(1939-11-03) An Understanding
Details for An Understanding
Summary: Graham meets with Wolfgang in effort to get some sort of leniency in seeing Signe again.
Date: November 3rd, 1939
Location: The Natrix - Wolfgang's Office

When two parties are very busy it can be a hard thing finding times which match up for a meeting. It seems this over really anything at all has kept this meeting from happening as long as it has been. Its evening and at least for the moment no events going on at the club so a good time to have such a meeting. The cold weather has come and likely to stay until spring and so its a slightly bundled against the chill Graham which shows up, he is expected and shown up to the office where he will knock lightly on the door and wait to be admitted.

Wolfgang tucks a few folders he was working on into a drawer in his desk and he locks it up while calling, "Come in." He stands up and gestures to a chair on the other side of the desk. A moment is taken to pour himself a short glass of Italian liquor and offer to pour another one for Graham.

Graham enters into the room a nod to the man behind the desk before he'll move over towards the chair. "Cant i'm afraid on duty later." He says about the liquor but he will say "Thank you for agreeing to meet with me Mr Montague." he will wait for the other to sit before he too follows suit and will wait while the other gets his drink and everything not in a rush it would seem.

Wolfgang fills the other glass with water than and slides it to the edge of the desk where Graham's standing. He takes his seat and a good quaff of his beverage. "What can I help you with Auror Cohen?"

The young man nods to the water after taking a seat himself "Thank you." Graham he'll take a drink from the glass a moment thinking about his reason for being here. "Well, i'm here to speak about Signe." he starts though he continues quickly "Well more to the correct point, the quite slanderous words spoken against me involving Signe and the resulting misunderstanding." he explains his reason for the meeting.

Wolfgang ahs, it's clear he was hoping that this wasn't the reason Graham was here and wanted a meeting. But he keeps things civil. "There's no misunderstanding Auror Cohen. I don't appreciate they way you treat Signe. I'm not an idiot, I didn't need anyone to tell me anything to know that you are much to familiar with another man's dame. Seen it with my own eyes, so there's no misunderstanding, you're just not the sort of fella I trust around my girl. I'm sure you're a fine guy, but you can continue to keep your mitts far far from Signe. I hope we're at a better understanding now. This has nothing to do with any snitch and everything to do with you."

Graham listens to the others words watching him closely though his facial features are the well known calm which the Auror keeps well it takes a lot to rattle him he's been told. He will listen to every point though before speaking. "I do not take you for an idiot I assure you, Mr Montague. I have no plans no designs to try and take Signe away from you or any such thing. I am in fact seeing someone myself." he takes the plunge here its true-ish or becoming true. "Signe is a friend, a good friend. I want nothing more than the same thing you do. Her safety, I've guarded her from intoxicated advances on more than one occasion personally." he pauses "I would be willing to prove my intentions if its what it takes."

Wolfgang tilts his head a bit this way and that as he ponders what it will take. "I don't know if I can answer that. Respect for my request would be a good start. Yes, showing that you can keep things respectful, hands off and treating her like a friend and another man's dame. It's great that you've protected her from other advances, but who's going to protect her from yours. Because you were and did get inappropriate with my girl. I'll answer that for you: me. It's for me to do. No more hugging, no more hand holding, no more massaging her feet." Even as he lays out the law he's actually rather calm and even. He doesn't like things as they are and would like to see a change as much as Graham does. But he needs to make it clear that it's Graham that needs to change and that there was no misunderstanding. This was going to go down with or without anyone outside of his ring that watches over Signe reporting back to him. "She's well taken care of, so it's not for you to concern yourself with any more. Think that we can come to an understanding?"

The auror, who well rather prides himself on being a gentleman is stung by the whole affair its true, but there are more important things than pride and that would be friends which is in this case what it comes down to. Graham listens to the others words and terms as they are laid out to him. "I assure nothing was meant there Mr Montague, I only meant that I protect my friends." he takes another drink from the water "Of course we have an understanding. I would like nothing more, than to resolve this."

Wolfgang takes another drink before he stands up and offers his hand across the desk to the Auror. "Excellent. Glad to have this resolved. We're very busy men, so I'll not take up any more of your time. Thank you Auror Cohen, have a safe day." He stays behind his desk but with a gesture the office door opens. With a charming smile and a nod of his head in farewell he takes a seat once more and makes to re-open his drawer and pull out the file again to get back to work.

Graham stands as the other does. He'll reach out and shake the other man's hand though if nothing he understands what is being asked of him but what is to come of it now? "Of course, and thank you for the meeting of course." He'll finish up the water at least and will move back towards the door as its opened clearly the meeting is adjourned and he'll step back out into the club so that he can either say hello to said friend or make his way out work time coming near-er it seems.

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