(1939-11-04) Advice from the Underqualified
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Summary: Graham invites Annie for tea to get some advice on romance from the witch who nearly crippled her own love life. Rhyeline shows up to help, and an Inspector joins the group. Annie has yet to find a good moment to tell Rhyeline that she and Tim are engaged again. After Graham and Annie leave, the talk turns to politics.
Date: 4 November 1939
Location: Flourish + Blotts Bookshop

The bookshop a good place for a Ravenclaw reunion tour or just a friendly meeting. Its nippy outside though luckily not raining just overcast perhaps the threat is there. Inside though its a comfortable atmosphere and not overly loud or anything. Its in the afternoon after classes are out it seems the best time to try and meet. Graham sits in a corner he often does looking over some magical theory books again, a chair across from him and a tea cup near him and one on the others side.

Annie received an owl at school, with an invitation from Graham to meet him, so planned a bit of an early out to pop home to the cottage and change before taking the floo to the Leaky Cauldron. From there (after a sneeze to top the trip) it's out onto Diagon Alley, to Flourish and Blott's. A fresh breeze accompanies Annie inside, and it only takes a quick look to spot her target, and she walks to Graham's table. "Alright, Graham," she greets, her tone light.

Graham closes his book doesn't hide the cover really but will set it aside "magical theory:things you though you knew about but didn't". "Heya, Annie. Thanks for coming. Hows everything?" The young man smiles he'll motion to the other seat across from him and reach over "I've got some tea ready if you'd like some. Uh how do you take it if so?" he will pause to take a breath here and wait for her response

Annie undoes the clasp at her throat, shrugging her cloak off to drape over the offered chair. "Just sugar, ta," she says cheerily as she sits, smoothing her skirt. "Things are brilliant, Graham, an' how are they with yeh?"

"I'm thrilled Annie, was so glad to hear..well about everything that evening." Graham lowers his voice some though nobody is really trying to overhear them he doesnt think. The auror will fix up the tea and offer it over. "I'm well enough, figured a bookstore is a good place to meet a like minded friend, well and need some advice."

Reaching for the tea, a brow arches curiously at Graham's words. "Advice? Cor, I'm not sure I'm th'best source but then, I'm sure yeh know what yer doin'. What sort of advice might I be able to offer yeh, Graham?" Annie smiles across at him as she takes a sip from her cup.

Graham he'll take a sip of his own tea but catches the reaction across the space of the chairs and chuckles "Not magic help, though I dont doubt that you would be helpful there." He shifts in his chair a bit trying to figure how to start. "Oi i'm awful at this. Relationship type advice Annie." he finally gets the words out.

This information brings a glint of amusement to Annie's eyes, that anyone would ask her relationship advice. She did, after all, nearly throw away love when she quit London for Edinburgh and her uncle. But any thought that it's amusement at him is hopefully quelled by her kind tone. "Well, I'll help if I can, but I'm not sure yeh should have much faith in me."

He will wait and watch her reaction to the type of question he tries to read the look on ger face before listening to her words in return to them. Graham is still steadied for the moment and will move onwards. "I do have faith in you Annie, and thank you for hearing me out." he takes another sip "So, I told you Sorcha O'shea's been back in town? Well been spending more time with her again. We shared a kiss or two, but I dunno where that leaves us you know?" he winces but looks on really anything could be of help to him.

Rhyeline flits into the shop and rests back against the door to close it, ice-cold hands on the knob. Trembling with cold, she clenches her teeth to keep them from chattering. But a moment later, the door nudges her forward and her guardwitch slips inside. "Oh…em… I… I'm sorry about that," murmurs Rhyeline, peeking up at the woman from under the hood of her fur-lined cloak.

Annie sets her teacup down lightly, her eyes holding on Graham as he speaks. She tilts her head as she regards him, pauses, then asks, perhaps, the obvious question. "Have yeh asked her where it leaves yeh? Or have yeh told her where yeh'd like it t'leave yeh?" Before he can answer there's a fresh gust of air, and Annie's head turns toward the door. Rhyeline is unmistakable, especially as she's a witch that travels with an extra shadow, and Annie looks expectantly to Graham. It's his party, after all, so she'll let him have the honor of first greeting.

Graham waits patiently though the door opening out of habit he looks to see who it is when he spots his sister he cannot help but smile and offer a wave and motion for her to come over though he will turn to Annie "Say she does know how I feel, still I mean it never changed really from when she dumped me to start. Perhaps more on that another time, though Rhyeline is aware of all that not a secret from her." he watches and waits he'll even ready another cup of tea this one he knows how to setup.

The guardwitch notices Graham and Annie before Rhyeline does. The little one follows her shadow's gaze and her eyes brighten when she catches sight of the familiar pair. "A-Annie! Brother!" With a luminous little smile, she approaches. "It's good to see you both." Hands clasped behind her back, she comes to stand before them both. Looking from one to the other, she murmurs, "Are you well?"

Rising to her feet, Annie will have none of that clasped hands, extending her arms out toward her friend for a hug. "Rhyeline, how wonderful t'see yeh. Yeh must join us," she says, indicating another chair for Graham to pull over to their table. "Only we were just discussin' how best for Graham to approach his Sorcha regardin' the current state of things. Surely yeh'll have a thought on it." Her delight at the new arrival is clear in her face, and she looks to the guardwitch, "Yer welcome for a cuppa as well." She can't just ignore the woman.

The auror does grab the seat and finishing the tea he'll set it on the table in front of that chair. Graham will wait his turn but also gives his sister a hug "Yes of course please join, though I think i'm simply doubting what I already know to be the answer which is talk to her." he says simply though he'll sit back down lightly into his own chair. The guard witch is given a nod in greeting as well his usual.

Rhyeline hastens into Annie's embrace without hesitation. Tilting her head, she nuzzles against her friend's cheek. Upon hearing the topic of their conversation, Rhyeline blinks and peers curiously at Graham. Realizing her brother is waiting for /his/ hug, Rhyeline grins and slips over to lean in close to squeeze him gently. "About Sorcha? The approach? Mmm… I think… between two who love each other… it is best to be honest."
The guardwitch standing at the door nods to Graham and offers Annie a small smile, despite shaking her head.

Despite the overcast and chill outside, the afternoon is warming up with the unexpected reunion of friends. Annie sits back down, nodding to Rhyeline's words, "Honesty an' bein' direct. Beatin' around the bush nearly cost me dearly, don't yeh do that, Graham," she cautions him. There's a quick glance to Rhyeline, who has yet to hear the good news, but Annie is waiting for her moment, not wishing to step on Graham's issue and their opportunity to at least be a sounding board.

"I believe your both correct, and i'll do that next time I see her thanks for the advice really its helpful." Graham says he looks to his sister "I made up your tea there sister." he motions to it before looking back to Annie at her words and caution not to be hesitant with the matter at hand. "It is that well least one reason I do have faith in you Annie, anyways a merry meeting we've found so now we should enjoy it."

Peregrine wanders into the bookstore, his right arm held in a sling courtesy of St. Mungo's, and his jacket hanging off that shoulder to cover it. The hit wizard notices the familiar guardwitch and raises his good hand to the brim of his hat. Walking to the counter, he lowers his voice conspiratorially, "Do you have my order in? Peregrine Urquart?" He gets a nod in return, and then is passed a brown paper wrapped parcel, for which he exchanges a few sickles.

Rhyeline folds one leg beneath herself as she sits down at Graham and Annie's table. Pulling her cup of tea close, she offers Graham a warm smile of appreciation. "Of anyone in the world… the person you love… should be one you can trust. If… if you can't then… then they aren't- aren't worthy of it." She pauses, glancing down into her cup of tea. "Although… I don't suppose we always get to choose who we fall in love with?" She glances to Annie and then to Graham.
Her guardwitch inclines her head to Peregrine with a relaxed smile. Her charge hasn't noticed the Inspector yet, but no doubt she will soon.

Annie's eyes wander to the newest arrival, her natural curiosity diverting her attention for a moment. Long enough to note a fairly distinguished looking wizard, her pleasant smile holding before she looks back to her companions. "We certainly cannot, poppet," she says agreeably to Rhyeline on the matter of love. Reaching for her cup, she adds, "Sometimes it just happens."

Graham turns back to the door, he recognizes the man from work giving a small nod in greeting before he looks back to those sitting about the table "True on both accounts sister. I will take both of your advice I think." he will say to each though he seems to be pondering a moment before looking to Rhyeline "I wonder did you ever finsih the book i'd sent you. The newest in the spy series?"

Peregrine accepts his package, tucking it under his good arm, and then turns. Seeing at least two familiar faces, he walks in the direction of the small knot. "Miss Diderot, Auror Cohen, how good to see you both. I hope I'm not interrupting?" It takes some shifting, and putting the package down, before he can tip his hat to Annie, "I don't believe we've met. Inspector Peregrine Urquart."

Rhyeline's laughter is sweet and impish as she nods. "Of course, I-" She pauses as she notices Inspector Peregrine's arrival at their table. "Hello Inspector- uh… Perry. This is- is my dear friend, Annie Taylor. We were in the same year at- at Hogwarts."

Again, Annie's smile shifts to the man as he approaches, head tipping so she can properly see his face. "Inspector," she greets, "Pleasure t'meet yeh, sir." She looks expectantly to her companions, each in turn, as he addressed them by name at the start.

"A silly question perhaps when a book is not read quickly." Graham says though whatever he's about to say next is cut off by the arrival of the inspector. "No of course not, we were discussing books a bit rather does seem the place for it afterall."

Peregrine offers a slight bow, "A pleasure to meet you, Miss Taylor." He smiles slightly at Graham, and says, "As it happens, I have a few days off coming my way." He lifts his immobilized arm just a bit, "So I stopped by to pick up some light reading. I, err…" He lowers his voice, since, you know, people have burned book stores in recent memory, "Enjoy muggle detective stories, truth be told."

"Muggle books can be brilliant," says Rhyeline with a bright smile. "I- I especially love their- their books about us. There is a book called the Hobbit… I rather liked the wizard in that one. Oh, but I also like the detective stories that- that Graham brings me." Looking to Annie, she adds, "And- and I always loved the ones that- that you would give me…"

Annie grins at Rhyeline, "I do miss workin' just on th'other side of the London Library. All those books, right there at my fingertips." Even with the ban on Muggle literature lifted at the school, a school library is a far cry from the public library in London, be it muggle or wizarding. She notices the comment regarding the beslung appendage, and focuses on the Inspector once more, bemused at his quiet confession.

"The trashier the better, yes. And I promised Auror Odori that I would send her a copy of the Maltese Falcon. I just wasn't sure if there were still ill feelings about shops selling muggle books. Despite what utter bunk and hokum that kind of thinking is." Peregrine finds a seat for himself, "Oh, you work at Hogwarts, Miss Taylor? I was, erm, just there. A few of the Professors were in school with me, actually."

Rhyeline's smile grows softer as she looks to Annie and nods. As wonderful as the library at Hogwarts was, Rhyeline understands why Annie would long for the other. As Peregrine focuses his questions upon Annie, Rhyeline rests back in her chair and takes a small sip of tea.

There's no real telling in her demeanor, except perhaps for a slight lift of her brows, as it only takes a moment for Annie to put together when an Inspector might have had occasion to be at the school lately. "It's lovely t'have things back t'normal there, Inspector," she says by way of an answer. She glances around, spying a convenient timepiece, and a small sound of dismay escapes her. "Cor, I've got t'apologize," comes in a regretful tone as she moves to stand and take up her cloak from the back of her chair. "I've an appointment soon, an' a stop t'make at the owl post office." The apology is for all those present, but she focuses on Rhyeline for a moment as she swings her cloak on. "Perhaps yeh'll find yer way down t' Twilfit an' Tattings? After yer tea an' company, no rush, poppet, I'll be a bit." There's a quick hug, a nod to the Inspector with another cheerful assurance that it was a pleasure to meet him, and she's gone out to the street on a gust of cold air.

"Good day, Miss Taylor." Peregrine says, with another nod, removing his hat and putting it down with his parcel on the table next to him. He turns to Rhyeline after a moment and says, "I do hope I didn't make too poor an impression on Mr. Malfoy the other day, Rhyeline. I would hate to have embarrassed you by being a cantankerous old fool, aye."

Rhyeline blinks and shakes her head. "No, of- of course not. Cassius… he was pleased to meet you." She pauses, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear. "He… he hopes that- that you might speak out in- in favor of unity… but… I understand your- your caution…"

Peregrine waves with his good hand as he says, "I'm nae the most honey tongued deevil in the MLE, and as I recall from reading the Prophet, the last time one of our people spoke on behalf of Unity, it didnae end well." He smiles slightly, and says, "I agree with your ideals. But I'm nae a spokeswitch."

Rhyeline returns his smile with a rather soft, shy one of her own. Shaking her head, she murmurs, "I… I didn't mean to suggest that- that you would be a spokeswizard. Just… that… you would share what- what you think of our ideals… of Cassius… at the MLE. And… and Rena… she is still a friend of Unity. The press… they made it seem worse than it was…"

Peregrine's expression is inscrutable. He's not been a hit wizard for thirty years without developing something of a poker face, and he says, half-seriously, "From the way our last meeting ended, I had the feeling that Mr. Malfoy was going to put his substantial talents to use in marinating and tenderizing me. Alas, I am no spring chicken like Auror Odori, and therefore might be a bit too tough. Which is nae to say that I'm not very interested in hearing what he - and you - have to say."

Rhyeline bites her lower lipe. "I… I'm not sure what you mean by… marinating? It… it doesn't matter your age. You are a- a respected member of the MLE. But… but what matters most is- is what you think of the unification policies. If… if they matter to you… I'm sure you must want to tell others…"

Peregrine smiles, "You know, you are disarmingly persuasive, Rhyeline. And I'm nae a fool. You and Mr. Malfoy are going places. But I meant using that silver tongue of his to convince me. My only hesitation is that I'm not so sure the MLE is the place for politics. Especially for one broken down old hit wizard who has not managed to rise above Inspector."

Rhyeline's cheeks turn a bit pink at his observation. She glances down at her tea with a touch of bashful shyness. Peeking up back up at him, she murmurs, "Ah… I… I didn't mean to- to suggest that you say things that- that might get you in trouble. And… and I… I don't mean for our conversations to always turn to this. I… this matters to me… but I understand when- when others have- have different preferences… And… and I… I wouldn't want you to stop talking to me…" She bites her lower lip as the subtle warmth in her cheeks deepens.

"It is important, Rhyeline. It's the future of the Wizarding world, and perhaps the muggle world, too, that we're talking about. Your passion speaks well of you." Peregrine says, with a nod, "And, of course, I wouldnae want to endanger our little chats. And dinnae think that I am not listening with interest." He laughs, "Dinnae worry - you do our shared House proud, even if I think some Slytherin cunning is rubbing off, beneath the blush."

Rhyeline peeks up at Peregrine with a soft smile. "Cunning? I… I understand politics… I can… can read the motives behind the words when it- it comes to politics. But… when it comes to the rest of life? I feel… even now… so lost."

Peregrine stands up and gathers his hat, "Dunnae underestimate yourself, lass. For all my protestations, I've learned something in my many years. Reading people is reading people. Everybody is playing a game. It's just the stakes that change. Power, love, wizarding chess, exploding snaps…" He shrugs. "The power behind the throne of Unity, perhaps. An interesting position, that."

"I… I only do what I can. I… I want to bring a- a lasting peace… between muggles… between wizardkind… and- and between the two worlds." Rhyeline rests her teacup upon the table, watching him as he stands before her. "And… I understand the game of power… but… not other games. I wish that- that I did… Thank you for- for joining us… and- and for always… speaking with me."

Peregrine lifts his little parcel of books as he says, obviously quoting, "On the mountains of truth you can never climb in vain: either you will reach a point higher up today, or you will be training your powers so that you will be able to climb higher tomorrow." The books are tucked away after he gestures with them, under his arm, "A muggle philosopher said that. We're all climbing, Rhyeline. And perhaps you, Mr. Malfoy, and I are on the same mountain."

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