, and gives it a nudge down the polished wood of the table. He'll let the others pass it down if it doesn't quite make it.

Anthony has been munching quietly, chatting with the other ravens since his return from the Dumbledoring. He shoots Professor Black an appreciative smile. He seems fairly sure that his supervising Professor will have recognised his 'hand'writing on the Runic Pumpkin. Strangely, he's not absolutely freezing to death, so either the leopardskin is warmer than it looks, or he's made some sensible charms.

"That's a good charm Melody." Levi says honestly to the flapping wings though he'll look back towards Agnes and chuckles to the words as well they are true really. "I cant really argue against that, its interesting to try the diffrent treats every year seems like always somethng new from a far off place. I enjoy trying those after i've had a few of my favorites."

Cara hurries over to the table where those yummy donuts await, near scrambling to steal a sugary circle of glazed bread before Cillian can make it to his second. She jams it into her mouth, the confection partially crumbling against the fur around her mouth and making a mess of the thing. Some of it inadvertantly falls right back down onto the table, but she hardly has the time to consider her mistake. Instead, she swallows the donut only half-eaten, coughs a few times, and hurries onto her third. The third is snacked to nothingness on her deer teeth, doe tail flickering left and right with glee.

Colton cheers for Cara and Cillian both, but mostly for Cara cause well, teen-age boy.

Anthony glances over at the cheering, and gives an amused smile, but it's clear he's not really feeling that this feast, in particular, has huge appeal for him anymore. He's certainly eating with enjoyment, but there's not the voracious Tazmanian Devil approach to the older lad that the young ones shows.

It is very very had to eat donuts and watch someone eat with such gusto, at some point Cillian is just standing there with his cheek puffed out with donut, forgetting to chew as he blinks his good eye and pumps a fist and cheers for Cara before remembering he's supposed to be chewing and he coughs a bit, slowing down in his chewing.

The Princess Elizabeth is both shocked and dismayed at this eatting contest that has begun. A silk gloved hand comes up to cover the gasping agape mouth of hers. Eyes glued on the spectacle as one watches a horrific occurance that they can do nothing to stop. "Goodness, what a mess!" She's almost twitching with the internal battle with herself to get up there and now and go fetch her cleaning things.

"Com'on Cap'n! You can do better 'n this interloper! Eat! Eat! Eat!" Madeline cheers, clapping her hands together before taking another bite from her plate. Her mother would be horrified if she could see this feast!

A little of Agnes' attention is puled to the doughnut eating contest. She looks over the matter and takes a sip of her drink. "I would get so ill doing that." she comments to Levi, "But Goyle seems really good at it." She states, looking awaut and forking the one meatball she selected to plop it into her mouth. A glance to Her Majesty, and just a nod, but she is back to watching.

Felix watches the eating contest with bemusement. It seems to influence his own eating, as he mindlessly stuffs his face with all of the tooth-rotting wonders on the table.

When Cara has a task to complete (so long as it's not forced upon her as punishment for misdeeds), she does it with great gusto. And so she barely even finishes her third donut before moving on to her fourth. She chomps it down piecemeal until there's nothing left, the fur around her mouth and the gray of her paws sticky with sugar. She snags her fifth donut and eats that one too, but it's noticeable by now that she's beginning to slow down. Once she completes her fifth, she has to hold a hand up to her mouth for a few seconds to will away the sour flavor that threatens to invade her taste buds.

A similar approach is being given by the Hoover MacMillan. One would think it was him who'd been on hunger strike, by the way he is systematically and rapidly demolishing any bit of food which comes within easy reach of him.

Cillian just blinks and stares a little longer, he's still on donut four when Cara is on donut five, so he's slow about this as he chews and places a hand on his hip as he is chewing and chewing…and chewing…and damn chewing…and chewing. It is the /donut that never ends/.

Levi turns to look at what the swan-housemate means and sees the competition going on he nods to her words "Yeah same here, i'd lose quite readily i'm afraid." The seventh year says he's turned back to her when he speaks before watching as things continue. "Not to mention quidditch practice.."

Anthony finishes eating, and stands, carefully adjusting his kilt. "I shall see you all at the ball!" And with that, he heads towards the door.

Cara eats the last donut much slower than the first, taking delicate little bites of it in nibbling quick succession. Despite the delay, it would seem she has finished all her donuts before her opponent, a protective hand on her tummy just in case. When it's all over, she wipes her mouth with the side of an arm and collapses onto the nearest bench, heaving out a heavy sigh of relief. Exhausted, she breathes out, "I…won." She presses a palm to her mouth and elicits a tiny burp.

Angus takes this moment to amble over towards the eating contest, "Och, only coas yehs took on the weaker opponent. I bet yehs couldnae beat _me_!"

"Wow… Cap'n… She demolished you," Madeline says in a slightly awed voice. Cillian never even had a chance!
Way to console your Captain, Madeline.

Abraxas finishes making his rounds of the Slytherin table and decides that he'll come back later for the dance, when he might actually be in a position to be social. He nods to the other Magijugend, Knights, and assorted personages of his house, and then 'floats' towards the Great Hall doors.

Cillian is on donut six by the time Cara is finished and he is just chewing slowly and watching Cara as if in awe. He just looks rather shocked, eyes sparkling with excitement and he turns around, pumping a fist in the air. "THIS mighty deer! She has won the duel! Three cheers for the QUEEN of the Table!" He offers a low bow, wings flapping a bit. Then he looks over to Madeline. "I 'ave /never/ seen a girl eat like that in me life! It was amazing!"

Josie, of course, is cheering Cillian on from where she's been sitting nearby since the handshake earlier. She shakes her head as Cillian loses, and says, "You'll get her next year." She turns back to the meal and starts to eat once more, careful not to get any of the sweets on her RAF uniform costume.

Madeline claps for the winner, then leans over and presses a button on her tuba - sending a small rocket shooting off with sparks and a whistling sound. "Great job, Kothari!" she says cheerfully.

Cara glances back at Angus as he arrives, eyes a bit glassy from eating so many donuts so quickly. She looks him up and down and affects a small, tired grin, "oh, perhaps not -now-, but before?" She shrugs her shoulders, "who could say for sure?" She gives a weak sort of beaming expression to Madeline, "nothing to it. Was just pure luck! Could've won or lost at the roll of the dice, surely!" She giggles at Cillian, "that's cuz girls are cleverer show-offs." She burps again, hiding it behind a hand, "…usually." She laughs as Madeline sends a rocket rising towards the ceiling, lifting her sugar-stained chin with pride, "thanks! Takes a lot of practice to get as pro at this as I!"

Agnes finishes off what she will call dinner, not much at all beyond a few bites in sample. Then she looks over towards the sweets. Her attention rturns to Levi and she grins, "Hurry up before the chocolate steals me from the table." Her focus again retuns to the competion as Cara becomes the doughnut-Queen.

Angus sniffs, and waggles those bushy eyebrows (either stuck on, or grown with some potion…). "Och, yeh's just sayin' that cos yer feart, quine. Dinnae woory. Another time, aye?" And he starts to amble towards the door. Whistling.

"…" Cillian takes a moment to tug a hankie out of his side pouch and he offers it to Cara, ever the gentleman. "Ye 'ave…" He taps his chin a bit and smiles kindly before looking between Josie and Madeline and little Speedy and he grins like an idiot before looking back to Cara with another gallant bow. "Hence forth, she be under our protection as well." He nods sagely before just mouthing 'wow' to himself.

Hattie sneaks in to crash the party, like you do, when you are way late… and she is.

Cara shakes her head at Angus, "afraid? Never! I'll challenge you to…to -something- at the dance! Then you can prove who's better in the end." She grins a challenge, bobbing her head to the table, "alright, as my first decree as Table Queen, I-" She takes Cillian's handkerchief with a grateful smile, "oh, thank you." Rubbing the sugar from her lips, she declares, "as my first decree, I say…" She taps her chin, furrowing her brow, "hummm…" She considers possible choices, silent for a moment in thought. When she spots Hattie out of the corner of her eye though, she calls out, "that everyone give a round of applause to party latecomer Hattie Wilkins!…while I go in search of a place to wash my mouth." With that, she gets up from her seat and begins to make towards the exit, a hand inconspicuously on her deer belly all the while.

The seventh year looks to his plate before back to the swan and chuckles lightly "I think i'm all done with dinner. I didnt know you were waiting on me, sorry. Shall we load our plates with desert?" Levi asks and he'll be ready to stand if she is going to move though he does take another look about the Great Hall and how some have gone to change for the dance coming up next and the like.

Hattie turns a little pink as Cara draws attention to her. Its no good trying to hide behind her hair, because she needs the tumble to stay put for her costume, instead of having to do it again. "'Lo," she says to various and sundry feebly. She grabs a pumpkin pastie from one of the bowls, and begins to back off.

Agnes gets up, and laughs to the Pheonix-Levi, "Of course it would be rude to start dessert before you." She offers as she starts to the table, heading right for the section with the most chocolate sweets. "We can change afterwards to be ready for the rest of it." Yepp. chocolates now, before they end up in a war with no chocolate among its many tragedies.

Levi chuckles "Maybe, but holding you back from the dessert table, I think most anyone would have thought it was alright." He says to the swan easil though he'll move to follow and grab a few snacks might as well get some sweets before he hopefuly doesnt make a complete fool of himself trying to dance. He will grab some of his favorites.

Agnes gets a number of sweets, thankfully she just enjoys tasting things, and doesn't want to eat too much. Candy though is rather irrestible. She makes a plate and points out a few suggestion to Levi as he follow along.

Myrus had been mingling about, and at some point in the night, he makes his way over to Melody. Whispering something to her before he resumes his previous seat, enjoying the feast as best he can, but he seems distracted, casting glances over at the Hufflepuff table.

The eating contest was watched from the corner of Elspeth's eye, but as Cara walks by, she stands. "Goyle, are you being all right?" concerned, but she's distracted by the cheering for Hattie. "Oh, Wilkins," she says, pausing to look over the costume. "That is being an amazing costume… I was wanting to congratulate you for winning the Sweetest Pumpkin Contest." She glances down as she hears a splat, and catches a smaller hand in time to keep it from throwing a cream puff across the table. "We will not be losing points for a food fight, if you are being pleased," she says firmly, but with a little smile lingering on her lips.

Cara presses her sugar-sticky lips tightly together and elicits a groan, one hopefully only loud enough for Elspeth to hear. She whispers to her housemate, "I…think I ate too many donuts, too quickly…" Glancing up at Myrus while casually clutching her deer tummy, she gives him a forced little smile of greeting. To the side, she adds, "don't suppose you have a spell to dispell stomach aches?"

There's a few metallic clatters as Noalan moves across the great hall, from his seat at the Slytherin table towards the Ravenclaw. A couple of bright cooper coins and a gleaming silver left in his wake. With a heavy 'clump' he comes to a stop at the end where Elspeth sits. "Someone looking for a vomiting spell?" He asks, hearing the end about 'dispelling stomach aches'. That might cause an 'interesting' chain reaction.

Melody looks up as she's approached by the tree that she expects to be dancing with later in the evening, tilting her head to listen to the whisper. As Myrus moves away her eyes remain on him, a smile curving her lips. She looks to be a million miles away, not anything unusual to her, as her eyes linger, her attention only shifting abruptly as a housemate across the table says her name loudly, asking for one of the platters to be passed across. Melody obliges, her wings giving a random flutter before stilling.

Myrus was lost in a glance past his housemate, Cara, towards Melody when his fellow Ravenclaw Beater asked him the question about a stomach settling charm. He blinks a few times, staring at Cara for a few seconds. "Oh, I-" Noalan arrives, talking about a vomiting spell. An annoyed sidelong glance at the Slytherin, "You'll be hard pressed to outwit an Eagle, Snake. Go to the owl tower and find yourself a dead mouse to gnaw on." Now looking to Cara, "No, I don't. I would recommend going to the medical wing to get checked out, if you think it's more than just an upset stomach from gorging yourself, Goyle." And he munches on some more of the meaty food he has in front of him. Carnivorous tree. Pleasant thought.

Cillian seems to be watching Cara, not in a creepy 'omgsheissoawesomeandprettyandhotandsassyandcaneatlikeapro' way, but with a hint of Captainly concern as he rummages through his leather sack, frowning before rummaging some more and pulling out something wrapped up in a small white napkin as he gets back to his feet and carefully yet confidentally makes his way over to where Cara has settled with her housemates and he gets to knee, ever the gallant knight/pirate/butterfly/whatever and holds out the white napkin. "I haven't any money on me, but take this as a token of me promise, because I'll get it to ye in the morning…" He looks over to Myrus. "Ye missed it…this beloved Queen has the spirit of a thousand table queens before her and can defeat any mortal man under the age of 14 in combat by jam doughnuts." Back to Cara. "Tis a bit of candied ginger, me crew and I end up needin' it often…"

Looking back to the sugar-ill deer, Elspeth lets go of the hand she was holding, confident that for the next couple minutes, at least there's not going to be any food fight breaking out. "I am not knowing of one, no…" she frowns slightly, looking around the table in front of her. However, Myrus's comment to Noalan is met with an eruption of flame as Elspeth turns to him. "Lan is welcome at the Ravenclaw table, and as mice are the common food of eagles, I am suggesting that perhaps you finding one or two for yourself would not be amiss. Although," she takes a breath and brings the flames back down to a simmering glow and little frozen flames land with a tinkling around the table and floor where Elspeth stands. "I am not sure that vomiting here in the great hall is being the best idea… we can be taking Cara to the hospital wing, though."

Cara blinks up at Noalan in surprise, "a…vomiting spell?" Her eyes widen and she shakes her head in fright, "that…is probably not my first choice, no…" She frowns faintly, "I was thinking more along the lines of Chamomile tea. Though perhaps something a bit more potent and immediate than that…" She looks the boy up and down, "an Earthg Elemental? That's aces, Eibon…" She glances towards the metallic circles on the ground behind him, "those aren't -real- coins, are they?" She stifles a giggle though at Myrus' insult to the Slytherin, turning to face her fellow Beater with a bright grin, "oh, I'm sure it's nothing. I…p-probably just need somewhere to sit down while my stomach settles, is all." With that, she strides nervously towards a seat beside Myrus, pointedly glancing away somewhere. At Cillian, even. She snickers as the boy kneels before her like a gentleman and a knight, and replies, "why, thank you, Peele." She takes the napkin and beams at the compliment, giving Myrus a furtive glance to glean his reaction. She adds with good cheer, "I'm certain this ginger will help my stomach settle in no time at all." Her eyes widen to Elspeth then and she quickly shakes her head, "no! No, I don't need to go to any hospital. Don't you know it, I think I'm feeling better already."

A raised eyebrow is the only display of surprise Lan gives Myrus. "Ouch. And here I thought the we were going for a kind of unity. I guess some houses are more equal than others." He rolls his stony pauldrons in a shrug, "It's ok Elet, some people aren't over things yet." He grins momentarily, "A shame, would make for a nice Halloween trick, especially if you aimed it right." Noalan looks down as another copper coin falls at his feet, "Those? Ya, they're real. Wasn't exactly happy with how I got them, and figured it would be a good way to get rid of them. I really wish they'd fall faster, the knuts are heavy." Anyways, none of this is why he came over. "I got a letter back from Emi before the feast. She liked the idea so much she really dress as air, and she even sent a picture."

In true Ravenclaw fashion, bring a library in an argument about a single phrase. He looks up at the Slytherin, then to the prefect. "If you want to go that route, -Miss- -Rosen-. Eagles. Eat. Snakes. Too. So please do not chastise me with an argument that is as frail as a Stinging Jinx against dragonhide. Also, Eagles eat what they need. Snakes gorge, purge, then gorge again. So tell me where I must not call a snake a snake. You can let me know how many points you want to take from me because I'm -right- when you see me again."
He didn't raise his voice, but he was stern and stalwart in his speech at Elspeth defending Lan.
He then stands up abruptly, looking at Cara, his voice softening. "If you feel you're fine, then you need not go to the medical ward." To everyone there, moving his eyes about all of them within the conversation, "I bid you all a good evening, I'm goin to see a Faerie about a dance."
He's not going to be stopped, walking smartly over to the hufflepuff table, near Melody. "Melody Abernathy, may I have this dance?" Offering his hand to her, ignoring really any objections from his own table right now, he's a young man on a mission.

Cara gives Noalan a dry smirk to his equality comment, "that's certainly a tenet that I've long believed the Slytherins have held." An arches brow of her own, "you're right. A vomit trick might go nicely with the event, but unfortunately I've heard purebloods don't appreciate the finer details of a good joke." She gives a minor scowl when the boy so casually speaks of his great wealth, though a flicker of greed is unmistakable in her honey brown doe eyes. When Myrus rises from his seat however, her head sharply turns and she looks up at him to gawk in surprise, "y-you're leaving so soon? The party hasn't even started…" She quietly seethes there while Myrus asks Melody to a dance, crossing her arms about her fluffy chest and trying not to make her emotions appear to overt.

The thing about her commons is that Hufflepuff have sweets all the time, so Amyah perhaps doesn't take a whole lot at the feast. But her green eyes shine energetically as she talks amongst her fellow housemates, smiling happily and giggling. Her little half mask stays fitted over her eyes.

Managing to keep her flames under control this time, Elspeth stares stonily at Myrus as he launches into an entire lesson on biology. "You are being just as bad as every Slytherin you are being so busy telling us that you are better than, Lowe. You are being just as blindly injust and …. argh." She turns to Lan with a shaky breath. "You are being right. No one is learnging anything but how to hate anymore. It is in everyone. There is not being anyone willing to be finding out what people are being really like, they are only wanting to hate the people that is being popular to hate, depending on who they are wanting to impress." Steam rises a bit suspiciously from the fire element's face, but dissipates at the mention of Emi's picture. "May I be seeing it?" she asks, looking back up to the hulking earth elemental at her side.

Cillian just sits there like the good third year he is, eyebrows raising as his lips form a tiny 'o' at all the antics going on and he just nods slowly to Cara and then looks at the other older students like they are a tiny bit…insane, but he's grinning before he asides to Cara when Myrus is heading off. "If ye need 'elp with that one, just let me know. He's also a member of the big mouth clan only…a wee bit uh, more literally. Apparently the lasses /like/ that sort of ting and its alright with me, I haven't worked up the courage to ask how many chips he can hold in his mouth at one time…but he's a good chap."

Cara frowns lightly at Elspeth and shakes her head, "oh, I don't know. If you ask me, it's not -his- fault. It's not -Lowe- that is bullying those without two haughy parents. He's just trying to defend people, like those forced to take that outlandish SCUMS class." She thrusts her chin at Noalan, "a class that the Magijugend surely approved of." She sighs and angrily sticks the ginger root between her teeth, chewing on it at the corner of her mouth, "anyways…" She forces a smile for Cillian, "you're right, he's a good chap." A flash of mischief in her eyes, "so…how many chips can -you- hold in your mouth?"

Sitting at the Gryffindor table, there is still a pile of sweets on Angelus' plate, but he no longer touches any of it. Apparently his fourth helping has ended up being too much, and he simply pushes the plate away and flashes Celes a grin. "Have you finished?" he asks. He glances down at his plate, flicking a finger against some whipping cream idly even as a mischievous glint flickers in his yellow eyes. He suddenly lifts his hand swiftly, trying to tap his finger against his friend's nose playfully, dabbing a little cream as he chuckles. But Gel catches the words from the next table over, turning to glance over towards Elspeth, Clara, and Noalan. He smirks lightly, murmuring to Celes, "Equality isn't going to be an easy thing to achieve."

Noalan rolls his eyes, "Then, by all means, eat me, just as long as it gets me out of this fight, it's getting entirely too nerdy." He watches Myrus get up and leave, looking more contemplative than annoyed, "What was that? Did an earth elemental steal his pet or something? I'd think a Dryad would love earth." He reaches up to adjust his vine crown, "Sure we do, as long as the joke is played on someone else. Aim it over Gryffindor way and I, for one, would appreciate it quite a bit. Really any direction but directly at me might be amusing." He a grin flashes across his face momentarily. For Elspeth, he tries to fish the photo out of an inner pocket. He manages to shake loose a few extra coins, but his stone gauntleted hands don't fit well. "Of course, just give me a minute." Putting one hand under the other arm, he slips his hand free to fish for the picture.

"Without chokin'…or gaggin', mebbe about 20 if properly compacted…" Cillian replies softly to Cara, eyeing the older students and tilting his head to the side and he flaps his butterfly wings with a slow shake of his head. "…wow. Its like puttin' two roosters in the same hen house…tellin' them there be hens and they begin to squabble and then find out that they are both in the same situation of fightin' and squabblin' over somethin' that really didn't need to be fought over to start with…"

Elspeth sighs as she looks at Cara. "No, Lowe is just bullying people because they are being Slytherin, even though they are not being Magijugend and were not being in support of SCUMs classes. A bully is a bully, and one is never being a 'better' kind of bully." She looks to the ginger as the girl eats it and nods. "If you are feeling better, that is being good. I have never been knowing you to be suffering from too much sugar." One more sweeping glance takes in Cara's color to be sure she's not going to be sick all over the place, then she turns her attention to Lan. "Can I help you?" she asks quietly as he tries to fish out the photograph.

Cara rolls her eyes at Noalan's question of Myrus' retreat. Still, she can hardly help it when the boy responds so wittily to her words. She grins up at him, a kindred spirit in mischief-mongering, "alas, perhaps another time. It would hardly do for a deer to stoop to such 'unladylike' behavior." She turns to Cillian and giggles, "twenty? That's…probably at least twice as many as -I- could manage." She chuckles lightly to his following words, only to arch a brow Elspeth's way at the comment of suffering, "that's because I've rarely had so much sugar to eat before. I think the ginger's helping though." She chews some more, "definitely helping." She sighs softly, "I…guess you're right though, Rosen. About bullying, I mean." She glances shyly up at Noalan, "sorry if I was being hard on you." She grins, "did you know Rosen here makes the most delicious sweets? I can hardly get enough of them. You should try them sometime…"

Noalan finally manages to pull a Polaroid out of an inner pocket and offers it to Elspeth, "Thanks, but I've got it." Once his hand's free again he slips it back into the stone gauntlet. "That's a shame." He says to Cara, "You even had the opportunity to blame the eruption on a Slytherin intruder at the table." When she apologizes he half shrugs and shakes his, "Don't be. We work really really hard to cultivate just this kind of reputation. Don't let me go and ruin it. I don't want to have to spend a night in the Asp pit for un slytherin like behavior."

Picture of Emi: Artemis stands at her height with a pure white dress flowing around her form. Almost as if the dress were blanket, a thick strap sits atop one shoulder and leaves the other shoulder bare. The dress gathers around the breasts, where a golden line circles around the dress underneath her chest. The rest of the dress flows down to her ankles, her feet dressed up in golden coloured sandals, laced up over top of her foot and tied in a bow just above her ankle. Her hair falls down over her shoulders in ringlets, pinned off her face by a white feather-like barrette on either side.

Celes shifts her shoulders a bit, still getting use to the rather last minute additions and alterations to her costume. It does look good though. "Ya, I think I'm done. Any more sugar and I'll start getting a headache." Just thinking about it causes her to, reach up to rub her forehead under the helmet. "What?" She asks, missing the context of Angeluses statement, "What do you mean? I thought the new headmaster did a pretty good job of trying to mend bridges."

Taking the picture to look at, Elspeth subsides, and her costume glows contentedly, the bluebell flames dancing more lively at her wrists. "That is being wonderful. I am missing her, but it is being good that she was not being here. This year would have been killing her." She looks at it again, then holds it back up to Lan. She pauses as she notes that he may have issues trying to put it back into his pocket. "Or perhaps it is being easier if I am holding onto it for now?"
A smile is turned to Cara and she gives a tiny nod. "Thank you, Goyle." A tinge of red suffuses under the darkened cheeks at the praise to her baking, and she bows her head a little. "Lan has been having some treats, yes."

Cara giggles at Noalan's words, "you're so right though. It seems as if all Slytherins do their best to cultivate that wonderfully blue-blooded reputation of theirs. It's a wonder you all don't stumble around with swollen heads." Either way, she excitedly shifts over to peer at Emi's picture with Elspeth, gasping at what she sees, "she looks like a princess! So beautiful. I wish I had a dress like that." She bobs her head to her housemate and grins, "only telling the truth."

"Hmm, ya I suppose so." Lan says noncommittally to Elspeths assertion about Emi. To avoid touching on that subject any farther he says, "As long as all your fire is safe, you're probably right, especially if Vyn will want to see it." Lan gives his re-gloved hand a few flexes. "What do you mean a wonder? Look over at my table, I'm over here because there wasn't any more head room over there. And let me tell you, there's really danger of concussion when our common room is full." No one knows more slytherin jokes than Lan. He shifts his weight a bit, of course he gets the heavy element, The move causes more tinkling at his feet, "Ya, but the way she likes to dress up, it doesn't surprise me. I bet that dress is from a specific historical period that she would be delighted to spend a few hours explaining."

The warm smile that slides across Angelus' face also reaches his eyes, even as the enhanced colour shines wolfishly. "Dumbledore did," Gel responds with a single nod. "I've always liked him. I'm glad he's the new Headmaster." But even as he comments, he gestures with his head towards the next table over, lifting a hand to aim a thumb at the Ravenclaw table. He turns his head again, watching his brother with Elspeth, but frowns in disapproval as his yellow eyes flick from Noalan to Cara. He hesitates, glancing to the side at Celes, and then towards Cara. An envious glint glimmers in his eyes. Why is his brother talking to her?

Fire. It's just illusory fire, right? With a grin, Elspeth tucks the photo away and nods. "And I am sure that she would be sending many pages if I were to be sending her a letter asking." As the discourse becomes lighter between Cara and Lan, she chuckles at bit at the concussion joke. She glances down as more knuts and sickles puddle at his feet, and one of the firsties, after a glance to their table companion, actually gets down on her hands and knees and crawls forwards to pick one up. Scurrying back to her spot, the two of them look it over, before decided that it is, indeed, real, and they scramble down to pick up more. "Maybe you are wanting to walk a bit before you are becoming rooted in one place? We can be showing Ev the picture Emi has sent."

Levi swoops back in or well his wings extended since being up getting sweets as he sets the plate down his 'tail-feather fall back behind him and he'll retract the signaturely shaped wings from his phoenix costume. He has been silent a bit sitting though the swan now not there perhaps off hanging out with other friends. He will watch over the great hall likely thinking about the dance portion coming up all to soon.

Cara giggles yet again at Lan's jokes, "you're right. Doesn't look like any head room at all. Thank heavens you got out in time." She smiles widely, though a small glance is given Elspeth's way. No matter, she moves on to the next subject and replies, "I miss Emi. I wish she didn't decide to leave early. I wouldn't mind hearing her explain what time period that dress was inspired by. It -is- a beautiful dress." She arches a brow as someone starts picking the coins up from the ground, eyes flashing with mild envy yet deciding it best not to embarrass herself by doing the same. While anyone is looking, anyhow. She blinks from her thoughts and the greed in her expression by looking up and saying, "I'm sure a number of students would love for you to continue moving, Eibon. Almost as though the very act were worth a small fortune, in their eyes…"

Cele's hand falls from rubbing her forehead to her nose, only then noticing that Angelus had whip cream on his finger when he swiped at her nose. She uses a thumb to wipe it clean, "Lost him as house head though." She blinks in the direction he indicates but still doesn't understand what he's indicating. "What's wrong there?"

Amyah wipes at the corner of her mouth with a finger, clearing a bit of powder from it. She smiles delightedly, spying Levi along the table and lifting a hand to wave at him. A giggle escapes her and she pipes up cheerfully, "I like your costume!"

Lan nods, "Ya, well. If she had been here, they might have had to shackle and gag her to keep her from causing a scene at every meal and class." Stepping to the side to get out of the way he smirks, "The coins are my brothers little contribution to my costume, there's even a Galleon in here somewhere." His smirk fades, "That kid's gotten very strange lately." He shakes his head, "But ya, walking sounds good."

The seventh year turns as he's spoken to smiling in return. "Thanks Tennan, yours is good too. Did you enjoy the feast?" Levi will ask though he does take a moment to see who's still in the Hall as well taking a bit more from his plate while he waits.

Elspeth grins. "Yes, perhaps we can be sharing the wealth as we are going," she teases Lan. When he talks about someone getting strange, she tilts her head. "Gel?" she asks curiously in a slightly quieter tone. "He is struggling, I think. It is being a good costume, though. I should be telling him, later," she adds the last word to assure the elder Eibon she isn't going to be dragging him over to have to speak to his brother right this moment. "You are looking much better Cara, but please, be careful if you are going to be eating more sweets again." She gives the girl one more grin before she walks with the Slytherin.

Amusement twinkles in Angelus' golden eyes as Celes wipes her nose. A devilish grin crosses his face, shaking his head lightly as he chuckles. About the table, he simply just holds up a hand and shrugs lightly, sending another glance towards them, again frowning. "It doesn't matter," he answers his friend, bringing his gaze back to Celes as he offers her a charming smile. "I think I'm going to rescue…" He hesitates for a moment, tilting his head as he ponders. "Kothari? Goyle?" He shrugs his shoulders lightly. "Her," he says with a gesture towards Cara, "from my brother." As he rises up from the seat, he leans closer to Celes to kiss her cheek. "I'll be back."

Angelus turns and steps away from his table to the Ravenclaw table. His wings flickering a little, blood dripping from the black feathers and disappearing. "My contribution?" asks the boy as he steps up next to Noalan. He hums thoughtfully, blinking as he eyes his brother suspiciously before it dawns on him. "You know I'm not paying you again, right?" He rolls his eyes. "Shouldn't you be back at your table, Noah?" His eyes gleam from the light as he turns them onto Elspeth, a single brow arching. "Nice costume, Rosen. Very well done. I'm surprised you didn't decide to go as water." His smile is warm as he lowers his head a touch to Elspeth, and then turns to look at Cara, a grin tugging at his lips. "You look amazing."

Cara snickers at Lan's words, "I've been in similar situations myself once or twice, in class and unable to utter a word." She shrugs, "too much pranking sometimes…" An arched brow, "it's your brother that gave you all those coins to toss about?" She grins, "didn't realize he was so generous with his wealth." She offers Lan and Elspeth a slightly forced smile, "you two have a nice walk. I'll do my best to be careful for the rest of the night. I'm not so certain I can eat a single extra bite!" Then Angelus strides over, and her eyes flicker between both brothers, staying quiet and bemused at the likely short conversation. When his attention is turned towards her however, she beams delightedly and replies, "thanks! You have know idea how many castings of transformation I needed to do to get this just right." A cant of her head, "you're looking awfully edgy yourself. Sorry I couldn't dress the part of an angel. It was suggested I go 'stag' to the dance, and so…" She shrugs, "this is what I came up with. Close enough, I think."

Amyah smiles brightly and bobs her head energetically in answer to Levi. "Yes, of course." She giggles, and lowers her hand to tap her belly. "I don't know if I can eat another bite!"

The fire elemental's eyes widen as, "I am remembering that conversation, but I was not making the connection!" Elspeth gives a little giggle, "that is being brilliant, Goyle." Inclining her head to Angelus in return, she smiles. "Thank you. I was thinking of water, being honest, but I was being persuaded to be leaving it for someone else. I was just telling Lan that I was wanting to compliment you on your costume, it is brilliant." She waits for Lan's response to his brother before stepping onwards.

Levi chuckles a little as his housemate motions to being full "Well it wouldnt be a proper feast otherwise, dinner and all the sweets one can eat." The young man says with a grin though he looks to the others before back "Are you attending the dance afterwards?" he wonders.

Noalan gives indecipherable grunt to Elspeth's 'struggling' sentiment. Whatever is going on there, he'll let it play out without him. As to Angelus's generosity, he shakes his head and shrugs, "It's a bit more complicated than that…" He moves as if to leave when his brother decides to make an appearance. "Speak of the devil." Literally as it appears. "Brilliant costume in deed, chosen by popular demand I hear."

Amyah beams as her eyes light up, nodding her head in agreement. "I think I am," she answers Levi, but then glances around the hall before looking back to the seventh year. "For a little. I really want to dance."

"We'll see if I want to dance, if I can not smash Granger's toes." Levi says to the younger student though he's glad that she is going to attend and just enjoy the Halloween activities as such as they are. "That's good though going, I hope its a lot of fun. I wonder who the special muscial guest is?"

"I know," Angelus responds to Elspeth, nodding, smiling proudly. "But would you expect anything else from me?" He gestures out with his hands in a grand gesture at his self, twisting one way, and then the other. A grin splits his face, looking from Elspeth to Cara as a hand nonchalantly lifts to wave to Elspeth. A glint flashes in his golden eyes, grinning widely to Cara. "Well your hard work really paid off. Am I going to be able to show off my excellent moves to you later?" he asks her, winking at her as he gives her a challenging look. Extending his arms out at either sides, Gel does a little of those moves, cross stepping, and then spinning around until he's facing Cara once more, lifting his hand to his head to flick his blonde curls from his eyes, taking on a pose with his chest swollen proudly. A mere glance is given to his brother, but he smirks, shrugging lightly. "Gotta give a grand idea credit where it's due." He then turns to look up and down the Ravenclaw's table. "Where is Ward sitting, anyway?"

"No," Elspeth muses to Angelus. "I would not be expecting anything less, for being sure." As he shows off his prowess in dance, she chuckles towards Cara, but lets his search for Gabriel be her chance to steal away his brother. She backs off from the table, giving a slight tug to help the rock shift into motion.

Cara's eyes shine cheerfully at Elspeth's compliment, "thanks! What can I say? Brilliant might as well be my middle name…if it wasn't Sylvia, anyhow." She snickers lightly to Noalan's ironic jibe at Angelus' costume, though she excitedly nods her head to his future showing off, "I should hope so! Just because I'm going 'stag' doesn't mean I won't want to dance with edgy boys. She claps her hands as Angelus twirls in place, cheering him on, "what an aces move. I'm sure Dashur will appreciate it…" She shrugs at the question of Gabriel, however, "haven't seen him. Hey! Did you know I've got a doe tail to match?" She places the ginger root on the table, turning about to show the tail and helping her friend escape with the brother.

Angelus grins as he straightens, his golden eyes gleaming with amusement as he flicks them over Cara. Elspeth and Noalan get no more acknowledgement as they depart, but he does grin at his success. "Sorry about my brother," he says, "he can be a little discourteous. Don't mind him. We Eibons are mostly more charming than that." Grinning, he cranes his head a little and offers Cara a wink. His eyes flick to the table as soon as she turns, intrigue flashing in his eyes as his grin twitches at his lips, inhaling. "Brilliant," comments the youth, letting out a breath. He glances towards his table, nodding his head. "Of course. It's too bad you can't come over and join us at our table," he adds, looking back to Cara.

Amyah smiles softly as she offers him a single nod. "Just have fun and relax and you'll be fine," she says bubbly. She beams and bobs her head again. "It's dancing! It'll definitely be fun." She giggles and then taps a finger against her mouth as she chinks. "Ummmm, I don't know. I don't suppose I'll know them. I don't know many wizard or witch singers."

Cara smirks drily at Angelus and replies, "one should hope so. But he's not so very bad. He's got a funny tongue to him, I think." She turns about to more fully face the boy now, beaming at the same comment Elspeth had provided, "thanks! Took forever to get the colors just right. I wanted it to look realistic." She arches a brow and glances to the table Angelus speaks about, stubbornly declaring with a shrug, "there's no rule against me joining yours or any table. I'll prove that right now, in fact." She stomps on over, grinning mischievously all the while, and plops down in the same seat the boy only recently vacated. Shyly, she glances at Celes and says, "hey Dashur…how's the feast?"

Levi chuckles "I'll try my best, and thanks sound advice." The seventh year ponders himself about the band, but doesnt come up with anything. "Eh, I probably wont know them eitehr myself, so I wouldnt be too worried. I bet they'll be great though whoever it is."

Anthony returns to the hall. It would seem he's down here, pre-ball, to wait for his partner to finish fixing her costume, her powder, or the world. He goes and gets himself a goblet of pumpkin juice, and finds a seat.

Celes has been mostly just watching Angelus talk to the others and waiting for him to come back. When Cara approaches she straightens, "Hi. Uh, pretty good, though I do prefer the usual food." She says. The younger girl gives her a nervous smile, "I like your costume, are you a reindeer?"

Nodding some more to Levi, Amyah smiles brightly. "Well I hope they play some spoooooky music. Halloween needs to have the spooks." She giggles, her eyes sparkling with delight. She glances around the hall.

Angelus lifts a brow as Cara mentions his brother being funny. A sigh escapes the youth, lightly tilting his head to the side as he lets out a hum. "A bit disrespectful to our father's House," he murmurs off-handedly. He merely shrugs, rolling his shoulders casually. "Well, there's Noah, and then there's me," says Gel as a grin crosses his face. "Much more entertaining, right?" He winks. He starts to cross back over to the Gryffindor table with Cara, but Gel pauses, blinking as he turns back as he casts a glance to Anthony. He dips his head once, but clears his throat as he inches away from the table. Ahem. Yea, let's avoid being swarmed by words he doesn't understand!

Cara elicits a timid chuckle and bobs her head, "I am! Though without a red nose, nor the talent to fly. Unless I've got my trusty broom." She blinks in mild disbelief, "wait, you like the usual food better than…than this?" She waves a hand over the grand selection of delectable confections, "you should try the cupcakes. Or the donuts. They're delish." Over to Angelus, she replies with a faint smirk, "oh, much more entertaining. Still, there's something to be said for dropping actual knuts and sickles with every step you take…"

The seeker grins to his housemates words about the music needing to be spooky "I am sure I dont know how to dance to spooky music, but I am always up for sitting one out." Levi says lightly with a laugh perhaps he wonders how one does dance to spooky music or is picturing it.

Once Elspeth and Lan have moved at fair distance from other students he says, "I never did thank you for playing along with that whole… 'thing'. Not sure if you knew I had it, but I know you saw the location as clearly as I did."

Elspeth shakes her head to Lan, looking down. "I was not sure what he was meaning at first," she admits quietly. "It was Gabriel that was figuring out what happened." She glances around, "I was being too scared that Cavanaugh was actually going to be trying to stun Gel to be paying attention to… why you were leaving."

Anthony says to the younger Ravenclaw, "It is a very impressive outfit. Very… evocative." He takes a sip of his pumpkin juice. Freshly made by Abraxas & Pringle ltd.

"Like this!" Amyah chirps, raising her arms to wiggle them in front of her as she lets out an, "Oooooooh," sound. "Anything works, as long as we're having fun."

Angelus smirks, giving his head a shake as his yellow, gleaming eyes trail towards where Noalan and Elspeth went off in. "Well, I can't say I agree," he comments, looking back to Cara. "He could have used the money to buy Rosen an extravagant head prop." He grins, looking over to Celes, but then falling silent to let her and Clara talk a bit.

Refreshed, Tony heads back towards the ball.

Levi watches her show the dance moves for the spooky music and he chuckles but not teasing or mean but he is glad to see one person still carefree and well having fun is what the feast is all about, to relax and unwind from all the stress of classes "That will do just fine for a dance, I quite agree and fun is the order of the evening."

Celes blushes a bit and shrugs, "Ya, I know and I certainly like desert, but I feel like I already gained five pounds and have the jitters." Her eyes fall to the spread, "And I just know I'll be starving again by the time I'm getting ready for bed."

Cara grins at Anthony, arching the slightest brow, "thanks." She giggles to Angelus' words, offering a playful reply, "perhaps a giant snake headdress, in honor of his magnificent house." She chuckles to Celes' comment as well, "I know exactly what you mean. I don't think I could eat even a little bit more. I…may even have a bit of those jitters myself." She shrugs her shoulders, "well, one good thing is I'll probably lose at least ten pounds at the dance. As for another, I'm sure they'll at least have some punch and more treats at the party." Another shrug and a sageful nod, "it's a delicate balance."

Noalan grins, "A real shame he didn't. Aelus would have just loved to have been able to hold that over his head. Wrongfully attacked and all." He frowns a little, "Then he gave up the game for no reason, and the apology… I wish I knew his game." He bumps his shoulder against hers the costumes, sending up a little curl of smoke. "At least his money is being put to good use, I'm sure he'd love it if the Galleon gets picked up by a muggle born. I really am regretting turning a whole galleon into Knuts though, five hundred knuts doubles the weight of this thing."

Angelus now fully comes up behind Celes and Cara, and his grin widens as his yellow eyes glimmer. The fourth year reaches down to rest a hand on both of the girls backs, chuckling as he lowers his head between them. "I should probably apologize about that," he pipes up with a smirk, "I tend to that. Give ladies the jitters." He smiles softly as he looks to Celes, to Cara, head tilting.

Amyah lowers her arms, a little tinge of colour in her cheeks. She smiles, picking up a cupcake and biting into it.

"This is true," Elspeth replies. She glances around and as no one seems to be near enough, or listening, she shakes her head. "He is trying to figure out which side is the side to be on, I think," she muses, then glances up a little. "Apology? To you?" her eyebrows raise, and she glances down again when his shoulder bumps hers, standing her ground instead of letting it push her so that she can subtly prolong the contact just the tiniest bit. "What is that saying, 'no good deed goes unpunished'?" she asks. "Maybe we should walk a little more so that it wil fall out faster."

Celes can't help but grin and roll her eyes, giving Angeluses should a punch, "Oh cut it out." Uncertain, she nods, "Ya, if I'm really allowed to go." She looks at Angelus, "You're sure they'll let me stay if I'm with you?"

"Its alright your dance was perfect for spookyness." Levi says as he notices the blush he will look to the others still about the room before back "Hows the cupcake? I didnt try those just got some of my favorite sweets." he asks after a moment he'll take another drink from his juice while he waits for a response.

Cara elicits a startled squeak of surprise when she feels Angelus' hand on her back and his voice almost malevolently appears at her side. Once her heart leaps back into her chest, she giggles and shoves a hand into the boy's chest, "you dingy egg! I can't believe you!" A few more giggles and she reassures Celes, "oh, I think if an older boy invites you, you're allowed to stay. That's what I've heard, at least."

Amyah replies with a meek, "Thanks," to Levi. But she bounces eagerly and cheerfully in her seat. "We have to show King Tito a good dance or he'll be very disappointed in us," she says, making herself low and stern, but a playful look on her features as she giggles. "King Tito's a man to be entertained when he asks for it! Or, at least, that's what I've decided!"

"From what I heard, he was apologizing to a lot of people." Lan says, "Ya, maybe. That does seem like something he'd do." He grins a bit at the suggestion, "I wish. I oh so cleverly have it time sensitive. The movement just shakes out the ones it's released." He pauses for a moment then adds, "Did I mention how good your costume turned out? You look really good, dangerous."

"Dangerous?" The glowing eyes open in surprise at the added adjective, and Elspeth gives a little chuckle. "Thank you… Evelyn made the hair potion, which did turn out rather well, and the lotion…" she holds up a hand where the glow seems to be rippling along her skin. She blows one of the bluebell flames from her wrist and watches it float towards Lan. "Although I am finding that it is slightly heat reactive." Her lips pull together ruefully. "I do not know what came over me when Lowe was telling you to take a hike. I am used to people being that way, but tonight…" she shrugs.

Celes' reaction causes Angelus' grin to grow and his eyes to flash. He laughs, withdrawing his hand. His laughter increases to Cara's response, and he straightens back up behind them. He dips his head in a nod of agreement to Celes. "Yea, of course you'll be allowed."

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