(1939-11-09) The After Quidditch Infirmed
Details for The After Quidditch Infirmed
Summary: After the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff Quidditch Match those that sustained injuries spend some time re-cooping in the Hospital wing.
Date: November 8th, 1939
Location: Hogwarts - Hospital Wing
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Hospital Wing

It is a fall night. The weather is warm and raining.

Rows of like cast-iron beds flank a long center aisle that leads from the entryway door to a stained glass window at the end of the room. Each bed is accompanied by basic furnishings; a bedside table, an eating table, a chair and a screen to be pulled around that area when someone is in need of more privacy than is normally afforded. Medicine cabinets - perpetually restocked with all the basic necessities and remedies such as bandages, cough potions and the like, are positioned between large window that reflects any light against the glass cabinet doors. The opposite wall to the window is punctuated by a series of doorways leading to the Nurses' offices and private rooms for isolation cases.

Gabriel walks in behind the faculty members and watches as the float Myrus into on of the beds. He then goes to the cabinet that houses the potions for the infirmary and pulls out a few small, sky blue bottles and puts them on a tray that he then brings over to Madam Spleen, "Pain killers first, right?"

By this time, the natural endorphin's have come and were starting to wear off. So he was starting to feel the pain that was now entering the black, blue, purple and red area that covered from his armpit and pectoral down to his hip. His clothes on his torso were removed after he was moved to one of the beds, his new home for the next three days. At least it was the weekend. Oh no..
He cringes as his muscles flex the slightest bit to rasp out some words, "Is this a Hogsmeade weekend?" He really can't remember. More worried about missing some time away from Hogwarts than the pain that's shooting through his whole left side of his body at the moment.

After weaving her way through the crowds and towards the castle - Madeline starts making her way up the stairs towards the infirmary, moving more slooooowly than she usually does. She wants to check on Erica, and tell her what a great game it was, naturally! …and she really oughtta congratulate Gabriel on his goals.
And she really doesn't wanna talk to Gabriel right now…
Reaching the hall, her slow footsteps continue, as she plods towards the infirmary. Maybe she should, errm, just wait outside?

There is another arrival though a bit late after the others have arrived, being a seeker of his word. Levi comes to check on his housemate, and the other injured of course a rough game quidditch and injuries happen, but it never is a good thing and doesnt really get any better to watch them happen. He looks over the wounded players giving nods in greeting as he does so.

Madam Spleen takes one of the little bottled potions off the tray Gabriel is holding for her and hands to to Myrus, "Thank you, Mr. Ward. Now, drink the whole thing, if you please, Mr. Lowe. It will take the pain away." As both Madam Spleen and himself walk over to Erica's bed Gabriel adds, "This is not a Hogsmeade weekend, Myrus. You won't miss any fun times."

Myrus nods to the potion, almost forgetting he even asked the question by the time he was done with the potion. The taste of it reflected on his features when it hits his tongue.
Gabriel answers his question about the weekend about the time he finishes the potion. "Thank you," he says, maybe more to the luck-monster that he wouldn't miss a hogsmeade weekend. Or to him for answering his question. He sets the empty bottle on the tray, and his hand gingerly replaces itself at his side, head laying back on his pillow.

Erica once she was out of sight of the majority of the school populace she asks that she gets the privacy screens put around her. Now really out of everyone's sight there is little the pillow she has shoved in her face can do to muffle her sobbing. Curled up under the covers in the bed with her gown on so that her back is exposed so Spleen and healing company can check on that vicious bruise when it's her turn. Til then she's curled up in fetal posistion crying her eyes out into the pillow.

As Madeline reaches the door to the infirmary, the girl peeks in cautiously - spotting neither Erica nor Gabriel. Frowning in confusion, she steps into the room, peering around and - oh, gracious, is that crying? Is Erica crying? Should she go talk to her, or would that be embarrassing or- well, what if it wasn't even Erica and she's wrong?

Madam Spleen hands enter the little alcove made by the curtains around Erica's bed alone, asking Gabriel to wait outside. The Nurse hands the young Hufflepuff another one of the little sky blue bottles and also rubs some Bruisewort Balm over the brusies, says some quick comforting words and leave the girl to her privacy before going over to Idrissa's bed. Gabriel follows along quietly, paying close attention to how the Nurse examines, diagnoses, and treats the injuries from the game.

The painkillers work. Myrus is able to breathe easier with the sharp and torrential pain subsiding to a dull throb in his side. He's actually able to calm down now and not have to focus on pushing through the pain that seemed to grow every moment he kept himself from hollering out from it.
The whole relief from the pain setting on after the adrenalin went away back to being gone from the medical potion, he could feel his eyes getting heavy, even before any medical work was made on him. He'd slept through pain before several times. So this was no stranger to him as he slowly, but eventually, drifts off to sleep. Probably not to wake until after they are done fixing him, if Spleen is that gentle with him, considering he was being mean to someone on the pitch.

Levi looks about but doesn't see his housemate, he can only assume that she is behind the curtains and so that means he'll stand back and rock on his heels he does move out of the way however "Afternoo Evans." he says voice lowered given the healing though that might not make much sense. He'll move closer towards the beds himself so when he can speak with the others.

"Umm - hi," Madeline answers Levi. When Gabriel steps into view around the curtain she stiffens a little, her gaze flicking to the curtained area, and then back to the boy. "Umm. Good game. I saw you, uhh, score. Twice, right?" Yeah. She's not finding this awkward at all. "Is the Erica?" she adds, nodding towards the curtain.

Gabriel smiles at Madeline once she comes into view, "Thank you for coming to the game. I know Quidditch isn't your favorite." But regardless of the presence of a friend in the Infirmary he doesn't let it distract him from helping the NUrse as she moves fro Idrissa's fairly simple treatment back to the now sleeping Myrus to work on his broken ribs. "And yes, that is Erica. She wanted some privacy." he says as he moves behind Madam Spleen.

Erica takes her medicine like a good trooper and it all helps with the pain. But she's still crying, blubbering even into her pillows even when the pain is mostly gone. "Thank you." She whispers to Spleen before she turns her face back into the pillows.

The seeker will look to each bed in turn including the one with the drapes pulled. "Is everyone going to be alright?" he'll ask though its both to the school healer or assistant training healers it doesnt quite matter long as the answer of course is 'yes' Levi isnt sure what else to say and wonders if he should just back out the way he'd entered but he'll stay still for now.

Madeline nods to Gabriel's answer, and makes her way to Erica's curtained off area. "Umm… Erica?" she greets the girl quietly. "Hi, It's Maddie," she offers helpfully, without making any attempt to peek past the barrier.

A quick sniff behind the curtain and a bit of sheet ruffling heralds a meek. "Mmmhmm!" The sound is inviting enough and if and when the curtain is pushe aside Erica is putting down her compact and looks rather (if quickly) put together. She smiles brightly to Madeline, "I heard you cheering me on. Thank you."

Gabriel watches Madam Spleen as she works on Myrus. The nurse is very focused on her work at the moment so Gabriel takes it upon himself to answer Levi, "They'll all be OK. The worst one is Myrus here and he only has a few cracked ribs. Even with just Muggle medical aid that would be easy to treat, if slow to heal."

Spleen is indeed focused on her patients! She has to give just the right amount of potion to knit Myrus' ribs back to how they should be. A few drops too much and he'll have back that mysterious missing rib in the male of their species! This is all murmured to Gabriel as she works.

Levi nods to Gabriels words about all ending up okay though cracked ribs can be healed they still dont sound pleasant "Well i'm glad to hear everyone will at least fully recover." The young man says though he'll take the moment to watch as the healing continues taking a few more steps forward.

Madeline peeks through the curtains - and smiles when Erica seems willing to welcome her in, slipping inside to sit on the edge of the bed. "Well, 'cuz you did great. I saw you get the goal," she offers. "I wouldn't ever have the courage to do that - and I'm a Gryffindor!"

Erica pats the edge of her bed, "Gabriel, could you remove the curtains please? I'm feeling much better now." A small meek wave is given with a meeker smile towards Levi. "I wish it was a Hogsmeade weekend. I could ask for someone to get me some treats. Oh! Could you ask your Captain Maddie? He always has some goodies."

So do pretty much all of the Pirates. Gabriel specifically carries around little animated chocolate animals, one of which he slips to Erica while he goes about stowing the curtains that had been around her bed since the work on Myrus is now finished. Then he goes back to his tray and takes the left over potions back to the cabinet where they are kept and starts putting them away.

The seventh year returns the wave back to Erica including the small smile in a friendly sort of way. He'd said he'd try to visit afterall and its best to keep ones word whenever possible. "How are you feeling?" Levi asks of his teamate after a moments pause but he'll nod as well "I'm sure someone about here has sweets of some sort."

"Cillian? Yeah, sure. Or even if he didn't - I could send Mischief to my uncle, since he lives right in Hogsmeade now. He could get us a package by breakfast tomorrow!" Madeline does so love having her uncle nearby to recieve her post so quickly. But Gabriel delivers a little treat already - and Madeline flashes him an appreciative smile.

[[The candy's wrapped in parchment paper. Once unwrapped its an animated bat, left over from the treats Gabriel prepared to hand out during Halloween.]]

Erica nibbles on her lower lip a little shyly when she receives her treat from Gabriel. "Thank you Gabriel, that's very sweet." She even giggles when the chocolate bat is revealed and flaps its wings when the wrapper is undone. "That's brilliant!" A smile with a bit of a blush is aimed at Gabriel and then one of the wings is popped off and offered to Maddie. "You were really great too… on the Pitch! I really made it easy for you though." She lowers her head in a self loathing sort of way.

Gabriel laughs a bit as he continues working on organizing the potions cabinet. "Only once. And it was better than my first time. First time I made a goal I actually took a victory lap around the stands as if we had just won the game. Before people could get me to focus on the game again the other team scored /three/ goals. So don't feel bad."

Erica snaps off half of the bats other wing and she offers it to Gabriel. "Really? Three? Goodness. I hope I get better. I just don't know if it's for me. I didn't know people…" She lowers her voice while skittering a glance towards Myrus. "…got so mean on the pitch…" Being a spectator til now it was all just flying and fancy freeness as far as she could see on the pitch from the stands.

"Yeah, it's pretty brutal. It's why I don't really like it," Madeline remarks. That and because she thinks it's pretty pointless. She takes the bat wing she was offered, happily eating it. "Mmm. You make good chocolate, Gabriel. You made this one - right?"

Gabriel makes his way over to Erica's bed. Then he glances over to Madam Spleen's desk to make sure that she is focused on her paperwork before sntaching at the chocolate and popping it into his mouth as quickly as possible. Then he speaks around it to answer Madeline, "I did. The Cap'n taught me how to make chocolate so he's the one that deserves the thanks."

Erica nods and takes half of the body and puts it into her mouth and then the other half of the wing is offered over to Levi with a little smile. "I'll be sure to thank him too. It's delicious, thankfully tastes nothing like bat." She giggles and licks her lips which have a smudge of chocolate on them. "You don't like it? I think it's terribly exciting!"

"Well, I don't like seeing people get hurt," Madeline explains. "And really - the last game, and this game too, the only thing that matters is who catches the snitch. All the games are like that, pretty much. It's like we're all showing up to watch our friends get hurt - until someone catches that-" She cuts herself off from saying a word that would make her mother frown at her, "…snitch, and the game ends."

Gabriel chuckles as he turns around to go back to the medicine cabinet, "Its all math, Madeline. If the game goes on long enough even the team that catches the snitch can loose the game. The other team just has to get a big enough lead going. This can happen when you have two really good Seekers that constantly block each other off, letting the snitch escape. Or a good team of Beaters that keeps the Seeker off the snitch."

Erica nods along with Gabriel, "That's right! The chasers are very important because the more you score before the snitch the greater the chances of you having the most points by the end of the season and that means you win the Quidditch cup. If Levi hadn't caught the snitch and Elspeth catch Idrissa and then Levi get hit, well that would be a real long game indeed. I can see how that it really looks like that though." She gives a little nod of her head and a smile to Maddie.

"Sure it can happen," Madeline mutters. "But when's the last time it did happen?" she asks. "That a house got a bit enough lead that the snitch didn't matter? The better Seeker wins the game - at least nine times out of ten. Makes the rest of it just seem… mean spirited to me." She really doesn't like quidditch. "…maybe it matters towards the cup, though. I mean, if no one had won all three of their games, and you have two teams who one two games each…"

Gabriel shrugs, "I think its a fun game. Especially considering that Wizarding medical tech makes it much easier and quicker to heal the kind of injury that could happen in a game."

Erica nods but gives a bit of a wince. "I think the medicine is making me sleepy. Thank you for visiting me." Towards Mads and Levi. "And for taking good care of me." Towards Gabriel with a little smile. "I think I might take a nap. It was a good game, despite the mean things." Another narrowing of her eyes is aimed at Myrus' bed.

Madeline shrugs her shoulders. "Well. You guys can like it - most people do. I'm the weird one for not liking it." She grins at Erica then says, "Yeah, you should rest. I thought you did alright, though." She pushes herself to her feet, moving away from the girl's bed and casting an uncertain look at Gabriel.

Gabriel waves at Madeline then motions to the table he's now working out, carefully ladeling out a potion from a cauldron into small glass bottles. "We can talk later. I need to get this portioned out into proper doses. But thanks again for coming to the game and cheering."

"Yeah," Madeline answers quietly. "Might not come to the next one," she admits. "But, well, it was Erica's first game and all…"

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