(1939-11-04) A Lie For Trouble
Details for A Lie For Trouble
Summary: Angelus finds Elspeth and tells her how he cast on Madeline and is determined for her to go straight to his new Head of House.
Date: November 4, 1939
Location: Library, Hogwarts
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As Angelus enters the library during lunch - after leaving the Great Hall - he walks with a dignified air with his head raised. He pauses briefly at the counter, bowing his head respectfully to the library and wishing her a good day, and then continues to stroll in. His hand is holding onto his book strap down by his side as he scans the library thoughtfully, letting out a sigh.

Elspeth has lunch, she ate and snuck a little away, but she's on crash course catch-up, now. Some of the books she had been able to read in their cleverly concealed book covers, but not all of them. She still takes a breath to enjoy walking down whichever aisle she wants again, then looks up and gives a flick of her wand to float a book down to check it over. With a satisfied nod, she tucks it under the arm opposite from her satchel.

Looking around at the tables, as Angelus approaches a table he lets out a sigh, drooping his head as he sets the books onto the table and leans his hands against the surface. “Sparks,” he murmurs out.

Coming around the corner to find a table to study, Elspeth pauses when the nearest one has a leaning Eibon on it. She pauses, chewing at her lower lip, considering. "What is meaning, 'sparks'?" she asks. "You are using that a lot."

Angelus blinks and pushes up from the table when Elspeth speaks, turning to face her. “What?” He looks at her in confusion for a fraction of a second before he lets out an, “Oh.” He shrugs lightly. “Just a term,” he murmurs. He suddenly shifts nervously on his feet as he regards Elspeth thoughtfully, glancing down to the floor and idly around the library, before he releases a heavy sigh. “Funny it should be you I find,” mutters the youth, letting out a lighter sigh. “Rosen.” He brings his gaze to the Ravenclaw prefect. “I need to confess that I just drew my wand on Evans. The… spell didn’t work,” he adds in quickly as his eyes stray away from Elspeth.

With a little twist of her torso, Elspeth brings the book in front of her to cross her arms around it and hold it to her chest. "I see," she says quietly. "Why are you needing to make this confession, Eibon?" There is no sarcasm in the voice that asks, one might wonder at times if the girl is capable of the emotion as her tone is sincere and direct as is the hazel gaze directed towards the Gryffindor. "And, why were you drawing your wand on Evans?"

Angelus brings his gaze back to Elspeth for only a second before glancing to the far wall of the library. He inhales sharply, letting it out, before he looks back to her. “To take responsibility for my actions. I shouldn’t have…” He gives a slight shake of his head. “Just because I was upset. Locomotor Mortis.” He frowns, resting his fingers on the table as he reaches for his book strap only to miss it. Sighing, he turns his head and snatches it up, hanging it from his shoulder. “Are you going to tell Dumble-“ He shakes his head. “Professor Pettigrew?”

"So, you were trying the Leg-Locker curse because you were being upset," Elspeth repeats, putting together the pieces Angelus gives her. "Well, that is what you are expecting me to do, is it not, Eibon? Or you would not be telling all of this. You are knowing that I am being one to be keeping to the rules." She shifts on her feet, and looks towards the door as if to leave on this errand right away, then back to Angelus. "Of course, first I will have to be talking to Evans, to be finding out why she was making you angry. The Headmaster has been saying we should be making peace, and you are being good at keeping your temper. If Evans was goading you, it is something I am needing to know as well. I cannot be going to Professor Pettigrew with only half of the story."

“Yes,” Angelus murmurs quietly, looking down and to the side. He doesn’t say anything, simply looking worriedly as his lips twist lightly. But then he does lift his head abruptly at the mention of talking to Madeline. He grimaces, eyes widening for a moment, before he snorts and shakes his head. “No. No, Rosen, leave her alone. I upset her just as much.” He frowns deeply. “She wasn’t goading me. We simply upset each other and I made an error by bringing out my wand. Don’t… go talk to her.” He clears his throat, tilting back his head. “I came to you because I… I don’t want to get away with it. If you go and talk to her she’ll just…” His voice drops as he looks away from Elspeth, lifting his fingers to his forehead. “…Cry again. Don’t,” he says and looks to Elspeth, “make her cry again.”

"Are you being all right, Angelus?" Elspeth asks, curiosity getting the better of her and slipping to his first name as she tilts her head to the side. "I will not be making Evans cry again, but you are knowing that I am needing to be sure I am telling Professor Pettigrew the whole story when I am going to her. It is being all right." She pauses. "Well, maybe not being all right for people to be making each other upset or drawing wands. But… people are fighting and getting over it."

Angelus snorts when Elspeth asks if he’s all right. He simply rolls his eyes, shooting a glower towards the entrance of the library. When he returns his gaze to her, he has managed to dismiss the glare, at least. “Why?” he asks, tilting his head a little. “Why do you need to talk to her when it’s something I did? Why would I make up a story to make myself look bad? There’s no need to talk to her.” He blows out a breath and turns his head to the side, fingers lifting up to rest on his forehead as he lowers his head.

Elspeth hmmms. "I am not knowing, Eibon. That is why I need to be talking to Evans. Do not be worrying, I will be talking to Professor Pettigrew. You can be losing points." Her lips pull together ruefully as she nods her head to him. "I will be needing to check this book before I am going, though. I do appreciate you are wanting to take responsibility, Eibon. It is being a commendable thing."

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