(1939-11-08) Hogwarts Quidditch 1939-40, Game 02 - Hufflepuff vs Ravenclaw
Details for Hufflepuff vs. Ravenclaw Quidditch Match
Summary: Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw let the fur and feathers fly! Many bruises and some cracked ribs. Final Score: Hufflepuff - 200 points. Ravenclaw - 50 points.
Date: November 8, 1939
Location: Quidditch Stands — Hogwarts

The Hufflepuff Team


The Ravenclaw Team


In The Stands


On the pitch, Hooch glides into position above the Quidditch Box, one hand on her broom and the other hand holding her wand to her throat for a volume charm. "Welcome to the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff Quidditch match! Let's have a good clean game and great sportmanship." She addresses the team before turning to the crowd, her broom slowly turning 180 degrees as she does, "I want to hear lots of team spirit and good conduct from all of you. Are we ready?" She gives a drawn out pause to let the pitch fill with cheers. "Begin!" The whistle is blown and the box below gives a jolt as it releases the balls into play.

On the pitch, Levi steps onto the field broom in hand along with his team. First game of the year and his final year at that. He gulps at the thought but cant really concentrate on that waving to those from his house in the stands and perhaps looking for someone there and giving a wave, before looking to his teammates goodluck guys fly hard." he'll look across to the Ravenclaw team "You as well." its not a taunt as he actually means it wanting everyone to have a good match. He'll mount his broom after and when the whistle sounds he kicks off hard into the air.

Angus offers the box now full of hot popcorn to the girl, "Aye. Here they come! It's gonnae be almost as good as when I'm playing!"

Madeline slinks in just as the game is starting - looking down at the pitch with a slight frown. Glancing around the Gryffindor stands, she spots Angus and slides in next to the boy, swinging her book bag around in front of her so she can hug it.

On the pitch, Making his way out onto the pitch along with the rest of his team, Alexei looks around at the others, offering a brief grin to them. "We all know we can do this, so yes let's just fly hard, and work well as a team." A smile and nod is offered to the Ravenclaw team. "Good luck." Nodding again as he hears Hooch's words, before he moves off to get into the right position as the whistle is blown.

On the pitch, Erica is quite nervous sitting on her broom in her Chaser's gear waiting. Truth be told she mostly joined the team to try and impress a boy. Isn't that the start of most novels that end very poorly for said girl? This is all starting to really sink in with her and no more so when the quaffle some how ends up in her care. She literally meeps and juggles the quaffle between her hands before she slap it off and away to another of the Hufflepuff Chasers. It's quite comedic that she managed in her franticness to travel most of the pitch and got the Quaffle off to Leoric so he can make a GOAL! When the goal is made she claps and cheers on her broom. This allows Gabriel to whizz past her with the rebounded Quaffle and she hardly notices because she's looking around for Levi to see if he saw that they made that goal, and she helped!

Angus just watches Erica incredulously, and then nods at Gabriel picking up the rebound, and he notes, "She doesnae belong on the team. They must have been desperate!"

Hattie claps her hands together… or tries. She's still holding onto her book, producing a duller noise. So she has to cheer that much louder to put forth what feels like the right level of noise. "Come on! Go Ravenclaw!" To Angus's comment she says, "Well, anyone can have a slow start."

On the pitch, Gabriel's smile says it all as he ends up with the quaffle after Hufflepuff's first score and sees Erica cheering instead of paying attention to the game. "free flight path, perfect!" So off he goes, wizzing right by Erica and all the way across the pitch. Right before he reaches to hoops on the GHufflepuff side he toss the quaffle off to one of his team mates as a Huffle Beater hits a Bludger his way, assisting the score while dodging the Bludger.

Madeline's not cheering for anyone right now - in fact, she's barely even looking at the game, instead frowning down towards the heads in front of her. She'd only grudgingly convinced herself to come at all - and already she's considering just leaving.

Colton puts his fingers in his mouth and lets out a loud whistle, no volume charm needed! "Come on! Woooo!" He's not cheering for anyone specifically Colton just wants to see a good game and also take a gauge of the future competition. "Be fair Angus, it's her first game ever…" He only mildly chides and mostly so they don't lose points for being bad sports but mostly he just tries to cheer more loudly so that Angus can't be overheard.

Angus applauds more solidly that time, at Gabriel's flight, "See! Now _that_ is a classic Chaser dart! Hand off at the end, having drawn attention to yoursel! I couldnae have done it better…. och! Who are we kiddin? O' COURSE I could have done it better! I'm Angus MacMillan!" There's a twinkle in his eyes of enjoyment at the game though.

Hattie ducks down as one of the players buzzes the stands!

On the pitch, Erica sighs and gives a little pout when she realizes she just made it too easy for Gabriel to make a goal. "Sorry team!"

On the pitch, The seventh year knows the drill but still there are nerves those first few moments of the game before adrenelin kicks in and he seems to focus. Levi knows his job initialy is not to get clobbered seekers being nifty targets for bludgers for obvious reasons. He begins to circle the pitch in a tight loop and indeed has to dive quickly to avoid an incoming shot at him. He'll circle spotting the goal he'll call over "Good pass." to Erica "Nice goal." he calls to Leoric, but too soon as the Ravenclaw takes the rebound and scores.

On the pitch, The redheaded Captian of the Ravenclaw Team had somehow managed to keep her positions despite the first part of the year's other restrictions, and she took full advantage of her SCUMs time to study quidditch strategy and pass it on to her team. She entered the stadium with her usual calm, looking over the stands, then towards the center of the pitch. As usual, her pep talk took place in the locker room before the game, saving her voice for the game, so her well wishes for the Hufflepuff team are offered to Captain Moscowitz with a handshake. Then she mounts up, sails up and huddles quick with team before they break off into formation and wait for the balls to be released. Although it's a quick score for Hufflepuff, Gabriel takes advantage of the rebound and makes the score. "Well done, Ward! Keeping your head in the game!" That said, she swoops around the hoop to scoop up the rebound, and toss it back again before Luke has fully recovered from the previous score, adding another tally for Ravenclaw.

Hattie settles in, albeit a little low to the ground in caution. She says incredulous, "Wow. Do they train in how to be nice on the pitch too? This is much more cordial than I expected. I haven't even seen anyone bump anyone!"

Angus hands the sweet box to the girl on one side, and the popcorn to the one on his other, "Aye! It's a nice friendly match! May get nastier as time gaes on, but they're showing good spirit, ken! Nice! Looking forward tae playing them both!"

On the pitch, Hooch raises her whistle and when she blows on it the snitch shaped thing's wings flutter out with the loud note. "Wonderful game! Neck and neck with 20 points for each team. Well done!"

Madeline takes the sweets as they're passed to her, giving Angus a brief smile, before pulling one out to nibble on. "Who do you think'll win?" she asks him.

Hattie plucks a piece of freshly exploded corn with a murmur of gratitude. "I don't know. They might find it impolite!" She nudges Angus, and says, "Do you see Rosen?"

On the pitch, Erica is still looking all sorts of apologetic towards her team and she's still apologizing. "I promise I'll do better Captain!" Then she hunts the skies again for Levi, "I'm sorry! I got too exci—" Erica is cut off and lurches forward nearly smashing her face into her broomstick when a bludger smashes into her back. Myrus using the newbie chaser's distractedness to land a palpable hit! A very pained sound is knocked out of Erica and trembling she clings to her broom with her eyes pinched closed, tears glittering on her lashes as she whimpers pathetically.

Angus lets out a sympathetic 'ooooooooooh' at the impact. "Nice beating by Lowe, but… och… that's a wee bittie mean tae someone in their first game." He glances around, "Aye. Rosen's playing nicely… and _leading_ well. And that's half the battle, sometimes." Okay. Angus admitting it's not all about some star player or other? Wonders will never cease!

Hattie covers her eyes and only peeks out from between her fingers after a long space, when she's sure the Hufflepuff player hasn't been knocked off the broom.

On the pitch, Smacking some of the bludgers away, Alexei frowns as he sees Erica take the hit, and moves over to knock the Bludger away, over towards the Ravenclaws. "You okay there?" he asks, while looking for the next Bludger, looking a little concerned.

"Wait - what did Lowe do to Erica?" Madeline asks - her gaze finally on the pitch. She searches out her friend, concern on her features as she finds her friend clutching to her broom.

Loudly, Madeline says, "Go get 'em, Erica! You can do this!"

On the pitch, And that hits opens up another hole for Gabriel. While Alexei is distracted with Erica, Cara and Gabriel fly toward the Hufflepuff Chasers in close formation. Cara sends the bludger Alexei just hit flying towards one of the opposing chasers spooking them into passing then Gabriel intercepts the pass and takes off towards the Hufflepuff hoops, faking left then doing a barrel roll right to pass the quaffle through the right hand hoop for another score!

Angus shrugs, "It's legal, quine, but it's a mean thing. A wee bast tae the Bludger which hit her!" He pauses, to watch the complex play, "Och! Beautiful play! That was poetry!"

Loudly, Angus says, "Beautiful play, Goyle!"

On the pitch, Taking a pass from Gabriel as he collects the rebound and putting the Hufflepuff goal posts in jeapordy once more, Elspeth lines up for a repeat of their earlier score, rebound, score. She does her beast to draw the keeper and another chaser towards her as Victoria streaks by underneath unseen. The Captain raises her hand with the quaffle, but instead of shooting forward, her hand curves over the top and she drives it straight down to Victoria who takes the pass and sweeps up almost unopposed to another ring and puts the quaffle through. The Ravenclaws practice seems to be paying off at the moment.

On the pitch, Erica swallows hard trying to swallow her tears and shake it off as quickly as she can. A weak nod is sent to her captain. She looks more mortified than pained when she hears Levi and she peeks open her eyes and gives another nod. "Yes, I'm alright." Her voice is trembling but she puts on a smile and sits up. A tiny wince comes when the knotted up muscles in her back that are already displaying such pretty purples and greens in a bludger sized circle on her back. A deep as she can breath is taken and then she panics a bit and waves her hand at her concerned team mates. "Shoo shoo! There's a game on sillies!"

Madeline actually has her eyes on the field when Gabriel scores, and she bites her lip. The petty part of her wants to stay quiet, but he is her friend, even if he is being an idiot, and she shouldn't let that stop her from- Well, darn it, her mum would want her to cheer him on!

Loudly, Madeline says, "Great job, Gunny!"

A successful shot in the least. Something to talk about later at most. Myrus enjoys the moment of pride at keeping others distracted on the opposing side. "Oi! Get your knickers in a twist, ya?" Mocking a cockney accent at the one he just bludgered in the back a few moments ago. Then it's off to find himself another leather-wrapped ball of fury to lob off of a beater bat at another unsuspecting victim.

Hattie grimaces. "The gloves are apparently off."

On the pitch, The seeker for the Hufflepuff team nods toward his teammate as she registers she can still fly and sends them off to play "Go Badgers!" he'll call to the other two before spurring his broom on again his focus returning back to the hunt for the snitch passing the game play while he circles looking all around and another glint and he shoots off that direction this time it is the snitch and Levi's racing for it.

On the pitch, "That's the spirit!" Alexei offers, before his eyes narrow a bit as he hears Myrus. Looking around, he moves to hunt down a Bludger and sending it for the other team's Beater now. Heads up!

Angus gives a grim little look, "Aye. Lowe's made hisself a target. Which isnae a bad thing… it'll distract the bludgers from your chasers, but…"

On the pitch, Hooch once again blows her whistle, her hawk eyes narrow in Myrus' direction, praise for his strategic strike snuffed out, "Little less gloating Mr. Lowe." She warns and then calls the score, "Ravenclaws have pulled into quite the lead! Excellent strategy Captain Rosen! Ravenclaw with 40 points! Hufflepuff close behind with 30 points." She blows the whistle again soars into the action once more.

Hattie shades her eyes, "Look! I think one of the seekers is after the…" but whatever she is saying is lost in the whistle-blowing and score update.

On the pitch, Erica sniffing still but she's got her mind more on the game than ever! She swoops about and is keenly away of the bludgers now! There is a grimace when she takes the Quaffle and makes for the scoring zone. Perhaps there's a bit of possum being played as when she gets into the scoring zone alone she looks meek and like her bruise is really hurting her. (Which it is!) But as soon as Elise is convinced Erica is hobbling her way to one hoop the Hufflepuff grits her teeth, tugs on her broom and rolls off to the opposite direction and dunks the quaffle into the hoops! "I did it!" She chimes as she exits the score zone when the quaffle is rebound off to the Ravenclaws.

Hattie claps for the recovering player, even though they are Hufflepuff, with book tucked under her arm. "Thats the way to shake it off," she says, appreciatively. Loudly, Hattie says, "Come on Ravenclaw! Put it away!"

Angus roars, "Nice play! MUCH better!"

On the pitch, It's not a moment too late that Myrus finds himself a bludger to smack at the other team with. Hooch's stern words get the Ravenclaw's beater's attention for a moment, and he lowers his head and increases his speed until he's in a position low towards the ground giving him an angle at this one bludger coming right towards his position from the opposite direction of the one Alexei just smacked. But his attention is on the one he's aiming to hit. Tunnel vision causes him to not notice the other careening right for his ribs. So Alexei's bludger hits him square in the side, the muffled crack in his torso tells him one thing. It's not going to be a good night of sleep. Not only that, it throws off his swing, high and wide.. up and away straight towards one of his teammates! Myrus' broom slowly lowers, him doubled over on it, leaning to his good side holding his left arm tight to his side as his broom rolls out from underneath him and he gently lays on the cool ground at the bottom of the pitch. Breathing slowed, eyes cynched shut. A simple groan before he lays on his side, half curled up and half burning in pain.

Angus jumps up, as Myrus folds, his wand coming out, but no casting yet. "Stay on… Lowe. Stay on…. Stay on Lowe…" He's keeping a close aim without casting. He sinks down with a sigh of relief when Myrus gets to the ground, and slides his wand away.

On the pitch, As Madame Hooch lets Myrus have it, Elspeth contents herself with a bit of a look for her beater that spells a possible talking later, and heads for the rebound from the Hufflepuff score and concetrates on the game. With a quick pass back and forth with Victoria, she's headed up the pitch, flying well and low on her broom. And that's when it begins to fall apart for Ravenclaw. Myrus's mishit takes Idrissa on the side as the seeker was intent on zooming after the snidget doesn't see it coming, and she's bowled off course, starting to fall off her broom as she careens towards Elspeth. A quick Yiddish word is spoken by the captain, and she hurriedly dumps the quaffle off to Gabriel to grab her teammate's arm and push her back up onto her broom. Once her seeker is out of immediate danger of falling, she looks down to the ground, assessing her beater's condition and frowning with concern.

Loudly, Madeline says, "You did, Erica! Yeah!"

Hattie exhales in a gasp and covers her mouth as Myrus goes down. At least the landing doesn't seem as rough as what took him out.

Madeline is cheering for Erica (perhaps a bit more enthusiasticaly than she had for Gabriel) - when all the chaos breaks out on the pitch, and she seeks a little further into her seat. "Oh I hate this game," the girl mumbles quietly to herself.

On the pitch, Ravenclaw's practices with formation flying and Elspeth's new plays pay off in this case since even with everything going wrong around them Gabriel is alert enough to catch the emergency pass. Victoria now switches from flying with elspeth to flying with Gabe, Quaffle passing between the two of them in quick little bursts until they reach the goals. Victoria feints at the goal but at the last second passes the quaffle to Gabriel you dunks it in for the score. Then he notices Myrus is on the ground and his practice with Madam Spleen kicks in. He forgets about the game, zooms down to the ground adn starts to examine Myrus, if allowed.

On the pitch, Erica beams brightly over towards the Gryffindor stands and gives a quick gleeful wave. But then she's back to business. Noticing that Idrissa is quite out of business for a bit the seeker gets a sympathetic look before she finds Levi, "Get the snitch!!" Those injured, yes including Myrus are encouraged. "It really hurts huh?" Is said genuinely but then she witnesses Myrus who she thought would stick it out slump off of his broom and go toppling. "Oh no! Gabriel is he alright? Madam Spleen! Madam Hooch! Myrus fell off!" It really is her first game, the rookie just doesn't seem to realize that this is what happens in a Quidditch game. What the hell was she thinking joining this game!?

On the pitch, Levi isn't focused enough today, he'll have to fix that for next game as the Ravenclaw team battles back as quickly as the lead was taken it was lost, but the game is still being played. Levi is jetting after the snitch which un-surprisingly doesn't want to be caught. He takes a hand off his broom and a swipe but he misses by a hands length as he hears the shout and so much happens around him, and the golden ball changes direction suddenly which means its fancy flying time. He pulls in a hard loop which blurs his vision a moment before diving straight towards the ground before a sharp turn. Its more quick flying though his hand coming off the broom again he'll lunge and wraps his hand around the small golden ball gripping it before his hand raises to show he has it.

Myrus would be laying on his side still, broom nearby. Still holding his side and looking around just with his eyes, then a little with his head some moments later. He hears Gabriel fly over to him, and start examining him. "Just… don't touch me.. it hurts.." Pride hurt more than anything else at the immediate moment, Myrus tries to roll onto his back, but hisses an inhaled breath before returning to his state laying on his side. "Ribs.. on fire.." Raspy breathing.

Hattie can see that the golden snitch is in the possession of Hufflepuff's seeker, Esmond. She awws softly, disappointed for the loss of the game. But she begins elbowing through toward the stand stairs. Probably because she wants to see how the wounding is treated, and NOT from the nosebleeds.

On the pitch, Wincing a bit as he sees how well his hit took down Myrus, Alexei turns to look around to see how his team is doing, and where those Bludgers went off to now. As he sees Levi raise the hand with the Snitch, he lets out a cheer, as he comes to a stop. Looking around at the people still up there, he slowly starts making his way back down to the ground.

Angus gathers the remainder of his snacks back to him, "Och. I was hoping for somethin' a wee bittie longer." It's like he didn't just leap to his feet to prepare to leviosa a player. Nope. Nobody here but a Quidditch fan.

On the pitch, Hooch blows the whistle once again in that final game ending note. "Hufflepuff WINS! Final score is: Hufflepuff - 200 points! Ravenclaw had a good tie before that snitch was caught at 50 points! Well done, teams! Madam Spleen, if you will help me with the injured…" The post game tidy up has begun.

On the pitch, Erica is distracted from wanting to help with the tidy up by cheering and zipping over to Levi to lean over open space to give him a hug around the neck. "That was amazing! Wonderful job!"
On the pitch, Gabriel kneels down next to Myrus. Hearing the game ending whistle blow he now focuses completely on MYrus, not having to waorry about getting back into the game. And respecting the older boy's wishes not to be touched he just gently grabs the edge of his shirt, "We're going to at least need to see where the bludger hit you. All I'm going to do is lift the shirt up, nothing more."

"…I'm glad it's done," Madeline answers Angus quietly as she hands the sweets back, and breathes a sigh of relief. There - she came and watched Erica and Gabriel play.

Angus gets up, "Och. Time tae get back to School, I suppose."

Colton gives Maddie's hair a ruffle and little nudge. "Well it's more points for Gryffindor, you showing house spirit. Yep, back to the grind."

Hattie makes it down to the evergreen turf, but stands back a good ways to see what is done by Spleen. "Not immediately moving the patient," she murmurs to herself, patting down her sleeves in search of a quill, which she just didn't bring. This is why sports are dangerous! You forget your quill! "Visual inspection…" Perhaps it is not the most sensitive Hattie has ever been. Then again, she doesn't look as though she thinks Myrus is on the verge of death from a set of cracked ribs and probable prodigious subcutaneous bruising…

Madeline shrugs her shoulders. "Yeah, I guess," she agrees with Colton - though her gaze is down on Myrus and Gabriel, on the grass of the pitch.

On the pitch,
Gabriel's hand would be reached for, and if possible, grabbed and squeezed by Myrus with all might he can muster. He rasps out, "Don't. Touch. Me. Or I'll.." cough, wince against pain, breathe, speak again, "..drag you to duelling club.." smaller cough, another pause to regain composure, ".. and Cannon Curse you in the knee.." A terrible attempt to threaten, but he might just do it. His voice was low enough that probably only Gabriel would hear him, considering they are the only two right there on the ground at the moment, and Myrus isn't able to talk very loud.

On the pitch, Levi will land once the final whistle is blown he lowers his hand as he touches down and is suddenly huggled he chuckles "Thanks, you did well yourself first game is the hardest. You should get checked out though that hit looked a bit rough hm. Need help?" is he nervous a bit after that hug glancing to the stands quickly before back but as others land his face turns to worry. "Good game he'll greet kindly. I hope everyone is alright though."

On the pitch, As the whistle blows, Elspeth looks up again, then maintains her spot under Idrissa's arm, holding an arm around her to help steady her down to the ground, landing as close to Myrus as she can guide her seeker. "It is being all right, no worrying," she is telling her teammate as she waits and Madame Spleen's instrutions. "Ward, please be waiting for Madame Spleen to be telling you what you need to be doing," she requests, looking over the rest of her team. "Goyle, Harper and Summerbee, please be taking our equipment back, I'll be seeing you in the Common Room as soon as Lowe and Clayworth are being settled. I will be bringing you news there, let us be clearing out and letting Madame Spleen have room."

On the pitch, Gabriel's hand would be reached for, and if possible, grabbed and squeezed by Myrus with all might he can muster. He rasps out, "Don't. Touch. Me. Or I'll.." cough, wince against pain, breathe, speak again, "..drag you to duelling club.." smaller cough, another pause to regain composure, ".. and Cannon Curse you in the winkey.." A terrible attempt to threaten, but he might just do it. His voice was low enough that probably only Gabriel would hear him, considering they are the only two right there on the ground at the moment, and Myrus isn't able to talk very loud.

On the pitch, Hooch commands, "That's enough Mr. Lowe." As she and Madam Spleen work together to levitate the broken beater up onto a stretcher and get him covered in a blanket. Idrissa gets similar but more sweet care taken since she's not threatening anyone. Madam Spleen takes over from there and she escorts everyone that's been injured to the infirmary.

On the pitch, Alexei looks around as he's gotten down to the ground. "Well done, team," he offers, with a wide grin. Looking over towards Myrus as he sees him being helped and he takes a few steps over, so he can at least speak to the Ravenclaw beater. "Hey, well-fought game. Get well as fast as you can, okay?" Offering a brief smile as well. "Sorry the hit was that hard." Stepping back again now, he looks around once more.

On the pitch, Erica is really still in quite a deal of pain and the hug didn't help matters. She blushes when she realizes she just hugged him. "Sorry…" Then with her head hanging a little she follows after Madam Spleen.
Angus has disconnected.

On the pitch, Gabriel calls out to the Hufflepuff team as he walks behind Madam Spleen, Madam Hooch and the floating Myrus, "Good game, Hufflepuff!" then he continues to make his way towards the infirmary, sure that Madam Spleen will either be needing his help or wanting to use this as a teachable moment since it seems Myrus has at least some cracked ribs, if they are not completely broken.

On the pitch,
When Myrus realizes that Madame Hooch was right there, along with Madame Spleen, his eyes snap open and wide as he's being levitated. "Yes, Professor," he states short, concise and final. Once on the stretcher being hauled out of the pitch, both of his arms are on and around his torso on the left side. His face shows how much pain he's in, but he won't bring himself to whimper or groan. Those that have ever met Mr Lowe, senior, will know how Myrus can deal with certain forms of anguish without verbal complaint.

On the pitch, The seventh year will fall into step. " Hey, no need to be sorry Erica, just worried for that hit you took. I'll come back" Levi says easily not wanting the younger student to feel bad at all especially after their first game though he'll see she's well in hand with the healer, and perhaps he'll visit before she's out of the hospital wing "Good game Ravenclaw, could have gone either way really." he speaks truthfully.

On the pitch, With her injured teammates on the way to the healer, and her other teammates taking care of everything else, Elspeth takes a moment to catch her breath, and then offer her congratulations to the Hufflepuff teams. She gives a little rueful smile, then turns and heads from the pitch. No head hanging for the Captain of the Ravenclaw team. She's fine, and these things happen in Quidditch. There are three more games.

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