(1939-11-11) A Scrubbing Good Time
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Summary: Madeline and Angus get some rightfully earned table-scrubbing for an early morning prank, and poor Angelus and Gabriel are caught up in the mess.
Date: Tuesday November 11th, 1939
Location: The Great Hall

Angus has a large bucket of steaming water, an apron on, and a big coarse brush. He's muttering something. He's also, most unusually, holding a bar of soap! (re)

Angus says, "It's no like I was oot o' key!"

Madeline is right next to Angus - but she's not grumbling, she actually looks amused as she scrubs the underside of the table. "Neither of us were," she answers. "I practiced and practiced, after all. Gosh but we really got his bloomers in a bunch over it."

Gabriel is definitely grumbling. "I wasn't even part of the whole thing. I was just walking by. But nooooo! No believing Ward because he's been a 'bad boy' lately." 'Bad boy' comes out in a fair, if very low volume imitation of Pringle himself.

Angus considers this, "Think we goat oaf lightly. Dinnae ken why!" But he's briskly scrubbing away, "I'm goanae have awesome muscles after this!"

"So. They weren't awesome before?" Madeline answers. "They were… pithy?" The looks thoughtful for a moment. "Is that the right word? Scrawny! Right now they're scrawny!" She teases, before giving Gabriel a sympathetic look. "Sorry, Gunny. Didn't mean for anyone else to get caught up in it."

Angelus is walking along the Slytherin bench as though it were a balance beam, his arms out at either sides as his blue eyes flick around the hall. An amused smirk twitches against his lips as he comes up on one of the students cleaning, pausing as he leans, tilting his head over as he sways to the side. He waves a bit as his head hangs over, inclined around to stare at Angus. "How's that coming along, Ang?" he asks. Yea, Gel was caught up in their little 'exercise,' and it's really an annoyance - but Angelus Eibon does not do his own labour.

Angus gives a little brisk scrubbing. With soap. Just in front of where Angelus is likely to next put his foot, "Aye. It's coming on." Madeline gets a pause, and Angus leaves his bar of soap on the table. JUST in front of Angelus…. as he takes his brush and flicks the bristles towards Madeline, spraying dirty soapy water towards her. "Och, they WERE legendary! Noo they'll be AWESOME!"

Gabriel is uner the middle of the Slytherin table. And somehow he's figured out a way to attach brushes to his feet so he's laying on his back, hands behind his head, feet scrubbing away at the underside of the table, "I don't think that one scrubbing session is going to make your muscles all that much bigger, Angus." *kickscrub kickscrub*

Madeline squeaks, and then bursts into giggles as she sprayed with the soapy water. "Yeah?" she asks. "Me and you oughtta do an arm-wrestle!" she challenges - even though she's pretty sure she'd lose that. He is two years ahead of her, after all. "I can take ya!"

"It was a bloody brilliant idea though," Angelus admits as a grin tugs against his lips. "But sorry to say, I'd rather not have been there when you got caught." A snicker escapes the youth, turning into a smirk as he straightens, lifting his head and glancing towards the doors of the hall. First younger student coming in is going to be given a nice price to do the job that he was supposed to be doing. A soft chuckle escapes him as he starts down the bench again, his eyes not really on the seat itself to notice Angus' well-scrubbed portion. It's really all he needs for his foot to slip a little, and because of that he wavers on the bench as his arms begin to flail. "Ack!" It all happens pretty quickly, his foot sliding off the bench, smacking his backside against the table and sending the bar of soap zipping down the surface as he, himself, falls through the hole between the bench and table, hands grasping the edge to help his landing be at least a little softer.

From underneath the table there's a pained, "I'm okay!"

Angus bursts out laughing, "Och, did yeh fall, Angelus? However did _that_ happen, eh?" And yes, there's a tone of total angelic innocence in the Scots voice. So, obviously, TOTALLY deliberate

Gabriel looks up as suddenly there's a Fallen Angel on the floor next to him. "You know what? That nickname was never meant to be taken literally. Are you sure you're OK, Angelus?"

"Angus, he could have gotten hurt," Madeline chastises the boy, reaching out to give him a light shove. Her attention also flicks to Angelus with a worried look. "Maybe you should go see Madame Spleen?" she asks.

Angus snorts, "Och! He's _fine_, Quine! Dinnae fash! The loon's grand, ken? And that was funny, wasn' it? And he finally shifted a wee bittie o' soap on the job!"

Angelus grimaces as he lifts a hand to the back of his head, letting out a hiss. His lips manages to curve with a little flick of amusement. In response to Gabriel, an uncertain chuckle escapes him. "Nothing my pride hasn't felt before," Gel murmurs out, rolling his eyes. He winces as he crawls out from underneath the table - he did bump the table on the way down - but that's really all. He's amused as he glances over to Angus. "I forgot not to let my guard down around you, mate." He smirks, lifting a knee up so he can coolly lay an arm over top, perhaps trying to add a little more flare to the relaxed position to make up for the ungraceful fall. A grin crosses his face as he glances to Madeline. "Heh, maybe I should, Evans. It'll get me out of doing this, right?" he winks.

"But he couldda got hurt pretty bad if he hit his head on the table or something," Madeline answers. "Shouldn't knock folks down when they're standing up on something." But if they're on the floor, it's fair game.

She gives Angelus a grin, before going back to her scrubbing. "It just might. And seeing as you weren't actually involved in the bagpipes thing - I don't see no harm in it."

Angus goes back to scrubbing, noting, "Och! If he'd banged his head, I'd no be at _all_ worried at him! It's no like he keeps anything important in there! And we're WIZARDS, quine! It's no like we're Muggles!"

"You're as bad as my brother," Angelus returns the gibe from Angus, his tone relaxed and easy going. A grin widens briefly over his face again, shaking his head lightly. As he glances at Madeline, considering as he bobs his head, he lets out a 'eheheheh,' but he suddenly has to stop shaking his head as his hand comes up to rest at its side. "Yes, I think I will take Evans' advice." Though he waits a few moments before he actually gathers himself up, but when he passes through the doors into the entry hall, he winces and whispers a little, "Oww," as he rubs at an elbow.

"Just because we're wizards doesn't mean we should be reckless and hurting folks, Angus," Madeline answers. "Bagpipes at dawn is funny. Hurting housemates ain't." She sticks her tongue out at him, and keeps working. "Hope you're not too banged up!" she calls after Angelus.

Gabriel wiggles along the length of the table a bit more, pulling his bucket along with his. Once he's in a new spot he dunks his feet into the bcket and start to kick scrub the bottom of the table, "I bet only his pride is hurt. This is just an excuse to get out of work." And in a mutter he adds, "I shoulda thought about it first."

Angus chuckles, "Och, he's puttin' it own. And Madame Spleen will send him back when she's fixed him up. Or Pringle'll skin him." He sounds amused.

"If you want - I could conk you one, Gunny," Madeline offers cheerfully. "I'm always happy to help, ya know. That's me."

Angus gets to scrubbing. Scrub scrub scrub

Gabriel peers at Madeline for a long moment then shakes his head, "Nope. I can fake it well enough on my own if I want to. Madam Spleen isn't going to believe more than one accident out of this group anyway.

"We spilled a bucket of soapy water. You both slipped," Madeline counters helpfully, flashing Gabriel a smile - before giggling quietly. "I don't think Madame Spleen would be very happy to know you were planning on fooling her!"

*kickscrub* *kickscrub* Gabriel focuses on the work until Madeline accuses him of planning to fool Madam Spleen, "/I'm/ not planning on fooling her. /You're/ the one still trying to come up with ways to do that." *thhhpt*

"You were the one just talking about faking it!" Madeline protests. "I'm the one talking about making it legitimate." She sticks out her tongue, but keeps scrubbing away. "…the tables didn't seem so long before. They're really big, aren't they?"

Gabriel nods, "They are definitely long. Good thing that the two of you have extra help because if not it would take a third longer to do."

"I do appreciate it," Madeline admits. "Though I'm sorry you got caught up in it. You shouldn't've been." With a thoughtful expression she muses, "Think how fast we'd get it done if we could rope all the pirates into helping…"

Gabriel cranes his head around to shoot Madeline a disapproving look, "You are not Tom Sawyer and our friends are not patsies to trick into taking over our work. So, we finish this, the three of us, like we were told to."

"Who said trick? I was gonna ask 'em," Madeline answers, giving Gabriel a slightly puzzled look. "I bet they'd do it, too." She's still scrubbing as she talks - because she'd like to get the work finished, too!

Gabriel frowns a little bit as he keeys running his brush covered feet along the boards of he table, "Asking them is almost as bad as tricking them. They're our friends. We shouldn't ask them to help do our work just because we want to do less of it when they haven't made any mistakes to deserve the work." At least he doesn't mention the fact that /this/ time he did make any mistakes to deserve the work either. "And besides, I think having them help would make it worse for us too."

Madeline brings it up instead. "But you didn't make any mistakes!" she counters. "And really, if we asked 'em, it's up to them if they wanna help or not. Isn't it? But Pringle would probably get all annoyed if he knew we had help…"

Gabriel lets the debate go with a simple nod. Then he picks up his bucket and slides over to the next table, since the Slytherin table is now done. "we need to be quick or we're going to be late to first period."

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