(1939-11-03) Uncruel Intentions
Details for Uncruel Intentions
Summary: Study Hall in the Great Hall gets interrupted and not much studying actually gets done.
Date: November 3rd, 1939
Location: Hogwarts - Great Hall

Anthony wanders into the great hall, carrying a selection of books, and plonks himself down at the Ravenclaw tables.

Sierra doesn't have books - instead, she has a basket with yarn and some crochet hooks, it having been a little too chill and overcast outside to work. She plunks herself down on one of the benchs, pulling out a floopy shape made out of bright orange yarn and resumes her crocheting, humming to herself cheerfully as she works.

Anthony unrolls a large scroll, and then starts opening several books. They would appear to be from a mix of History of Magic and Study of Ancient Runes, and it appears that Tony is applying learning from one of his NEWTs subjects to an ongoing essay in another. It's not quite normal to do so, but… who knows if Professor Binns will be impressed, or pitch a fit. Unless it's for Professor Black, of course. He frowns, "I don't _think_ I should talk about Egyptian theories of the soul and ghosts."

Sierra glances towards Anthony, craning her neck for a moment to see what he's working on with a hint of curiousity, before turning her attention back to the rhythmic movements of her crochet hook. She's going to have to work on some decreases soon… "Why not?" she asks idly.

Anthony puts his quill down, "Because I think it might annoy Professor Binns."

Colton crunches into an apple as he snacks while pouring over some Ancient Runes books himself. Talking while chewing he states, "Nothing annoys Professor Binns. Go for it. Though trying to get extra credit out of him also doesn't work."

"I get my homework for Binns done with with the bare minimum to meet the requirements," Sierra remarks. Of course, the same can be said with most of her classes. "History of Magic is so painfully dull. It could be so much better, though, with just a little… drama. And energy." That'll never happen, though.

Anthony looks slightly shocked at Sierra, "What? Splitting aside seas is insufficient drama for you? Or fearful curses left behind by our forebears? Or bloody revolts? How can you not find that _exciting_?"

"What could possibly be exciting when all of it is relayed in a voice that sounds just like this?" Sierra counters - speaking in a perfectly flat, monotone voice with no expression on her features.

Anthony gives a shrug, "You've got to do your reading, and a bit more around the subject. But honestly, some of it is Fascinating! I have this theory about the Priest Magicians of Egypt… and the Rune casters of the Viking Era. And how Mugglekind and Wizardry can live alongside one another, at least in the past."

Anthony has a huge scroll unrolled on the Ravenclaw table, as well as a variety of books of both Ancient Runes and History of Magic. But his quill is resting on its side.

"It's amazing how dry the books make it sound, too, though. When you know it's amazing stuff. Hundreds if not thousands of people dying at wars, and battles! Wizards versus goblins! Really exciting stuff. And they make it all dry as a Pharoh's tomb in the middle of a summer draught," Sierra complains with a sigh. "They need better storytellers, is what they need."

A soft click of shoes on the floor brings a leggy redhead into the Great Hall. "Hey." Eibhlin's voice is very soft as she settles in beside Anthony. It's quite possible that the Head Girl is wearing something VERY akin to chagrin on her face.

Anthony starts to make some correction about Tombs of Pharaoh's. You just KNOW he is. When the leggy redhead one comes down, "Happy Halloween, Sweetheart." Says Tony with a smile, "Care for a dance?"

Sierra glances at the pair as Eibhlin arrives and then, while Colton is distracted by his classwork, reaches over to snatch his apple from him, and take a bite with an impish smile. This is the sort of stuff they've been doing to each other for years, after all.

Eibhlin gives Anthony a small smile. "So you forgive me then? I meant to come down.. just. I got caught up in my work and I forgot what time it was."

Trouble with young, 'serious' couples: sometimes they talk like no one else is there.

Colton mumbles, "Brat." While stretching out an arm to poke his lil sister in the side and steal back his apple. He then looks at his sister as he very dilberately licks his tongue all over the green crisp and juicy apple. To Anthony and Eibhlin he makes a gagging expression at Sierra and gives a shudder.

Anthony blinks, "Forgive you? For what? But I _would_ like this dance." He leans over to murmur to Sierra. "Help with your History of Magic if you can find someone who can play a musical instrument in the next five minutes." And then he offers his hand to the redhead

Colton shakes his head at his sister, "Oi, get a room, some of us are trying to study here."

Sierra can't help but laugh as Colton reclaims his apple - and licks the damned thing. "I may be a brat, but at least I'm not gross," she answers. Her attention shifts to Anthony as she says dryly, "I hear there's a few kids learning the bagpipes. Shall I find one of them?"

Colton takes another crunch out of his apple. "Please, I used to clean up your poo and drool and snot. You'll never ever convince me you're not gross." He smirks and winks at his sister though and finally swallows after talking with his mouth full. Hoping that the couple have taken the hint he looks back down to his book and takes a note down on a piece of parchment. On the parchment is a drawing of a door that's covered in runes.

Eibhlin's eyes cut over to Colton for a moment, like she's about to say something… And she eventually does, switching into Gaelic. «Och, Colton, don't think I didn't notice you mooning once upon a time. Don't be a git.» There's a twinkle in her eyes, however, and she murmurs to Anthony, taking his hand and nudging him towards the door.

Anthony laughs, "If you say so. But I _do_ want a dance, you know!"

"You seem to have me confused with Cacia," Sierra remarks dryly. "I am only three years younger than you, you loon." She rolls her eyes broadly, then looks between Eibhlin and Colton with an amused look. «When were you sweet on the head girl?» she asks.

Eibhlin smiles at Anthony and nods. "Right. The wireless is upstairs… So let's go." Nudge nudge.

Anthony laughs, "Sorry. I _always_ forget the damn Radio. You'd think after all these years, but….."

Colton smirks and picks up the Gaelic but first he starts in Shelta towards his sister, "«Who says I ever stopped being Sweet on her?»" Then to Eibhlin he smiles and shrugs matching her form of gaelic, "«Not being a Git. You two are, it's study hall Head Girl, not a Dance Hall. Go, enjoy this while it lasts Eve. You do pick the worst matches for you. Think his Sacred 28 family is going to jump for joy he's dating a half-blood when they find out? Be careful love.>" It's pretty clear he's got no problem with Anthony, or the fact that they ar a couple. But he is out to protect Evie from a fact they've seemed to overlook through moony eyes. "Have fun you two." He salutes and takes another crunch out of his apple and returns to studying.

Sierra lets out a laugh at Colton's comment in Shelta, then glances between the trio, before back to her brother. «Do you think our family would be much happier if you brought her home? Do you really see her taking to the traveling life?» she comments in Shelta.

Whatever it is that Colton says to her wipes the smile from Eibhlin's face as surely as if she'd been slapped. «We're going to get married after graduation, Colton,» she says softly. «Anthony's made his choice, and you don't need to be cruel about it.» She takes her intended's hand and turns towards him a little more fully. "Let's go," she murmurs.

Anthony gives a frown, and turns looking between boy and girls. "Sorry. I have _got_ to learn Gaelic. What was that about, Higgins?"

Alicia enters the hall with her violin, hoping that it will be empty at this hour so she can practise in a large space.

Colton shrugs as he watches the pair wander off for the common room. "«Not cruel, just looking out for you. Didn't mean to hurt you love. I wish you two the best.»" Shelta again to keep the brainsy Head Girl out of the loop. "«Travel the world seeking out the mysteries different cultures have to offer…I could see it. But why do you think that I've not got my own trinket around her neck before Ant had a chance? She deserves better than me, and Anthony…but ehn." He shrugs and starts to scratch another rune onto the sketching of the door. "Just wishing you two the best of luck mate." Is told to Anthony without looking up.

If Eibhlin wants to translate - that's up to her. But Sierra's not adding a word of clarification. "Happy Halloween," she directs towards the pair, before nudging her brother with her elbow. «You'll be with the right girl in the end. A real catch,» she encourages him in Shelta. She cranes her head at his drawing now, before asking curiously, "What is it?"

Eibhlin just shakes her head. She's not about to start a thing here. "Come on, Anthony," she says again. Oh look. There's Alicia. Eibhlin gives the first year a bit of a smile. "Study Hall, Alicia," she calls over gently. "Let me show you someplace better to play."

Anthony adds, "And if you _want_ to do me a favour, Alicia, you could play us a little waltz or something? I mean, not here, obviously. But Eibhlin was just going to give me a dance."

Alicia beams at Tony as she sees him, then blinks. "Uh. Yes, I can do that." Her mouth speaks on auto as her brain processes the thought of Anthony dancing with a female.

Colton gives his sister a bit of a smirk. She knows that smirk well enough to realize that Colton's well aware there are other fish in the sea and that there might even be one pondering the bait so to speak. He reaches over to tug his sister close to give her a hug from the side and a kiss to the top of her head. "That is the door that the JugEnds put the box behind, that nearly killed the M.L.E. folks and gave a hell of a riddle. Doing my NEWTs essay on it." It's probably shocking to anyone that's known him for any length of time to see him in this rare Scholastic moment.

Well, not to Sierra, who's happy to lean in against him to study his drawing of the door. After all - he does dream of being a Curse Breaker, so this is just the sort of puzzle he has to learn to master. "And you, too," she remarks. "What've you figured out about it?" She spares a glance towards the pair that just left their table adding cheerfully, "Glad you found your instrument!"

Colton taps one of the runes. "This one as I can puzzle it together seems to be the one that triggered the gas on touch. So it's a good thing I didn't touch it or Mads either. This one made sure that no spell could unlock the door. That one's pretty easy. This one is linked to the door to the room with the same rune. That is what caused the door to shut and seal. Then there's these. I think put together like this is what allowed the door to be sentient enough to give the law its riddle and check to make sure they did what was required…that's about as far as I've gotten."

"Yeah, good thing," Sierra agrees. "Hate to think of you trapped in there with only some little kid for backup." She flashes her brother a smile. "Not that you don't know your runes forwards and backwards. It's all nonsense to me." She furrows her brow. "Do you really think it would have been deadly? Would Flint really have done that with kids wandering about?"

Colton taps on the portion of the sketching where it shows the inside of the closet. "It's hard to know what the gas would have done. Everyone inside had their way of protecting themselves. But see this here? The rune on the shelf? There was a matching rune on the bottom of the box and on the knob of the door. So the door wouldn't have done anything until the box was on the shelf. So it was harmless until it was locked up to protect the box. Flint's a nutter, but bloody genius when it comes to Runes. I learned so much from him. I sort of miss him. Professor Black is good. But he's more serious about it, Flint got really passionate some times." He seems to be finished with the sketch for now and he folds up the sketch book and places it ontop of his now closed Runes book. "So, been meaning to ask, did you feed Luskan an apple? Found a bit of core in his pen last Hoggies weekend. You're going to spoil him."

Sierra studies the two runes he indicates, giving a nod of understanding. "So that door could have been ready all year - or even years ago," she muses thoughtfully. She smirks with amusement before adding, "I have got to get you to booby trap my stuff with some of these runes of yours. Oh, the chaos we could cause…"
At the the question about the apple, she offers a shrug of her shoulder. "It was some girl who looked downright terrified of him, actually. Marissa… Laryssa.. something like that. I told her it'd be alright if she fed him one while I was brushing him down."

Colton goes a bit wide-eyed. "Lara? Red-Chestnut hair, blue eyes… lil freckles." It's very obvious that she's just happened across earlier mentioned fish on the bait by the way he describes her. Huge goofy grin on his face as his fingers move in a 'speckling' sort of way over his face as he recalls Lara's freckles.

"Oh, yes, that sounds about right!" Sierra agrees. "Mentioned you by name, she did," she adds in a teasing tone. "With the sweeeetest little smile on her face. Thought I'd be doing you a favor - helping her get to know Luskan some."

Colton perks up even more, "She did?" Score! "What a wing man I've got for a sister." She's pulled in for a crushing hug and another kiss on the top of the head followed by another squeeze. "What do you think about her? She's in Ravenclaw. She had a sweet smile when she said my name? Cor!"

Sierra laughs at his enthusiastic response, her own arm wrapping around him to return the hug. "She seemed nice enough, I guess. A bit timid, though. And she hought I should be using a spell to brush Luskan down - but how else 'm I to stay friends with the brute?" She shakes her head. Time spent grooming and working with horses is how you keep them tame and friendly!

Colton chuckles. "Well that's the Ravenclaw in her, they prefer spells and cleverness to manual labor. Not like Hufflepuffs!" Another kiss to the top of his sister's head is given. Her big brother is proud of her sorting, despite the fact that it keeps them apart in different houses. "So we'll see if all that will happen…" Finding a right girl for him. "We both know I'm a handful. Woe to any woman that deserves the likes of me."

"Woe? I think you'll have a grand time of it - when you find a girl of like-enough mind," Sierra answers. "Someone with a taste for adventure, and not afraid to choose the more difficult path. It reaps its own rewards." She frowns in thought before adding, "You may be asking for trouble, though, going after Ravenclaw girls. I'm not sure they really suit."

Colton chortles and shrugs, "What can I say, I like my girls smart… lots of brains under red hair." He waggles his eyebrows at her while chuckling. "So what about you? You haven't been having any troubles have you?" Another reason he would prefer to be in the same house with her. He'd be better able to keep an eye on things.

"Nah, I've been staying out of trouble," Sierra answers. "If there's anything you need knowing, you'll hear it." She doesn't make a habit of keeping secrets from Colton, anyways.

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