(1939-10-31) Halloween: A Dance For Two
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Summary: Halloween Dance 1939: Colton asks Lara for a dance. And despite his Goblin outfit, this time he is not rebuffed.
Date: 31 October, 1939
Location: Hogwarts, Great Hall
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Halloween Dance 1939
Haka Dance and Vain Chivalry

Lara watches the younger students file out before the Great Hall dims and the Halloween Dance 1939 is about to start. She cheers for Celestina along with the remaining students as she pushes her chair back, tapping her foot to the music and watching the gathering crowd. Her pointed hood and veil have been drawn back, fully revealing her face and her red hair, which falls freely around her shoulders and shows a glossy reflection tonight. Her face appears paler than usual, accented by red lips. While not wearing the most creative costume, she did spend a considerable time on a fitting make-up.

Colton has a dance first with the most important girl in his life, his little sister Sierra. They have fun because it's her first time she's able to be at the dance. But it's starting to get late enough that the enchantments on him and his costume are fading. He's back to his usual height and his nose and face is less pointy and he looks more like himself just in Hodrod the Horny-Handed's clothing. The squirming action figures are put in his belt to keep them confined and his hands free as he makes his approach towards Lara. He clears his throat and gives the redhead a very big goofy grin. "So what are you supposed to be?" He offers out his hand and tilts his head towards the dance floor when the music is a slow one.

Lara accepts his hand without hesitation and raises to her feet. "Well, it was supposed to look somewhat like an ageless vampire, but I fear that without pointed teeth it rather lacks in scariness. It ought to be an easy charm, but turned out to be hard to apply while holding a mirror." She shrugs apologetically, following Colton to the dance floor. "You certainly earned your reward for the silliest costume tonight. That performance was… uhm… very Colton-esque." She says with a merry twinkle in her eyes. "I must admit, I have never really appreciated the goblin within you. Although it is fading somewhat…"

Colton smiles and tangles his fingers up with hers to lead her to an open spot on the floor. He itches at his head as the bald pate starts to sprout his thick dark curly hair again. "I figured that between this costume and my pumpkin I'd place at least once in Silliest or Scariest. I'm good with two sillies. Nice way to go out." Being a seventh year and all, this is his last Halloween. Once they get to a nice spot he turns to face her and take her by the waist and lifts up their held hands and he starts a slow casual waltz. "You don't look like a vampire at all. You're much too beautiful for a vampire. Maybe Half-Vampire… more like a ghost who haunts my dreams." It's a corny pick up line, but it wouldn't be Colton without the corn or cheese.

Her steps follow his lead with ease, blue eyes fixed on his, cheeks slightly flushed despite her make-up. "While I am still trying to make sense of your compliments" Lara remarks dryly, "I will try not to disrupt your sweet dreams by improper ghost appearances." Still, she almost imperceptibly moves in closer. Considering him for a long moment, she adds "You have changed, though. I never thought I'd actually see you earn points for services to the school."

Colton gives a great big goofy smile. The closer step is noticed and barely percievable his hand slides more towards her back at the waist. "Yeah? Well damn, if I knew that was what it took to finally get you to notice me, I might have went Dungeon Spelunking for dangerous artefacts long ago."

Lara laughs at this comment. "You got me. I admit I had been looking for a shining Prince Charming when I first got to Hogwarts, but I have learned that true heroes are more… down-to-earth, obviously." She nods towards his goblin dress with a grin, then arches her neck gracefully as they turn again, enjoying the dance. "And… speaking as a Ravenclaw, the fact that you actually made it to your seventh year, is certainly worth notice."

Colton gives her an aghast look as if he's offended. "Wot? What does that mean 'made it to my seventh year? Ravenclaws aren't the only ones that want to stick around through NEWTs you know." He gives her a sing and a dip back. He's not the greatest of dancers but he's got some moves in his reportoire. "So what are your plans? We've never had a chance to really talk since we were kids and it was more storytelling than planning when we'd talk 'what I want to be when I grow up.'."

When she's upright again, Lara grins more broadly than ever. "For a goblin, you are a exceptionally gifted dancer, too." Her expression turns more serious, though, as she continues their conversation. "Forgive me, when I first met you, I did find you a bit silly and rather too carefree. But well, so was I, and rather naive at that, too." She shakes her head. "I… I don't have any plans yet, really. What about you?" At that moment, the song ends… far too soon in Lara's opinion. She firmly holds Colton's hand without stepping away, as Celestina introduces the next song, which - of course - features a tale of two young lovers, but with a slightly more lively tune this time.

Colton happily takes the hint and his fingers give hers an assuring 'not going anywhere' squeeze before he springs her out and twirls her around under his arm before bring her in for a bit of lively two step. "Do you like to Travel?" Yes, travel comes with a capital T from Colton. "Maybe you could tag along with the clan where ever we may roam this holiday!" He grins as he speaks up so that he can be heard while they dance to the music.

Lara twirls gracefully, red hair flying, her dress whirling around her feet. She smiles at Colton brightly, then almost misses a step at his invitation, which totally hits her by surprise. Trying to regain her balance, then her composure, she doesn't reply at once, but gives him a quizzical look instead. "Are you joking?"

Colton laughs at her reaction but he's not laughing at her. More just the adorable reaction to his invitation. "Sure, it's not like it's some big fancy thing like I hear Abraxas is doing. Just the Clan going around here and there all my bratty siblings being pests. On second thought…. you probably wouldn't wan to come." He remarks with a sage nod as he pretends to change his mind.

Lara pulls Colton to a halt, her hand giving his hand a gentle squeeze. She leans closer to him, her voice barely audible over the music, her expression… almost pained. "You know, actually I… I would love to go, Colton." She pauses, apparently at a loss of what to say next. Then she shakes her head sadly. "It's just… I need to see my family. My brother is on Muggle warship, and I don't know… if I can see him at all. But if I can, I will. I am sorry, Colton." She looks up at him. "I… saw your wagon down by the road. Is it really yours? Met your adorable sister there." With that, her feet start to move again.

Colton frowns sincerely concerned and sympathetic when she confesses about her brother. "Family is the most important thing, course Lara, no fretting. Alright? Was just something that popped in my head. Really, no pressure. Aye, she's a beaut isn't she? Next Hogsmeade weekend I'll show you inside if you like?" He gives her a really good spin before drawing her up close again for some more lively dance steps. "Cheers to him and your family by the way. Great thing he's doing. Much respect."

Lara nods quietly while they resume their dance. She looks rather distracted, although not by Noalan's coins, which tend to roll about the dancefloor now and then. When she speaks again, her smile returns. "Let's not speak of it now. Oh yes, I'd love to see your wagon. Next Hogsmeade week-end then?"

Colton nods his head and the frown is replaced with a wide grin. When this song ends he lifts up her hand to give the back of her knuckles a quick peck and a wink. "Next weekend. Brunch at the Caravan. Excellent, it's a date." He licks his lips and tilts his head. "Refreshment break, aye?"

Lara returns his wink with a happy smile, brushing his cheek lightly with her fingers as he straigthens. "Brunch at the caravan. You make it sound rather… adventurous." She nods turning towards the tables in the direction indicated. "Yes, gladly. Let's take a break." Her heart is still pounding and she is for once glad for the white make-up covering her face.

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